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PANOPTIS ESCAPE Where man meets his gods






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In the world of hospitality as well as at large, the concept of luxury is transforming.

The Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts expand, welcoming new additions, awards and CSR initiatives to their exquisite portfolio.

Four acclaimed professionals set trends and drive the way forward, sharing their insight into what luxury truly means.

EDITOR’S NOTE Luxury is Freedom


THE EDIT Catching Sight of Delos

British sculptor Sir Antony Gormley brings his art to the historic island of Delos. The site-specific exhibition SIGHT is organised and commissioned by NEON in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades.



THE EDIT Superb New Arrivals & Awards


THE EDIT Artion Galleries

Newly arrived in 2019, a superb art space comes to the Myconian Villa Collection in the form of Artion Galleries.

THE EDIT Luxury Trailblazers


DISCOVER The Myconian Treasures

We explore the soul of the beloved island with the help of unique local insights.


DISCOVER Delos – A Flashback in Human History

One of the most important historical destinations in the Mediterranean, the sacred island of Delos has been drawing in increasing crowds, reaching 155,000 visitors in 2018.


DICOVER Meet the Locals

Occasionally by birth but always by choice, these five passionate individuals made Mykonos their home, investing their time, work and creativity.



EDITORIAL A Living, Breathing World of Luxury



Discover limitless dining in our 10 unique restaurants.

On the spacious terraces and decks of the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts, it’s time to be the star of your own show in a glamorous setting deserving of the silver screen.

EXPERIENCE The Myconian Collection Food Experience

Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios Daktylides invite us to try everything that’s new at the Myconian Collection.



EXPERIENCE For Discerning Shoppers

EXPERIENCE Sheer Perfection at the Myconian Collection

Going beyond mere accommodation, the Myconian Collection is a leading Greek hospitality group that makes your hotel a major highlight of your visit to the island of the winds.

The Myconian Collection’s carefully curated boutiques offer luxury clothing, footwear, accessories, home fragrances, perfumes and beauty products that are both inspirational and timeless, sure to grab your attention.


Photographers: Stathis Bouzoukas, Christos Drazos, Apostolos Koukousas




A rich world of glamour and glitz, with gold, silver and precious stones coming together in timeless designs.


EXPERIENCE Wellness & Beauty Rituals

Veritable temples of the body, spirit and mind, the Myconian Collection’s seven state-of-the-art spa centres transform, awake and pamper with indulgent treatments fit for royalty.


The Perfect Suite & Villa Experience

Superb interiors that match the striking natural beauty of Mykonos and the highest standards of service come together at the striking villa and suite options across the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts.


Experiences to Savour

After exploring the plethora of activities, tours and local hotspots and carefully considering guests’ desires and preferences, the Myconian Collection has simply curated the very best of Mykonos introducing their guests to the very soul of the island.



LIVE THE UNEXPECTED ON MYKONOS Top: Handmade ravioli with zucchini and lobster, courtesy of the Efisia Relais & Châteaux at the Myconian Ambassador. Bottom: The soothing ambiance and stunning view at the Myconian Utopia’s Pavilion Relais & Châteaux restaurant.






CREATIVE DIRECTOR Dimitris Mitropoulos

MANAGING EDITOR Despoina Sampson


CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Stathis Bouzoukas Dimitris Petratzas Sterling Galli Apostolos Sahas



ILLUSTRATOR Vladimir Radibratovic


CREATIVE EDITOR Nikoleta Dimitriou


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editor’s note

Luxury is Freedom LUXURY IS A WORD we hear all too often. Yet, it is one of those vague concepts which mean different things to different people. So, what constitutes the essence of real luxury? It’s a question more relevant than ever in today’s ultra-connected, trend-powered and high-paced world – how would we define luxury? Once the novelty of shiny interiors and extravagant items has passed, what is left? Speaking to the Myconian Collection’s people, the question has come up several 032


times. Interestingly, I have identified certain key elements in the discussions that follow, all characteristic of the Myconian Collection ethos. Words and expressions pop up time and again as related to the essence of luxury – freedom, experience, carefree, human connections, personalised, authentic. It seems that in the world of hospitality as well as at large, the concept of luxury is transforming. If we were to make a representation of what it means to be in the lap of luxury, we would

be remiss to stop at superficial descriptions of expensive items, VIP passes and lifestylemagazine-ready attire. There is much more to a truly luxurious experience, even if it’s not as easy to define. As a guest at one the Myconian Collection’s ten properties, you have probably felt it already. Sometimes it’s the way the staff remember how you take your breakfast. Others, it’s the genuine, warm smiles. Or even the anticipation leading up to one of the Myconian Collection’s curated experiences. Certainly, it swims with you in your infinity pool as you become one with the horizon, marvelling at the fine line that separates the Greek sky and the Aegean Sea. In reality, I find that it’s all of these, combined. Luxury is freedom. Knowing that you make your own choices, that you can spend your time with your loved ones, that you don’t need to worry about a single thing. Luxury is a feeling, not material possessions. It’s always there as soon as I set foot on Mykonos, amplifying the closer I get to one of the Myconian Collection’s hotels and resorts. But, more specifically, luxury is the freedom to be yourself. To spend your time as you want, with the people you love, at a place where you can sense that you belong. In a space of luxury, it is not mere opulence that is provided but choices and experiences that are meaningful to you, personally. You don’t need to fit into any box; providers of true luxury, like the Myconian Collection family, want to get to know, serve and satisfy the person you really are. I wish you happy, luxurious holidays! Elsa Soimiri Editor in Chief

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CATCHING SIGHT OF DELOS An unprecedented project sees the first new art on the sacred island of Delos for 5,000 years arrive courtesy of Antony Gormley’s award-winning creative sensitivity.

AMONGST HISTORY Antony Gormley, Another Time V, 2007. One of Gormley’s life-sized bodyforms confidently stands in front of the evocative ruins of Delos – a ghost, a tourist or something else altogether?



WHEN ACCLAIMED BRITISH sculptor Sir Antony Gormley was invited to bring his art to the historic island of Delos, he was quick to grasp how monumental such a move would be. He felt “an amazing privilege and extraordinary responsibility”, to use his own words. He explains that he decided to use his artwork as “conductors, lightning rods for the thoughts and feelings of visitors”. Today, the fruits of his labour have already been placed at carefully selected open-air locations of the archaeological site as well as the Delos Museum, repopulating a once prominent religious, political and trade centre that today enjoys UNESCO World Heritage Site status. In direct conversation with ancient temples, statues and houses as well as the geology and geography of the island, Gormley’s iron “bodyforms” do not only take on the human shape that’s so familiar to followers of his work but often transform into cubic and more abstract forms, mirroring their ancient neighbours. The site-specific exhibition is titled SIGHT and spans from May to October 2019. It is organised and commissioned by NEON – a non-profit organisation that works to broaden the appreciation, understanding and creation of contemporary art and culture in Greece – in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades. SIGHT has been curated by Iwona

Blazwick OBE of Whitechapel Gallery and Elina Kountouri, Director of NEON. Fully integrated with their classical surroundings, 29 sculptures created in the last twenty years have been placed amongst the evocative ruins of this ancient sanctuary, including five commissioned new works purpose-built and placed to converse with the landscape. One of them, a lone figure from Gormley’s Another Time, can be seen watchfully staring to the horizon at the water’s edge, eyes meeting with the visitors arriving by boat. Is the figure a long-dead resident, welcoming ancient pilgrims, or perhaps a modern-day archaeologist eager to share new findings? Gormley explains that he wants “to create unique encounters that speak to the different character of each location”. Accordingly, SIGHT was specially conceived to resonate with the topography, buildings and statues of the island, which was once a site of pilgrimage for people from across the Mediterranean. One sculpture, for instance, responds to the great open space of the Agora, while another mirrors rock formations of Mount Kynthos. Despite being less than 5km long and 1.5km wide, Delos bears a historical weight disproportionate to its size – a rich past filled with myths, rituals, religions, politics, trade, multiculturalism and art.



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Antony Gormley has been hailed as one of the five most powerful people in British culture by The Daily Telegraph. He remains refreshingly down-to-earth and considerate despite a stellar career spanning nearly 40 years, during which he has received the Turner Prize, joined the Royal Academy, been made an Officer of the British Empire, and was knighted. Using the human form to attract attention and urge viewers to connect with their surroundings, his works have travelled across the world, often placed permanently in open-air locations. They include the renowned Angel of the North (1998), Model (2012) and Event Horizon (2007). It is perhaps fitting that Delos’s name was once “Adelos” – meaning one which can’t be seen. Myth has it that Zeus, the king of the gods, made it visible so that his lover Leto could find refuge there to give birth to twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Could some of Gormley’s bodyforms could be seen as representing these ancient Olympians? Or perhaps they are ghosts of the residents, priests and visitors of this now uninhabited place – or even modernday visitors like ourselves, looking to witness the ancient glory… Does human presence change how we experience Delos? Does contemporary art affect our appreciation of time-honoured, historic landmarks? Such potent questions are being posed and perhaps answered by this ambitious exhibition, which is in fact the first ever contemporary artwork to get the green light to be displayed on Delos. “Our goal”, says Head of the Ephorate Dr Demetrios Athanasoulis to The Guardian newspaper, “was to offer a new way of interpreting our relationship with antiquities through artworks that can act as a catalyst to facilitate diverse readings of the past”. The result is a genuinely singular exhibition that adds new texture to the mustvisit archaeological site of Delos, located just a short boat trip from Mykonos. SIGHT can be visited on the island of Delos daily 08:00-20:00 until October 31st. Delos is accessible by boat mainly from Mykonos as well as neighbouring islands Paros and Naxos. There is no extra charge for entrance to the exhibition. 036


Oak Taylor Smith | Courtesy of NEON; Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades and the artist.

THE NEW ECHOING THE OLD From top: Antony Gormley, Chute II (2018) is conversing with the geology of Delos. NEON Director Elina Kountouri with Antony Gormley, next to Spread (2010). Gormley’s cubic Reflect (2017) seems eager to join the row of classical columns. Installation view, SIGHT at the archaeological site of Delos Island, 2019.



G A L L E R Y | M Y K O N O S


18, Mavrogeni str. Mykonos 84600, Greece T +30 22890 27244 Fax +30 22890 25278 Instagram: art_and_soul_mykonos

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Visual Storytelling A typically Cycladic home in Mykonos Town is wonderfully atypical in its pursuit of providing a home for both emerging art and promising artists from the periphery.



FOUR YEARS SINCE its foundation by curator Marina Vranopoulou and dozens of write-ups in the international and domestic press later, this Mykonos cultural platform and gallery has already earned its stripes as a pioneering art space. Located on Panachra Square, Mykonos Town, Dio Horia has been described as “a brilliant project” by The Huffington Post and “the freshest gallery on the island” by The Evening Standard. Despite the dualism in its name, which stands for “two villages” or “two spaces”, the forces that drive this platform are inclusivity, community and collaboration – put to use to explore, support and celebrate contemporary art and culture through residencies, exhibitions, events and even publications. Embracing the idea of coming together, the organisation considers the general public as much a part of its audience as art collectors, with its two main identities – gallery and cultural platform – enriched by a bar and a shop. At the heart of this ethos sits one of Dio Horia’s key aims – to represent and support young emerging artists from the periphery of the international art world. Encompassing a wide range of activities, collaborative projects attest to the same.

Caroline Larsen, Mykonos Hotel, 2019. Oil on canvas. From the Brooklyn-based painter’s solo exhibition at Dio Horia, running from May 24 to June 25.

Overall, this is an open-hearted space that gracefully captures the attention and imagination of people from all walks of life with its extroverted, inclusive attitude. Within this framework, Dio Horia has defined its curatorial theme for summer 2019 as “Storytellers” in recognition of the inherently human need to connect, interpret the world and build common history. Storytelling can take diverse forms, as Dio Horia remind us, tasking gifted artists with exploring its boundaries. The season kicked off with Brooklyn-based painter Caroline Larsen, whose exhibition is on until June 25. Her signature technique involves applying thick layers of paint on the canvas by squeezing a plastic bag, with the results vibrant, textured, almost threedimensional on the canvas. Her work for Dio Horia comments on cultural clich�s, psychedelic imagery and kitsch. Next up is Javier Calleja, a Spanish artist who has shown across the globe, from Hong Kong to Germany. His fresh-faced cartoon-style characters with their penetrating eyes open up the path to deeper questions posed with

youthful clarity and wise straightforwardness alike. This exhibition promises to spark discussions and incite thought, and runs from June 28 to July 24. The Greek entry on the programme is Spyros Aggelopoulos, who lets the audience in on his personal exploration of his place in the world and his country’s legacy – inspiring us to consider similar questions in the process. He has studied traditional shadowpuppet theatre forms and merged them with contemporary Western pop culture. The result speaks volumes to Greeks and visitors alike by appearing both familiar and exotic, in endless juxtaposition of the individual parts that make up the whole. Going beyond motionless depiction, the puppets themselves are also used to tell stories. New York-based Sam Friedman visits Dio Horia from July 25 to August 23 to present his first solo exhibition in Greece and create new work in Mykonos. Meditating on nature and life through a unique impressionism expressed via graphic design forms and pop colours, he has been featured in Architectural Digest, Artsy, Hypebeast, High Snobriety,

Juxtapoz and several other publications. Having exhibited over 40 times and featured in the Los Angeles Times, Sweden-born Joakim Ojanen will showcase works he created during his Dio Horia residency in 2018 from July 25 to August 23. Creator of a deeply personal universe of characters that are disarmingly sincere, Ojanen speaks to the heart of the viewer and invites them to be playful and open. Although his main medium is painting, he also brings his characters to life through clay sculptures. The final residency of the Storytelling season for Dio Horia is Amir Fallah’s first solo exhibition in Greece. The Iranian-American has shown widely in the US, Europe and the Middle East, while the Microsoft Art Collection, The Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, the Salsali Private Museum, Dubai and more collections feature his artwork. Working with painting, sculpture and installations, this talented creator utilises personal history as an entry point to pose questions on representation, identity, loss and memory. Visually, his works are vibrant, kaleidoscopic explorations of portraiture.

Exploring myriad expressions of the process, product and consumption of art, Dio Horia is a beacon of contemporary creativity.

DIO HORIA RESIDENT ARTISTS FOR 2019. From left: Amir Fallah, The Light Within, 2017. Acrylic on panel. Sam Friedman, Untitled, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. Javier Calleja, No more and more, 2017. Charcoal on paper.



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The Palace at 4 a.m. Conversing with archaeological treasures, contemporary pieces by 13 international artists capture the strange drama of Giacometti’s masterpiece.

Top: Maria Louizidou, Pelage, 2018. Handwoven stainless steel mesh suspended from metal frame – the remnant of a beast hunted and skinned or of one that shed its skin to be reborn?



BORROWING ITS name from a wooden sculpture created by Alberto Giacometti in 1932, “The Palace at 4 a.m.” is a new exhibition of contemporary art making its way to the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos this summer. Across its halls and garden, works by thirteen artists of various backgrounds – Syria to the US and Germany to Nigeria – are displayed in juxtaposition, interaction and conversation with the museum’s archaeological exhibits from the islands of Delos and Mykonos. The exhibition is curated by Whitechapel Gallery’s Iwona Blazwick and NEON’s Elina Kountouri, and organised by NEON in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades. In the words of Ephorate Director Dr Athanasoulis, the past has welcomed the present in its home, allowing the space of the museum to be transformed into a creative workshop. Contemporary art – from ceramics to textile prints and sculpture to video – has invaded the museum’s spaces, finding its way on pedestals and inside glass cabinets, climbing the walls and hiding amongst the ancient artefacts. Just as Delos once attracted travellers from across the known world, so too has artwork by thirteen artists arrived to Mykonos to converse

with the past. Visitors come across a decorative drape by Duro Olowu; votive figures by Ian Law; Haris Epaminonda’s erotic artefacts; Rena Papaspyrou’s contemporary urban archaeology; a heavenly woman carved by Paloma Varga Weisz; tall porcelain vases by Barth�l�my Toguo; Zohra Opoku’s self-portraits on Ghanian textiles; ceramics by Lynda Benglis; a giant moth by Petrit Halilaj; an installation by Maria Loizidou; Stefania Strouza’s spiral map of fragments tracing the journey of Zeus’s lover, Leto; ceramics by Simone Fattal; and Daria Martin’s film In the Palace, where performers bring to life Giacommeti’s seminal work. Profound yet playful and undoubtedly thoughtprovoking, this exhibition has been commissioned by NEON within the framework of its mission to showcase contemporary art as a vehicle of growth and development. ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF MYKONOS,

Mykonos Town, 846 00. tel. no: (+30) 2289 022325 May 17 – October 31, 2019. Open Monday, Wednesday, Sunday 09:00-16:00, Thursday and Sunday 09:00-21:00. Closed Tuesdays. All proceeds support the activities of the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

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Mykonos & the World The Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos has a tribute show for Maria Igglesi and several more exhibitions of painting, photography, mixed media and objects scheduled for this summer.

From Stavros Kastrinakis’s photography exhibition, “Thoughtless expression”.



A MAINSTAY ON THE CULTURAL map of Mykonos, the Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos has opened the doors of its three separate spaces for one more summer to welcome the public to dozens of fascinating exhibitions curated and organised by a passionate team who live and breathe art, and work to share it with locals and visitors alike. This season is built around a retrospective of the work of “Maria Igglesi, A Pioneering Mykonian Painter”, in tribute to her pioneering works and art – along with dozens more exhibitions of painting, photography, sculpture, collage, mixed media and jewellery by artists with strong ties to Mykonos who come from Greece and across the world. Five group exhibitions and one installation at the passenger station of the Old Port of Mykonos complete the art agenda for 2019.

the edit A relatively unknown art pioneer who nevertheless left a strong mark on Greek art and represented the country abroad, Maria Igglesi donated her home to the Municipality of Mykonos, who in turn used it to house the Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, giving it her name. This summer, the Municipal Gallery honours her legacy, highlights her contribution to the history of Modern Greek art, and shines a spotlight brighter than ever on the artist’s work in a tribute exhibition from August 23 to September 20. An uncompromisingly free spirit and a magnetic personality, the painter travelled across Greece and Italy determined to live free despite the limitations society imposed on her gender, painting impressionist works and eventually incorporating expressionistic brushwork in her art. Curated by art historian Eirini Savvani, the Maria Igglesi exhibition is spread across two of the three of MAGM halls. Igglesi was born in Mykonos and studied in Tinos and Athens. In 1904, she moved to Rome, to study painting at the Fine Arts Academy. In 1911, she represented her home country at the first-ever International Exhibition of Art in the Italian capital while maintaining her ties to Greece via multiple exhibitions in Athens. She is considered one of the lesser-known trailblazers of Modern Greek art. Meanwhile, from July to September, artist Vasilis Kavouridis, who lives and works on the island, will give audiences a taste of his work through an installation at the Old Port of Mykonos titled “Bord de l’eau”, tracing the confines of memory, and the boundaries between the harbour and the sea, the past and the future. It is organised by the Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos in collaboration with Zina Athanassiadou Gallery. In addition to the above, this year’s programme at the Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos includes painting exhibitions such as those of Bjorn Roe, Gilles Roland and Konstantinos Kerestetzis; photography from the likes of Anastasia Liapi, Eugenia Kanavarou and Stavros Kastrinakis, among others; mixed media, including the work of Lily Mylona, Nafsika Pappa and Angelos Mavraidis and many more combinations of materials and fresh perspectives by artists from Mykonos, from Greece and from abroad.

A FEMALE LEGACY Top: Maria Igglesi in Italy in the early 20th century. Bottom: Igglesi draws Pompeii.

Maria Igglesi–Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos Kalogera and Panachrantou Hall: Matoyianni 45, Syrioti Hall: Meletopoulou Street, PO Box 114, 846 00 Mykonos


MATOYANNI HALL • JUNE 1-10 Katy Fouski, “Delos Earini, Aerini: Spring journeys to the sacred island of Light”, Photography. • JUNE 11-20 Martin Mugnolo, “Mykonos surreal”, Oil on canvas. • JUNE 21-30 Panagiotis Zizikas, “Portraits”, Oil on canvas. • JULY 1-10 Lena Zikou, “Chroma”, Acrylic, oil & mixed media on canvas. • JULY 11-20 Bjorn Roe, “Mykonos: Disappearing landscapes”, Drawing, oil on canvas and wood. • JULY 21-31 Anastasia Liapi, “Two eras at a glance”, Photography. • AUGUST 1-20 Konstantinos Kerestetzis, “Painting”, Oil and watercolour. • AUGUST 21-SEPTEMBER 30 Tribute exhibition 2019: “Maria Igglesi (18821942): A Myconian pioneer painter”. • SEPTEMBER 21-30 Lily Mylona, “Second life”, Mixed media & collage. • OCTOBER 1-10 Georgina Armacola, “Openoeuvre”, Fabric collage. • OCTOBER 11-20 Alkistis Papadantonaki, “Reflections”, Acrylic and watercolour. • OCTOBER 21-31 “Contemporary painters of Mykonos”, Group painting exhibition of works by artists born or living on Mykonos, organised by Anemomyloi and curated by Marina Petri KALOGERA HALL • JUNE 1-10 Zisis Bliatkas, “Mega Outdoor”, Acrylics on canvas. • JUNE 11-20 Athanasios Kollintzas, “Facades”, Textile collage. • JUNE 21-30 Nikolaos Klouvatos, “10+3”, Mixed media. • JULY 1-10 Arnaud Bourgain, “Back to the roots in Mykonos”, Oil on wood, and canvas. • JULY 11-20 Angelos Mavraidis, “Psycho”, Mixed media on cardboard boxes. • JULY 21-31 Nektarios Aposporis, “Mykonian summer”, Mixed media. • AUGUST 1-10 Stavros Kastrinakis, “Thoughtless expression”, Photography. • AUGUST 11-20 Nafsika Pappa, “Preservatives”, Mixed media. • AUGUST 21-SEPTEMBER 20 Tribute exhibition 2019: “Maria Igglessi (1882-1942): A Myconian pioneer painter” • SEPTEMBER 21-30 Eugenia Kanavarou, “Aperitton (Less is more)”, Photography • OCTOBER 1-10 Monika Derpapas, Richard North, Bogdan Kopec, “Artists of Mykonos”, Acrylic and mosaic. • OCTOBER 11-20 Luxury Art Club, “All together in Mykonos”, Group exhibition. • OCTOBER 21-31 “Contemporary painters of Mykonos”, Group painting exhibition organised by Anemomyloi and curated by Marina Petri. SYRIOTI HALL • JUNE 1-10 Panagiotis Gkiokas, Alexis Chrysostomides, “Due amici”, Photography. • JUNE 11-20 Penelope Gatsas, “Patterns”, Collage. • JUNE 21-30 Katia Kolokytha, “The magic of jewels”, Jewellery. • JULY 1-10 Efthymia Spyridonidou, “Aegean brides”, Works on canvas and clay. • JULY 11-20 Christina Vlachaki, “Memories of sea and lava”, Mixed media. • JULY 21-31 Eleni Pittas-Gregoriades, “Mannequins”, Acrylic on canvas, Mixed media. • AUGUST 1-10 Nikos Kardasis, “What?”, Portrait photography. • AUGUST 11-20 Maria-Christina Arvaniti, Elizabeth Kanelli, Christina Penloglou, “Lines & shapes”, Geometric design of jewellery and accessories. • AUGUST 21-31 Aris Kaiafas, “Disturbance of emotions,” Mixed media. • SEPTEMBER 1-10 Evgenia Grypari, “Feral”, Acrylics. • SEPTEMBER 11-20 Gilles Roland, “On the beach”, Oil, acrylic, watercolours. • SEPTEMBER 21-30 Eugenia Boni, “Cultural expression in jewellery”, Jewellery. • OCTOBER 1-10 Lilika Arnaki, “I live with passion”, Mixed media. OLD PORT OF MYKONOS • JULY – SEPTEMBER 30 Vasilis Kavouridis, , “Bord De L’eau”, Installation.



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True to its commitment to excellence, the Myconian Collection expands, welcoming new additions, awards and CSR initiatives to its portfolio.

IMPRESSIVE ACCOMMODATION, curated experiences and flawless service are intrinsic parts of the Myconian Collection ethos. In 2019, the Group looks back to accomplished goals and renews its offering in anticipation of guests’ every need. HOSPITALITY AWARDS FOR A JOB WELL DONE World-leading organisations have awarded the Group’s properties a constellation of 046


distinctions in late 2018 and 2019. Conde Nast Traveler ranked the Myconian Imperial and Royal Myconian in the Top 25 Resorts in Europe, and the Ambassador among the Top 10 Hotels in Greece and Turkey. Delighted guests’ reviews landed Myconian properties with TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice® Awards and Certificates of Excellence, Loved by Guests Awards, and Booking Guest Review Awards. Finally, the Myconian Villa Collection was chosen as Best New Hotel of the Year at the Preferred Awards of Excellence, while its GM, Anastasios Naoum, was the recipient of the Friendliest General Manager award at the Traveler Made Luxury Travel Industry Awards, confirming the contribution of the Group’s warm, open-hearted and professional service to guests’ experience. A NEW RESORT FIT FOR THE GODS Overlooking the idyllic Elia Beach from a privileged hillside spot, the utterly boho chic Panoptis Escape resort has just opened its doors as the tenth property delivering on the Myconian Collection promise of elegant luxury via natural materials, superb villas, exquisite food, ample entertainment and breathtaking vistas. Inspired by the father of

Top: Panoptis Escape gets its name from the all-seing Zeus, who supervised his kingdom from above. Bottom: The Villa Collection’s Anastasios Naoum is Traveler Made’s “Friendliest General Manager”.


