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Don't Bet on California Real Estate After hearing the news, and seeing the trends, it's obvious that the California Real Estate market is in a slight 'recession,' and some people have already started to see the equity of their homes decline. Real Estate does tend to go in cycles, up for a number of years, than down. Sure, the record low interest rates a few years ago helped climb the price of homes, but now it's that time where prices are waning and investors are looking for something more lucrative.

It was only time before the market cooled off. Many economists were surprised that housing took so long to cool off, as a matter of fact. A million dollar home in California costs about $200,000 in states such as Tennessee. It's a huge misconception that the 'heartland' of the country has nothing fun to do. Tennessee is home to many relaxing and fun activities. There are many Golf Course gated communities, such as Grand Valley Lakes located right near and on Deer Creek Golf Course. Besides for that, many rivers and lakes flow all over states like Tennessee and Texas.

Texas' beautiful large size and resources make it extremely profitable and fun. Developing communities surrounds Rivers and lakes, such as Lake Livingston. You can find a very low priced piece of land in such an area, build up a house, and either sell it for huge profits or even decide to live and/or retire there!

As you can see, the California real estate market is extremely vulnerable. However, this means that more investors will seek out other real estate investments, and developing communities is an excellent way to both help the country grow and make a generous profit.

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Don't Bet on California Real Estate