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Getting a Latex Topper? Make Sure it is 100% Natural By C. Simmons

Just because you want the great feel of latex doesn't mean you have to spend THOUSANDS on a new latex mattress. There are several companies throughout the world who specialize in 100% natural latex whether for mattresses or mattress toppers. If you already have a good mattress and are just looking for an upgrade, why not look into investing in a latex topper? They are a fraction of the cost of a full mattress, much easier to handle and provide the same qualities of the full mattress. These toppers can range in several depths (from 1-2 inches all the way up to 5inches) and come in all standard bed sizes. Even if you have an odd-size bed, with the design of talalay latex, you can easily trim the topper down to the desired size. FYI, talalay refers to a process by which latex is processed into foam. All foaming is accomplished using mechanical and environmental catalysts. Yeah, you read correct: that means 100% natural. The process does leave minimal inconsistencies in the foam but most are so small you will be hard pressed to find visual blemishes, much less feel them when you are using it. Adding to the comfort of latex toppers are the hundreds of air channels running vertically through the foam. These are a result of the talalay and molding process. These passages reduce the dense springy nature of the foam and allow air to pass through the foam keeping your body at a moderate temperature and not allowing you to become too hot or too cold. Other than the fact that sleeping on latex is a great experience in and of itself, the best part of latex is, again, it's completely natural design and components. No harsh chemicals, not pesticides, no funky odor you have to let dissipate before use. 100% natural latex toppers should contain only one ingredient: Latex rubber. Now, there are many retailers in the bedding industry that are trying to lure people to the fad phrases: "Green", "Talalay", or even "100%". Yes, I did use "100%" and "Talalay" in reference to latex above. The difference? 100% NATURAL Talalay latex. You may find some companies using: "100% Talalay latex" or "Green Latex". For starters, talalay is a process, not a type of foam. Secondly, green is a color, not a rubber. If you are thinking about making a great investment in a latex topper, be sure to ask the company some questions before you buy. Make sure the latex is 100% natural and not a synthetic blend (both natural and synthetic). You will also want to be sure the company you are purchasing through is reputable and has sales people who can answer your questions with confidence. Now that you know this, check out latex topper and learn more about the features of this mattress.

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