Superb New Arrivals & Awards

SUPERCARS AT THE MYCONIAN COLLECTION Dozens of luxury cars and superstar drivers line up outside Myconian Collection Hotels and Resorts before the start of the famous Gumball 3000 race on June 7, 2019, dubbed “Mykonos to Ibiza”. Drivers and teams were treated to the acclaimed Myconian Collection hospitality.

the Olympian gods, Zeus, this new addition focuses on delivering an exceptional lifestyle experience that extends beyond superb accommodation to sumptuous common spaces, fantastic outdoor decks and a wide range of activity, pampering and adventure options for guests to pick and choose from, delivering a stay to remember.

NEW GOURMET OPTIONS At Myconian Kyma, new restaurant Noa is a quintessentially Greek eatery. Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos proves that epicurean pleasure needs not stem from overcomplicated concoctions but top-notch ingredients cooked with respect for the diner and producers’ effort. Noa Greek dining serves authentic Greek meze,

stand-out Mediterranean classics and enticing surprises. Meanwhile, Mykonos favourite Baos fine dining received a Greek Cuisine Award from Athinorama, making the list for the first time in 2019 for its superior contemporary take on Greek tradition. Two new Executive Chefs have also arrived to update the Myconian gastronomy options. Ilias Maslaris, a hard worker who has spent more than a decade in restaurants and as a private chef, has taken over the kitchen of Efisia Relais & Ch�teaux, while Michalis Kalavrynos, who has worked in the Caribbean, Cannes and Greece after rising to fame on MasterChef, now heads the kitchen of Panorama fine dining at the Avaton. THE MYCONIAN ETHOS Committed to Mykonos on more than just the hospitality level, the Myconian Collection has announced plans to build a new school at Ano Mera as part of its corporate social responsibility. The disability-friendly, fullyequipped building will have 13 classrooms and three specialised workshops. Following innovative, eco-friendly and energy-saving practices, it will harmoniously integrate into the Mykonos landscape. Taking the promise of sustainability further, the properties of the Group follow a clear green hospitality strategy in their operations, recycling water, reusing materials and running environmental conservation initiatives in collaboration with groups and authorities. Continually updating and improving its offering to guests, locals and Mykonos, the Myconian Collection is shaping the future of hospitality.

FOCUS ON GASTRONOMY Left: Noa Greek dining enjoys exceptional sea vistas. Right: Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos continues to place his passion and talent at the service of Myconian Collection guests.



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ARTION Galleries

Newly arrived in 2019, a superb art space comes to the Villa Collection in the form of Artion Galleries.



THE HEART OF ARTISTIC inspiration beats at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts thanks to an innovative collaboration with Artion Galleries. Strategically located at the Myconian Villa Collection on Elia Beach, the new Artion Gallery highlights the Group’s commitment to high aesthetics, innovation and creativity, as seen across its ten properties, partnerships and activities. Artion is an international gallery based in Geneva, Switzerland. Hosting a dynamic program of museum-quality exhibitions led by influential thinkers and creative curators, they are active with galleries, lounges and collaborations at twenty locations across three countries. Dedicated to the key goals of recording and promoting the living history of art and keeping alive the memory of our collective cultural heritage, they currently represent over 50 artists from across the world. Inaugurated in June 2019, the gallery is an inviting space bathed in natural light, where curated artwork by distinguished and up-andcoming Greek and international artists is showcased. Moreover, selected art curated by Artion Galleries is set to be displayed at the Myconian Villa Collection hotel lobby, in one more initiative that renders the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts experience more immersive, more diverse and more eclectic. The Myconian Villa Collection’s Artion Gallery is open to all and hosted by specialised staff, always at your disposal. It is a space to find visual stimulation, as it provides a comprehensive look at the current art landscape in Europe. Hand-picked for their outstanding value, noteworthy message, and capacity to capture the zeitgeist of our time and inform future trends, these pieces are also available for purchasing as a truly unique memento of your visit to Mykonos and your stay at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts, which can be arranged for delivery directly to your home or office at a time of your choosing.

Top: From the Encounter Love Series by Ahmet Günestekin. Right: Scorpius by Gianfranco Meggiato. Opposite Page: Yuki: Battle Royale by Hiro Ando, all courtesy of Artion Galleries.

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Behind the Scenes

Our Partners Today, we honour our collaborations with key industry experts and give you a taste of what goes on behind the scenes at the Myconian Collection. THE AWARD-WINNING Myconian Collection hospitality is a result of cooperation, time-honoured relationships and myriad inspired individuals and teams. This article is a warm thank you to the companies and people who have dedicated their work, time, talent and energy to helping realise our vision.

Our Time-Honoured Relationship with Viekko An important partner of the Group, Avraam Davidopoulos heads a company with drive, scientific knowledge and exceptional standards of construction. Viekko constructs wooden frames and objects from high quality materials. From their Kozani factory, they have been crafting bespoke pieces of hospitality equipment for us for years, combining utility and high aesthetic, fully tailored to our properties’ needs and aesthetic.

Tapping into the Expertise of Arc-Set Arc-Set is an architecture company run by the talented George Gavalas and Giannis Mourikis, whose expertise ranges from designing the set of over 90 theatre shows to completing a wide range of extraordinary architecture projects in Greece and abroad. Having designed a range of sets for everything from Ancient Greek drama to contemporary dance and cutting-edge theatre, they let their know-how inform their architecture and interior design work, bringing a dramaturgical sensibility, creativity and imagination to life in ingenious spaces with a strong sense of identity that take the visitor away on unique journeys. Powered by an eye for detail and genuinely pioneering ideas, the two architects were an integral part of the tenth and most immersive Myconian Collection property. Their ability to push the conceptual boundaries of design by connecting the worlds of fashion and visual arts with the rich architectural history of the area have resulted in a truly unique development, far beyond anything that we could have foreseen or imagined. The location of Panoptis Escape with its 360° views as far as the eye can see required the development of something truly spectacular. A property where the guest feels that they have been transported to a place amongst the gods. George, Giannis and their team have delivered this experience, and far more than we ever thought possible.

“Powered by high quality and innovation, our collaboration with the Daktylides family has lasted almost 30 years and we hope it will last forever.” Avraam Davidopoulos, Viekko S.A.

“Panoptis was a moving experience for us. We met two generations of local creators – George and Panos Daktylides. Raised in these ancient, wild surroundings, father George was a catalyst in the Panoptis concept – he created an archetypal landscape worthy of Mycenae or Delos. In fitting continuation of the memory of this landscape, Panos Daktylides acted as an innovator, using his studies in tourism to link this archetype to the guest experience, everyday luxury and comforts. The result makes Panoptis a unique convergence of experiences, something we seldom manage to create as architects or live as guests.” George Gavalas & Giannis Mourikis, Arc-Set 050


Joining Forces with Technoart A new yet highly valued relationship for the Myconian Collection is with Technoart, a landscaping, renovation and construction firm based in Thessaloniki, with Antonis Kiokou and Lena Karra at the helm. Their expertise has helped shape the stunning exteriors of our properties, enhancing the natural beauty of Mykonos and adding to the sumptuous air of the Group’s resorts and hotels.

“The Daktylides family’s passion for their work and respect to every single worker is incredible. We are honoured to be part of the Myconian family.” Antonis Kiokou & Lena Karra, Technoart Embracing the Greek Sun with Patsis Glass Experts in precision glass solutions and installations, Patsis Glass are based in Athens. The company was founded in 1964 to provide customers across Greece and the Balkans with high-quality glass applications. We would like to thank Patsis Family for expertly covering all our needs in perfectly constructed glass windows, panels and surfaces with their extensive range of products and over 55 years of expertise. The high standards of production and workmanship with particular focus on staff training and quality assurance have made them a very valuable partner of the Myconian Collection.

“We are delighted to be working with the Myconian Collection. They have a long history and incredible expertise and their passion inspires us to deliver the very best in products and workmanship.” Theodoros Patsis, Patsis Glass

Making Our Spaces Greener with GreenWays Leading Greek landscape architecture firm GreenWays is known for showing Greeks just how lifechanging green architecture can be. Director Karolos Chanikian and his highly skilled scientific team were called on to shape the grounds and gardens of the Myconian Collection, adding lush greenery and elegant details with their extensive knowhow, experience and resourcefulness.

“Panos and the rest of the Daktylides brothers are valued partners but also dear friends. It’s a pleasure to work with them.” Κarolos Ηanikian, GreenWays

Shaping Stories Furniture Gallery “Shaping stories”, as their motto goes, since 2004, Furniture Gallery design and build handmade, bespoke luxury furniture. Comprising architects, designers and craftspeople, CEO Vasilis Karafotias’s handpicked team are behind the impeccable pieces that elevate the Myconian Collection lifestyle. They are known for their designs and unique materials. with

“Our collaboration is great because we strongly believe in each other’s vision and drive for innovation.” Vasilis Karafotias, Furniture Gallery

Framing the Experience with Christos Drazos Having worked all over the world, Christos’s immense experience and unique gaze has framed the Myconian Collection experience, artfully communicating the singular atmosphere and high aesthetic of the Group’s Mykonos properties through his lens. He is simply the top commercial and hospitality photographer in the country, and we would trust no other to capture the pride and glory of the Group.

“The Daktylides brothers, with their character, enthusiasm and love for Mykonos and the Myconian Collection, are immensely inspiring.” Christos Drazos, Photographer

Immortalising Moments with Stathis Bouzoukas Specialising in architectural interiors, luxury hotels, food and portraits, this exceptional photographer has shot all the events of the Myconian Collection group with his unmistakable point of view and immense talent.

“I enjoy every photoshoot at the Myconian Collection, since the atmosphere is always fantastic. The team give as much attention to detail as I do in my work.” Stathis Bouzoukas, Photographer

Paramount to the Myconian Collection’s success are our valued partners, exceptional professionals whose expertise is second to none.

Our Team


The Unseen Heroes of Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts

IT’S THANKS TO maintenance experts Kostas Patsis and Giannis Venetis that all our facilities are in immaculate condition. On our side for years, they continue to support us in any occasion, placing their valuable services at our disposal. Their long experience and outstanding skill allow these two experts to deal with any problem and issue at the Myconian Collection hotels and resorts. They are an integral part of our family and a mainstay on our team. Their knowledge, responsibility and consistency are a big part of why the Myconian Collection hotels and resorts are not just ready to welcome their guests but continue to impress travellers from across the globe – with every little detail working like clockwork and our properties putting their best face forward. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


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Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ Golden Anniversary

In an exclusive interview, Chief Marketing Officer Kristie Goshow discusses the 51 years of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, letting us in on the secrets of luxury hospitality. A VALUABLE Myconian Collection partner, Preferred Hotels & Resorts is an organisation that encompasses absolute hospitality excellence through showcasing the most outstanding accommodation options on the planet – including the Myconian Naia, which carries Preferred’s L.V.X. label, and the Myconian Villa Collection, which has achieved the highest status, Legend. What made Preferred Hotels & Resorts stand out in these 50 years? Since our foundation in 1968 by 12 North American hoteliers, Preferred has grown to become the world’s largest independent hotel brand with more than 750 hotels in over 85 countries. What makes us special and has underpinned our longevity, is a readiness to continually evolve, 052


adapting to travel trends, technology, and hoteliers’ ever-changing needs while maintaining a deep commitment to independent hospitality. We have believed in the inspiration of travel, and by staying true to our core values, we have curated a global portfolio of exceptional one-of-a-kind hotels that deliver authentic, personalised and unique guest experiences. How do you see Preferred Hotels & Resorts evolving within the next five years? We are working to add new hotels in unexpected destinations, offering originality and wonder to a travelling public who now aspire to “less of the same”. We want to be recognised as a brand with clear purpose built around a single promise – Believe in travel. We believe that travel makes people better. Socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally, the virtues of travel are significant and far-reaching. Ultimately, we want to help our guests find themselves, celebrate their lives, and become better versions of themselves through exposure to new places and people that will surprise and challenge their paradigm. Why should elite travellers trust Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and what added services do you provide? Luxury travellers today relish the element of surprise and new experiences and make accommodation choices that immerse them in a destination. They expect the unexpected and seek extra to the ordinary. Preferred Hotels & Resorts provides a trusted seal of approval and a one-stop resource for travellers seeking independent luxury hotels, resorts, and residences that reveal the heart and soul of a destination. We can confidently promise that an elite traveller will only encounter two consistent brand standards during their engagement with our 750 member hotels: I Prefer Hotel Rewards, which delivers earned benefits such as VIP amenities and free nights to frequent luxury travellers at more than 650 participating hotels, and our unwavering quality in product and service. Every other wonderful aspect of the hotel guest experience is decided by the individual hotel in a way that is right for their destination and community. Our hotels embrace the freedom to be different. We are proud to say that “no one (hotel) is the same” because as human beings, not one of us is the same. We are all originals seeking an engagement that is equally unique. In looking at the ambitions of an experienced elite traveller, we might describe our brand as a breath of fresh air! Philanthropy remained a core family value at Preferred Hotels & Resorts since its inception more than 50 years ago. What are your plans for the future? It’s a core aspect of our cultural fabric and business ideology. We are committed to giving back and looking for new ways to be more socially conscious citizens. We are engaging on a greater scale with charitable partners in water aid, human trafficking and environmental issues. Regarding the environment, we are taking steps to offset our carbon footprint. Earlier this year, we decided to donate funds to non-profit organisations that plant trees around the world and to seek alternative options to air travel for international meetings. Our associates and hotel teams contribute thousands of hours of philanthropic efforts each year, and our corporate responsibility program GIFTTS (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) Society) is a platform from which to celebrate these engagements within local communities. Further, we are currently working with the NOW Force for Good Alliance to curate hotels offering sustainable travel experiences that meet the louder demand for responsible travel. LEADING THE WAY The Preferred brand is characterised by an eagerness to adapt to everchanging guest expectations, always in the service of independent hospitality.

D. S.GOLD Precious Signature


the edit From left: Pendant from the Golden Shore Collection. Pendant from the Delos Collection. Pendant from the Mykonos Collection. Ring from the Cinema Collection.

georgios makrygiannis

AN EXCEPTIONAL JEWELLER A tribute to Georgios & Co founder and CEO, Georgios Makrygiannis, a driven entrepreneur and inspired jeweller who adored Mykonos with all his heart. A FEW DAYS AGO, Georgios Makrygiannis, the founder and CEO of Georgios & Co fine jewellery and a dear friend of the Myconian Collection family, passed away. We feel honoured to have been able to call George a friend, an associate and a neighbour. A stand-out Mykonos entrepreneur, father and husband whose passion, work ethic and vision inspired us all, Georgios Makrygiannis will be fondly remembered. 054


Georgios Makrygiannis started his illustrious trajectory in the world of fine jewellery over 40 years ago. He had an outstanding aptitude for harnessing the beauty of gold, silver and precious jewels into pieces that stood out for their design, high aesthetic and uniqueness, with thousands of customers from around the world choosing and treasuring items from the Georgios & Co collections. Operating three jewellery stores and a workshop in Mykonos, Georgios never hid his passion and love for our island. In fact, two of the first few collections he created were the Mykonos Collection and the Delos Collection, in which he captured the spirit and soul of the two islands. “It’s our choice to live on this wonderful island, and we wouldn’t change it for the world”, he told us last year. We were fortunate to speak to Georgios for the previous issue of the Myconian Collection magazine. In addition to his inspiration and craftsmanship, the conversation veered into his attitude to life. “Do what you love. Love what you do”, Georgios had shared, and we take solace in the knowledge that in his life, he certainly did what he loved and loved what he did – and gained widespread recognition and respect for it. We will fondly remember the inspirational, honest and outgoing nature of Georgios Makrygiannis and his great contribution to Mykonos. Georgios’s wife, Maria Makrygianni, and their two sons are determined to honour and build upon his impressive legacy, continuing Georgios & Co’s dynamic trajectory in the world of jewellery. GEORGIOS & CO • Waterfront, GR 84600, Mykonos

T +30 22890 22097

• Agia Anna, GR 84600, Mykonos

T +30 22890 79259 Email:

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Luxury Trailblazers

Innovators in different sectors of LUXURY, these four acclaimed professionals set trends and drive the way forward, sharing their insight into what luxury truly means. WHAT IS LUXURY TODAY?

Behind the glamour and award-winning services at the Myconian Collection lies its founders’ dedication to hospitality in its truest form – one that stems from a different kind of hospitality; genuine personal relationships formed over a shared love for Mykonos, and a plethora of authentic experiences that truly immerse you in a destination, curated by people who live here. To this end, we have asked four outstanding professionals, each from a different background in the multifaceted luxury industry, to share their experiences, thoughts and vision of what constitutes luxury in travel. 056


LINDSEY UEBERROTH chief executive officer preferred hotels & resorts

Have perceptions of what makes travel luxurious changed? They have changed and evolved. Previously, luxury was primarily defined as first-class travel and a 5-star hotel. Nowadays, luxury travel is about the entire experience. From the airport transfer to the arrival experience, dining, activities and personal touches by the staff, it’s much more all-encompassing. What are the trends that reshape luxury travel in 2019? Culinary travel – the desire to take cooking classes or experience new forms of dining as a focal point of your trip. Business to leisure (“bleisure”) – business travellers extending their stay to explore their destination. Solo travel – Hotels are making it more comfortable for solo travellers to have great experiences. Technology will also continue to enhance travel, making it easier to visit unexplored corners of the world or book experiences on the fly. AI and VR allow travellers to experience a destination before they arrive, which can make the decision to travel to more far-flung places much less intimidating. Is five-star accommodation alone enough to provide a luxury experience? Luxury travel goes beyond the hotel accommodations. However, there are many amazing properties like those in the Myconian Collection that are a destination in their own right. A guest could never leave the property without feeling like they had an authentic experience; they really feel the location and culture and have an amazing experience from wellness and spa to dining and shopping! But only very special properties can accomplish this. What is the new definition of luxury travel for Preferred Hotels & Resorts? It is all about experiences. The personalisation of travel to cater to your needs and passions. We travel differently for business versus with family or friends or for a special occasion. Providing tailored experiences to meet the needs of each type of travel is the new luxury: food & wine, adventure, family, art & culture, sustainable travel, spa & wellness. We have a

collection of hotels that can curate the perfect stay around these desires and passions. Do today’s luxury travellers seek highly bespoke experiences and authenticity? We all want to feel special, and the greatest gift nowadays is experiences that create memories and make you feel like time has stood still. The more bespoke the experience, the greater the memory – and the imprint on your heart and soul. It energises and renews our sense of purpose. Personally, what is the “luxury” you choose when travelling? Anything that can provide downtime and relaxation. I love amazing spas and think the greatest luxury is exceptional service, where the staff anticipate what you need before you even think about it – when they notice your habits and preferences. That makes me feel special and taken care of.

What has been your most memorable travel experience that you classify as true luxury? Last year, I had the pleasure of staying at the Myconian Villa Collection, in Villa Paradise. It was beyond amazing, and I am already excited to share that I will be back to visit again this year. But I will share another memorable experience at The Leela Palace Udaipur. After you arrive via private boat, you are greeted with a shower of rose petals and checked in while receiving a foot treatment. A private butler helps you unpack and arrange any spa, dining or experiential needs. The hotel heard I was interested in learning to cook Indian so they arranged a private cooking experience with their head chef, and we were able to enjoy the food in a beautiful setting. They remembered every little detail, from how I liked my coffee to my preferred pool chair. You know it is a memorable travel experience when you are emotional about leaving and can’t wait to come back.

A PROMINENT FAMILY Just 750 properties from 85 countries have earned their place in the Preferred Resorts prestigious family – including the Myconian Villa Collection, and Myconian Naia.



the edit|opinion leaders CREATING INSPIRING SPACES Theatre director and interior designer extraordinaire Antonis Kalogridis is behind the fascinating interiors of the Myconian Collection Properties on Elia Beach.

luxury to run wild in their veins. I make up bodies. When guests live in them, I want them to feel like they are being reborn into the royalty of leisure, that they can bring together their own kingdom. Sure, it is also about objects, placement, colour, patterns, textures – all the things that make up an aesthetic. But to aestheticise literally means “to feel”. So it is ultimately a kingdom of the senses. That is what my spaces, my bodies, are for: To be felt, to be used as the senses that explore and arouse the possibilities of space and the people in it.

designer for the myconian collection hotels

What are the key ingredients of true luxury in travelling? The greatest privilege has to do with the destinations – not about choosing the place but about choosing what that place means. Any place you find yourself can be a finish line or a starting line – compensation or inspiration. The defining moment of luxury in travel is bringing the two together, about turning your travels into a revolving door, an experience so strong that it moves you to any direction you choose. You might be travelling to celebrate an achievement, or because you are gathering up the strength to go after one. Ideally, the two should not feel different, because you will always be getting ready to reach a higher peak, and you will always deserve to be rewarded for it. 058


How does interior design affect a traveller’s experience? It has to do with that revolving moment. Interior design must make it easier for people to see clearly in all directions, to choose their path among many. At the same time, it must help them to be inspired by what is unique in the specific time and place they find themselves. It is a fine line, like the horizon. Interior design must make you feel good about where you are, but also remind you not to stay still. It has to be the perfect match between the real and the possible, and it must allow guests to break on through to whichever side works best for them. You’ve done a lot of high-end hospitality work. What do you consider most important in such projects? I think of space as a body. You know, nobility has always been symbolised by the body – think “blue blood”. That is luxury, and how I see hospitality. It is the blue blood running through the veins of a living organism. It can accommodate a noble mind and a restless soul. So I make up hospitable spaces that allow

What has been your most memorable travel experience that you classify as true luxury? Despite my work in hospitality, I still see myself as primarily a theatre director. I stage experiences and I explore the roles people take on in their lives. Working on these amazing hotels is my way of bringing about the spaces I have always wanted to have available to me; spaces that can take their surroundings and their guests further. These resorts, this Villa Collection, my quest to bring out the Royal, the Imperial element of luxury and to challenge the Avaton of privilege, they are products of my own identity as a Panoptis, as someone who strives to see more and more of what is out there, and to bring it all in my work. It is challenging, but such is the task I choose.



How did you combine the architecture of a Cyclades island with your contemporary style to bring them together into reality? The Cyclades are unique in that nature here dominates through subtlety. Elytis, the Greek Nobel laureate in Literature, has said that if you were to deconstruct Greece, you would be left with an olive tree, a vine and a boat – “which means it takes as much to put it back together”. Beauty in the Cyclades is always raw and therefore always present. If you approach it with respect, it is always amenable. My style is equally raw. If it is about luxury, it is a raw luxury. Nothing is superfluous. There is no luxury in something you can’t or don’t need to use. So I break down reality and find the best ways to express it. For me, that is the definition of being contemporary.

JEAN-LUC NARET ceo, la reserve hotels appartements villas & spa

La R�serve Hotels & Spas state that their guests experience a different vision of luxury. Does luxury need to be different – and in what ways? Rethinking luxury through personalisation and creation of story between the place and the guest. We create a home away from home for all our guests and share a way of life rooted in excellence, authenticity and simplicity.

This vision was created by our owner, Michel Reybier, and is shared by all hotels and teams of La R�serve. Is personalisation a form of luxury? It is an essential part of it. Personalised touches have the power to make every moment truly amazing and unforgettable. Being able to offer a personalised service, knowing all the preferences and important dates of our clients, surprising them every time with something new – these are the key aspects of the vision of luxury at La R�serve. How do the latest luxury trends influence the hospitality industry?

Palaces are the part of the luxury industry so of course the latest trends of this industry affect them directly. Clients want more and more diversification of products, and we work on this every day to be able to always surprise guests with something new. Hotels do the best they can to be sustainable and think about nature. Moreover, personalisation has become one of the key points in this industry so more and more hotels implement it in their services. Tell us your most treasured experience at La R�serve Hotels & Spas. The experience of La R�serve is always treasured. It depends on what the person is looking for: it can be a tour of Bordeaux vineyards by plane or by private helicopter to discover the vineyards of our owner, a boot camp experience on the south of France, travel to Normandy in a helicopter, landing in the park of the Ch�teau de Champ de Bataille, a culinary experience for children at our apartments in Paris, exclusive spa programmes by our brand Nescens or exclusive masterclasses with our sommelier. What clientele do La R�serve Hotels & Spas particularly target? The clientele of La R�serve Hotels is very wide. Every hotel of La R�serve is particular somehow, but we are all united by the same vision of luxury. Our clients are looking forward to discreet elegance, high level of service, and want to experience a unique story, always different yet always unforgettable. Details are very important for these clients – as well as the authenticity of the place. Personally, what is the “luxury” you choose when travelling? Being welcomed with your name wherever you board an aeroplane or check-in at a hotel. What has been your most memorable travel experience that you classify as true luxury? Flying in a helicopter from Cannes to Ramatuelle in winter with travel agents to show them our jewel of the south, La Réserve Ramatuelle.

HOSPITALITY MAVEN Jean-Luc Naret is at the helm of the French capital's La Réserve apartments, created for exacting guests.

the edit|opinion leaders design features. Perfect integration of the architecture into natural settings, with an emphasis on blurring the lines between inner and outer spaces allows guests to live a holistic experience that speaks to their soul and will become a milestone for them. Discretion, space, understated, refined, place, timeless and choreographed art are the future of luxury resort destinations.

