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4 Powerful Ways to Build One Way Backlinks By Indu Priya K

Building links and achieving top placements in search engine results is something I have been doing from the past 2 years. In this article I am going to discuss some of the methods I use to get one way backlinks. One thing I see many people not doing is providing valuable content. If you provide valuable content, links are built naturally. People who like your content want to link to it. This process is called as "Link baiting".

There are many ways to get links. a. From website directories. b. Forums. c. testimonials. d. Suidoo and hub pages. e. Wikipedia. f. Yahoo answers. g. eBook directories. Now I would like to focus on the exact methods I use. 1. Article Marketing: This may be an older method but definitely effective. You not only get backlinks, but also get highly targeted visitors to your site. The more articles your write, the more links and traffic you get. 2. Bookmarking: Encourage readers to bookmark your articles. This way your visitors build links for you. This method seems simple, but it is very effective. To add "Add This" bookmark, go to It provides a simple code which has to be placed in your site to enable the Add This button. 3. Google Alerts: Sing up for Google alerts and enter your main keywords. Google then sends you email alerts whenever it finds a link with your keywords. Now go to the link, make a comment and add a link to your site. This way you can easily build 2 -3 links every day. Not bad, right!

4. Press releases: I use which is pricey ($80) but definitely worth it. It is effective as you can embed links in your content with your keyword as anchor text. Many other sites pick up your press release and publish it on their site with your links. This is a natural link building process.

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4 Powerful Ways to Build One Way Backlinks