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Necklaces and Pendants, Your Shortcut to Fashion By Viola Wong

Nobody can ignore the significant role that necklaces and pendants play in dressing effect. People, especially girls, will take them as a means of last resort to make them look fashionable. However, they do make you look fashionable only if you know how to match them with your clothes according to your face shape and the length of your neck. Today we will learn how to choose necklace and pendant based on what we have. Long and thin necklaces or pendants with little charms will go well for the girls who have a short and thick neck. They will make a V shape under our neck if the chain of them are long enough and they will make our neck look longer and thinner than what it really is. However, girls with slender necks, shall take short and round necklaces into consideration. It's better if the necklaces come without charms or pendants because they will make our neck look thinner. We should also choose necklaces and pendants according to our face shape. For example, a necklace with pearls or round pendant works well for square face. It will soften our facial line, creating good visual effect. On the contrary, a necklace with diamond-shaped pendant will make the square face more angular. Long-faced girls shall go for short and thick necklaces or torques because they will make the face look rounder and plumper while round-shaped girls shall choose slender necklaces with a comparatively bigger pendant for they will make the face look more impressive. When we choose necklaces and pendants to match our clothes, we shall pay attention to the complexion and the color of the attire. Of course anything works well for fair skin. However, people with dark skin still have their choices: light-toned accessories which will balance their skin color and make them look fashionable. Apart from this, if we are wearing heavy clothes, we shall choose thick necklaces with long chain and big pendant so the fashion charm of the necklaces won't be overshadowed while we shall choose slender necklaces for light clothes. We can wear necklaces and pendants from the beginning of the year to the end so it's very important for us to pick up the right one. The one will make us look better and more stylish!

From Hearts, to crosses, drops, angels , keys and more there is pendant and necklace for every taste

Necklaces and Pendants  
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