GALAL MAHMOUD gm architects

In your view, what are the key ingredients of true luxury in travelling? Today, it is all about experiencing real escapism, with a true sense of place in understated comfort and perfect service. Traveller expectations have shifted from materialistic luxury features to experiencing a place in comfort, with a constant connection to the location’s culture, history, lifestyle and arts. 060


How does interior design affect a traveller’s experience? Interior design needs to translate this sense of place into choreographed storytelling, where the guest will feel immersed in the locale with very careful attention to the details that will make the experience memorable and exclusive. You’ve done a lot of high-end hospitality work. What do you consider most important in such projects? Ι travel the world designing exceptional destinations for the extremely demanding luxury traveller. It’s not about glitter and bling anymore. The comfort of a space has more importance today than clutter and elaborate

How did you combine the architecture of a Cyclades island with your contemporary style to bring them together into reality? Playing with the boundaries between the locale and our contemporary lifestyle has been very exciting and rewarding. Especially so because I have been immersed in the Cycladic culture first as a young visitor, and later as an architect. Being respectful of the true values of a place is for me the cornerstone of every design or idea. Working with the amazing Daktylides family on some of their properties has allowed me to express these values in my own way through a careful combination of modern and contextual features. Their very openness to such ideas has allowed me to push this experimentation further. White is the predominant colour but it’s not only about that. Ι seek a more rooted, elegant and respectful approach to the locale, reinterpreted with subtle minimal interventions, which focuses on guest experience and comfort rather than on flashy ideas that will look good on Instagram today but will be completely outdated in a year or two. Owners are spending more and more on their hotels to ensure guest satisfaction. Our responsibility as designers is to be extremely cautious that such spending is carefully allocated within the property, in a way that will give them good long-term return via timeless design ideas. What has been your most memorable travel experience that you classify as true luxury? Living in an African lodge in a game reserve for five days. Although the lodge felt spartan, it did have the right attention to detail that made the stay memorable and amazingly comfortable. Its intimate visual and physical connection to the exceptional nature around, the natural materials locally sourced, the spacious rooms, the complete sense of privacy and being all on your own, the comfort features being readily available when needed but not “in your face” and the discreet yet very refined service all made this stay quite exceptional.

THE ARCHITECT OF THE MYCONIAN DREAM Acclaimed architect Galal Mahmoud has designed Myconian Collection properties at Mykonos Town and the Ambassador at Platis Gialos.

14, Mitropoleos Str., Mykonos Town T.: +30 22890 77949 E: | fb: Karat mykonos | insta: Karatmykonos




Beyond Time Photography: Christos Drazos

ACCORDING TO HESYCHIOS, Mykonos derives from the word Mykon, meaning heap and themonia; heap of stones on account of the impressive granite boulders that seem to have been heaped by some supernatural hand. Ancient Greeks had created the myth that under the island’s rocks were buried the giants killed by Hercules, who came to the aid of his father Zeus during the Gigantomachy. Archaeological finds on Mykonos indicate the existence of a significant civilisation on the island, dating back to to the Late Neolithic period (5th & 4th millennium BC). Later, Ionians settle on Mykonos, colonising it after expelling its previous inhabitants. Later on, when Delos was highly populated, Mykonos became very important as a significant port for supplies and transit. It was also an important cultural and religious centre, and many travelled frequently between the two islands. During the time of the Roman occupation and the Middle Ages, Mykonos was part of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines defended it against the Arabs in the 7th century and maintained control until the 13th century, when it came under the control of the Ghizzi dynasty in 1207 and was eventually handed to the Venetians in 1390. In 1537, still under the Venetians, Mykonos was attacked by Hayreddin Barbarossa, a legendary admiral of Suleiman the Magnificent. The Ottomans took over, imposing a system of self-governance which consisted of a governor and an appointed council of syndics. After centuries of foreign rule, the Mykonians took over a leading role in the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottomans, spearheaded by acclaimed national heroine Mando Mavrogenous. Mykonos was part of the free Greek State since the first day of its independence in 1830. Sailors and merchants quickly revived the island’s economy, consolidating trade relations with South Russia, Moldavia and Wallachia. However, after the opening of the Corinth Canal in 1904 and with the beginning of the First World War, Mykonos’ well-developed economy started to decline and, consequently, many locals left to find work in mainland Greece or abroad – especially in the United States. Yet, it wasn’t long before tourism rose as the answer to the problems of the local economy, starting with significant archaeological excavations taking place in Delos in 1873, which brought fascinating Ancient Greek artefacts and structures to light. As a result, lovers of Greek history and mythology began taking an interest in the region and, along with the ancient ruins, started to explore the island of Mykonos and partake in the celebrated Greek hospitality. In the 1930s, Mykonos started to become a popular destination for famous artists, politicians and wealthy Europeans, who had already noticed the island. Those were the first days of Mykonos as a hotspot for the international jet-set. After the dark years of World War II, Mykonos came back to life to blossom into the stunning cosmopolitan destination of the rich and famous – and not only – that we know it as today.

The island’s proud maritime legacy includes trailblazer Mando Mavrogenous, a national heroine whose contribution to the Greek Revolution is second to none. 064




discover|sacred island Photography: Christos Drazos


A Flashback in Human History

Truly irreplaceable and one the most important historical and mythological destinations in the Mediterranean, the island of Delos has been drawing in increasing crowds, reaching 155,000 visitors in 2018. 066




“Delos is a unique case of an archaeological site. On other historical islands, like Crete’s Spinalonga, the staff goes home at night. On Delos, we stay”. – Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis





discover|sacred island “For a visitor to come all the way here, they need to comprehend why; they will see the material remains and hopefully follow the narrative of a space which reflects, through the ages, the stories of human societies which were similar to our contemporary societies”. – Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis

“IN THE FIRST CENTURY BC, there were approximately 30,000 inhabitants on this small island in the Cyclades. Most of them were Athenians, but there were also people from other parts of the Mediterranean. They lived peacefully, they wrote and spoke Greek and they worshipped their gods”, the Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades, Dr Dimitris Athanasoulis, begins. Firmly grounded in today’s world, with a scientific background and a vision for contemporary archaeological sites and museums, the archaeologist uses simple words to impart his knowledge and share his love of narratives of the past. “This era is typical of Delos, as it is only here and nowhere else in Greece that visitors can grasp the meaning of the first instinct for globalisation which materialised in the Hellenistic kingdoms after the death of Alexander the Great. That part of the city, which is still in the process of being excavated, is in excellent condition. So, we could say that during that period, Delos was a huge multicultural centre, similar to the Mykonos of today. Visitors to Delos are mainly tourists who choose Mykonos for its attractions, and take the trip to Delos because of its proximity”, Athanasoulis makes clear from the beginning. “So, this is a very interesting, paradoxical pair of attractions for visitors. What is Mykonos today? A world-renowned cosmopolitan island, one big party! To use one of Foucault’s favourite terms, it is a heterotopia. Visitors to Mykonos escape their daily life and find themselves in an environment where ‘non-time’ prevails; a time for unlimited entertainment. During their stay, there is no sense of time, as they

find themselves in a timeless place. Delos, however, is the exact opposite. As with every museum or archaeological site, it is a time warp – for example, when you climb up the Acropolis, you travel back to the 5th century BC. The advantage to Delos is that you experience the journey back in time even as you travel there, reaching the island by a small boat much like the inhabitants of old. The boat trip is a prelude. So, this is the first reason why it is worthwhile for revellers of ‘non-time’ Mykonos to visit Delos and experience these extreme contrasts. It is a voyage of a different kind, something worth getting your head around – and whatever your state of mind, you cannot avoid a sense of altered states whilst on Delos! Although Delos has its challenges (as an enormous site which needs to be restored, excavated and requires new infrastructure, among other things), it remains a unique archaeological site which spans the entirety of an island. The fact that the antiquities are in good condition and that so many of them remain allows visitors to visualise the ancient city in a comparable way to Pompeii. This is not possible in any other ancient city in Greece. There are many Roman cities in the Middle East, Syria or Africa which are in good condition, but on Delos you experience a scenery unchanged since antiquity, which we could say represents time itself! Even people who believe themselves to be indifferent to the past leave Delos having gained something from their visit”.


“It is worth stopping at the Sanctuary of Apollo first, as it is the reason the city was

called into existence as one of the largest Hellenic sanctuaries in the Mediterranean. Imbued with the meaning of ‘sanctity’, this sacred place already existed in Homer’s era and reached its peak during the Archaic period (7th-6th century BC) and the Classical period (5th-4th century BC). Citizens from the outer reaches of the Greek world travelled to the island to worship the God of Light. From the mid-6th century BC up to the 4th century BC, Athens imposed itself politically and culturally on the sacred island. During that period, the Sanctuary was the centre of the Athenian Republic, a symbol for the birth of western civilisation, and headquarters of the Athenian Empire (also known as the Delian League). When the League ceased to exist, this great Hellenistic model city developed, encompassing all aspects of the Greek World. The Hellenistic city, remains of which visitors can see today, developed after 167 BC, when the Romans gave Delos back to the Athenians and declared it a free port; a move which contributed to its rapid economic ascent. Merchants, bankers and shipowners from all of the known world settled there, attracting a large number of masons, craftsmen and sculptors. It was a large city with public buildings such as the Bouleuterion (Assembly House), the Prytaneion and the Ekklesiasterion, with religious and merchant guilds such as the Poseidonianists of Beirut housed in buildings, squares with votive offerings from Italian guilds such as the Agora of the Competaliasts and unique houses decorated with murals, mosaic floors and statues. It was a transport hub for the Eastern Mediterranean due to the privileges granted by the Romans and encouraged an unprecedented cosmopolitanism, where all the

THE NAVEL OF THE AEGEAN “The island has been utilised in its ideological and political capacity, as those who wanted the upper hand in the Aegean needed to control its ideological epicentre. This brought developments, events and outcomes that have parallels in modern Greek societies. Delos is a flashback in human history”. – Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis





“Delos is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has a great history to tell that is rich in terms of length, intensity and diversity”. – Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis



“When the Ancient Greeks built Delos, it was from Mykonos that they took the materials. And conversely, when Delos collapsed, the Mykonians took these materials back again to build and fortify their own houses!” – Dr Dimitris Athanasoulis

peoples of the known world met, accumulating enormous amounts of wealth which was invested in constructing an elaborate city with winding streets, unique buildings such as the only marble theatre in the Aegean as well as three-storey houses (The House of the Lake, The House of Dolphins, The House of Masks, The House of the Trident, The House of Dionysus and The House of Cleopatra) with colonnades and unique mosaics. And if the squares and narrow streets of this 2nd century BC city have the same ambience as those of Mykonos Town, let us remind ourselves that in antiquity, Mykonos was a satellite of Delos. When the Ancient Greeks built Delos, it was from Mykonos that they took the materials. And conversely, when Delos collapsed, the Mykonians took these materials back again to build and fortify their own houses! What is of particular interest for the contemporary visitor is the phenomenon of universality. The fact that ‘foreigners’ from all over the world

lived in Delos, that there was open trade with the East and the West and a vast syncretism – an amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought – with Greek temples but also places of worship from other Eastern religions such as the Temple of Isis and the Synagogue”.


“A visit to the museum is a must, as it has one of the most significant collections of Ancient Greek sculpture. Visitors can see veritable treasures from the Archaic period which first emerged in the Cyclades, such as kouros, kore and lions, to statues of the Hellenistic era. They will also see items of everyday use, found intact at excavated sites where houses, markets, shops and workshops once thrived”. Is there any chance that the site’s magic and scale will disappear once Delos progresses further as an archaeological site? “Its magnitude will not change”, Dimitris Athanasoulis says confidently.

“The infrastructure has to be improved so that the Museum is worthy of its exhibits, and we have to carry out restorations. One of the main issues is the Temple of Apollo which, for all its architectural elements, visitors cannot experience in the third dimension – space – because it has not yet been restored. It is a huge challenge that the Cyclades Ephorate wants to meet. The pillars can be raised, and we can have a clear idea of what the temple used to be like. Our aim, however, is to use more approaches in order to make the site come alive. For example, we can make copies of the original statues, which are in the Museum, and place them in their original positions so that the archaeological site itself comes to life. At night, when there are no lights on Delos, it is magnificent and extraordinary. We try to organise curated events during the full moon for the public to be able to experience the charm of this unique place. Delos will always be magical!”


“Delos is a different, magical place; a place that’s unlike any other. Even today, Delos is unique”, antiquities curator Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis says. He has been living on Delos year-round since 2015 in his capacity at the Ephorate. “The Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades does for Delos what local authorities do everywhere else. We organise transport to and from Mykonos, staff accommodation on the island, infrastructure, equipment. Besides supporting the employees, the Ephorate also manages the archaeological site, welcoming 155 thousand visitors annually, preserving and restoring the monuments. The monuments are our top priority, and everything else follows. But how much work can a small island – a rocky islet – really take? How many cranes, how many ships can come? And how can this work be scheduled around keeping Delos open to the public? We can’t just bring 30 million euro and start spending – the island would crash. We need to prioritise and categorise its needs. Life here is hard. The employees spend so many hours together that we have to be pro-active about their wellbeing, promote good relationships, provide activities… Delos is testing – if you don’t take here, if you don’t integrate, the island will reject you”.

AN OPEN-AIR MUSEUM In addition to the Archaeological Museum of Delos, founded in 1931 and expanded in 1972, the island itself is rightly called an open-air museum. Originating from different eras of the ancient world, the numerous antiquities and the island alike are protected, managed and preserved by the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades.



discover|the mykonians

Meet the locals Photography: Christos Drazos, Stathis Bouzoukas

Occasionally by birth but always by choice, these passionate individuals chose to make the gorgeous Mykonos their home, investing their time, hard work and creativity. The island has repaid the favour, embracing and rewarding their efforts with a life, a setting and a community that is home in the deepest sense of the word. Driven and filled with youthful energy, every single one is a source of inspiration.



the edit



discover|the mykonians A LIVING LEGACY This is not a museum but a fully functional home. A traditional chapel, fresh handmade pie, cool whitewashed interiors... Rizes captures the spirit of Mykonos.

NIKOS ZOUGANELIS Rizes Folklore Farmstead “WHAT VISITORS SEE is our life, lived as close as possible to my memories of older generations”, says Nikos Zouganelis, who grew up in a traditional Mykonos farmstead. His father, Giannis, kept sheep and cultivated the land while his mother tended to the household and made cheese. Nikos felt an urge to honor this authentic way of life by creating a fully functional farmstead that taps into the “rizes” [roots] of the land and traditional folk life. Rizes Folklore Farmstead was the result. “We are no business. We are a home – expanded to welcome visitors, but still a home”. Visiting Rizes, you start to understand this way of life, with the wood oven, cheese dairy, cows, chicken coop, wine press, vegetable patches, donkeys… 076


Nothing is “frozen in time” because nothing is for show and everything is tended to following traditional methods. You can also see folklore artists working the loom, painting icons, creating traditional “tsampouna” bagpipes… When you visit, you are a guest. “We want to show visitors they are loved and tended to; to treat them, make friends with them – then, if they want, they can participate in this life, and understand how things were before technology”, explains Nikos. And indeed, you can help milk a cow, gather eggs, join him at the garden patch… More than anything, though, this family want you to join them at the table, breaking bread and living a purer life for a few hours.

LIVING OFF THE LAND "We are no business. We are a home", says Nikos Zougalenis about Rizes Folklore Farmstead, and it's a Mykonos home open to all.



discover|the mykonians


A LIFE ON MYKONOS Posing in front of his Morgan, Patrick Lesueur smiles. His love for Mykonos is everlasting, and his trusty car is still going, no matter how many of the island's hills it climbs.



“I DIDN’T CHOOSE France. I chose Greece”, says Patrick Lesueur, French-born but very much a Mykonos local. He first stepped foot here some 42 years ago. “It was January and cold, but the people were so warm”, he remembers. Mykonos reminded him of his childhood. “On their table, people had bread, wine, glasses… You went in and they said, ‘sit, drink, have some cheese, eat something’”. He could not stay away from this authenticity, this generosity and this closeness to nature. In 1989, he managed to buy a house in Fanari – more of a storage room for hay. It had no bath, no toilet, no windows. “We threw parties here before we had electricity. And when we got electricity, we turned it off for the parties”, he says, reminiscing a life well-lived. Doing it up bit by bit, today he has a charming home. “We live in nature here. It’s what I’d been missing”. Retired for twenty years, he remains active as ever. “I tend to the farm, the chickens, the house. I cook – I used to be a chef. I forage wild greens and mushrooms”. He adores Delos, especially the mosaics. Fragkia and Agios Sostis are his favourite beaches. “I like to spend the day at Fragkia. I bring water and a sandwich. I gather salt and urchins from the rocks. I have a great time”. Mykonos is his home. “Everything keeps me here in Mykonos”, he beams. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


discover|the mykonians

MELINA PATAKIOUTA Iconographer THE SMELL OF EGG at her workshop is unmistakable. Using the traditional medium of tempera, Melina gathers eggs from the coop to mix with mineral pigments using “her babies” – her brushes – and paint Orthodox icons. This technique goes back millennia and is part of what Melina Patakiouta calls her “ritual” to start painting on crude, heavy wood. “An icon is not just a representation; it’s in my soul”. Hailing from Mykonos on her mother’s side, Melina recalls happy childhood visits – “The smell of the land on our way from the port to Ano Mera. It was heaven – our refuge”. Despite an aptitude for painting, she had not found her calling until a difficult period, when she “woke up and said, I want to paint icons. I think it was a godsend”. So, she studied Byzantine murals and icons, a life journey that culminated in her return to her Mykonos roots, eight years ago. “It feels like we have always been here”, she says. “Locals have embraced my art, and I have Mykonos to thank for that”. Having accepted Nikos Zouganelis’s proposal to set up her workshop at Rizes Traditional Farmstead, she continues to create religious artwork and icons for churches and chapels. She speaks with awe about the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, and explains that her work fascinates visitors regardless of ethnicity or denomination. “As an art, it is fascinating, especially when you are watching someone create it” – as you can do at her Rizes workshop.

EMBRACING TRADITION Melina Patakiouta beams when she speaks about her work rituals. From praying to mixing pigments the ancient way and choosing the right canvas, iconography is her calling.



discover|the mykonians A PASSION FOR GREEK PRODUCTS Supporting small, independent businesses and deliver high quality, the Savvas store stocks exceptional Greek artisan products, eager to share them with the entire world.

TASOS STAVROPOULOS Savvas - Greek Traditional Products TASOS OWES HIS FIRST contact with Mykonos to his grandfather, Savvas, who grew up in Patra but decided to relocate to start a small, humble grocery. Motivated by a deep love for the land, Tasos is a third-generation grocer with a passion for Mykonos that has made him stay year-round. That was ten years ago. After being involved in family businesses, Tasos decided to open his own store, give it grandfather Savvas’s name and exclusively stock Greek products, “primarily from small companies. We try to source the best quality and have every local product there is”. At the store, the family’s history unfolds in photographs and artwork. “People ask who that is. It is our grandfather. They love the story and learning all 082


about greengrocers in the ‘50s, about our childhood and our background”. His aim remains to promote Greek products and treat customers with honesty and kindness. “They don’t have to buy from me, but I want to show them why Greek olive oil, oregano, honey is better. To have them buy something and enjoy it, see them return. There’s a cycle in Mykonos. Visitors come back, send their friends, email to ask us to deliver to their country. We have an e-shop in the pipeline for our olive oil, mastic products, spices… We have one of the biggest collections of olive oil in Greece, and I like to let customers try it, teach them about its process and quality…”

discover|the mykonians THE FREEDOM OF WOVEN FABRIC Ingeniously fashion-forward despite being inspired by history and folk tradition, Faye Chatzi’s clothes and accessories are a profession of her love for the loom.

FAYE CHATZI Weaver Designer ABOUT TEN YEARS AGO, Faye Chatzi got her hands on a traditionally woven wool scarf. “I didn’t know what a loom was or what it did”. Yet, she was transfixed, and local women rushed to her support. A member of the Mykonos Women’s Association heard about her new-found interest and gave Faye her own loom. Getting rid of furniture without second thought, Faye installed it her house. It was early days for a journey that led to working as a weaver and designer, creating with clear reference to Cyclades culture. She is there from the start – when sheep are washed, trimmed… She spins the wool into yarn and weaves on her loom. Her ethos calls for entirely handmade garments with a clear nod to Greek craftsmanship 084


that embrace clean, chic lines. They are also eco-friendly, with her “Kyma” resortwear collection, named after the word for “wave”, recently released. “I had to start from the raw material in order to feel the freedom of woven fabric – to dive in headfirst without a care in the world”. Faye immerses herself in the creative process. “I went to work at the Delos Museum. I’ll go to nature, to museums, to find inspiration”. Completely handmade at every step of the process, every piece takes meticulous attention to detail and days of work, which Faye seems to revel in. After all, her coveted clothes and accessories are her love songs to the art of the loom.

Photography: Sterling Galli

Crystal-Clear Waters

& Sun-Kissed Sand Finding your favourite Mykonos beach is no easy feat on this beautiful island that’s blessed with golden shores.

ARE YOU IN FOR SWIMMING and sunbathing, crazy parties and water sports, or do you just want to relax and spend quality time with your family? Your perfect beach is right here, and we will help you to find it. Mykonos can be whatever you want it to be! Here is our round-up of 10 amazing Mykonos beaches where you will be able to enjoy a perfect day at the seaside. for nature lovers & bohemians LIA is a beautiful beach with exotic blue waters, white sand and surrounding rocks protecting the bay, which makes it ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. It is a remote but well organised beach, making it an excellent choice for families, couples and anyone looking for peace, far from the frenzy and noise of party life. FOKOS If you want to escape the masses for a day, the serene Fokos Beach in the north of Mykonos is the right choice for you. The beach is remote and untouched with absolutely no tourist facilities. The unspoilt natural beauty of Fokos relaxes your senses, and the perfect culmination of your visit is a meal at the marvellous taverna right next to it, a hidden gem off the beaten touristy track. for families & comfort lovers ELIA is one of the longest beaches on Mykonos, with golden silky sand and crystal blue waters that have to be seen to be believed. It is fully organised and offers various water sports facilities as well as a range of restaurants serving excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The Myconian Collection is happy to offer its guests at the Utopia Resort Relais & Ch�teaux, the Avaton Resort a Member of Design Hotels, the Myconian Villa Collection Member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, LVX Collection, as well as at the Imperial Resort Leading Hotels of the World, the Royal Myconian Resort



Leading Hotels of the World, and Panoptis Escape a private section of this beautiful beach where they can enjoy the pleasure of this fantastic shore in an elegant and private atmosphere. PLATIS GIALOS Very popular with the cosmopolitan crowd but also families, Platis Gialos is a long, fully organised beach with fine golden sand. Water sports facilities and a wide range of superb restaurants are available. Guests of the Myconian Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux Hotel can stretch and sunbathe on this fantastic beach on comfortable sunbeds, under their private umbrellas. ORNOS The shallow waters and fine sand of Ornos Beach make it a great choice for families, set right in front of a small fishing village. It has all the amenities you need to spend a pleasant day on the beach, including a selection of small tavernas serving authentic flavours. KALO LIVADI A beautifully long beach with fine sand and shallow waters in a lovely bay, Kalo Livadi is also popular with families. It is a rather quiet organised beach that also offers some interesting tavernas to explore. for cosmopolitans

PANORMOS The beach of Panormos in the very northern part of the island is not as secluded and private as it once was. Nowadays, it’s rather a very hip place to be, where you can find a couple of pop-ups and contemporary eateries. What has not changed, though, is its natural beauty, crystal clear turquoise waters and the long stretch of sand, perfect for all kinds of sport in or outside the water. PSAROU A magnet for the in-crowd on their super-yachts and glamorous boats, Psarou is one of the trendiest, most famous beaches on Mykonos island. Sunbathing, chilling and water sports are the order of the day on the white sandy shores and in the crystal clear waters of this beach. Why don’t you give jet skiing, motor boating, fishing or surfing a try? There is also a range of fine restaurants serving epicurean delights and excellent wine if you feel like indulging. SUPER PARADISE is often described as one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. It is located in a small, deep bay and captivates with its crystalline emerald waters and golden shimmering sand. Entire generations of party lovers with a taste for heavy beats have danced and celebrated here – just be warned, it can be very crowded during peak season. PARAGA owes its fame to the hippie generation of the seventies. Ever since, it has been popular with jet-setters who enjoy the bohemian lifestyle. The southern part of Paraga Beach is somewhat calmer, while the northern side is much more organised, with a bar-restaurant with loyal fans where the beats take over from late afternoon well into the evening. Diving from the rock straight into the sea is an absolute must-have experience!

ELIA BEACH It is one of the longest beaches on Mykonos with golden silky sand and crystal blue waters that have to be seen to be believed.



VIP TRANSPORTATION WHETHER YOU’RE pressed for time, entertaining an important client, or indulging yourself with a little hard-earned luxury, our executive transport service can get you where you need to go quickly, comfortably and in style. SIGHTSEEING Experience a thrill of a lifetime flying by helicopter or airplane over beautiful destinations or natural wonders. Views of the incredible surrounding rivers, lakes and mind-blowing coastal mountains or archaeological sites will leave you with a lasting memory of Greece. If you are looking for the best way to fly with safety and comfort, plan your flight with Helistar. Helistar stands for trust and professionalism. Our discreet, enthusiastic, friendly company culture is focused upon the needs of our clients. Let us give you the ultimate views of a land of sun-kissed coastlines, tranquil whitewashed villages, lively seaside towns and stunning ancient sites.

