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The Future of Jigsaw Puzzles - Personalization and More Choice By Colin Southwell

Jigsaw puzzles have been one of the most popular puzzle games since the mid 1700s when a map maker from London, John Spilsbury, first created commercially available puzzles. They have endured for hundreds of years because of the fascination people have with creating order from chaos, an image from a fractured box of meaningless color. The reward of finally completing the jigsaw puzzle is always deeply satisfying.

Unlike many other pastimes, jigsaw puzzles have the added bonus of providing the successful puzzler with something enjoyable to look at. A beautiful scene, a famous work of art, a map, or some other picture which can be kept as something to enjoy for its own sake. It is for this reason jigsaw puzzles continue to be as popular today as they have ever been and appeal to an wide audience and age range.

What has changed is the ability to create high quality personalized jigsaws from photographs you supply. This has resulted in this widespread popularity of Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. Photographs can now be scanned into a computer, or simply transferred directly from a digital camera allowing people to purchase jigsaw puzzles that use their own photograph or artwork.

Of course personalized jigsaw puzzles have been around for quite a while now, but what many people don't realise is just how much the manufacturing process has developed in the past few years. Early examples of personalized jigsaws were often fairly flimsy affairs, limited in size and offering only a few puzzle pieces. This resulted in a puzzle which was easy to complete, small, and not very satisfying. Today the situation is different. It is now possible to order a jigsaw puzzle based on a photograph you supply which is manufactured to as high a quality standard as any professional jigsaw puzzle available in the shops.

High quality personalized puzzles are now available in a wide range of sizes and piece counts catering to a more demanding market. These puzzles provide more choice, more durability, and even more of a challenge! Poster sized puzzles can now be produced with 1000 or more pieces displaying your favourite photo or artwork. Your photos will never have looked so good or given you so much fun.

Quality from the larger photo puzzle makers has also improved dramatically in recent years with excellent printing quality, and high grade cardboard with good quality adhesive now being used. Today's technology also allows the manufacturers to enlarged, enhanced and corrected your photo so it produces the best possible looking puzzle.

Don't take quality for granted however as all suppliers are not created equal. When looking to buy a personalized puzzle, read the suppliers website carefully and ask questions. As a general rule, buying a personalized jigsaw puzzle from one of the larger specialist internet suppliers is a safe bet and will give you and your family hours of fun.

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The Future of Jigsaw Puzzles  
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