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African Mango Extract - Is This the Real Deal? By Wanda Mills

African Mango Extract is the new kid on the block. This comes after a long line of weight loss supplements that have preceded its arrival. Products such as Acai Berry, Hoodia Gordonil, Phen Phen, and Phaseolamin (Carb-Blocker) have had their day in the sun shine as the newest and best weight loss find. Unfortunately, some have been removed from the market due to side effects. With its arrival, on a popular syndicated TV show, hosted by a doctor, African Mango Supplements were first introduced to the public in September 2010. Mango fans have purchased the product in droves. It seems that all one needs to do is promote their products on one of the popular television talk shows and the product gets immediate attention. Do the extract supplements help with weight loss or do they just empty your purse? What are the other benefits to the weight loss supplements? Some boast of shrinking your waist line without the need of a special diet or exercise. Others claim that they lower your cholesterol, help to eliminate fatigue while boosting energy levels. Let's take a good look at these one by one.

African Mango Supplements - What are the claims? This product is endorsed by celebrities and fitness gurus alike and claims to be the perfect weight loss solution. One supplement, twice a day, with food and you can achieve weight loss, without the heavy dieting and strenuous exercise.

What are these Super Fruit Supplements? African Mango is a luscious fruit, grown in the heat and wetness of the tropical rainforest of Cameroon in Africa. The Cameroon villagers have eaten this fruit for centuries. Villagers have discovered the dikki nut inside the Mango has tremendous medicinal value. The seeds of the Mango have been used to treat ailments such as yellow fever and diarrhea. The huntsmen of

the village have used the nuts for increased energy while hunting. The nut also helps them fight fatigue.

Will These Super Fruit Supplements Work for Me? African Cameroon villagers can attest to the benefits of the Mango Fruit or dikki nuts but scientific evidence needs to be addressed before we can confirm these truths. One study which was conducted for a period of 10 weeks involves participants taking African Mango Extract supplement and another group taking a placebo. The group taking the Mango pills lost an average of 28.1 pounds verses the placebo group who only lost 1.5 pounds. In another study which was conducted over a month period, the African Mango Extract supplement group lost an average of 11.7 pounds. These studies were conducted without a change of diet or exercise plan. Just think weight loss without the sweat!

What do the Medical Professionals Say? The jury is still out with the medical professional community as they would like to see more extensive studies. However, the evidence from the clinical trials indicates that the supplements are effective for safety, and weight loss achievement. African Mango Extract helps to make the body feel full and helps the blood sugar levels by preventing fat storage in our bodies. (The dikki seed is an extreme form of fiber) And as we all know, the less fat stored in our bodies, the better our overall cholesterol levels especially the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Mango from Africa - Overview All indications point to a simple, safe and effective weight loss solution plan. Give African Mango Plus, a Pure African Mango Extract, a try and see the results for yourself. Mango Africa Preview has additional information on weight loss benefits from using the African Mango Extract Supplement. You will be pleased with what you find. For more information, visit our website.

African mango extract

African Mango Extract - Is This the Real Deal  

This product is endorsed by celebrities and fitness gurus alike and claims to be the perfect weight loss solution. One supplement, twice a d...

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