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ΕXPERIENCE The MYCONIAN Collection Hospitality

Experience the Exceptional









OUR RETURNING GUESTS, of which we welcome more and more to our family every year, might have noticed that at the Myconian Collection, we don’t like to sit still. It is part of our philosophy always to improve, transform and evolve our hotels and resorts because it’s not a fixed place that we’re looking to provide for our thousands of guests (no matter how impressive) but a feeling – a holistic experience. With the addition of brand-new Panoptis Escape this year, the Myconian Collection properties are now ten, and we view every one of them as a living, breathing realm of luxury, beauty and excitement – be it the Relais & Ch�teaux Utopia or the Villa Collection, recently upgraded to Legend status by Preferred. To this end, we dedicate lots of thought. How can we improve our award-winning services and accommodation? What additions would our guests appreciate? Which passionate new people would be the right fit for our properties? However, the answers can’t come from just brainstorming. That’s why we ask, too. We ask our valued staff for their input. We encourage guests to come to us with questions, concerns, feedback – in fact, this approach recently landed the Villa Collection’s GM, Anastasios Naoum, a Traveler’s Choice Award. Our choices are informed by the expectations, demands and needs of everyone involved, because we are a team and because we all shape the places we love together. Mykonos inspires us, and so do our guests and our people. This year, we invite you to try everything that’s new at the Myconian Collection, and open up to the endless possibilities of a fantastic holiday.

Have a great summer!

Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios Daktylides 090






GEORGE WITH HIS WIFE, ELEFTHERIA DAKTYLIDES George Daktylides was a handsome young man in a hurry when he married the beautiful Eleftheria from Delos.

A Family Legacy How a Mykonos local managed to built a hospitality empire comprising ten leading luxury hotels using all his passion, courage and ingenuity – and tapping into the very essence of the island. By Diana Vives - Photography: Christos Drazos




HUMBLE BEGINNINGS George Daktylides was one of the first people to realise this island’s tourism potential, serving the public with a fleet of 25 buses.



“i can still smell the cake our mother baked for the hotel in our kitchen”, Vangelis recalls.



heritage The Myconian Collection’s close ties to the local community are no accident: The Daktylides family have been living on this island for generations. THERE IS SOMETHING about a family business and its unique synthesis of heritage, loyalty and emotion which captures the essence of luxury and accounts for the strength of some of the world’s greatest portfolios. This quality is at the heart of the Myconian Collection’s success. “My brothers and I are as proud of our roots as we are of our growth”, says Vangelis about his parents George and Eleftheria Daktylides, founders of the Collection that today counts ten of the leading luxury hotels on Mykonos, three of which are members of Relais & Ch�teaux. Mykonos during George Daktylides’s youth was very different from that of today. The island ran a barter economy well into the Fifties. “My mother, along with everyone else who lived off the land, will tell you that they traded their cheese, sausages, cured fish and produce with the townsfolk for imports such as sugar, flour, rice, coffee and spaghetti, not to mention the all-important cigarettes, sold individually from a big box”, Panos explains. Besides visitors to a few private villas, the island was a well-guarded secret before the yachts and cruise ships of the Sixties began to drop anchor on their way to view the magnificent ancient ruins of Delos. Onassis and Jackie O were followed by Princess Soraya, Grace Kelly, Brando and Liz Taylor, to mention but a few, and Christian Dior famously crowned the town’s tailor, Josef Salachas “le roi du pantalon” [“the king of trousers”], inspiring Givenchy to collaborate on a couture collection. The secret was out, and close on its heels came the boho chic of the Seventies.

George Daktylides was a handsome young man in a hurry when he married the beautiful young Eleftheria from Delos. On completing his military duty, he had returned home with big dreams. He drove a bus that carried men and materials from town to the barite mines, and soon convinced his brothers to invest with him in a vehicle of their own. Before long, they were operating the only public transport on the island, with a fleet of twenty-five buses on which the four boys cut their commercial milk teeth. “As kids, we sold tickets on our dad’s buses, which was a little boy’s dream”, says Markos. Concurrently, George started trading in cement, bricks and sand that he was hauling to the mines and construction sites, and for ten years mixed concrete and brought in coils of rebar used for structural reinforcement. “I can still remember the ringing sound of both of my grandfathers hammering to uncoil the steel just below our house. Everything was done by hand.” Tourist accommodation on the island had grown modestly with the state-funded construction and informal room and board offers, but demand from visitors drawn to experience the warm hearts, rich culture and exceptional hospitality of the locals continued to grow. It was not uncommon for cash-strapped backpackers in the Eighties to be invited to open up their sleeping bags on private terraces under the stars. So, with his burgeoning contacts in trading and construction, George decided to undertake a development of his own, seeing an opportunity to build the first hotel on Mykonos outside of town. Marios recounts: “He came home one day on a Caterpillar that he’d

BROTHERS IN TIME The four Daktylides brothers, George’s sons, remain as close to Mykonos today (right) as they were as children (left) exploring the winding alleys. ˝There was never a question in our minds whether this was what we wanted to do˝, they say.



CAPITAL APPEAL Mykonos Town, the island’s capital and the location of the first Myconian Collection property.

picked up second-hand, and it remained his favourite set of wheels long after he could have any car he wanted.” The well-worn but solid 920 fourcylinder diesel loader went on to dig the foundations of his first four hotels, starting with the 25-room Kohili in 1979. Set high above town and looking directly onto the seven famous 16th century windmills, the charming little hotel commanded sweeping views of the Aegean by day and the glittering spectacle of the town by night. Kohili was the first private hotel on Mykonos outside Chora, and an instant hit, followed by Korali a year later to double the room count. Their success was built on the back of hard work. Eleftheria made breakfast for all the guests and did the housekeeping and laundry, as well as providing meals for the 40 construction workers who were busy erecting the new hotel. She was also raising four sons, and somehow still found the time to take her boys for a daily swim. “I can still smell the cake she baked for the hotel in our kitchen”, Vangelis recalls. “She gets emotional when we talk about those times... My parents would sacrifice anything to create opportunities for us. Dad worked from morning to night and invested all the profits back into the business. My mother had one good pair of Sunday shoes which she would only wear before walking into church”. The personal touch and attention to detail that to this day defines the Myconian Collection inspired a loyal clientele and a reputation that spread by word of mouth. Six years later, Kyma and Kalypso joined Kohili and Korali to form what became known as K-Hotels. In 1986, in anticipation of growing demand for luxury destinations, George purchased a plot on the south coast, above the bay of Platys Gialos and built the island’s first 5-star hotel, the Myconian Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux. “By then, my parents had realised that we needed an education in international management”, says Vangelis. All four sons attended in turn the premier establishment of its kind, the world-renowned hotel school in Lausanne. “There was never a question in our minds whether this was what we wanted to do”. Once all four brothers were back on the island, they were ready for a new challenge: the conquest of Elia bay. If the seaside beaches around the peninsula are

the golden crown of Mykonos, few are said to gleam as brightly as the broad swathe of fine sand on the south side of the island. So, in securing the most scenic cliffs and gentle slope of fields that joined them with the ocean, the family acquired the perfect setting for the new stars in the Myconian Collection’s luxury constellation: the 5-Star Royal in 2000 and the Imperial in 2002, followed by the Villas, Utopia and Avaton. Throughout this time, the Collection never lost the sense of family and organic growth. Informed by the family’s managerial and operational philosophy, it pervades the relationships between the Daktylides family, the island and the staff – and flows into guests’ experience of warm and personalised service, as well as the privileged relationships that discreetly open doors to the island’s best suppliers and services. The family remains firmly rooted in Mykonos. Their children go to school on the island. And their dedication to give back to the island finds expression in environmental conservation initiatives, local sourcing and consistent support to the Cycladic communities: Waste is recycled, worn linen is donated to old age homes, prisons and monasteries in the Cyclades, seawater is desalinated. Even nowadays, five years after stepping down as CEO, George Daktylides remains a busy man. His way of relaxing is getting involved in the new projects, as well as making sure that all nine grandchildren have a steady supply of “real” food. He does his rounds to every home once a week in a Toyota Hilux, with trays of farm eggs on the passenger seat and home-bred lamb and goat meat in the back, as well as cheese and cake made by Eleftheria. “As you see, I’ve got my retirement sorted out”, says Vangelis. “And it’s a good thing that we are four brothers, because our parents’ shoes are very big to fill”. “Someone once asked me what advice our parents gave us along the way. My answer was short: they led by example. In French, I believe there is a term for it, “l’�ducation silencieuse”. We are each other’s most honest critic, and we are loyal allies. When we balance the pragmatic demands of a competitive business with deeply rooted emotions, we’re not just planning for the financial year, but also for the next generation”.

The Collection never lost the sense of family and organic growth. It pervades the relationship between the Daktylides family, the island and the staff. MYCONIAN COLLECTION




Sheer Perfection

at the Myconian Collection GOING BEYOND mere accommodation, the Myconian Collection is a leading Greek hospitality group that makes your hotel a major highlight of your visit to the island of the winds. Boasting ten very special properties at three of the most privileged locations on Mykonos, the five-star Myconian Collection is not a faceless corporation but a local family whose insider knowledge, strong bonds with the local community, and decades of experience in hospitality bring a human face and personal touch to the art of luxury hospitality. The story of the Myconian Collection starts all the way back in the late ‘70s, when George Daktylides, a visionary born and raised on the island, put to use his knack for entrepreneurship by opening the Kohili hotel. Much has changed in these forty years for the island and the Myconian Collection alike. Mykonos has blossomed into a bucket-list destination for travellers the world round, and George’s four sons took over the reins after their studies – though, ever-active, George still can’t resist occasionally helping out. The resorts have received awards, gained prestigious titles such as Relais & Ch�teaux and Legend status by Preferred Hotels & Resorts, won over myriad guests who return time and again… More than just a group of hotels, the Myconian Collection curates sights, emotions, flavours, moods, ideas and experiences. The very best that Mykonos has to offer has been distilled into the form of ten exceptional properties at three unforgettable locations on one iconic island, managed with an ethos that combines warm, genuine service with a constant push for perfection.

One Destination - Three Locations - Ten Choices



The Iconic

Mykonos Town Photography: Christos Drazos


A PICTURE-PERFECT Cyclades destination, Mykonos Town boasts cascading whitewashed houses, romantic alleys, climbing flowers, world-class dining and drinking, stylish shopping, and more selfie locations than your camera roll can fit. In addition to its picturesque alleys and characteristic blue-white Cyclades architecture, it is home to the renowned Little Venice, the emblematic seaside windmills, an archaeological museum, folklore and maritime museums, and innovative galleries. Explore churches with blue domes; head to the harbour to buy the freshest fish you’ve ever enjoyed; dive into the Greek night at an open-air cinema – this place is full of possibilities. The Myconian Korali Relais & Ch�teaux, Kyma – a member of Design Hotels, and Naia – part of the Preferred Hotels’ LUX Collection, are as vibrant, unique and classy as the town itself, each putting its own spin on the renowned Myconian Collection’s exceptional service and impeccable accommodation options. For travellers who enjoy socialising and discovering the authentic side of a destination as well as lovers of all things history and art, this Cyclades island capital is a wonderland waiting to reveal its charms. 100





A Mykonos Town hospitality staple in striking white with yellow accents, the Myconian Korali doesn’t need to go overboard to deliver perfection – it does so with the quiet confidence of a Relais & Châteaux that’s renowned for its exceptional service.

FROM ITS VANTAGE POINT overlooking Mykonos Town, the Myconian Korali delivers Relais & Ch�teaux indulgence and elegance. True to the group’s sky-high standards of service, the team are eager to cater to every need and develop personal relationships with the guests. Bright, sun-kissed accents of colour add vibrancy to sleek, elegant spaces. Nothing is left to chance – which is more than obvious: quintessential Cyclades vistas of the windmills and Mykonos Town, trend-forward yet timeless interior design, and a certain je ne sais quoi adorn the interiors and decks. But, more than anything, luxury at the Korali is about substance – the experience itself. About knowing that your needs are not just met but exceeded. From Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos’s extraordinary cooking, which can be served straight to your room, to high-class guest services that include shopping, helicopter rentals and butler service, everything works in unison to ensure that your satisfaction is sky-high. Break free from the ordinary in elevated accommodation that brings a splash of colour to your life and plenty of excitement to your Greek holidays.

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AN OASIS OF SHEER PLEASURE Endless seascapes combine with elegant, fresh interiors to provide the perfect backdrop to the getaway of your dreams.



“In the pathway of the sun, In the footsteps of the breeze, Where the world and sky are one” from “Penelope” by Dorothy Parker




Classic chic elegance is delivered in spades by the Kyma’s interior design team, while the attentive staff are always up to the task. This Mykonos Town hotel is your ticket to the wonders of the island of the winds.

PROOF OF THE MYCONIAN COLLECTION’S commitment to continuously strive for the best possible experience for its guests is the Kyma, a member of Design Hotels, located on the very site where the first Myconian Collection hotel opened its doors forty years ago. Owing its name to the Greek word for “wave” – a powerful symbol of the sea and Mykonos’ fame as “the island of the winds”, the Kyma continues to make waves on the scene by offering guests first-row seats to the marvels of Mykonos Town. Just a few steps from the buzz of one of the most happening destinations in the entire Mediterranean yet offering the privacy and tranquillity you deserve, this resort is, simply put, unforgettable – as are its individual parts. Imagined in classic chic and embodied in relaxing white and signature Greek sky blue, the Kyma isn’t just an outstanding accommodation option for one of the most popular islands in the world but a destination in itself – thanks to fantastic dining, entertainment and drinking options, including the authentically Greek Noa restaurant as well as a sun-kissed outdoor lounge and a spa that’s simply to die for.

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DIVING INTO ENDLESS BLUE You’ll appreciate the clear nod to classic Cyclades architecture at the stunning Kyma as you dive into the Greek summer head-first.




Bold and bright, this boutique hotel is the perfect Mykonos Town choice for guests who appreciate style and seek substance. Naia promises to show you just how easy life can be, becoming the backdrop for the getaway you deserve.

A PRIME HOTEL THAT speaks your language, the Myconian Naia oozes character as it sits at its privileged location on the hillside above Mykonos Town – just a stone’s throw from cosmopolitan action but conveniently quiet and private when you want it to be. There are 18 super chic suites on offer, each with a clear point of view, while the hotel caters exclusively to adult guests so you can toast the sunset in peace and serenity. This boutique gem is fresh, inspired and unpretentious, bringing the award-winning Myconian Collection experience to the guests who appreciate youthful style, convenience and attention to detail. A member of the L.V.X. Collection and Preferred Hotels and Resorts, the Myconian Naia has made sure a range of stunning experiences for all the senses are available to indulge in, including immaculate molecular gastronomy at Naros restaurant, endless carefree hours at the unforgettable pool deck, fantastic exercise space and generous pampering at Satory Spa. Feel the privilege of staying at what is perhaps the most stylish option on the entire island, and savour a getaway straight out of a fairy tale.

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AN EXCLUSIVE RETREAT Straight out of a fairy-tale, the Myconian Naia is unapologetically stylish, with a clear point of view you will fall in love with.



“And ever and anon the slow breeze bears The mystic murmur of the songs she sings” from “Sibyl” by John Howard Payne




The Glamorous

Platis Gialos Photography: Christos Drazos


NOT A SECOND OF pure Cyclades summer is wasted at Platis Gialos, one of the longest beaches on the island, covered in golden sand that beckons you to go barefooted. Travellers opting for Platis Gialos accommodation have the best of both worlds, being able to walk down to the beach within minutes of stepping out of their rooms, enjoying comfort and privacy, but also being close enough to the cosmopolitan Mykonos Town to partake in its bustling social life when they feel like it. Not that it’s easy to leave this place; Platis Gialos has everything you could ever wish for, from turquoise waters to fully organised facilities including jet skis and even water taxis to take you to different beaches, for when you’re feeling adventurous. There are dining options aplenty as well as bars and nightlife – and Myconian Collection’s own exquisite Ambassador is simply stunning. Carrying the prestigious seal of Relais & Ch�teaux, the resort offers an uncompromisingly flawless Mykonos experience, built exclusively for the most exacting of guests and fully customised to your needs, just like you deserve. 114





Escaping ordinary life takes no effort at a signature Relais & Châteaux resort with international appeal, created to tend to the most discerning guests’ every desire. The perfect escape is possible thanks to customised service and amenities at superb accommodation.

OVERLOOKING THE TURQUOISE waters of Platis Gialos beach, the Ambassador is in a league of its own, an elegant hotel that delivers sophistication aplenty for travellers who won’t settle for anything but perfection. Packing everything you could dream of in a Greek resort, this Myconian Collection property allows you to personalise your stay to your heart’s content. From private helicopter tours of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Delos to private masterclasses with Giorgos Mouskeftaras, the hotel’s celebrated Executive Chef, the experiences to be had at the Ambassador are bountiful. Horse riding, water sports, private pilates and yoga and even a professional photo tour of the island are available. Guests are spoilt for choice at the Thalasso spa, where rejuvenating traditions from across the world treat your body and mind. The bounty of the Aegean and organic produce from our very own gardens are prepared to gourmet perfection at Efisia restaurant, while George’s Bar is a must-visit. Enjoy a luxury environment like no other in glorious white and blue and dare to give in to every temptation – you deserve it.

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INDULGING GUESTS’ EVERY DESIRE From mixology to turnaround service, interior design and beyond, every detail will make you feel like a VIP.



“Singing in fervor of sun and in song vanish. There is no answer other to this mystery.” from “Psyche with the Candle” by Archibald MacLeish MYCONIAN COLLECTION


The Breathtaking

Elia Beach Photography: Christos Drazos



Travellers of every persuasion have been known to let out a sigh when they arrive at Elia: Their search for the beach of their dreams – one that combines natural beauty with lavish amenities and excitement – is finally over. Your search for the quintessential Mediterranean beach experience is also about to come to an end. This gorgeous bay ticks every box: crystal-clear waters, golden sand, convenient amenities and an endless seascape stretching out to meet the blue of the sky. Serenity and privacy are guaranteed as you sit back in your lounger, close your eyes and let the gentle breeze caress your skin. Staying at one of the Myconian Collection resorts at Elia Beach means securing a front-row seat to the beauty of Mykonos’s nature and enjoying your stay on your own terms. Choose from Avaton – a member of Design Hotels, Imperial – a member of Leading Hotels, Royal – a member of Leading Hotels, Utopia Relais & Ch�teaux, Villa Collection – a Preferred Platinum Partner, or the boho-chic Panoptis Escape. Each is unique, with a range of diverse experiences ready to make your day, your week, your summer. 120






Wowing Elia Beach visitors with its striking combination of natural materials, traditional architecture and generous luxury, the Myconian Avaton is oozing with character, and it’s destined to win a place in your heart for life.



A LUMINOUS CONSTELLATION of stars at the bottom of the infinity pool; the salty breeze of the Aegean; the sky painted orange as the sun sets over the sea; the gorgeous texture of reclaimed wood – details like these may be small but their memories can last a lifetime. It’s moments like these that the Avaton aspires to offer its guests. In Ancient Greece, “avaton” would be a special place that only the initiated could enjoy. In present-day Greece, the Myconian Avaton is still very special but it extends a warm welcome to everyone. Formed in equal parts by nature and man, the five-star gem is sculpted high on the rock of Elia Beach. Bright white walls soothe the eye while charming accents in natural materials and earthy colours set the mood for a stay that brings you closer to bliss by the second. Boost your beauty and feed your soul at the spa. Explore gourmet delights at the dramatic Panorama restaurant. Spend carefree hours on the pool deck and the marvelous beach. Express your wishes to the attentive staff, who will go above and beyond to grant them.



A SANCTUARY FOR THE SOUL Natural materials and playful accents come together to form the chic Avaton, whose endless vistas will soothe your soul.



“and on the peak of the soft hill, against the gold-marged sky, she stands” from “Sibyl” by John Howard Payne




Elegant, comfortable and feeling like the best version of home you can imagine, the Myconian Imperial at Elia Beach has a strong point of view. There’s much to be discovered at this member of Leading Hotels of the World. TO EXPLORE THE LIMITS of serenity; to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones; to experience the fondest feeling of home – the home of your dreams... Its name might deservedly convey glory and class, yet this property maintains an accessible charm, a warmth that luxury accommodation sometimes lacks. Perhaps it’s the way it embraces nature, or the openness of the fantastic interiors, which bring the beautiful outside of Mykonos in, letting you partake in the changing of the light and opening up your heart. Bright, luxurious yet free from pretentiousness, this hotel shows you how easy life can be. Three types of superb rooms and two executive suites set the mood – but you don’t just live in your room. You live in the pool, taking a seat in the swim-up bar ready to sip a gorgeous cocktail, without a care in the world. You live on one of the island’s best beaches, with the surf massaging your feet. You enjoy a choice of five bars and restaurants, including gourmet wonderland Celebrities Fine Dining and summer favourite Sishu. You live at the Myconian Imperial.

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A DREAM IN MAJESTIC WHITE Entering the world of the Imperial, you might want to pinch yourself. Its perfection feels effortless - all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.








Befitting the exacting standards of real royalty, the Royal enjoys privileged views over one of the most sought-after beaches on Mykonos, and delivers sophisticated style and exceptional service all around, because every guest is a VIP.

FIND YOUR KINGDOM at the intersection of Cycladic charm and contemporary aesthetics. From the intriguing artwork on display to perfectly prepared food and drinks, and rooms and suites you’ll want to stay in forever, every last detail at the Royal Myconian – a member of Leading Hotels – has been planned to deliver excellence, comfort and, simply put, pleasure. Of course, this extends to the warm family welcome you will receive from the staff. Your perfect Aegean getaway at the Royal is enriched with an array of experiences to stimulate the senses. Created by a set designer, the interiors are inventive and exciting. Taste is well taken care of at Camares pool restaurant, a culinary gem serving up creative Greek cuisine. The on-site spa is a beautifully designed space complete with a perfectly circular indoor pool, delivering massages, signature face and body treatments, tanning and more, ensuring every one of your needs is covered. You’ll find the Royal also boasts interesting shops, a fully equipped gym and much more – everything you could ever want for yourself and your group to relax, enjoy and feel inspired.



REACHING TO THE SUN Revelling in luxury under the Greek sky at the Royal, life is carefree and joyous, while the beautiful interiors feel like extensions of the striking landscape.



“This is the glamour of the world antique” from “Sibyl” by John Howard Payne




The gate to heaven on earth is perched on the edge of the rock overlooking Elia Beach, beckoning you in. Nature and man come together to deliver perfect hospitality in a stunning property that needs to be seen to be believed.

THIS OPULENT PROPERTY doesn’t take its name lightly. From the gardeners to the manager, every single member of the Utopia Relais & Ch�teaux team works not just to make this resort flawless but to inspire you to dream. Dare to dream about a perfect day allowing your body to be embraced by the Greek sun; see yourself swimming in the illuminated pool in the moonlight; hear the pleasant gurgle of the water in your private Jacuzzi, which overlooks miles and miles of calm seas. Imagine waking up, knowing this will be that day. Still in your bed, you’ll catch yourself smiling at the sea that’s glistening in the sunlight. Natural materials and Cycladic white will make this room feel like home for the very first moment. This day is yours alone. Mouth-watering breakfast options, opulent pool and entertainment decks, iconic nearby destinations, a fully equipped gym, the welcoming Elia Beach, the Sanctuary spa with an array of pleasures that are as good for your body as they are for the soul… There’s so much to explore here with your loved ones that the Utopia truly feels like you’re in heaven.

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“the song of some distant bird, the chords of water against the shore” From «The Sirens» by Linda Pastan

YOUR PRIVATE PARADISE Bespoke service and striking private and common spaces come together to form an experience like no other at the Myconian Utopia.





Villa Collection

Delivering endless seascapes and exceptional style, exclusive villas, suites and rooms offer complete privacy, myriad amenities and opportunities to make memories aplenty. And, when it’s time to step out of your room, experiences and entertainment await around every corner.

ACROSS THE BOARD, the feel of the Villa Collection, which has Legend status with Preferred Hotels, is one of a carefully designed and meticulously executed slice of summer bliss. The team has the sole purpose of offering all guests personalisation, pampering and service perfection, marrying the tradition of Greek hospitality with the highest industry standards. Inside this promised land, you’ll be treated to uninterrupted, panoramic views of the Aegean from your exclusive villa, suite or room, which come with infinity pools and outdoor Jacuzzis. At your beck and call, 24-hour service staff will tend to your every need. The saltwater infinity pool is one of the most magnificent on Mykonos, and there’s a private sunbed next to it with your name on it. Perhaps you’d prefer to dive in the sea or stay active on the waves? Parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, scuba-diving and more await to exhilarate, delivered by certified instructors. There are amenities aplenty with on-site boutiques, fully equipped gym and a spa to die for. Don’t hesitate to share your experience either – our eagerness to listen and our responsiveness recently earned our General Manager a Traveller Made Award.

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TAKING LUXURY A STEP BEYOND Escape into the sunset, embrace the sun and enjoy life at the Villa Collection, where opulence meets bespoke service and warm Greek hospitality.



