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BB Cream Review - What Is Fact and Fiction When It Comes to the Ever Popular BB Cream By Chad Weinrich My guess is that you have heard conflicting info about this beauty product called BB Cream. Maybe you heard that it made you appear way too light or that it is all just hype. This is why I decided to really find out how people feel about Blemish Balm Cream and if any of those positive or negative postulations hold any truth. There are indeed many reasons why this cream inspires debate, since it sells it self on quite a few amazing qualities. BB Cream promises to: cover blemishes, even out complexion, and lighten skin to mention only a few of the promised qualities. After looking through hundreds of accounts of users devotedly giving their personal experiences with Blemish Balm Cream from the comment sections of different shops, I have no doubt that this beauty product is definitely exceptional and very recommendable. The biggest selling point the cream has is that it substitutes a variety of cosmetic products, you would otherwise have to individually buy. These products are among others: foundation, sun block, anti-aging cream, and more. With BB Cream you just need one product! This would not be enough if every individual attribute of the cream was worse than that of the product it substituted. This is not the case, however. On all of the promised features of Blemish Balm Cream, it seems to be a more than capable alternative to a product focused on just that one thing - a concealer for example. Heck, from the raving reviews, it even seems like the cream surpasses many of these other skin care products on their home turf. So having so many skin care products packed into one, and the fact that it actually works, makes using BB Cream a no brainer to me. That being said, the two areas where customers had the most concerns, or had negative things to say about this great cream were primarily: 1. For some customers BB Cream simply makes your skin too light. Most customers found that after some time the skin tones would even out, but in some cases this is apparently not the case. 2. Some customers had problems with break outs from using BB Cream. Many more people found that BB Cream severely reduced break outs, acne and similar conditions, though. The second point is really a matter of testing how your skin reacts to Blemish Balm Cream. Any type of cosmetic product can cause acne depending on your skin type and BB Cream is no different. Remarkably

Blemish Balm Cream has actually helped a lot of people in this regard, so hopefully just a few people will experience this opposite effect. The first notion is probably the biggest problem with BB Cream. Since it is first and foremost directed towards Asian costumers, the whitening effect might not find popularity with non-Asian consumers. Most consumers find that the cream will adjust to you own skin tone, but for some people it is simply too lightening. Hopefully, as the cream gets popular outside of Asia, the cosmetics companies will produce new product lines to accommodate for a wider range of complexions.

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BB Cream Review  
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