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Presenting - Your Reality TV Show or Documentary Film Concept! By Hector V. Herrera Expert Author Hector V. Herrera

Ok, so you've poured yourself over the monthly and weekly periodicals at your local newsstand. After careful research, you know exactly what your audience usually reads. You've spotted at least half dozen ADS in those magazines and identified your first brand targets. The prospective brands match your concept for a reality TV show or documentary film and you know they want to reach your audience. What you do next is take the information from your one-sheet, sift through your notes on audience demographic and psychographic profile data, and make a list of the different ways you are going to promote viewership and traffic to your site and how you will raise awareness about your program. Make notes on how you are going to build brand awareness for your reality TV show or documentary film, and how the sponsor can benefit from that. Once you've taken these basic steps, its time to put them all together in a presentation written in a language most marketers understand, Microsoft, PowerPoint. Most people, who've spent any time in the business world, are at least somewhat familiar with its applications in a professional business environment. PowerPoint is the software of choice for creating and making presentations in the business world. If you are 'not familiar with it, you should make it a priority to learn it. You will need the skills over and over again if you really want to make it in this business. Your presentation needs to communicate your concept from soup to nuts. It needs to do it with flair, style and professionalism. Don't worry. There are many high quality and very reasonably priced off the shelf design templates for PowerPoint, if you are not graphically inclined. No matter what you do, it will inevitably give your presentation a template style look and feel. That is certainly something you will want to avoid. Remember that the most important aspect of your presentation is the actual concept itself. If your idea is well thought out and passes muster when it comes time to test its commercial viability, you will be in a good position to secure an underwriting sponsor. At the very least, now that you have actively worked your way through this book, you have all the sills you need to put together a professionally developed

program concept and presentation. Check out some of the sponsorship proposal samples, I've included in this book.

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Presenting - Your Reality TV Show or Documentary Film Concept!