“The sea was sapphire coloured, and the sky Burned like a heated opal through the air” From “Greece” by Oscar Wilde




SISHU SUSHI BAR myconian imperial

PA N 0 R A M A m y c o n i a n avat o n

CAMARES r oya l m y c o n i a n

CABBANES myconian villa collection


R E L A I S & C H Â T E AU X myconian utopia


R E L A I S & C H Â T E AU X myconian ambassador


R E L A I S & C H Â T E AU X m y co n i a n ko r a l i

NAROS myconian naia

N OA G R E E K R E S TAU R A N T myconian kyma









For Foodie Travellers Photography: Christos Drazos, Stathis Bouzoukas

Discover limitless dining in our


unique restaurants MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|fine dining

Serving Mykonos the Best FOR EVERY MEMBER of the teams powering the Myconian Collection restaurants, culinary creation is a passion – and the proof is quite literally in the pudding. Looking after an extraordinary range of ten high dining restaurants in ten properties, Myconian Collection Executive Food & Beverage Operations Manager Apostolis Geladaris speaks enthusiastically about the offering. Evident in his eyes and tone of voice is a quiet confidence as well as a warmth that mirrors the Myconian Collection ethos. He welcomed our questions. “Our guests are at the heart of our work”, he stresses. “We want our guests to have the best possible experience – to exceed their expectations with the food,

Executive Food & Beverage Operations Manager Apostolis Geladaris speaks with passion and confidence about the Myconian Collection’s culinary offering and outstanding service. 144


the atmosphere and, importantly, the service”. Asked about of serving visitors from across the world, he responds, “That’s an typical day in Mykonos. I always make an effort to talk to our diners. The Myconian Collection values feedback and a personal connection immensely. I’ve met guests from New Zealand to Korea, Brazil, Russia… And of course Europe and the USA. Despite their different backgrounds, there are certain elements every guest appreciates: personal service, a genuine interest in their experience and a warm smile”. Eager to welcome new and returning faces to the Myconian dining experiences, he talks about the vast range of choices. “Every Myconian Collection restaurant has its own stand-out character that you see in the food, the d�cor, the vibe...” The staff have a huge part in this. “We value our people immensely. They feel a part of our family from the very first day. They know they will be supported and we encourage their input. The happiness of the team shows in the food, too”. As for his message to Myconian Collection guests, it is characteristic of the hospitality offered across its properties: “We are genuinely happy to be serving you at our ten restaurants. Never hesitate to come to us with your thoughts, needs and desires!”

A PIONEERING DESIGN CONCEPT Jean-Pierre Heim, the designer. Middle: Details from the interiors. Bottom: The Lion Gallery, placed next to the 3D model to symbolically guard ancient Delos.

The Myconian Collection’s restaurants capture the essence of Relais & Châteaux luxury, harmoniously combining understated elegance, contemporary design, fine cuisine and superb service. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|fine dining

A World of Culinary Wonders EXPLORING THE FULL range of superb restaurants at the Myconian Collection properties is akin to entering a gourmet realm where flavour and creativity reign supreme. Ten sophisticated restaurants serve sheer quality across ten Mykonos hotels and resorts. Diverse and distinct in their gastronomy, ambience and philosophy, they nevertheless share the Myconian Collection ethos of personal service, attention to detail, creativity and uniqueness. Myconian Collection guests are free to pick and choose to dine at any of our finest restaurants. The classy options include three Relais & Ch�teaux venues, renowned the world over for their elevated standards, as well as additional eateries that aim ever-higher in terms of gastronomy, service and setting. In each kitchen, exceptionally talented chefs bring technique, precision and creativity in spades. Using only the finest seasonal ingredients available, they concoct dishes that excite the senses and open new horizons in flavour. Subscribing to the farm-to-table approach, we grow our produce on-site, while beef is hand-reared by Myconian Collection patriarch George Daktylides. As a local family and thanks to our long tradition in hospitality, we have built time-honoured ties with local fishermen, who provide us with their catch of the day. Even the salt used is the finest fleur de sel harvested around the island of Delos. The result is extraordinary ingredients – the building blocks of fantastic food. Several cuisines and myriad influences are showcased at the Myconian Collection tables. From creative Greek cuisine and French high dining classics to bright, impossibly fresh sushi and fusion selections, the chefs have tried and tested their most inspired work to date, ready to impress. Award-winning Baos steals the show at Korali Relais & Ch�teaux. Naros can be found at Naia and Noa Greek Restaurant at Kyma, each offering splendid vistas over Mykonos Town. At the striking Platis Gialos is Efisia at the Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux. And above the well-loved beach of Elia are Panorama at the glamorous Avaton; the Pavilion at Utopia Relais & Ch�teaux; Cabbanes at the Villa Collection; Camares at the Royal Myconian; Celebrities at the Myconian Imperial, the Sushi Bar at the Myconian Korali and Sishu Sushi Bar at the Imperial. Welcome to a world of excellence in flavour, at the intersection of inspiration, finesse and creativity. 146


Talent, passion and creativity drive the experience at the Myconian Collection restaurants, where expectations are exceeded on a daily basis. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|fine dining

Celebrities Seafood Myconian Imperial


Discover a wonderful range of bright, fresh and utterly creative dishes that leave a lasting impression. 148


A high dining take on a syrupy sweet Greek favourite, the galaktoboureko at Celebrities is unexpected, inventive and utterly delicious.

Top: Efisia restaurant is widely considered one of the hottest dining spots on Mykonos. Right: George Mouskeftaras, the executive chef. Far right: Baba au rhum with vanilla cream.



experience|fine dining Tapping into Mediterranean and Greek cuisine traditions, the menu takes the senses on a colourful, fragrant and flavoursome journey into creative gourmet cuisine. GRABBING A FRONT-ROW seat to endless Aegean seascapes and browsing the menu of Celebrities seafood restaurant at the Myconian Imperial is the opening chapter to a gastronomic experience you’ll savour and reminisce for months to come. Seafood takes centre stage at this Elia Beach culinary powerhouse, although there are also meat options available for those who prefer them. Executive Chef Tasos Almpanis extends his invite to diners who are excited to dive into the freshest fish and seafood the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean have to offer, as his team cooks with organic, local and seasonal ingredients alone. Lose yourself in the sights, aromas and flavours of the Greek summer delivered on a plate by a fantastic front of the house team, who will tend to your every need and even provide expert advice on wine pairings and ingredients.

Enjoy an endless parade of the best seasonal ingredients available, including sea bass, wild mushrooms, prawns and lobster caught by local fishermen who work exclusively with the Myconian Collection. The produce comes from our vegetable patch, while even the salt is fleur de sel gathered off the coast of legendary Delos island, a site of pilgrimage for ancient worshippers of the Olympian gods – who, we suspect, might be more than a little jealous for the godly feast you’re partaking in at Celebrities. Textures, aromas and flavours come together in balance to provide you with a masterful meal with the most precious treasures of the sea in the starring role. Enjoy seafood like a god in comfort and luxury; dare to sample something new, and treat your taste buds at Celebrities Fine Dining – every guest is a VIP here.

From top left, clockwise: Balik smoked salmon with tarragon mayo, quinoa and asparagus. The Celebrities team. Garden Salad. Magic moments at Celebrities Seafood.



Sishu Sushi Bar Myconian Imperial


Local fishermen’s catch of the day goes Japanese in classic and fusion sushi bites that touch perfection. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|fine dining Left: Twilight reflects on the calm waters of Elia Beach as you prepare to dig into gorgeous sushi. Right: Monster roll (spicy king crab and sweet shrimp topped with shrimp and yuzu sauce). Tuna tataki (sliced tuna with asparagus and ponzu dressing).

GIVE IT A GO and you’ll be surprised by how well sushi befits the Greek summer. Taking an al fresco seat at the inviting poolside tables of Sishu Sushi Bar and getting ready to pick from favourites and new surprises from a menu of expertly prepared, impossibly fresh sushi while taking in stunning vistas of the Aegean Sea, you will congratulate yourself for your choice. Despite living almost six thousand miles apart, the people of Greece and Japan have much in common. Both seafaring and sea-loving nations, they boast island archipelagos which they have been turning to for millennia for nourishment, recreation and inspiration every single day. Put simply, both Greeks and Japanese share a deep appreciation and respect for the water element – and indeed a love of seafood, which features prominently in both cuisines and is part of the popularity the epicurean traditions of

both countries enjoy across the globe. At Sishu, the two cultures come together to bring diners sushi from the expert hands of chef Meiwang Ke Steven and his team. The Japanese tradition brings precise knife skills, which assure a perfect texture and flavour balance, while the Greek sea generously contributes the freshest, most stunning seafood and fish, freshly caught in the waters around Mykonos by local fishermen who have been supplying Myconian Collection restaurants with their catch of the day for decades. In addition to classic maki, nori, sashimi and more, there are also Greco-Japanese fusion surprises to try, giving you a glimpse of the very best of both worlds. Stunning sushi with a twist is made fresh in the culinary heaven at the Myconian Imperial’s Sishu, providing flavoursome, light and very summery meals.

Using impressive knife skills, chef Meiwang Ke Steven and his team slice fresh fish, prepare perfect rice and pick the most authentic ingredients to put together amazing sushi selections. 152


A trip to the sacred island of Delos from A to Z reminds us how ancient travellers arrived here not for Mykonos, as we do now, but solely for the energy that Delos exuded.



experience|fine dining

Panorama Myconian Avaton

3 Haute cuisine takes centre stage at a discerning restaurant where only the finest of ingredients make the cut. 154


From top left, clockwise: Chocolate praline with sesame, tonka bean ice-cream and caramelised filo dough. Panorama Executive Chef, Michalis Kalavrynos. Free-range rooster from Crete, mushroom puree, pickled mushrooms and truffle foam. Night falls over the stunning Panorama deck.



experience|fine dining Dining al fresco under the stars, you’ll want to raise a glass and toast the land that gave us these ingredients – and the kitchen team who cooked and combined them with such gusto.

A MASTERCLASS IN delivering fine dining that’s free from exaggeration and pomp, Panorama is a Mykonos restaurant that guests and locals alike have come to adore. Located inside the Myconian Avaton on Elia Beach, this eatery is a magnificent, large-scale venue that aspires to match – and exceed – the level of excellence you expect from a five-star establishment. The comfortable, stylish chairs and tables – including luxurious, oversized red armchairs fit for royalty – are accentuated by impressive light fixtures and art set against a rustic backdrop of stone. Yet, it is Elia Beach itself that steals the show, with the colour palette of the entire rainbow lending itself to the waters as the sun goes down. Be it daytime, sunset, twilight or starlit night, this restaurant is filled with the buzz of smiling diners clinking their glasses and toasting to moments of pure bliss. The appetising aromas of expertly

prepared, inspired dishes finding their way to the tables heighten your anticipation. You look at the menu, and the culinary genius of master chef Michalis Kalavrynos starts to reveal itself. Once you’ve been served and the explosion of flavours hits your taste buds, everything is much clearer. Only the finest, freshest of ingredients are granted entry to Panorama’s kitchen, with the experienced team of chefs benefitting from the Myconian Collection’s time-honoured relationships with local producers and fishermen. Some are even grown by the Myconian team themselves in our back gardens – including traditional Mediterranean herbs and beef reared by Myconian Collection patriarch George Daktylides. Then, it’s the turn of chef Michalis’s team to prepare, cook and arrange them on your plate using standards of culinary sophistication that are unmatched on Mykonos.

A well-coordinated team full of talent forged by the fires of the grill and oven, the kitchen staff at Panorama pose against the rustic stone wall.



Cabbanes Myconian Villa Collection

4 Sophistication is key at a stylish eatery that delivers impressive flavours, textures and aromas. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|fine dining INSIDE THE GORGEOUS Myconian Villa Collection, Cabbanes is making waves on the epicurean scene of the Cyclades. Natural light and beautiful views frame the dining experience. Sophistication is at the heart of the Cabbanes philosophy, with the food and setting alike giving off a classy chic vibe. This Myconian Collection restaurant elevates the world-renowned cuisine of Greece to the next level, using coveted Mediterranean ingredients of the highest order to inform dishes that hit just the right balance between authenticity and creativity. With the experience of star chef Thodoris Kyriakidis leading the kitchen team, Cabbanes effectively delivers epicurean wonders on a plate, expertly paired with excellent wines or even spirits and cocktails. Speaking of his passion for culinary creation, Thodoris explains that he aims to make sure that every mouthful allows the diner to recognise and

enjoy the distinct flavours of every ingredient, away from overly complicated fare that lacks in substance. Catering to vegetarians as well as meat-eaters, he recommends the medley of island-grown beets, parsnip, wild radish and carrots seasoned with celery salt, which showcases his epicurean point of view via a variety of textures and bright flavours. His lamb fricassee and his poached cod dishes are the stuff of dreams, with enthusiastic diners often overheard describing them with excitement on the sunkissed Elia Beach. Thanks to the Myconian Collection’s tight-knit relationship with the local community, Thodoris is able to source stellar local ingredients such as handpicked salt from Delos and the freshest catch of the day, using each like a talented music composer with an ear for harmony. The resulting dishes need to be sampled to be believed.

Sweeping views of the light blue Aegean Sea in the open-hearted, chic setting of Cabbanes.

At the intersection of inspiration and expertise, acclaimed chef Thodoris Kyriakidis prepares brilliant dishes you’ll remember for years. 158


From top, clockwise: Reflected on the inviting waters of the pool, the vibe at Cabbanes is elegant. Heirloom cherry tomatoes with black olives, creamy feta cheese and lemon balm. The chefs hard at work. Poached sea bass with lemon leaves, tomato consommĂŠ with verbena, green olives and parsley oil. Poolside drinks and fresh local grapes. Slow cooked beef with black garlic and vinegar, seared kale, roasted celeriac and parsley cream.



experience|fine dining

Camares Pool Restaurant Royal Myconian


Indulge in ingeniously creative Greek cuisine at a poolside restaurant like no other. 160


Left: George Oikonomou’s extensive experience in creative Greek gastronomy means he can translate his vision into mouth-watering dishes. This page, from top: Beef fillet with prosciutto and vegetables. “Broken” lemon pie.



experience|fine dining

AT THE ROYAL Myconian,there’s a seat reserved for you to feel like royalty at a promising brand-new addition to the vast array of gastronomy options at the Myconian Collection – Camares pool restaurant at the Royal Myconian. Acclaimed Executive Chef George Oikonomou has developed an updated, trend-forward taverna concept, approaching this unique legacy with respect, intelligence and enthusiasm as he prepares a range of dishes fit for Olympian royalty by bringing together local culinary tradition and the sophistication you have come to expect from Myconian Collection ventures. An imposing wooden door is your gateway to a dining hall characterised by sleek lines, sophistication and magnificent views of the bluest blue of the Aegean. You’ll have a hard time splitting your attention between the privileged vistas and the masterfully prepared and beautifully presented dishes – but anyone who’s already sampled this restaurant’s delicacies will confirm that the latter will eventually win. Taking your pick from a creatively Greek menu where the focus is on organic, pure, bright ingredients, you’ll embark on a journey of the senses that will explain just why these delights are fast making this restaurant a favourite with Mykonos foodie crowds. Greek cuisine may be evolving, but the standards of freshness, seasonality and precision still reign supreme – as does flavour, the uncontested star of the show at Camares pool restaurant. Top: The talented kitchen team at Camares – Lefteris Ladas, Tryfonas Giannopoulos, Nikos Michailidis, George Oikonomou, Nikos Loupis, Antonis Tziakis, Ilias Georgakopoulos. Left, from top: Cabbage roll with black truffle flakes and avgolemono foam. Baklava rolls – an update on a classic Greek dessert.





experience|fine dining

Pavilion Myconian Utopia Relais & Châteaux


Utopia’s relaxed, elegant luxury is captured in an exceptional menu at a Relais & Châteaux restaurant. 164


Natural materials have been chosen for the dĂŠcor at Pavilion, accentuating the beauty of Mykonos and the Aegean.



experience|fine dining One of the tempting desserts: Bitter chocolate mousse with hazelnut dacquoise, bourbon jelly and vanilla ice-cream with salted caramel.

UNQUESTIONABLY delivering even more than what you would expect from a Relais & Ch�teaux establishment, Pavilion is a restaurant that doesn’t need bells and whistles. Its calm, relaxed confidence matches that of the Myconian Utopia resort and its refreshing take on relaxed, elegant luxury. The epicurean delights that await at this gorgeous restaurant are pure in flavour yet creative, rivalled only by the breathtaking seafront vistas it boasts. Elegant light fixtures, fresh flowers and natural materials set the mood for the lush breakfast, delicious lunch or flavourful dinner to come, delivered by the inspired hands of chef Nikos Moroglou. Nikos’s vision for the menu is inspired by a deep respect for nature and its bounty as well as his creative flair for combining ingredients of different textures and flavour notes to bring out the best in each. He’s not one for following trends, choosing to focus on the essence of epicureanism

instead – enjoyment in a setting that feels as comfortable for a quick meal as for a prolonged celebration with fine wine expertly complementing the culinary delights. Lamb chops are cooked at just the right temperature, paired with smoked aubergine and placed next to a baby potato, spring onion, cherry tomato, cucumber and mint salad, with a fantastic demi-glace bringing everything together. If you manage to leave some room for dessert, you’ll be glad you did. Light fruity delights as well as more indulgent options are available – for instance, the homemade green apple sorbet, sesame crumble and plum salad, a melody of fruit and nuts to savour. A favourite of honeymooners thanks to its romantic setting and immaculate food, the Utopia’s signature restaurant is inviting and comfortable. Creatively Greek yet pure and authentic, its cuisine is light, balanced and bright.

Gourmet pleasures abound, with a menu that will tempt you to try as many of the superb dishes as possible, pairing each with a fine wine from our extensive list. 166


A main for fans of umami flavours: Black Angus beef fillet with beetroot and horseradish cream, seasonal vegetables and triple-cooked potatoes.



experience|fine dining

Baos Myconian Korali Relais & Châteaux


Unique, popular, seasonal, gourmet, award-winning… Baos is simply a must-try culinary wonder. 168


Left: Acclaimed Executive chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos cooks up a storm at Baos. This page: Works of epicurean art. Above: Octopus with fava split bean puree, caramelised onion, fennel foam, anhydrous tomato paste, caper berries. Below: Cod with sweet garlic mayonnaise, mandarin segments, beetroot and broccoli.



experience|fine dining

SITTING AT THE STYLISH BAOS and taking in the sunset views over the Aegean is an experience you won’t ever want to end, and the only thing that could interrupt it is the arrival of an impossibly fragrant meal, fresh from the kitchen. For Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos, Baos is a playground to let loose and reach new heights in haute cuisine, testing and perfecting each dish before placing them on a menu catering to demanding guests. Local ingredients are central to his vision, with dishes on offer changing based on the time of year and ingredient availability – simply put, nothing but the very best, seasonal fare will enter this kitchen. Established in France more than half a century ago, the Relais & Ch�teaux status is reserved exclusively for those few restaurants around the globe that deliver outstanding food and service with unique character, and Baos positively has both. In fact, the Myconian Korali’s flagship restaurant recently received a Greek Cuisine Restaurant Award for its cuisine, with the selection panel speaking highly of the creativity of the menu, the contemporary outlook of the food and skilled sommelier and interesting wine list. Baos fine dining is open for both lunch and dinner, with menus featuring such tantalising selections as the kritharoto – a Greek take on risotto with orzo pasta in shrimp, tomato and mint stock, or the rustic club sandwich with Naxos gruyere, smoked pork, bacon, lettuce and tomato – a comfort classic reimagined as a gourmet composition. There’s also the sous-vide chicken fillet with avocado salad and sioufichta Greek pasta with aubergine and pesto – not to mention the delectable desserts.

Top: Amuse bouche. Bottom: In addition to exquisite food, Baos also provides first-row seats to beautiful sunsets.



Sushi Bar Myconian Korali Relais & Châteaux

THE RELAIS & CHATEAUX gem that is the Myconian Korali also offers an extensive sushi menu, which can be enjoyed al fresco or sitting in the lap of luxury indoors – and even in your suite, if you prefer. Asian classics and new interpretations abound, including maki, inside out rolls, nigiri and sashimi. For those who appreciate variety, there are also combination platters. Because the Myconian Collection is a locally-owned, family-run enterprise with forty years of presence on the island, we have managed to form and maintain time-honoured relationships with local fishermen who go out every night on their traditional kayik boats to catch and deliver impossibly fresh, superb fish and seafood. Vivid orange salmon, fresh tuna, shrimp and yellowtail as well as king crab are all incredibly nutritious in addition

to being succulent – and they shine on the plate here, served in their purest, freshest form. In the hands of the talented Sushi Bar team at Korali, the bounty of the sea is combined with Japanese staple ingredients including rice vinegar, wasabi and ginger to create the perfectly rolled or immaculately arranged bites we call sushi that is celebrated across the world. For a western spin on Japan’s time-honoured culinary tradition, opt for one of the inside out rolls – featuring avocado, tobiko or even thousand island sauce, they provide a modern update on sushi. Admittedly, excellent sushi prepared to perfection is hard to come by, so a meal at the Korali’s sushi bar is absolutely recommended – after all, it’s a refreshing, light meal perfect for the summer heat. Your express flight from Mykonos to Tokyo awaits.

Both serving veritable jewels on a plate, Sushi Bar and Baos share a dedication to perfection that goes beyond flavour to encompass visually remarkable food that’s so very “Instagrammable”. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|fine dining

Noa Greek Restaurant Myconian Kyma


Regional delicacies, Greek tradition, modern techniques and a passion for food – this is what Noa’s all about. 172


Left page: Panagiotis Tsoukatos selects the most vibrant produce. This page, clockwise from top left: Dakos. “Domatokeftedes” tomato fritters. Moussaka. “Keftedakia” traditional meatballs.



experience|fine dining Chic, comfortable and inviting, Noa’s dining hall draws you in and tempts you to stay for hours.

THE CULINARY PLAYGROUND of Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos, Noa restaurant at the Myconian Kyma is a veritable smorgasbord of the flavours and ingredients that made Greek cuisine world-famous. “I want you to taste everything that went into the dish”, explains Panagiotis, highlighting how excellent food does not need to be overly complicated. Instead, his goal is to make it as succulent as possible – and he delivers in spades. Free from pretentiousness, with a clear focus on ingredients, the food at Noa is dreamy. Let the bright, healthy flavour profile of a refreshing starter like the grilled shrimps with avocado and cherry tomatoes cool you down. Taste quintessentially Greek talagani cheese by opting for the grilled mushrooms with talagani and caramelised onions… Meat lovers should expect to be wowed by a premium

selection of freshly procured steak and dry aged steak to choose from, cooked just as you like it and served with your choice of sauce, from saffron to a Roquefort or even a perfect classic béarnaise. If your afternoon swim in the crystal waters of the gorgeously striped Kyma swimming pool has left you starving, there are plenty of side dishes to add to your main, too – may we recommend the truffle potato mash and the grilled vegetables? Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious meal, consider one of the desserts and pair it with a fine dessert wine from Greece or abroad. Options range from healthy fresh fruit platters to soft cheesecakes with lemon, pineapple, honey and thyme flavours and utterly indulgent red velvet liquid cake with gianduja chocolate ice cream. Noa is open for lunch and dinner until half 11.

A love for Greek food and a desire to give it new life drives Panagiotis Tsoukatos, who reimagines traditional cuisine staples, elevating them to high gastronomy. 174


Top: Giouvetsi is just one of the regional, traditional Greek recipes reimagined at Noa that deserve your attention. Bottom: A stunning legume and smoked eel salad.



experience|fine dining

Naros Myconian Naia


Spectacular Italian food is served at a romantic setting you will have a hard time parting with. 176


Left: Combining extraordinary views with a romantic vibe, Naros boasts a fantastic setting. Below: Marinated anchovy with tarama.

MYKONOS IS NOT as far from Italy as you might think, with the Myconian Naia’s Naros restaurant delivering delectable Italian food you’ll be drooling over. A beautifully open-hearted dining hall with fantastic sea vistas is your ticket to indulgence from the talented hands of Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos and his team. Matching the ethos of exclusivity of Naia resort, this restaurant is perfect for couples looking for a romantic night out to make new memories and celebrate their love. The menu is oozing with inspiration and delectable combinations, featuring appetisers such as the catch of the day prepared in a tartare to highlight its brightness, mains such as the irresistible crayfish, saffron, lime and sea urchin risotto, or the lamb loin with Cyclades white aubergine cream, baby carrots, lamb jus, oxymel and olive

gremolata. Fine Italian and Greek wines are available to pair with your dish so you can toast the best summer of your life on the island of the winds, Mykonos. The beautiful conclusion to a fantastic meal comes courtesy of one of the veritably delectable desserts – may we recommend the passion fruit cr�me brulee with chocolate ice cream? Not every good thing has to come to an end, though, as you are welcome to sit back and relax with a bottle of wine after your meal, enjoying exquisite flavour combinations in a glass courtesy of award-winning winemakers from all over Greece as well as across the globe. An epicurean bridge of class across the Mediterranean, Naros is a quintessentially Italian eatery that brings iconic Italian fare straight to Mykonos Town, with every dish prepared with gusto from authentic recipes.

