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How Are Personalized Puzzles Made? By Janis Skutans

Personalized jigsaw puzzles are great as a gift for anyone. The solving process is very interesting, but I think the manufacturing process is interesting too. I think that creating personalized puzzles is good job as I bring joy for the customer. My main goal is to produce the highest quality personalized puzzle possible! First of all to start making personalized puzzle I need customers image, for I have website where customers can easy order their puzzles by choosing size and uploading photography of their own. As I have received the image I start right away, I open it in Photoshop and resize it to correct proportions, for high quality puzzle we need at least 3 megabyte image file, and after the resizing process it should be at 150 DPI. Of course I sharpen it and make contrast better if needed, also I remove red eyes and other things that customer is asked me to do. All image files I save in CMYK color as JPEG file with a compression ratio 12. After the image is ready to print, I take 2.5mm tick white cardboard and put it on my UV desk printer, UV print is good because it guarantees that colors wont fade and they can't be scratched. The printing process is about 9 minutes for 2000 piece puzzle to 2 minutes for small 40 piece puzzle, after the print is finished I immediately can take the printed cardboard because the ink is already dry. After the printing process I let the cardboard through cutting machine which has 0,1mm wide sharp blades, which are changed after every 100 puzzles. The cutter cuts the cardboard in puzzle pieces. After the puzzle is cut I divide it and put in to gift box with attached sample photo which is printed with digital printer. As all the manufacturing process is done I go to post and send the puzzle to address that customer has provided me. We offer a wide range of puzzles, personalized puzzle graphic design, layout and box design and also provide detailed information on Jigsaw Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzle Printers‌ All here at Puzzle Printers .

How Are Personalized Puzzles Made  
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