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Easy Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss By Elle Nash

I'm here to talk to you about easy intermittent fasting weight loss. This is a new and exciting way for people to eat. The reason it has been getting a lot of attention is the results that came from an independent study. It was observed that people on this diet not only lost weight, but they actually were believed to be able to live longer on a such a diet. That is a very significant claim for anyone. Could the entire Western world, with abundance of food, be eating in away that actually shortens our lifespans and makes us fat? I'm going to give you all the information you need to know on easy intermittent fasting weight loss. The most important part about this diet is that you don't have to change the way you eat. You can eat all the sugary goodies that you want, or you can stick to the greasy side of things. You can eat what you want because there are no restrictions on the type of food or amount. It's very simple. For a 24hr period you can eat what you want, as much as feel like. The next 24 hours you go on a fast, where you don't consume anything except water. It seems harsh, but over a two day average - a person actually eats the same amount of calories. A lot of people ask me if easy intermittent fasting weight loss is natural. Well, if you investigate the more primitive human, I'd have to say yes. When humans were forced to hunt to eat, it seems highly probable that it matches intermittent fasting. They'd go out, catch something and eat as much as possible before it spoiled. Other days they would go out and wouldn't catch anything. With no food, they didn't eat. It would appear that intermittent fasting is how our body was designed to function. Intermittent fasting

Easy Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss  

Intermittent fasting By Elle Nash