Inspired by the nature, produce and customs of the Mediterranean, Naia places focus on Italy, serving delicacies that deliver sophistication and ingenuity.



experience|fine dining

Efisia Myconian Ambassador Relais & Châteaux


Building on the acclaimed Relais & Châteaux tradition, Efisia’s food is an ode to nature and its treasures. 178


Left: Newly appointed Executive Chef Ilias Maslaris. This page:Vibrant artwork on a plate. From top left, clockwise: Orange curd with chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, honey and orange sorbet. Pan-fried scallops with carrot, ginger, lime and orange blossom honey. Mykonos lamb with herb crust and summer vegetables. Aegean fish carpaccio with roe and citrus dressing.



experience|fine dining IN THE SLEEK dining hall of Efisia Relais & Ch�teaux, nature takes centre stage, from the décor to the mouthwatering dishes. World-class food exceeds expectations and dazzles diners thanks to exquisite, organic ingredients, the day’s catch from nearby waters and expert cooking techniques. It’s a simple combination that’s difficult to execute, but the kitchen team with Executive Chef Ilias Maslaris at the helm deliver every time. The farm-totable concept is elevated to high gastronomy not just by preparing perfectly instagrammable dishes but by ensuring they pack flavour in spades. Consider, for instance, how the lamb and pork has been reared by Myconian Collection founder himself, George Daktylides. The octopus is caught by an old fisherman friend of the Daktylides family, who knows the best hideouts of this Aegean delicacy. The salt used has been harvested

by hand on the island of Delos. Oregano, thyme and parsley, the quintessential aromas of the Greek summer, come from our own back yard. Such ingredients deserve superior treatment, and nowhere else are they handled with such precision. The menu is packed with tantalising selections of meat and fish, with appetisers, salads and soup providing perfect accompaniments. You’ll have a hard time picking from dishes such as the homemade ravioli with zucchini and lobster, the Greek Aegean cod & squid, or the Myconian herb-crusted lamb with summer vegetables. Ask the staff to recommend a wine pairing from our hand-picked wine menu, sit back and enjoy a journey of aromas and flavours. There is ample choice for those who avoid gluten and for vegetarians too, while we recommend one of our two tasting menus if you’re in the mood for celebrating.

Luxurious elegance at Efisia Relais and Châteaux, a restaurant that’s making waves with its gourmet farm-to-table concept.

A visit to Efisia is a journey into the possibilities of haute cuisine, with every dish looking stunning and delivering layers upon layers of fantastic flavour. 180


editor’s best choice

AUDEMARS PIGUET FROM THE WORKSHOPS of the best watchmaker in the world straight to the heart of Mykonos Town, AUDEMARS PIGUET watches are coveted status symbols defining the highest echelons of contemporary sophistication. More than 140 years have passed since the brand’s establishment in the cradle of high-end watchmaking, the Vall�e de Joux in Switzerland’s captivating Jura Mountains, yet the company has remained independent. The fourth generation of the Audemars family is now at the helm, continuing the brand’s dedication to the art of savoir-faire with a clear focus on innovation that builds on tradition. Timeless design combines with high technology in both classic and updated watches made to the highest standards of precision and craftsmanship. Inside the brand’s exclusive AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE MYKONOS, works of timekeeping art take on diverse guises, from unique, attention-grabbing gem-set watches that break the rules to impeccably crafted classic timepieces that are sure to impress.

AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE MYKONOS 12B B. Zorzi & Enoplon Dinameon, 854 00 Mykonos, +30 228930 6726



editor’s best choice

LINEA PIU FOUNDED IN 1986 and having developed several exclusive partnerships, LINEA PIU boutique has established itself as the ultimate destination of elegance for over three decades. The sole representative of CHANEL in Greece since 1994, LINEA PIU is the only boutique in Greece which offers the French brand’s iconic items such as the 2.55 bag, ballerinas, signature CHANEL jewelry and ready-to-wear pieces. LINEA PIU is also the exclusive retailer for several of the finest global fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Blumarine and Ermanno Scervino. In 2012 LINEA PIU expanded its presence and opened a boutique in the picturesque island of Mykonos. Perfectly blending the spirit of an iconic location with the quality and finesse of LINEA PIU, the boutique is worthy of showcasing ready-to-wear and accessories collections of unique high end brands. Boasting exclusive fashion houses and impeccable customer service, the LINEA PIU boutiques of Athens and Mykonos promise a memorable shopping experience.

LINEA PIU BOUTIQUE ATHENS 6, Sekeri str., 10674, Tel.: +302103606125 LINEA PIU BOUTIQUE MYKONOS 24, N. Kalogera, Chora, Tel.: 22980 78922,



editor’s best choice

Leo earrings in yellow gold, ANASTASIA KESSARIS.

Elephas earrings in yellow gold, ANASTASIA KESSARIS.

Leo earrings in aluminum and gold, ANASTASIA KESSARIS.

Bracelet in turquoise, yellow gold and diamonds, SHAMBALLA.

Bracelet in mother of pearl, turquoise, yellow gold and diamonds, SHAMBALLA.

Bracelet in emerald, yellow gold and diamonds, SHAMBALLA.

Enter the KESSARIS world at Mykonos THE LEADING GREEK Jewellery brand offers the finest jewellery, watches and accessories of the most famous brands of the world in Mykonos town and at Nammos village in Psarou beach. In vibrant Mykonos beats the heart of Kessaris. The leading greek jewellery brand offers an exquisite collection of fine jewellery choices and a variety of watches and accessories. Inspired by the notorious Myconian high life, Kessaris shop in Mykonos town is all about giving yourself a luxurious charm. Since 1996, the place attracts enthusiasts of timeless pieces bearing his signature. This standout place - glamorous yet traditionally designed - features a magnificent collection of contemporary diamond rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks and watches from de GRISOGONO, BVLGARI, SHAMBALLA, PANERAI, IWC, JAEGER-LE COULTRE, LONGINES, U-BOAT, BOMBERG.



H0MATI Night Greece Limited Edition, HYT

AT NAMMOS VILLAGE the Kessaris boutique becomes a pole of attraction for many high-profile guests searching for leading names such as ROLEX, de GRISOGONO, BVLGARI (Pop Up Store), ETHO MARIA, PANERAI, IWC, JAEGER-LE COULTRE, HYT, URWERK, ROMAIN JEROME. Exceptional quality, new collections with high aesthetics and original approach lead the Kessaris brand to excellence.


Mykonos KESSARIS • 58 Mat. Andronikou Str. • T +30 22890 22880 KESSARIS NAMMOS • Psarou beach • T +30 22890 22376

Athens KESSARIS • 7 Panepistimiou Str. • T +30 210 3711010 ORA KESSARIS • 8a Voukourestiou Str. • T +30 210 3711020 GOLDEN HALL • 37a Kifissias Ave., Maroussi • T +30 210 6839602-3 HILTON • 46 Vas. Sophias Av. • T +30 210 7241111

Costa Navarino Navarino Dunes Messinia • T +30 27230 91119-4 BOLT-68 Racing Blue Greece Limited Edition, BOMBERG

ARRAW Marine Mykonos Special Edition, RJ



editor’s best choice

KITON DELIVERING BALANCE, high aesthetics and finesse, the latest KITON collections have arrived at the signature KITON EXCLUSIVE STORE at Mykonos’s glamorous Nammos Village shopping centre. Menswear, womenswear and sophisticated accessories can be found at a stylish monobrand store that has been serving a demanding clientele of jet-setters, fashion followers and influencers looking for superb handmade attire. White-washed walls, black accents and a dazzling red floor set the mood and constitute the background for a showcase of expertly crafted clothing and accessories that perfectly embody the tailor-made spirit of KITON and an uncompromising attention to detail. Shoppers enjoy fully personalised service, led through every step of the creation process by attentive staff. Such is the Italian house’s dedication to its Mykonos clientele that June 28 to July 1 this year saw a fashionable trunk show take place at the Nammos store, with KITON Head Tailor Ciro Palestra at the helm.

MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP Fine tailoring and unmatched finesse are promised and delivered at Mykonos’s KITON EXCLUSIVE STORE.




FRAGRANT TREASURES A profession of love for the art of high perfume, the Maison Christian Dior store at Nammos is fast becoming the talk of the town.

THE FIRST MAISON CHRISTIAN DIOR pop-up store in Greece opens at Nammos Village in summer 2019. This prestigious address houses a pop-up, carefully designed down to the last detail to host a new Dior universe entirely dedicated to the love of perfume, an olfactory lifestyle and the art of gifting by Dior; bringing the ultimate Parisian vibe to Mykonos. Created with passion, this generous Dior universe showcases an extensive collection of 22 fascinating, unisex fragrances as well as silk Mitzah scarves – a trend-forward new way to wear your perfume. Candles and soaps bring these magnificent scents to the home, completing a collection that makes everyday life more glamorous and indulgent. These myriad creations, made to the highest standards and orchestrated by Francois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, celebrate a resolutely contemporary French art de vivre. At “Maison Christian Dior,” everything is made to be smelled and experienced, loved and shared. Unexpected love at first sight is transformed into a sublime gift stylishly packed into personalised boxes with colored string, sealed with Dior’s emblem in wax – an aristocratic package made to impress. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


editor’s best choice


GOFAS JEWELRY BOUTIQUES Athens - Syntagma: 3, Stadiou str | T. +30 210 3317 540 Mykonos: 43, Matogianni str | T. +30 22890 24521 Thessaloniki: 9, Aristotelous Sqr | T. +30 231 0279 703 Athens International Airport: Intra Schengen Area B | T. +30 210 3533 627 Sani Resort: PORTO SANI, Kassandra, Halkidiki | T. +30 23740 31795 Santorini: | Danezi M., FIRA | T. +30 22860 24152



IN THE EARLY ‘70s, Mr John Gofas established his first jewellery boutique at Syntagma, in central Athens. Today, GOFAS Jewelry represents elegance, glamour and luxury, having grown to one of the largest jewellery and timepiece boutique chains, operating eight points of sale across Greece: In Mykonos, the island of winds, a Multibrand Boutique on Matogianni str. An imposing Multibrand Boutique in Thessaloniki and a Boutique at Athens International Airport. Additionally, two new Multi-brand Boutiques: At the cosmopolitan Sani Resort in Halkidiki, and Fira on the enchanting Santorini. Leading watch manufacturers and international designers have entrusted their piece de resistance with GOFAS. The Boutiques host top Swiss-made watch brands, including Rolex, Hublot, Omega, Panerai, Piaget, Tag Heuer, Zenith, IWC, Baume & Mercier, Breitling, Tudor, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot. Gofas family’s time-honoured relationships with high watchmakers have brought unique collaborations, including the world-exclusives HUBLOT Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Mykonos Limited Edition, and ZENITH Defy Classic Mykonos Edition, available at the Mykonos Boutique. Furthermore, top jewellery designers such as Messika Paris, Fred, Pomellato, Chantecler, Minas, Brumani, Marco Bicego, Salvini abound in the Boutique showcases. Experience, glamour and gorgeous design bring a magnificent experience to visitors of GOFAS Jewelry boutiques, who enjoy a unique journey of high aesthetics and luxury!

editor’s best choice

MYKONOS MUST-HAVES Don’t leave the island without purchasing at least one of these clothes and accessories as exquisite mementos of your summer on Mykonos!

From top, clockwise: Gold and diamond micro-mosaic necklace depicting goddess Athena: Karat Jewellery. Kaftan: Afroditi Hera, Enny Monaco. “Cosmos” carnelian leather petite handbag: Kooreloo. Phone case: Anamnesia. SophiaEnjoy Thinking, The Cycladic Thinker statuette: Anapolo. 18k white gold ring with pear shaped ruby and diamonds: Anatol. Sophia-Enjoy Thinking, Philosophia statuette: Anapolo. Phone case from the Psarakia collection: Anamnesia.



mykonians at heart

VASILIS KARAFOTIAS BESPOKE PIECES OF LIFE Precision and creativity are not easy to combine in furniture design, yet Furniture Gallery CEO Vasilis Karafotias seems to have found just the right balance. AT THE HELM OF a tight-knit team of creative craftspeople, Vasilis Karafotias does not hide his passion for the world of furniture and interior design, taking on the challenges of designing and manufacturing custom-made pieces for commercial and private spaces. Furniture gallery was established in 2004 and, in these 15 years, Vasilis has led it to a welldeserved prominence powered by out-of-thebox thinking, teamwork and dedication. He spoke to us about his close ties to Mykonos in a short but insightful interview. Design-wise, what befits Mykonos? For us, every new project is a story waiting to be told. In the case of Mykonos, of course, the island is already full of interesting stories, so when we are invited to take on a project based here, we will take into consideration not just the typical Cyclades architecture, but the functionality of the space we are designing for, as well as its personality and that of the owner. One type of project more and more clients entrust to the Furniture Gallery in recent years involves upholstering, adapting and generally 196


updating well-loved older pieces of furniture, often antiques with a lot of sentimental value. That is what Mykonos would be to me if it were a piece of furniture: A traditional piece – maybe an armchair or table – that has been given a new, very trendy and luxurious twist, in the same way that the island combines the best of both worlds. You’ve already completed projects on the island. What can you tell us about them? It was very exciting to work alongside the director, set designer and interior designer Antonis Kalogridis on several of the Myconian Collection hotels and resorts at Elia Beach. You wouldn’t believe the amount of thought, inspiration and planning that went into each of these spaces. In the case of the Myconian Avaton resort, we combined classic with contemporary high-end aesthetics, adding country and indie accents to the interiors for that extra effect. A challenge we faced was combining timber with fabric and LED in couches, armchairs, chairs, and other items, but everyone was elated with the result. At

the Myconian Imperial, the goal was to exalt the Greek summer, placing the focus on the light of the sun and the elements of the sky and the sea. The brief here asked for luxurious minimalism with references to nature. I’ll also mention the work we did for the Villa Collection because it was so fulfilling despite its challenges. This project revolved around the art of hospitality, and our made-to-measure constructions included long plush couches, comfortable beds and many more pieces. Of course, all of these designs had references to the Cyclades landscape that we made sure were free from clich�s. Instead, we chose to mirror and pay tribute to the silhouettes of church domes and buildings, and the textures found inside traditional homes. Our colours were both inspired by and complementary to the famous Mykonos landscape and architecture. What is Mykonos to you? Mykonos is iconic, but creating for it is a challenge. There is such a high level of hospitality and services in general at properties such as those of the Myconian Collection, and since it’s such a popular destination, the expectations are very high. We always give it our best – all our energy, attention to detail and motivation. This is how we tackle challenges and bring new designs to life. This is how we shape stories. Fortunately, working on Mykonos projects also means getting to visit this breathtaking island, which is a blessing. FURNITURE GALLERY +30 210 5776745 II Eleftherias & Parnithos, Ag. Ioannis Rentis, GR 18233, Athens, Greece.

mykonians at heart


Endless summer fashion inspired by Cycladic minimalism and nature. This is the world of Ada Kamara, who crafts resortwear for the woman of the world.

IT TAKES JUST A GLANCE at her clothes to see why she describes them as “easy elegance”. They feel effortless and comfortable, yet their craftsmanship and creativity are evident. Ada Kamara studied fashion in Paris but soon found herself in India, and then in Mykonos. Both were great sources of inspiration. Working with natural materials, she is as confident as her fashion – and she knows very well who she makes clothes for. How would you describe the world of Ada Kamara? What ingredients comprise it? It’s a world of simplicity. All the materials are natural – cotton, silk, linen. The lines are simple and the prints colourful. I think timeless is the right word. Who is the Ada Kamara customer? Women of all kinds of backgrounds appreciate my clothes. I have envisaged a summer with no end lived by a woman of elegance, simplicity and dominant femininity. Do people who choose Mykonos for their holidays seek inspiration in their life? Mykonos is like a magnet. This magnet attracts many different people, who generally like to come back! They seek the light! The positive energy, the uplifting feeling that Mykonos gives you, the freedom! Do you follow specific creative routes yourself when designing your collections? Not really; sometimes a collection is inspired by the fabrics I find, and other times I spend a lot of time searching for the specific fabrics I have in mind and want to use. I get really excited when I find a new fabric, a new print, new embroidery – everything new that inspires me! If you were asked to create an iconic piece to embody the spirit of a world traveller, what would it be? It would be a great embroidered kaftan: easy to wear, quite long, comfortable for travelling, something that can be easily transformed with a belt and different accessories. A passe-partout, as the French say – something very versatile. Where on Mykonos do you truly feel free and relaxed? I really love to lie on the sand. I love that moment when I fall asleep on the beach. I feel truly relaxed and secure by the sound of the meltemi, the dry north wind that blows only in the Aegean…

ADA KAMARA STORES • 4 Riga Feraiou, Mykonos Town 84600 • 2 Fl. Zouganeli, Mykonos 84600 • 9 Klisthenous, Athens 10552



mykonians at heart



Theodore Zacharis and Marios Sergidis are innovative design duo Cosset; they view Mykonos as their muse and their canvas for extraordinary compositions.

FOR THE TWO brilliant designers who collectively go by the name Cosset, everything in life is an inspiration. Passionate and articulate, they explain how they bring out their customers’ personality and individual style to a space, through inspired choices. Design-wise, what befits Mykonos? Architectural and decorative excess is unnecessary here because it doesn’t enhance the island’s beauty; it doesn’t blend with the surroundings, nor does it contribute anything special, tasteful or modern. With its minimal beauty, Mykonos is perfect for creating spaces of unique identity. And this shows in how the island’s creative scene is now amongst the best in the world, with signature pieces, unique art and excellently constructed objects and furniture. Could you describe your aesthetic for our readers? Cosset is about everything that is luxurious but also simple, of high quality and warmth. We curate pieces that allow their owners to express themselves, using them to tell their personal story. We are inspired by travel, by people we meet, different points of view and unusual materials. All these interactions and experiences create a complex mood board that shows us the way forward. 200


Why Mykonos? What are Mykonos visitors like as customers and as people? The distinctive Cycladic architecture is a minimalist canvas that can accommodate different styles and points of view. Those who choose to stay on Mykonos for their holidays are people with broadened horizons who are always ready to follow new paths and accept new design ideas. This might make our venture more demanding, but it’s part of why we chose to work here, because we enjoy a challenge, especially when it’s about innovation. How is the design landscape on Mykonos at the moment? Are there certain clich�s in interior design that you would like to see abolished? In the past two decades, we have seen radical changes in the way people here in Mykonos express themselves through the decoration of their personal space. We avoid overburdening a space for reasons of ostentation – a stereotype we are happy to see disappearing. When we design a cottage, for example, we avoid focusing solely on the building itself and ignoring its surroundings, which would result in a nonharmonious combination. How do you approach a new project, say a holiday home on Mykonos?

Every space and every project is unique. It is the owner’s aesthetic that we respond to in order to design it. But there are some values that permeate all our work. Our design philosophy does not allow for excess and meaningless displays of opulence. On the contrary, we aim to harmonise each building with its surroundings in order to enhance the beauty of the general area. What is the best place to be on Mykonos? It depends on who you are and what you are looking for. There is no perfect spot on this beautiful island; just places more compatible with your personality than others. For example, we choose to have our business meetings in our own premises because we have designed them to be serene and inspired by our aesthetic in a way that facilitates our decisionmaking. We will say, though, that we love Delos – it is the light, an island whose Doric beauty unlocks the paths to the creative journey.

MYKONOS • Argyraina – Dexamenes, 84600 • Goumenio Square, Mykonos Town, 84600

For Discerning Shoppers




No need to overpack your luggage! Discover the latest arrivals at the Royal Myconian boutiques, the ultimate shopping paradise. 204


REFLECTING THE QUINTESSENTIALLY carefree spirit of the island of Mykonos, the Myconian Collection’s carefully curated boutiques offer luxury clothing, footwear, accessories, home fragrances, perfumes and beauty products that are both inspirational and timeless, sure to grab your attention. For that last-minute purchase, or quite simply to indulge in something new and beautiful to be cherished forever, our stunning boutiques showcase collections from both Greek and international designers that are versatile and perfect for day-to-evening looks. At hand, you’ll find our exceptional staff, ready and eager to help you find items that are the ideal match for you, or that perfect, wellthought-out gift. The shopping experience at the Myconian Collection’s unique boutiques can only be described as heavenly – and, let’s admit it, nothing beats that feeling of leaving with that prized purchase in hand! Discover ethereal clothing, absolutely essential accessories and inspirational home fragrances and personal perfumes that are sure to become your new obsession.




ROYAL MYCONIAN BOUTIQUES HELPING FASHIONISTAS indulge their desires as well as selling gifts and mementos to suit every taste, the Royal Myconian shopping centre boasts a level of style and sophistication to match the most prominent shopping hubs in the world. It’s convenient to have a series of exciting stores just a breath away from your room at the Royal Myconian, and there are several treasures to be discovered. For those last-minute gifts just before you check out, there is a gift, souvenir and handmade accessory store. Once you’ve ventured further, to the pool level, you’ll find six superb boutiques and a hair salon just waiting to indulge you. Explore the beautifully designed shopping centre which echoes the spirit 206


of the iconic alleys of Mykonos, giving yourself ample time to browse the full range of items on offer from iconic Greek and international brands such as Antica Sartoria, M Missoni, Hale Bob, It’s All Greek on Me, Tikto, Levinia, Kori, Gold Hawk luxury intimates, American Vintage, Black & Black, Korean designer Gaze de Lin... There’s menswear galore from brands that include Army of Me, Never Enough and Crossley; footwear by everyone from Gianna Kazakou to MJC and Y3; eyewear and accessories; spa products; candles and home d�cor… Pay a visit to the Concept Store to pick exclusive resortwear and stunning swimwear and show it off right away at the pool.

From top, clockwise: Swimsuit: Moeva,Villa Collection Boutique. Beach towel: Summer Me! Eclectic Boutique at Myconian Korali. Sandals: Kyma, Imperial Boutique. Straw Hat: Blanc, Imperial Boutique,Villa Collection Boutique, Ambassador Boutique. Pendant: Karak Jewellery, Ambassador Boutique,Villa Collection Boutique. SPF50 Continuous Mist: Hampton Sun, Royal Spa Beauty Shop.




MYCONIAN IMPERIAL BOUTIQUES THE DUO OF ELEGANT white boutique stores at the Myconian Imperial are your go-to destination to freshen up your holiday attire, find new cherished items and pick out exquisite gifts for your loved ones. You’ll find a souvenir and gift shop carrying perfumes, candles, handmade decorations and beautiful treasures to cherish just waiting to be discovered. Don’t forget to also pop in the resort’s Concept Store, a space filled with the latest from exciting designers as well as chic classics. The brands on offer range from up-and-coming Greeks to established fashion houses from across the world. To whet your appetite, here are just some of the names you’ll be lusting



for: Monisqui Spain, M Missoni, Levinia, Ada Kamara, Blue Man, Niso, Black & Black, Kori, American Vintage as well as footwear by Gianna Kazakou and Sobe handmade, espadrilles from Guanabana, and sandals by Kyma, Marietta Chrousala, Greek Salad. As for accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice by Blanc hats, sheepcount scarves, and Karak jewellery. All beach and poolside needs are also well taken care of with swimwear by great brands such as Mitos, Despi, Mon a Mer, n� en ao�t, Boardies and several others. Here to address your holiday accessory and light summer clothing needs, these two stores are a short trip from your room you’ll be glad you’ve taken.

From top, clockwise: Sandals: Kyma, Imperial Boutique. Bikini: Mitos Swimwear, Royal Myconian Boutique, Utopia Boutique, Imperial Boutique. Candle: Mad et Len, Utopia Boutique, Royal Myconian Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Io Non Ho Mani – Unum, Utopia Perfume Bar, Royal Perfume Bar. Bora Bora midi suit: Lee Pfayfer, Utopia Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Rose gold and turquoise Evil Eye bracelet set with white diamonds: Zerteo, Myconian Villa Collection.




MYCONIAN VILLA COLLECTION BOUTIQUES AS BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED as the Villa Collection itself, the trio of boutique stores on offer here ooze style, sophistication and surprises. On the reception level, the Zerteo store is ready to initiate you into the world of beautiful Greek decorative objects and jewellery. Bringing together traditional symbols and fashion trends and sealing them in materials such as gold, silver, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, Zerteo echoes Greek heritage with a creative spin. Consider a traditional evil-eye charm reimagined in a pendant or earrings, and discover candles, frames and more jewels for the home, too. If you’ve misplaced your sunglasses or feel your beach look in need of an update, the



Tartaras Sunglasses Boutique has you covered with the latest and greatest in eyewear. However, the main feature of the shopping experience at the Villa Collection is the Villa Resort Store, located at the pool level. Bathed in natural light, this clothing boutique features a selection of items by up-andcomers and established brands alike. Just some of what you will find come courtesy of Gold Hawk, Levinia, M Missoni, Pearl & Caviar, American Vintage, It’s All Greek on Me… You’ll also find a selection of shoes and clothes hand-picked by a team of dedicated fashionistas and stylists, as well as swimwear by Odyssey Ten, hats by Blanc, swimwear by Despi and handmade shoes by Sobe.

From top, clockwise: Bikini: Moeva,Villa Collection Boutique. Extrait de Parfum: Epicentro, Filippo Sorcinelli, Utopia Perfume Bar. Rose gold bracelet embellished with white diamonds: Zerteo, Myconian Villa Collection. Hat: Blanc, Imperial Boutique, Villa Collection Boutique, Ambassador Boutique. Candle: Mad et Len, Avaton Boutique, Utopia Perfume Bar, Royal Perfume Bar. Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist: Elemis, Royal Spa Beauty Shop.




MYCONIAN UTOPIA BOUTIQUES ACROSS THE BEAUTIFULLY designed Utopia Resort at Elia Beach, with creatively used natural materials setting the mood, an eclectic collection of hand-picked items draws you in to the two fantastic Myconian Utopia boutiques available. The perfume bar – concept store definitely deserves a visit (or two, or three!) in order to explore beautiful summer treasures courtesy of iconic designers and popular brands. Half of this space is dedicated to olfactory pleasures, with an exquisite collection of high-end candles, home fragrances, perfume and skincare products from the likes of Fornasetti,



Lalique, Naomi Goodsir, Mad et Len and more. As for the remainder of the store, it’s simply the location of some of your new favourite possessions, offering exclusive jewellery pieces, perfectly stylish sunglasses by brands such as Pawaka and Vibe, beachwear ready to be flaunted on Mykonos’s dreamy beaches, wayuu hats, and menswear from Army of Me. Go exploring and don’t hesitate to treat yourself and your loved ones – you’re sure to find new treasures for your closet that will always remind you of your spectacular visit to Mykonos.

