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Security Training And How To Find Work In The Security Industry By Christian Asare

Security courses are run regularly in the UK, this article outlines why you need security training and 3 strategies to finding employment. The first step is to understand who the SIA are. Generally if you are looking for security training within the UK then you need to make sure that the training provider is providing security training recognised by the SIA. The SIA are the government regulator charged with the regulation of private security industry. As with any regulator the SIA aim to improve the standards and service within the industry it regulates. In this case within the security industry. The main way that the SIA is regulating the industry that has an impact on you as a reader is that you must obtain a licence before you can legally provide any private security service. There are some exceptions but these will not be covered in this article as the exceptions are more likely to mislead the reader than to help. In order to obtain your SIA licence you need to provide the SIA With proof of your identity With proof of your competence and Pass a criminality background check You must also be over the age 18 Competence simply means that you have undertaken and passed an accredited security training qualification with an approved security training centre. The security training you will undertake will be determined by the security role you are seeking employment within. Your training provided will provide you information on the appropriate security training you need for your desired role. Provided you meet these requirements then you can apply for your SIA licence once your security training centre confirms that you have passed your Security course. You do not need your certificate to apply as the SIA will be aware of your qualification by the time you receive the certificate. You should expect to wait approximately 4-6 weeks for your licence. In our website you can find out how to complete your licence application.The cost of the licence at the time of writing is ÂŁ245.00 With your security training completed you can now seek out opportunities within the security industry. Outlined below are 3 strategies I recommend to finding employment within the security industry.

These strategies work to varying degrees depending on your location. Make a list of the largest security companies in your location. visit your local Jobcentre speak to security operatives that you meet every day

Below I will expand a little on these 3 strategies: Make a list of the largest security companies in your area: this strategy works well because generally speaking the largest security companies have most of the security contacts within your location. In large cities you also have the advantage that it is normal to find that many new security operatives are needed every month as current security operatives exit the industry. So contacting theses companies will often yield good results for you and if you contact them close to their busiest period of the year you will almost always at least get an opportunity to work with one of these companies (even if it is only on a temporary basis) Visiting the Jobcentre: visiting the jobcentre is a strategy that can work for you. Although this is an approach adopted by many and as a result you can have at least 500 other people applying for the same job as you. Therefore if you are going to use this as a realistic strategy you need consistency in you approach. Speak to security operatives that you meet every day: Every day you will meet security operatives. These are people who will have information that may help you. Speak to these operatives and ask them questions about how to get employment with their organisation. 2 simple questions you can ask are: Is their company hiring staff? When are they the most busiest? There are of course more questions you can ask and also different strategies you can use, but for now you have a basic approach which will work for most situations. All you need to do is try these strategies out.

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Security Training And How To Find Work In The Security Industry