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Different Orange Juicers Options By Terje Brooks

There are several juicers on the market but the commercial orange juicer known as the SqweezSQ2 is a top of the line, highly rated juicing machine that can be used by anyone and anywhere including restaurants, juice bars, hotels, sports clubs, and anywhere else you might need a quick cup of OJ. This machine can pull the oranges into equal parts and press the oranges with no help from the human using it. The only thing you must do is roll the oranges into the stainless steel wire ramp and let the machine do its thing - no peeling required! After the extraction process, the orange peels are discarded, and you can watch the whole process until your juice is ready. The SqweezSQ2 machine can make a glass of juice every 7 seconds, and with its original design, there is no need to worry about oils and residue from orange peels touching the juice, or giving it a bitter taste. This means sweet tasty juice - quickly and easily. While these are more for commercial use, there are several juicers that are great for home use, and are made for more fruits as well. One of these is the Manual Citrus Press Fruit/Lemon/Orange juicer. This juicer is very durable and efficient, just like a juicer used by a professional, providing fresh and delicious orange or lemon juice. This juicer is very economical. It extracts the orange juice quickly. It has a heavy base for stability. It also is easy to clean, and it has several juicer cups, so you can make more than one cup of juice quickly and easily. The ABS handle helps to generate a lot of pressure for effective squeezing, so you can get every drop of juice from the orange. This product can be yours for as little as $20. For someone who needs more juice, consider the Eurodib Automatic High Output Orange juicer that comes with an automatic orange squeezer. You can use this alongside the commercially used ones, as this juicer can put out as much as 40 to 60 oranges per minute, equaling three liters of juice. This product is pricey at $3,000, but it is a one-time investment for commercial use, and you can make the money back over time as the orange juice sells. The operating manual, which is included, and installation manual give the mechanics of the juicer and how to use it properly.

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Different Orange Juicers Options