From top, clockwise: Off-the-shoulder dress: Lee Pfayfer, Utopia Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Potpourri: Mad et Len, Utopia Boutique, Royal Myconian Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Sun cream: Hampton Sun, Royal Spa Beauty Shop. Opus perfume: Unum, Utopia Perfume Bar, Royal Perfume Bar. Dress: Pearl & Caviar,Villa Collection Boutique.




MYCONIAN AVATON BOUTIQUES IMAGINE A BREATHTAKING white space accentuated by glass and wood details, true to the exquisite ambience of the Myconian Avaton. And now, imagine a wide range of expertly curated creations by leading and upcoming names in fashion showcased within. You’ve just painted a mental picture of the Myconian Avaton Boutiques. It’s a duo of fantastic stores serving your shopping needs and providing inspiration aplenty for an update to your look. Optique Boutique is your one-stop-shop for extraordinary glasses to protect your eyes in style, carrying the signature of leading brands. What’s more, there are also utterly aromatic candles on offer by Anya Hindmarch, as well



as an enticing collection of perfumes courtesy of One of Those, Fornasetti, Cuturi Cult Milan and Mad et Len. If you’re looking for clothes to match your brand-new eyewear, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better source than the Avaton Concept Store, showcasing a selection of hand-picked gems for men and women – including resortwear, beachwear, stylish nightlife picks for when you want to impress the trendy Mykonos crowds, and light, airy pieces that are perfect for the heat of the Greek summer. So what if you’re tempted to buy a new kaftan, a trendy pair of sandals or a new swimsuit to mark your Greek summer? It’s always satisfying to update your look!

From top, clockwise: Bali off-the-shoulder dress: Lee Pfayfer, Utopia Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Handbag: Marge Sherwood Collection, Royal Myconian Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Swimsuit: Moeva,Villa Collection Boutique. Candle: Mad et Len, Avaton Boutique, Utopia Perfume Bar, Royal Perfume Bar. Rose gold and ebony Evil Eye bracelet: Zerteo, Myconian Villa Collection.




MYCONIAN AMBASSADOR BOUTIQUE INDULGE YOUR FASHION instincts by exploring a selection of hand-picked items from the talented hands of Greek and international designers who are renowned for their artistry and precision. Last-minute wardrobe malfunctions and that pair of sandals you forgot to pack don’t need to be a cause for frustration – instead, you can turn them into a wonderful opportunity to procure a new piece you absolutely adore, which will remind you of your perfect summer on Mykonos for years to come. As a small sample of the brands on offer at the Myconian Ambassador Boutiques, we’ll mention Pearl



& Caviar, American Vintage, Antica Santoria, Levinia, Mitos swimwear, Despi swimwear, Tunica Stola, It’s All Greek on Me, Greek Salad sandals, Lalique, n� en ao�t beachwear for men who know their style, Blanc hats and Maa Boo swimwear. If that’s not enough to whet your shopping appetite, the boutique at the Ambassador is a great place to find that special item your loved ones back home will covet – or even those who are travelling with you. Why not surprise them with a beautifully wrapped present during an extravagant feast enjoyed al fresco, under the stars at Efisia restaurant?

From top, clockwise: Dress: Pearl & Caviar,Villa Collection Boutique. Handbag: Marge Sherwood Collection, Royal Myconian Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Ring: Karak Jewellery, Ambassador Boutique,Villa Collection Boutique. Short suit: Lee Pfayfer, Utopia Boutique, Avaton Boutique. Hydrating Sleep Mask: Elemis, Royal Spa Beauty Shop. Sandals: Kyma, Imperial Boutique.




EUPHORIA BOUTIQUE – MYCONIAN KYMA CARRYING A PROMISE of pure bliss, the Myconian Kyma’s Euphoria boutique delivers in spades when it comes to fashionable clothing and stylish accessories, jewellery and gifts. Prepared to be amazed at the selection of items on offer, with timeless style and fashionforward sophistication featured alike, to suit all preferences. Visiting the Euphoria means opening up to the endless possibilities of updating your look delivered by the hands of designers from Greece and abroad. As a case in point, we should mention Button Down, Laura Ramazzotti, Despi, Zoe Apostolou, Bluffair, Elena Vova jewellery, Thetis, Panos Emporio, Vacanze Italiane, Christina Malle, Obi, Dstrezzed, David, Liebe-Anta, Hamaki, Magnadi, Sans-Aridect, Xacus, Miradonna and Grecian Chic. Find island-ready pieces and your new go-to favourites that will bring out your character on a night out in Mykonos, pick presents and dare to do something new with your style. Perhaps it might even be time to see yourself try on something you’ve secretly fantasised about but never dared to buy. Come in and indulge your shopping needs – the setting is beautiful and the clothing light, cool and elegant, as befits your Greek summer.

ECLECTIC BOUTIQUE – MYCONIAN KORALI WITH A NAME LIKE ECLECTIC, you know what you’re getting when you step through the doors of the exclusive boutique of the Myconian Korali. Every single item on display has been selected with exacting shoppers in mind from a range of domestic and foreign brands that you will continue to search for even after your holiday. Taking the shopping experience to the next level not only in terms of range but also of its setting, this stunning boutique at the Korali Relais & Ch�teaux is blessed with breathtaking vistas of the wondrous island of Delos on one side and the cascading houses of Mykonos Town on the other. Equipped to the highest standard, the Eclectic Boutique boasts a selection of gorgeous clothes, jewellery and accessories waiting to be sampled. Brands on offer include stunning bikinis by Despi, elegant French beachwear and swimsuits by Pain de Sucre, Banana Moon swimwear, sandals and accessories made in Greece by Zoe Apostolou, Italian fashion house Iconique, items by Lio David, Pnoe, luxury Vie Revee resortwear, stylish summer clothes and accessories for men, as well as Elena Vovou jewellery. There’s something to suit every taste here, to get you ready for an indulgent day out on the pool deck, sipping cocktails and enjoying the embrace of the Mediterranean sun. 218


MYKONOS • 2, Florou Zouganeli, T: +30 22890 77245 • 4, Riga Fereou, 84600 Hora Mykonos, T: +30 22890 23047 ATHENS SHOWROOM • 9, Kleisthenous, 10552 Athens Greece, T: +30 210 5230527


Return to Splendour Photographer: Apostolos Koukousas Styling: Anna Zinchenko Make-up: Mina Katsarou Hair: Konstantinos Kontizas Models: Linda Crooijmans (d.models), Okan Boz Assistant Photographer: Nikos Gkokas Styling Assistant: Fani Kardampiki

Arriving by private jet, mega-yacht and helicopter, jet-setting globetrotters all want a spot in the sun on the 105km2 of Mykonos. It’s been a coveted privilege ever since the first few artists and hippies sensed the island’s unique energy in the 1960s. Mykonos calls to everyone and anyone who feels like a VIP and knows they deserve to be treated like a celebrity in their own right. On the spacious terraces and decks of the Myconian Collection, the sun salutes you from a cloudless sky as the brightest spotlight shining just for you, while the lush surroundings accentuate the smoothness of the azure sea below and the playful reflections of the light in the waters of your private pool. It’s time to be the star of your own show in a glamorous setting deserving of the silver screen. 220


FINDING BLISS AT NAIA Top: Modern jewellery Swimsuit: Emma famous Pake, vessel ‘embracing’the Linea Piu. Gold-plated (Mykonos 7th c. B.C.) earrings: Monica Sordo, with a depiction of the Kessaris. Trojan War. Left: Gold bracelet, Naxos, 850-760 B.C. Right: Pair of bronze pins, Kythnos

POSING FOR THE CAMERA AT KORALI Swimsuit: Thetis, Euphoria Boutique, Myconian Kyma. Straw hat: Casa de Vera, Agora Shopping Mall (pool level), Royal Myconian Resort. Gold necklace with marble: Monica Sordo, Kessaris. Sandals: Valentino, Luisa World.



THE STYLISH ALLURE OF THE VILLA COLLECTION Linda: Swimsuit and skirt: Moeva, Myconian Villa Collection Boutique. Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Apres Ski Mykonos, Myconian Villa Collection. Earrings and bracelets: Zerteo, Myconian Villa Collection Boutique. Okan: Swim shorts: Macaw, Myconian Avaton Boutique, Myconian Avaton Resort. Sunglasses: Mykita, Apres Ski Mykonos, Myconian Villa Collection.



UNWINDING AT NAIA Silk print dress: Emma Pake, Linea Piu. Goldplated earrings: Monica Sordo, Kessaris.





BLESSED BY THE SUN AT THE AMBASSADOR Denim jacket: Antica Sartoria by Giakomo Cinque, Myconian Ambassador Boutique. Swimsuit: Despi, Myconian Ambassador Boutique.

DOWN Top: COOLING Modern jewellery POOLSIDEfamous AT THE vessel KORALI ‘embracing’the Linda: 7th Bikini: (Mykonos c. Maa B.C.)Boo Euphoria with Swimwear, a depiction of the Boutique, Myconian Trojan War. Left: Gold Kyma, Myconian Avaton Boutique, bracelet, Naxos, 850-760 Resort, B.C. Myconian Right: PairAvaton of bronze pins, Myconian Kythnos Utopia Boutique, Myconian Utopia Resort. Visor: Blanc, Agora Shopping Mall (pool level), Royal Myconian Resort. Okan: Swim shorts: Orlebar Brown, Euphoria Boutique, Myconian Kyma. Sunglasses: model’s own.



A SOPHISTICATED AFTERNOON AT KYMA Linda: Silk floral dress: Kiton, Kiton boutique. Gold earrings and bracelet: D.S.Gold. Bag: Kooreloo. Okan: Blazer, shirt, trousers and sneakers, all Kiton, Kiton boutique.

CINEMATIC GLAMOUR AT KORALI Silk top, straw bag and sunglasses, all Zeus+Dione, Euphoria Boutique, Myconian Kyma. Necklace: Cabana No 9, Euphoria Boutique, Myconian Kyma. Titanium earrings with diamonds: Anastasia Kessaris, Kessaris.

Shirt: Anu, swim shorts: Orlebar Brown and sunglasses: Zeus+Dione, Euphoria Boutique, Myconian Kyma.



Dani: Swimming shorts: Outfit: Kiton, Kiton shop, TAKING IN THE VIEW Dstrezzed, Euphoria handbag: Cult Gaia, Luisa AT THE AMBASSADOR Boutique - Myconian World, bracelet: Evangelos Kaftan: Ada Kamara, Kyma. Gaiza: Kaftan: Kyriakos, Royal Myconian Myconian Ambassador Yazz, Euphoria Boutique Boutique. Boutique. Myconian -Ambassador Myconian Kyma, Hotel & earrings: Follie, Thalasso Folli Spa Centre. hat: Katerina Karoussos. Location: Myconian Kyma.

White jacket: Kiton and denim trousers: Kiton, Kiton Shop, watch: Folli Follie.



THE STAR OF THE SHOW AT THE VILLA COLLECTION Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Apres Ski Mykonos, Myconian Villa Collection. Earrings and bracelets: Zerteo, Myconian Villa Collection Boutique. Swimsuit: Moeva, Myconian Villa Collection Boutique.



POOLSIDE AT THE ROYAL MYCONIAN Top and skirt, both Pearl & Caviar, Agora Shopping Mall (pool level), Royal Myconian Resort. Bikini top: Despi, Myconian Ambassador Boutique, Myconian Ambassador Hotel & Thalasso Spa Centre. Sunglasses: Gucci, Optique Boutique, Royal Myconian Resort.

CHANNELLING YOUR INNER DIVA AT AVATON Swimsuit: Emma Pake, Linea Piu. Straw hat: Bitsandpiecestogo, Agora Shopping Mall (pool level), Royal Myconian Resort. Geisha gold titanium diamond earrings: Anastasia Kessaris, Kessaris.

A VIP RIDE AT THE VILLA COLLECTION Linda: Silk jacket and trousers:Yvonne Bosnjak, Myconian Villa Collection Boutique. Sunglasses:Tom Ford, Apres Ski Mykonos, Myconian Villa Collection. Pink gold necklace and bracelet, both Gavello, Gofas. Sandals:Valia Gabriel, Apres Ski Mykonos, Myconian Villa Collection. Okan: Shirt: Crossley and shorts: American Vintage, Agora Shopping Mall (pool level), Royal Myconian Resort.



RELAXING INDOORS AT UTOPIA Linda: Silk kimono: Ekoh studio and trousers: Gold Hawk, Myconian Utopia Boutique, Myconian Utopia Resort. White gold double ring with diamonds: Messika, Gofas. Okan: Trousers: Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto, Myconian Utopia Boutique, Myconian Utopia Resort.

ON TOP OF THE WORLD AT THE IMPERIAL Print dress: Levinia, Agora Shopping Mall (pool level), Royal Myconian Resort.

3…2…1… ACTION AT THE IMPERIAL Kaftan: Ada Kamara, Ada Kamara Boutique.



Location - Myconian Imperial Resort. All furniture by Cosset, pillows: Furniture Gallery.

LEAVING THE VILLA COLLECTION IN STYLE Linda: Dress: Alexis, Luisa World. Gold-plated earrings: Monica Sordo and 18k gold ring with sapphire and brown diamonds: Kessaris. Okan: Shirt: American Vintage and trousers: Reiko, Myconian Imperial Boutique, Myconian Imperial Resort.



A beacon for jet-setters, fashion icons and lovers of the good life, this is a rich world of glamour and glitz, with gold, silver and precious stones coming together in timeless designs that exude confidence, elegance and prestige in carats. 242


Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 in yellow gold, ROLEX. Sea-Dweller Oyster 43mm in Oystersteel and yellow gold, ROLEX.




From top left, clockwise: Happy Hearts Collection bangles, CHOPARD. Brooch with opal, sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds in titanium, Red Carpet 2019 Collection, CHOPARD. Imperiale Joiallerie Rainbow watch 36mm in 18k rose gold bezel, textured mother-of-pearl dial and white leather strap, CHOPARD. Green Carpet Collection bag by ChloĂŤ Sevigny, CHOPARD.



From top left, clockwise: SEAMASTER Diver 300M Co-Axial master Chronometer 42mm, OMEGA, GOFAS. Classic Fusion 45mm Special Edition Aerofusion Chronograph “Mykonos King Gold Light Blue”, HUBLOT, GOFAS. Big Bang Ceramic Blue Diamonds 41mm HUBLOT, GOFAS.




Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire, IWC, KESSARIS. Submersible BMG-TechtTM 47mm, PANERAI, KESSARIS.



Audemars Piguet Millenary Ladies 39mm in 18k rose gold with mother-of-pearl off-centred disc, bezel and lugs set with 116 0.6k diamonds and pink sapphire cabochon, mesh solid rose gold strap, AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE MYKONOS. Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar 41mm in 18k rose gold. Extra thin, with 20m water resistance, 40h power reserve, and solid rose gold strap, AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE MYKONOS.





& Beauty Rituals Veritable temples of the body, spirit and mind, the Myconian Collection’s seven state-of-the-art spa centres transform, awake and pamper with indulgent treatments fit for royalty. Photography: Christos Drazos, Stathis Bouzoukas



BLISS UNDER THE SUN Tapping into the power of nature, tradition and technology to balance body, spirit and mind, the Myconian spa centres deliver pure bliss.



experience|body & soul MADE TO MEASURE From the latest in high quality Elemis skincare and spa products to sophisticated massage rituals, private yoga and Pilates sessions and fantastic exercise spaces, everything at the Myconian Collection spas is designed for your pleasure and wellness. Fragrant, soothing and potent, the oils, gels and creams we use come from specialised brands with an exceptional track record at delivering results that are customisable and impressive.





experience|body & soul


TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: ELEMIS GARDEN OF ENGLAND ROSE ELIXIR RELAXING MASSAGE - 25MINS/55MINS Without a doubt one of the most luxurious massages you have ever experienced, this unbelievably hydrating body massage is almost like talking a walk in an English rose garden. Rose, camelina and poppy seed oils are used in order to maintain and restore elasticity as well as encourage skin renewal. Combined with the treatment’s nurturing rose body balm and bespoke massage, they ensure that the skin is exquisitely hydrated, intensely supple and deliciously scented.


TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: ELEMIS DYNAMIC RESURFACING PRECISION PEEL - 60mins This results-driven resurfacing skin treatment targets the signs of ageing whilst alleviating skin that is dull, tired and uneven in tone. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with the skin’s unique structure, the treatment entails a pioneering precision layering protocol that uses three layers of enzymes to nibble away at dead skin, revealing extraordinary results. This impressive option delivers powerful exfoliation and renewal to result in smoother and younger looking skin.




TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD PRO-RADIANCE FACIAL, A SIGNATURE MYCONIAN COLLECTION FACIAL POWERED BY ELEMIS - 75mins The ultimate in facial treatments uses three bio-electric technologies and superfood skin actives. This ELEMIS Signature Treatment has been designed exclusively for the Myconian Collection’s spas. Making use of an ultrasonic spatula, microcurrent lifting tech and a 95% pure oxygen infusion, it delivers super-healthy and youthful skin.


TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: ELEMIS SIGNATURE FOUR HAND HAWAIIAN WAVE MASSAGE - 60mins Traditional Lomi Lomi massage movements sweep the length of the body in what can be described as a synchronised dance where two therapists work in tandem. Combined with ELEMIS’S incredible Frangipani Monoi Oil, which is sourced from the Polynesian Islands, the result can only be classed as a mystical experience.



experience|body & soul


TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: ST. BARTH FRESHNESS - 60mins This intensive relaxing and refreshing treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands combines St. Barth’s curative cucumber or pineapple face masks to give you a visibly clearer, smooth and fresh complexion. A choice of a hands or scalp massage will take your relaxation to new heights.


TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: CHILL OUT SHELL MASSAGE - 55mins/85mins Using self-heating clam shells along with precious avocado and coconut oils, this Ligne St. Barth full body massage gently releases deep tension, relieves stress, stimulates the metabolism and, thanks to the calcium in the clam shells, ensures a firm and healthy skin complexion.




TOP RECOMMENDED TREATMENTS: PREP SUN TANNING - 60mins Following a gentle, relaxing body exfoliation using fresh papaya mouse, pure coconut Caribbean oil and sea sand, sun tanning products are massaged into the skin to boost the skin’s tanning ability followed by a cocktail of vegetable sun oils that help leave the skin looking radiant, with a deep golden colour. ELEMIS POULTICE-POWERED QUARTZ BOLUS MUSCLE MASSAGE - 55mins/85mins Sore, aching muscles become a distant memory with this invigorating and deeply relaxing treatment. Using a uniquely designed amber and quartz poultice/bolus and combining the power of eucalyptus and juniper, this treatment targets each problematic area with vibrational energy to ease way all pain and tension. Boosted by a restorative facial massage, the amber and quartz in the poultice create a powerful mineral connectivity that invigorates the body and makes the skin more elastic. HARMONY MASSAGE - 55mins/85mins Using Ligne St. Barth’s natural active ingredients from Caribbean plants whose healing and nourishing properties have been passed on for generations by the native Caribbean tribe known the Arawaks, this holistic soothing massage begins with a relaxing ceremony. The expertly selected and applied products have a decongestive and draining effect on the lymphatic system. vibrates 15,000 times a second to safely exfoliate and prep the skin. What follows is the application of microcurrent lifting technology to sculpt and lift the facial contour before an oxygen infusion (with 95% pure oxygen) is pumped directly into lines and wrinkles to reveal super-healthy youthful skin.



experience|body & soul

DESIGNED TO REFRESH and rejuvenate mind, body and soul, the Myconian Collection spas have been conceived and designed to provide an overwhelmingly luxurious journey into wellbeing fulfilled through their inspiring design and uplifting atmosphere, combining to offer guests a supreme spa experience. Reflecting the mystical rhythms of health and rejuvenation rooted in Greek antiquity that have inspired so many elements of today’s wellness culture, our Thalasso Spa Centres’ thalassotherapy pools reference the Greek word “thalassa” [sea] – viewed by the Greeks as an eternal life force. Its unique curative properties were praised as far back as Greek antiquity by the great Hippocrates. With its dazzling sunlight and deep blue mesmerising seas, Mykonos provides the perfect destination for rejuvenation thanks to its ionised sea air, saltwater and the bright Aegean sun which, once combined with classic techniques from all over the world delivered by our expert therapists, result in treatments that are sure to take effect. So whether you’re looking to sculpt your body in one of our state-of-the-art gym rooms, whether you seek to relax your mind, or simply want to give your skin a new glow from within, the Myconian Collection’s seven spas are where you want to go to find transformation and optimal wellbeing. Using gentle healing arts from all four corners of the globe that have evolved over millennia, the treatments are designed to include therapeutic elements that soothe the body and the mind. At our spa centres, we invite you to relax and reconnect through a series of treatments that will bring harmony and balance from the inside out while respecting your needs. Our highly trained therapists and practitioners tune in to your exact needs to provide transformative results and above all else, unique experiences. With your skin and wellbeing at the heart of every therapy, we have joined forces with the following world leading premium spa brands: - elemis, the leading professional British spa and therapeutic skincare science company is available only at the most exclusive spas around the world and is renowned for exceptional dynamically active anti-ageing ingredients and effective massage sequences. The combination of natural active ingredients with pioneering technology has enabled the company to develop revolutionary anti-ageing products and offer therapies that embrace the ever-changing needs of today’s lifestyle.

- ligne st. barth, the highly sought-after line from the

Caribbean, has come to be known for its originality and the exceptional quality of its entirely natural floral blends. Owned and run by the Brin family, whose French ancestors settled on the island of St. Barth�lemy in the 17th century, the laboratory combines generations of expert skincare knowledge with Caribbean tradition and modern technology to provide elixirs blended exclusively from natural products. - kerstin florian is a state-of-the-art range based on thermal mineral water, herbal extracts, mud, algae and essential oils which are sourced from all over the world so that only the highest quality ingredients make it into its progressive range of over 100 professional spa and retail products. The resulting 25 exclusive treatments encompass facial, body, bath and sun care. While the Myconian sun and Aegean Sea begin to take effect as soon as you set foot on any one of our pool decks and the island’s spectacular beaches, you can take this sense of wellbeing to another level with either an introduction or continuation of treatments with unquestionable benefits. YOGA SESSIONS Defined as a spiritual and ascetic discipline characterised by controlling the breath, maintaining specific body postures and meditating with the aim of relaxing and promoting good health, yoga is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Yoga sessions at the Myconian Collection are designed for all levels and offer easy steps for beginners along with greater challenges for more advanced students (to encourage beginners, we offer introductory classes for groups or private clients) in a selection of on-site indoor and outdoor locations as well as in other unique settings around the island. PILATES INSTRUCTION is also available for beginners (we offer introductory classes for groups or private sessions) through to advanced level at the Ambassador’s state-of-theart Pilates Studio, where our friendly and experienced Pilates instructors can create tailor-made programs for all levels with modifications for beginners and greater challenges for advanced students. Based on the original six Pilates principles – concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing – each 55-minute Pilates session will make your whole body feel re-aligned and centred, resulting in improved flexibility and stamina and an overall sense of wellbeing.

A CONSTELLATION OF SPA CENTRES The Myconian Collection spas serve all of our resorts, with the properties on Elia Beach and Platis Gialos each boasting a spa centre, while the Satory Spa at the Myconian Korali in Mykonos Town serves our three Mykonos Town properties. The individual sites of our ten luxury hotels all have a spa brochure which you can consult – or you can just ask our concierge to assist you. 256


the edit

The Perfect Suite & Villa Experience Superb interiors that match the striking natural beauty of Mykonos, endless ocean vistas and the highest standards of service come together at the striking villa and suite options across the Myconian Collection hotels. Photography: Christos Drazos



the edit

CUTTING -EDGE LUXURY The spacious pool at the Ambassador Villa at Platis Gialos.



experience|dream villas

A veritable paradise with dedicated staff anticipating your every need, desire and whim, the Myconian Collection’s villas have earned a loyal following.



Kalliopi Daktylides & Sylvia Svana Reservations Department, Myconian Avaton Resort.



“Our biggest reward is hearing our guests say they can’t wait to come back and stay with us again. It is incredibly satisfying to know our hard work makes such a difference”, says Sylvia Svana from the Reservations Department of the Myconian Avaton Resort at Elia Beach. But what does it take to reach such heights of accommodation and amenities that leave demanding guests so impressed? “Everyone does their part, as do we, to ensure that we provide the right balance between attentiveness and immaculate service, and offer guests the privacy that they deserve. This is even more important for those who choose to book one of our villas. They demand the very best, and this choice of accommodation option allows them to have round-the-clock service that’s not overbearing, interiors and exteriors that are truly special and amenities that exceed their expectations. What’s more, our dedicated villa concierges combine extensive knowledge and specialised training to help our villa guests experience their dream escape” Kalliopi Daktylides, also from the Reservations Department, explains.


“At the Myconian Collection, we take pride in our range of high-class, bespoke services, beautiful spaces and amazing views”, says Maroulio Eleftheriou from the Sales & Marketing team. “Our range of hotel-villas have been designed to suit every need and adapt to cover different-sized groups and demands. We work non-stop to ensure that every single guest gets the VIP treatment, with our talent pool including highly skilled butlers, extraordinary personal chefs, expert yoga instructors and many more talented members of staff at guests’ disposal, all eager to give it 110%. It’s not just luxury that makes us stand out but our focus on genuine, warm hospitality that’s as discreet and as dedicated as our exacting guests demand.”

