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Dermatologist Jobs In California - The Career Profile By Rita Henry

If you are considering your career options one place you may want to look is the field of dermatology. Along with traditional dermatologists who deal with skin diseases, the growth in cosmetic surgery is fueling a need for more of these specialized doctors in California. This demand is leading to higher wages and the ability to select your work environment.

The average wage for a dermatologist in the US is $138,000/year. In California that average jumps to $156,000, with many doctors reporting wages that exceed $250,000! Choosing to work in dermatology is a great way to secure your future. You will be choosing a profession where you are always in demand, and the advancement opportunities within this specialized field can lead you to earn top wages.

What is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a specialized physician. They specialize in treating diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. Examples of these diseases include: fungal infections, skin-cancers, birth marks, eczema, and psoriasis. It is the job of the dermatologist to diagnose and treat skin conditions. For diagnosis they may take blood samples, skin samples, or other tissues samples to examine under a microscope. Once the dermatologist makes a diagnosis treatment may include medicines, surgeries, or radiotherapy. Some dermatologists further specialize in cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasions (removing superficial layers of skin), treating wrinkles, botox injections, or laser therapy treatments.

How Do I Become a Dermatologist?

As with any physician, to become a dermatologist you must first attend medical school. Generally a bachelor's degree is required to get into a good medical school. Once in training you will be required to complete an internship.

After your internship is complete you will be put into a general first-year residency program, with a further 3 year residency in an accredited dermatology residency program. The first year's residency is to qualify you as a doctor, and the next three help you to train for this specialized field.

Where Do Dermatologists Work?

When your training is complete there are a few places that a dermatologist may find work. Salaried positions in hospitals and clinics are a common place to begin. Private practice is also a popular place to start.

As you gain experience in your new field there are many opportunities for advancement. Within a salaried position or private practice you may move into a supervisory role, or you could further specialize in pediatric or cosmetic dermatology. Some dermatologists also choose roles as teachers, or researchers as they become more experienced in their field.

Wherever you choose to work, one thing is certain. As a dermatologist you will have the opportunity to work in a rewarding career. Your work will help others, and you can earn a top salary while doing it. If you choose to work in California you can expect that salary to exceed the average wage, right from the start.

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Dermatologist Jobs In California  

The average wage for a dermatologist in the US is $138,000/year. In California that average jumps to $156,000, with many doctors reporting w...