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Two new titles added to the Nurse’s Survival Guide series

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Allow your students to fully understand how key skills need to be performed in the safety of an online real life environment before they go out on to the ward.

Brought to you by Elsevier and Clinical Skills Online is an online learning tool which guides student nurses through the steps needed to perform over 80 key nursing skills. For each skill, students have access to narrated video clips showing the process step-by-step. Easy to use, all the skills and procedures are shown in a clear, consistent style and each skill is accompanied by references and a short quiz to test knowledge and understanding.

Features include • Skill Stepper – Takes students through each skill from start to finish, providing information on how to prepare, what equipment is needed, a video of the skill itself and what to do afterwards • Pocket Buddy – Print out the key steps and take them with you on the ward • Quick Check – Quickly access a key skill and refresh your knowledge • Further Reading – For additional support with a particular skill, refer to the Further Reading tab • Quizzes – to test understanding with full answers • Further Reading – References and useful web links point to the evidence and knowledge base for each skill

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Nursing Calculations Online

Allow your students to learn and practice dosage calculations independently in the safety of an online environment before they go out into practice.

Nursing Calculations Online helps students understand the basic maths required to make safe drug dosage calculations. It teaches strong maths skills using step-by-step examples. Nursing Calculations Online has all the tools your students need for a complete learning experience.

Features include • Concept Animator – Demonstrates concepts visually for students • Talk me through it – Engaging audio commentary enhances the step-bystep explanation of calculation methods • Exam Generator – Over 1500 questions including a question bank that randomly generates tests and offers instant feedback on progress

Course Modules: • A review of basic calculations • Dosages of Oral Medications • Drug dosages for injection • Intravenous Infusion • Paediatric Dosages

Arrange your free trial today. Visit and search for Nursing Calculations Online, 1st Edition Authors: John D. Gatford and Nicole Phillips ISBN: 9781437715040

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How to access PageBurst:


• Access PageBurst on your iPhone or iPad by downloading the VitalSource Bookshelf® app and accessing your content on the go.

More than your average eBook PageBurst enhances learning by not only bringing world class content to your fingertips but letting you add to it, annotate it and categorise it all in a way that suits you. PageBurst frees you to spend more time learning and less time searching.

• Download the offline PageBurst e-reader and sync any changes with the online version when you next go online. • Scratch off the panel on the inside front cover of your textbook, visit and enter your pin.

Health Promotion Foundations for Health Promotion 9780702029653 | Jan-09 | 328pp Promoting Health: A Practical Guide 9780702044564 | Jun-10 | 252pp Developing Practice for Public Health Promotion 9780702044540 | Jul-10 | 260pp Health Behavior Change 9780702044557 | May-10 | 240pp

The new generat Features of PageBurst • Power Search – Save valuable time by letting or an individual textbook in seconds

Adult Nursing

• Knowledge Bank – PageBurst brings togethe notes and highlighted content in one place allo information and personalised study guides

Alexander’s Nursing Practice 9780702031526 | May-11 | 980pp

• Reference Runner – Let PageBurst do the har of text and PageBurst brings all of the reference

Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice 9780443104053 | Apr-08 | 528pp

• Anytime, Anywhere – Experience PageBurst o

Trounce’s Clinical Pharmacology for Nurses 9780443068041 | Dec-08 | 512pp Nursing the Surgical Patient 9780702044793 | Jul-10 | 624pp Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses 9780702041273 | Dec-07 | 576pp Watson’s Clinical Nursing and Related Sciences 978070241778 | Jul-07 | 1040pp

Visit for more in

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Common Foundation Programme Nursing Research: Designs and Methods 9780702041105 | Feb-08 | 408pp Common Foundation Studies in Nursing 9780702041099 | Jan-08 | 536pp Clinical Nursing Practices 9780702041044 | Apr 07 | 432pp Essential Communication Skills for Nursing 9780723436546 | Jul-10 | 256pp Bailliere’s Study Skills for Nurses and Midwives 9780702031427 | Jan-10 | 354pp Nursing Knowledge and Practice 9780702029400 | Apr-09 | 504pp Foundations of Nursing Practice 9780723433569 |Feb-07 | 748pp Essential Nursing Skills 9780723434740 | Feb-08 | 376pp

ation of e-books t etting PageBurst search all of your textbooks gether your textbook content, your personal ce allowing you to create your own vault of es he hard work for you, copy and paste a section erence information with it, saving you time Burst online, on your mobile or offline

Also available with PageBurst Learning Disabilities Jun-11 | 610pp Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses 9780702043581 | Feb-11 | 368pp Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness 9780702032271 | May-10 | 500pp A Textbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing 9780702044670 | Jun-10 | 764pp Psychiatric Drugs Explained 9780702041365 | Dec-08 | 344pp Mental Health Nursing 9780702041068 | Oct-08 | 432pp Clinical Skills in Child Health Practice 9780702041440 | Apr-08 | 448pp Practices in Children’s Nursing 9780702044663 | Aug-10 | 520pp

e information and to start changing the way you learn Please note not all titles are available as a print and PageBurst package – some titles are available as e-only

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Elsevier E-Textbooks Elsevier E-textbooks brings you a bespoke e-textbook collection specifically designed for institutions, offering multi-user electronic access to an unsurpassed collection of core textbooks.

Using Elsevier E-Textbooks is simple • Choose only the titles you need • Students will be able to securely access the content anytime and anywhere • Simple or advanced search capability is available across the entire Elsevier E-textbooks library, to quickly and effortlessly find the required information. Students even have the ability to print off and copy and paste text straight into other documents • Regular usage reports will allow you to ensure your students are making the most of this valuable resource

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A Nurse’s Survival Guide to the Ward 9780443068973 | Mar-08 | 464pp A Nurse’s Survival Guide to Drugs in Practice 9780443102172 | Apr-09 | 464pp A Nurse’s Survival Guide to Critical Care 9780443104176 | Oct-09 | 476pp A Nurse’s Survival Guide to Leadership and Management on the Ward 9781437717471 | Oct 09 | 352 pp

New Edition An indispensible pocket guide for nurses caring for patients with acute medical conditions This book will help you to: • Care for patients within the critical first 24 hours of admission • Manage patients using the most up-to-date, evidence-based approach • Understand the most-common emergency medical conditions and their underlying disease mechanisms • Handle the patient’s assessment, understand the observations and manage their disease • Easily obtain practical advice in a clear style • Explains ‘what to tell the patient and relatives’ in jargon-free language 9780702040443 | May 2011| 436pp

New Title An indispensible pocket guide for • Both new and experienced mentors seeking practical advice • Academic staff who deliver mentorship programmes • Link lecturers who support mentors in practice

Key features: • Guidance and tips on supporting and assessing • Understanding accountability – mapping to NMC standards • Skills focus, using case studies • Hints, tips, insights and humour • Supporting the student with a disability • Using simulated learning • The role of the sign-off mentor 9780702039461| January 2011| 296pp

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