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Five Benefits of a Wheat-Free Healthy Eating Plan Sarah B Wallace

Did you know that a Gluten Free or Wheat Free Weight loss plan is very good for you, even if you don't suffer from a wheat allergy or Celiac disease? All too often we say that we could never give up our wheat-based foods. Granted it does take some working out on your part, but in the long run that's good isn't it? Surely it's good to be educated in what you eat. Don’t worry there is not an exam and it is all beneficial, you just have to read the labels on the food you're buying. Let me give you some of the benefits of why a wheat free diet is good for you. 1. Allergies Wheat free diets can actually help ease allergy symptoms. You may have hives, or dry itchy skin, and by eliminating wheat, it can have a really positive overall effect on these symptoms and how you feel. 2. Intolerant to wheat In the USA there is an estimated 1 in 250 people suffer from Celiac disease, however only 1 in 3000 is ever diagnosed. Therefore, it could be beneficial to stay off wheat for a while and then assess how you feel. Look at things (keep a diary if it helps) like your digestive system (are you bloated, constipated, etc.) and your energy levels. If you find you're feeling a lot better when you remove wheat then a wheat free diet is absolutely for you. 3. Your digestive system Do you suffer from bloating, or water retention? Then removing wheat from your diet can have a positive effect and help improve your digestive system. Wheat is difficult to digest, it makes your intestine work hard and can cause a bloated sluggish and blocked up system. 4. Weight Loss without Wheat Taking wheat out of your diet plan will kick start the weight loss and may even shock you at the results after a week or two. Wheat is in so many of the day to day food items that we eat like, pasta, bread, crackers and cookies. Therefore by taking wheat away from your diet you are removing all these items which in turn will help with weight loss. 5. Joint Pain

Gluten has been proven to be a cause of joint pain in our bodies because it weakens the body's natural defenses. If you or your family has a history of bone diseases like arthritis then eliminating gluten products may allow your joints to feel better and therefore allow you to be more active daily. On a wheat free diet you have to ensure that you read the labels of the foods you're buying as some of the items may have hidden wheat. For example Soy Sauce contains wheat! Therefore to be on a gluten-free diet it's essential to read everything before you buy and consume the product. In summary, cutting out Wheat from your everyday eating habits will have astounding effects on your overall health and how you feel. For a terrific review on a the Number 1 Healthy Eating Program in the world, I recommend clicking on the link in my Bio section below and take it from there. For further information on this, read the Wheat Belly review.

Five Benefits of a Wheat-Free Healthy Eating Plan  
Five Benefits of a Wheat-Free Healthy Eating Plan