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The Top 5 Uses For the Spy Pen By Oscar Bulk

The Spy Video Recorder Pen brings to you both video and audio recording capabilities. Coupled with large storage space, small size and no cabling requirements, it offers excellent versatility and virtually an unlimited number of uses.

Here is presented a list of the The Top 5 Uses for the Spy Pen.

5. Writing What use is a spy pen that cannot be used to sign a document, write down a phone number or make a note? With the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen, you will never get caught out. A smooth ball-point pen and a replaceable cartridge ensure that you are always prepared. Keep their attention elsewhere whilst you record their every action.

4. Memory Boost How many times have you gone to a party or a social event and met dozens of people you will meet again only to not remember a single name? Once again the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen comes to our rescue. Keep the pen in your outside pocket and record your entire evenings. If you meet that special someone, you can always review the video for any interesting information, such as their favorite pastime or their perfect date.

3. Record and Review Ever had those one-shot viewings of something and knew then and there that it would come in very handy if you could take that information with you? Bring along the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen and you've got no worries. Record and review the footage to your heart's content. Use it as a study aid or to gain a competitive advantage on your rivals. 2. Reconnaissance The very reason where the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen gets it's name from. Spying! What better way to put the pen to the test then to let it gather some information for you? Hide your pen in a colleagues

pen holder and see what they really think of you. Place it behind your teacher's desk and get a peek preview of what's coming up in the exam. Sneak it into a cheerleader's changing rooms to... find out what meaningful conversation they have. Whatever the cause, the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen will not let you down.

1. Hard Evidence Time to teach someone a lesson? Need to prove to your brother that he is in fact sleepwalking? Suspicious of your girlfriend cheating on you? Is someone using blackmail or extortion against you? Fight back! With the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen you don't have to take crap from anybody and you know that when you are right and need that hard evidence the Mini Spy Video Recorder Pen has got your back. Let’s check latest information about the Video Camera spy pen

The Top 5 Uses For the Spy Pen  
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