FOR TRAVELLERS WHO settle for nothing but the very best, the Myconian Collection’s hotels and resorts offer a wide choice of amazing villas and suites delivering the highest standards of design, amenities and service. at the

S uites and V illas M yconian V illa C ollection

Designed for ultimate privacy and total relaxation, the Myconian Villa Collection caters to discerning guests seeking to combine the opulence of an indulgent getaway with exclusive, personalised services. Ideal for a romantic getaway or for an idyllic escape where families and friends can come together, the Myconian Villa Collection prides itself on providing a bespoke level of service that anticipates its guests’ every need. With sweeping views over the Aegean, the villas are just a few steps away from the Myconian Collection’s private section on Elia Beach, where private loungers, umbrellas and attentive service await. Showcasing spacious and elegant interiors along with state-ofthe-art amenities, magnificent pool decks and private infinity pools, the villas themselves provide the perfect backdrop should you wish to dine in-villa. It could be an intimate affair for two or a catered party for many more – it’s all up to you. You can also choose to hire one of talented exceptional chefs, who will spoil you with gourmet delicacies of your choice. Alternatively, we can make sure that you are provided with a daily delivery of fresh groceries, fine coffees and teas, breakfast prepared at your villa as well as pool lunches on request. And should you wish to dine at the Villa Collection, our delectable 5-star breakfasts at Nouveau, ice cold cocktails and light lunches throughout the day at the Infinity Bar and fine dining at Cabbanes under a blanket of stars provide a gustatory adventure. Where no request is ever deemed as too much trouble, every conceivable luxury has been considered down to the smallest of details, always complemented by the Villa Collection’s exceptionally efficient staff. Would you

Maroulio Eleftheriou, Sales & Marketing team, Myconian Collection.

like a few more ideas? We offer butler services, personalised spa treatments, and unique Pilates and yoga sessions in the natural beauty of one of Mykonos’ lesser known coves followed by a gourmet picnic on the beach. the Ambassador Villa at the Myconian Ambassador

Celebrate luxury island living at the Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux in an exclusive eight-bedroom utopia featuring contemporary interiors that blend harmoniously with the panoramic views over the bay. This property offers the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor summer living. Designed as a private home and built with every possible comfort, the villa can be transformed from an oasis of tranquillity and privacy perfect for smaller groups to a veritable hub of luxury that can sleep up to 22 guests.

Villa Options at the Myconian Avaton

With their tempting selection of two to four-bedroom villas, attentive and discrete housekeeping and in-villa services as well as a world-class concierge to take care of your special requests, Avaton Villas offer state of the art amenities, private infinity pools and breathtaking views. This is truly the perfect place to enjoy a candle-lit dinner catered by a personal chef or a massage on your own private deck. Simply put, your own private paradise.

Villa Options at the Myconian Utopia

For guests seeking to unwind in pure luxury and privacy with 5-star service and unparalleled views, the Grand Majestic Villas at the Utopia Relais & Ch�teaux offer an exclusive cosmopolitan experience. With beautiful accommodations, luxuriously appointed terraces and a large private infinity pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and barbeque area along with highly efficient housekeeping and concierge services, Utopia Villas are not just your home away from home, they are the home of your dreams.

JUST THE RIGHT BALANCE Combining state-of-the-art luxury design and amenities with warm hospitality and comfort, the suites and villas are a home away from home that feels just right.




Unforgettable Events made to measure

World-renowned, the exemplary Myconian Collection hospitality is put to use by our dedicated events team, ready to organise your perfect bespoke event, serve your guests in sheer style and deliver utter excellence. Photography: Stathis Bouzoukas



BE THE STAR OF YOUR BESPOKE SHOW No wish is too small or too complicated for our events team, who can plan and execute flawless events of all types with stunning vistas of the Aegean Sea.

perfectly executed events

EXCEEDING ALL EXPECTATIONS AT THE MYCONIAN COLLECTION, we have a reputation for perfectly planning and executing all types of extraordinary events. From idyllic small-scale affairs to elaborate large weddings, christenings and family reunions, all the way through to exclusive executive retreats, VIP events and extravagant product launches for up to 1,000 guests, we host bespoke events with a sense of occasion. Impossibly romantic weddings, intimate family gatherings, traditional christenings, extravagant parties and more are delivered with every detail just right – from the flowers and d�cor to the impeccable service the Myconian Collection Group is known for, delivered against a stunning Aegean background and under the sunny Greek skies. As for business events, from exclusive executive retreats for a dozen VIPs to product launches and company extravaganzas for up to one thousand guests, we have done it all. Our bespoke event organisers are on hand to support you at every stage and ensure that each guest is offered a flexible, memorable and seamless experience in one of the most exclusive locations in the Mediterranean. Equipped to meet the requirements of any event regardless of size or complexity, the Royal Myconian boasts the largest conferencing and banqueting facilities on the island of Mykonos as well as spacious gardens, beaches, luxurious accommodation and more. Eight multifunctional conference halls can be equipped with the latest conference support technologies, while gourmet restaurants serve authentic, critic-acclaimed cuisine, there are numerous bars and pools, fitness rooms as well as spa centres. Each and every location promises a unique event, excellent food and, of course, the superb service that the Myconian Collection is known for.



experience|events Classically trained and creatively-minded, the Myconian Collection executive chefs deliver mouth-watering catering options that look as spectacular as they taste.

catering options aplenty

STUNNING FOOD AND DRINK INSPIRATION AS A RESULT OF OUR extensive experience, we’re not only committed but can also deliver. Our goal is to give you and your guests the time of your life and a lifetime of memories. Whatever the occasion, we can promise it’s going to be exceptional. We will create your perfect moment on any scale, whether hosted in any one of our striking open-air venues or our state-of-the-art banqueting facilities. The Myconian Collection boasts ten gourmet restaurants – three of which are Relais & Ch�teaux – as well as many more relaxed options including two sushi bars. A constellation of talented, internationallytrained chefs prepare world-class cuisine. As a result, our innovative menus will perfectly complement your event. Known for elegant and original events, the talented team works tirelessly to ensure that your event of choice is a very memorable happening on all levels, including food, beverages and drinks. For large scale gatherings, our Horizons ballroom opens out onto a balcony to provide the perfect setting for gala dinners. The space can be split into four, has excellent acoustics and is equipped with optical fibre. It can accommodate 270 people at round tables of 8-10, 380-400 people at rectangular tables set out in banqueting style, or even host a cocktail event for up to 550 guests. Of course, there is ample variety of choice for smaller events, too, including our range of stunning restaurants. In addition to exemplary service, each and every location promises a unique event, breathtaking sea vistas, utterly delicious food and masterfully prepared drinks. Even our sommeliers can be at your service. Just express your wishes, and you can leave everything else to us. 264


weddings & ceremonies

YOUR UNION IN SHEER STYLE AGAINST A NATURAL backdrop of the Aegean, our exceptional properties are just picture-perfect for idyllic weddings. We have masterminded some of the most spectacular and memorable luxury weddings in Greece, if not the entire Mediterranean. All you need to turn your dream day into a truly special occasion you will treasure forever are our specialist wedding services. Our team will go above and beyond to create a day that is as unique as you are. No matter how big or small your event is, from the moment you contact us, we will work continuously to bring your ideas to life, taking care of everything from preparation to last-minute details – which means you can relax and focus on the things that really matter. Choose to stay in a private villa and organise your ceremony and parties here – even your bachelor party or your day-after spa ritual to recover from the party in style! The Myconian Collection can take care of everything that you’ve dreamed of and even some details that might have never even crossed your mind... As with any great event, food is vitally important, and our executive chefs love the challenge of tailoring a gastronomic experience to your tastes, with creativity and devotion to the standards of culinary excellence which have earned us three Relais & Ch�teaux accolades. As for the rest, we can either work with your own wedding planners and assist where required or provide a total event solution that includes every little thing, from food, to travel, drinks, arrangements, music, fireworks, decoration as well as honeymoon planning – and delivering! All that’s left for you is to indulge in the day that was made just for you and your love.

Perfectly romantic, breathtakingly lavish, completely bespoke and suited to your individual desires, needs and passions, weddings at the Myconian Collection are the stuff of dreams. MYCONIAN COLLECTION


experience|events hindu weddings

FAIRY-TALE CEREMONIES AND PARTIES THE MYCONIAN COLLECTION expertise has been built on years’ worth of experience in organising traditional Hindu weddings as well as modern luxury affairs in close collaboration with skilled Indian wedding planners and couples. Our weddings have stunned many a planner, as our expertise also extends to perfectly executed arrangements, astounding wedding mise-en-scenes along with mandaps and even highly skilled artists who can create mehndi ranging from traditional to modern designs. In fact, some of the most famous and discerning Indian celebrity couples have chosen the Myconian Collection for their traditional Hindu wedding. We combine Greek hospitality and a love for everything festive. On offer is authentic Indian cuisine prepared by South Asian chefs, and a wonderful backdrop for your ceremony complete with d�cor so beautiful, it evokes scenes from your favourite film. After a stunning Mediterranean sunset, it’s time for your reception to create memories, bringing family and friends together to celebrate. The team sets the stage, taking care of those aspects of your wedding that you have chosen – from everything under the sun to niche requests. Our complete wedding package includes everything from invitations to travel logistics, VIP transportation, menus, special cakes, beverages and fine wines, flowers, wedding favours, lighting, sound systems and music as well as your honeymoon getaway. An exhilarating soundtrack, non-stop celebrations, experiences in flavour, dancing for days on end – whatever your focus is, we can deliver against a breathtakingly scenic Aegean backdrop where ancient myths combine in harmony with contemporary luxury.

Our attention to detail and extensive experience organising memorable weddings and celebrations make us your best option. 266


Just get in touch with our MICE team to discuss your preferences and wishes and we’ll make sure you have the wedding of your dreams.

jewish weddings

STRAIGHT OUT OF YOUR DREAMS RENOWNED FOR OUR hospitality and catering to diverse cultures and traditions, the Myconian Collection can assist in the officiating of ceremonies for all denominations, including Jewish weddings, parties and events made as traditional or as modern as you’d like. Jaw-droppingly beautiful and yet easily accessible, the island of Mykonos is amongst the top destinations for weddings in the Mediterranean, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re going for an intimate event or a lavish, grand-scale affair, our experienced MICE events team can make it happen. Do you want a bedeken ceremony or even a ketubah? Not a problem. We can even arrange for kippahs to be available for any guests who haven’t brought their own. As for the reception, dare to dream big! Stunning scenery, guaranteed good weather, sublime sunsets, crystal-clear azure waters and an unmistakable energy make the Myconian Collection your perfect choice. Our kitchen is certified kosher, and we cater to different dietary requirements so that all guests can enjoy the gourmet wonders we’ve prepared. The only limit really is your imagination. As well as a vast range of event spaces, we also offer a wide selection of rooms, suites and sumptuous villas ensuring that your guests not only have a great night but the chance to sleep in luxury, wake up to a rejuvenating breakfast and enjoy a plethora of amenities and the exemplary warm, professional service that the Myconian Collection is famous for. From exchanging vows in a picturesque garden to barefoot ceremonies οn the sand, receptions on the beach, lavish dinners overlooking the sea, wine tastings, sunrise yoga sessions and diving, we make it our mission to ensure your experience is unique. MYCONIAN COLLECTION



A passionate, highly experienced team at your disposal at every step of the preparations, looking forward to making every one of your wishes come true.

DELIVERING OUTSTANDING EVENTS Overseeing MICE events at the ten Myconian Collection properties are Christiana Alevetsoviti (left) and Elena Pantzou (right), settling for nothing but perfection.

the event experts

MEET THE TEAM AS THOUSANDS OF HAPPY customers are eager to confirm, the Myconian Collection boasts one of the most experienced and skilled MICE teams in the Mediterranean. Standing for Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions, the MICE team deliver perfection, planning your event with meticulous attention and providing complete peace of mind so you can sit back and enjoy, without a care in the world. 268


At the helm are MICE Coordinators, ELENA PANTZOU and CHRISTIANA ALEVETSOVITI. “When people come to us with questions, they’re often taken aback by the wide range of events the Myconian Collection has successfully delivered, exceeding all expectations every single time”, says Elena, with the quiet confidence of being safe in the knowledge of your excellence. Asked about this range, she shares a long list that includes weddings, conferences, company retreats, christenings, anniversary parties, executive getaways, vow renewal ceremonies, family reunions, and even bar and bat mitzvahs of all sizes.

“We have delivered memorable, perfectly organised events for people from all over the world – from Korea to Brazil, Europe to South Africa, Israel, India, China, Japan…” she stresses. “We believe in our product and we know we can deliver because we choose team members with extensive experience and expertise, and we have developed long-lasting relationships with professionals with a proven track record – from specialised photographers to designers, chefs, musicians and DJs”, explains Christiana, happy to give readers a look into their world. Personalised service is at the heart of MICE events, and that’s even down to transportation. “Our fleet of S-Class limousines, Range Rovers, Mercedes mini-buses and coaches, private jets, helicopters and yachts will take care of any and all transportation needs.” “We see events as a gathering of individual, demanding guests for a common occasion, not as a big group uniform in their expectations”, they explain, and that seems to be the key to their success – not just knowing every event and client is unique but placing focus on the uniqueness of guests too, anticipating their every need before it’s even expressed. Everything culminates in perfectly organised celebrations, weddings, business events and more.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL The MICE events team takes pride in catering to every single detail of your event, and that includes perfectly colour-coordinated table decorations as well as stunning floral arrangements. Our close ties with experts in their sectors mean classic and trend-forward options alike, all sure to stun your guests.

• 12, Speusippou St., Kolonaki, Athens, T: +30 210 7297010



to Savour Photography: Christos Drazos, Sterling Galli

EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES CURATED BY OUR EXPERTS Providing an indulgent, authentic taste of everything that this blessed land has to offer, these exclusive activities and experiences bring together Greek culture, breathtaking natural beauty and luxurious moments of pampering and relaxation, with opportunities for adventure to boot. After exploring the plethora of activities, tours and local hotspots and carefully considering guests’ desires and preferences, the Myconian Collection has simply curated the very best of Mykonos. From private tours to spa treatments, secluded beaches, helicopter rides, and beyond, these Myconian experiences seek to make every guest feel like royalty, introducing them to the very soul of the island. 270


“AT THE MYCONIAN COLLECTION, we go out of our way to ensure that your Mykonos getaway is the very best holiday of your life”, Panagiotis Doufekoulas, Head of Rooms Division Operations explains. “No matter where they come from, our guests are not just looking for the highest standards in accommodation and service but are eager to explore everything that the peerless Aegean destination that is Mykonos island has to offer”. Thanks to our insider knowledge of this land, time-honoured collaborations with the local community and top-of-therange amenities, the people of the Myconian Collection have curated and perfected a wide range of fascinating experiences for you to indulge in. From the adrenaline of a helicopter ride providing a bird’s eye view of the entire Cyclades and beyond to archaeological marvels and exquisite wine tastings, there’s something for everyone to explore, no matter what they enjoy. Exclusively available to guests staying at one of the ten Myconian Collection hotels and resorts, the array of experiences and activities you’ll discover in the following pages are unique, impeccably organised and fully personalised to suit your needs and preferences. These made-to-measure mini-escapes can last as long as you want them to, giving you dozens of brand new ways to discover the soul of authentic Mykonos and the meaning of pure luxury. All you have to do to partake in one or more of these tempting options is to get in touch with your concierge, who will take care of everything. As your guide to the remarkable beauty of Mykonos, we are fully equipped and looking forward to showing you what exactly it is that makes this destination so special. Join us as we dive into the cool waters of the Aegean for an underwater photography session; hop on a luxurious yacht to head to the ancient “garden of the gods” – UNESCO World Heritage site, Delos; discover authenticity, tradition and culture at a fully functional traditional Mykonos farmstead that beckons you to partake in a life closer to the soil; taste exquisite wines paired with beautiful cheeses; ride on majestic horses; swim in infinity pools… and much more – the best, bespoke and exclusive experiences Mykonos can give you await.

“However they like to unwind, our guests are seeking more than the premium accommodation and service they have come to expect from the Myconian Collection hotels and resorts. They are also eager to see their dreams come to life as they explore everything that the unrivalled Aegean region has to offer”.

A METHODICAL PROFESSIONAL Panagiotis Doufekoulas, Head of Rooms Division Operations, is constantly on the move, never ceasing to pay attention to every detail of the guests’ experience.




cruise to delos

VISIT THE GARDEN OF THE GODS MYKONOS MAY be one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world today, but a long time ago, it was overshadowed by a tiny island to its southwest: Delos. Known as “the garden of the gods”, Delos was a beacon of religion, trade, culture and multiculturalism in Ancient Greece. Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its “outstanding universal value”. Pilgrims from all over the known world would flock to holy sanctuary Delos, the birthplace of Apollo, god of music, truth and light, and his sister, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Eager to share this bright chapter of history with everyone, the Myconian Collection has curated a luxurious experience to introduce you to the glory of Delos. You’ll be setting sail from Mykonos on your private boat to marvel at fantastic statues, ancient houses and temples alongside an experienced tour guide. What’s more, you can extend your nautical getaway to remote secret beaches and coves as well as neighbouring islands, including Santorini, Naxos and Tinos. As the sunset draws near, toast the legendary waters of the Aegean Sea with a bottle of exquisite wine or champagne on board. It’s time to step back in time in luxury and style to partake in the charming secrets of myth and history.

ESCAPE TO ANTIQUITY Visit the extraordinary island of Delos – with its extensive antiquities, statues and mosaics – in style on board a luxurious yacht or traditional boat from our extensive fleet.




private helicopter tours

PANORAMIC VIEWS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY IN ANCIENT GREEK mythology, the sun was a god. Every day, he would drive a chariot pulled by fiery steeds across the sky. The idea of flying always fascinated humans, even millennia before the invention of the first aeroplanes. There are many ways to fly, though, and here at the Myconian Collection we’ve found the most luxurious, most exciting option and paired it with our local expertise to bring you a superb experience. By booking a helicopter tour of Mykonos and the nearby islands, we’ll give you ample opportunity to get the exhilarating feeling of flying while exploring the archipelago. Watch the sun glisten on the water, witness the endless hues of blue, and take in wondrous vistas on the side of our trusted pilots. The helicopter tour of Mykonos is an exclusive Myconian experience not to be missed.

VIP EXTRAVAGANCE At the Myconian Collection, your private helicopter tours can be personalised to your heart’s content to truly make you feel on top of the world.



experience AUTHENTICITY AND PASSION Step back in time to a purer, less fast-paced era at a farmstead where everything is done the traditional, time-honoured Mykonos way.

rizes folklore farmstead

BACK TO THE ROOTS TAPPING INTO THE “rizes” [roots] of this island to give you an authentic experience of Mykonos past, this farmstead takes you back. Traditional houses, farmland and utility spaces frame the experience: wood oven, chicken coop, olive grove, wine press – everything is functional and nothing is for show. Inspired by his father, Giannis, Nikos Zouganelis and his family chose to partake in the simpler, purer way of life of their ancestors, and share the experience with the world. They bake bread, weave fabrics, make fresh cheese, tend to chickens and donkeys… They also welcome visitors as dear friends, inviting them to live like a Mykonian, break bread with the family, and get their hands dirty if they want, discovering a pure life before technology. 274




experience wine tastings

WINE RITUALS MADE TO MEASURE THIS SUMMER, you’re visiting a blessed land where winemaking has millennia of history. If you enjoy fine wine and authentic flavours, you will be remiss not to take part in a wine tasting that’s expertly curated courtesy of the Myconian Collection. Enjoyed on the island since ancient times, local wine here comes from indigenous varieties such as the legendary Assyrtiko as well as international classics Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The Mediterranean climate of Greece creates beautiful wines, with several distinctive terroirs in the country – some famous and others well-kept secrets awaiting discovery. Personalised to your preferences, wine tastings at the Myconian Collection are veritable journeys in the craftsmanship and art of the vine and the wine. Expert sommeliers are at your disposal as your knowledgeable guides, while wines can be paired with extraordinary cheeses and fruit from Greece and beyond. Depending on your interests, we can set up a tour of local vineyards and winemaking facilities or even an utterly elegant private wine tasting on our premises with a focus on Greek or international wines. INDULGE YOUR LOVE OF WINE Take part in a ritual to honour the art of winemaking by tasting stand-out labels – famous and niche alike, all exceptional in quality – assisted by our wine experts.

underwater photography

CAPTURE THE DREAM You may have thousands of holiday pictures: Stunning sunsets, emblematic landmarks, carefree shots on sandy beaches. But have you ever had the pleasure of being part of an underwater photoshoot? The Myconian Collection now gives you a chance to take part in a curated experience of underwater photography. Alongside our expert team, you’ll take a boat to the perfect spot for your photo session – somewhere where you feel at ease, diving into the water to let the bottom of the sea reveal its kaleidoscope of colours and magnificence. Take an exclusive peek at the wondrous aquatic world, obtain pictures of yourself in a brand new light and make memories for everyone to see – under the sea! ESCAPE INTO THE WATER Explore the pristine blue waters of the Aegean Sea and leave with amazing mementos of the vibrant world that hides under the sea.



infinity pools

TOUCH THE SKY SOMETIMES, THE VERY best things in life are simple. Indeed, it was a simple idea that created the fantastic concept of infinity pools, which are said to originate nowhere else than the Palace of Versailles back in the 17th century. Swimming in an infinity pool is nothing short of a spiritual experience, as you float in the infinite blue of the water, which becomes one with the sea and the sky. At the Myconian Collection, we always want to provide you with the very best experiences, so we offer ample accommodation options with private infinity pools. There are also gorgeous large-scale infinity pools next to charming bars and restaurants for the whole family to enjoy, with poolside drinks and activities for the little ones available to boot. Dive right in to watch the sunset, do some exercise or simply take your relaxation and bliss to new heights.

FIND THE ESSENCE OF BLISS Escape in endless blue hues of glistening water from your private infinity pool, which take relaxation and indulgence to new heights.

vip transportation

RIDE IN COMFORT AND STYLE With a long experience in corporate and VIP hospitality, the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts offer guests the option of exclusive helicopter flights direct to the resorts’ ´helipad, in addition to private jet services. These chartered flights are a flexible, truly enjoyable way to reach your hotel while taking in exclusive, breathtaking views of the islands. As Sophia Spanou, Director of Ground Transportations explains, “our dedicated Guests Service team places the world at your fingertips, and we are experts in getting you from here to anywhere in style. Our ever-attentive, multilingual front desk is available at all times to offer expert recommendations or assistance with reservations, travel arrangements, private excursions, charters or other special requests. You can also ride in comfort and style with our friendly and experienced chauffers. Our fleet of luxury limousines, Porsche Cayennes, Mercedes mini limo-buses and 40-seat limo-coaches can meet your most exacting transportation requirements”. THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Taking the ideal of Greek hospitality further, Sophia Spanou, our Director of Ground Transportations, can help you get from here to anywhere in style.



MYCONIAN AMBASSADOR HOTEL Platis Gialos, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 24166 +30 22890 24233 (fax)

MYCONIAN AVATON RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 76100 +30 22890 71700 (fax)

MYCONIAN IMPERIAL RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 79500 +30 22890 79595 (fax)


MYCONIAN VILLA COLLECTION Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 76000 +30 22890 76040 (fax)

ROYAL MYCONIAN RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 72000 +30 22890 72027 (fax)

MYCONIAN NAIA LUXURY SUITES Mykonos Town 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 22108 +30 22890 23455 (fax)

MYCONIAN PANOPTIS ESCAPE Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 76060 +30 22890 76069 (fax)

MYCONIAN UTOPIA RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 76060 +30 22890 76069 (fax)

MYCONIAN KORALI HOTEL Mykonos Town 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 22107 +30 22890 26189 (fax)

MYCONIAN KYMA HOTEL Mykonos Town 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece +30 22890 23415 +30 22890 23455 (fax)


MYCONIAN IMPERIAL BOUTIQUES Elia Beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 79500

MYCONIAN UTOPIA BOUTIQUES Elia beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 76060

ROYAL MYCONIAN BOUTIQUES Elia Beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 72000

MYCONIAN AVATON BOUTIQUES Elia Beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 76100

MYCONIAN AMBASSADOR BOUTIQUE Platis Gialos, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 24166



ECLECTIC BOUTIQUE AT THE MYCONIAN KORALI Mykonos Town GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 22107 EUPHORIA BOUTIQUE AT THE MYCONIAN KYMA Mykonos Town GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 23415

ADA KAMARA STORES 4 Riga Feraiou, Mykonos Town GR 846 00 2 Fl. Zouganeli, Mykonos GR 846 00 9 Klisthenous, Athens GR 105 52 ANAMNESIA Enoplon Dinameon, Matoyiannia, Mykonos, GR 846 00 T +30 22890 79171 ANAPOLO 25 P. Drakopoulou, Mykonos Town GR 846 00 T +30 22890 78723 ANATOL 8 Argyropoulou Str, Kifissia, Athens T +30 210 8018253 37A Kifisias Avenue, Golden Hall, Marousi T. +30 210 6835272 APRES SKI Myconian Villa Collection - Elia Beach, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 76000 Utopia Hotel Elia Beach, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 76060 ARTION GALLERIES Myconian Villa Collection - Elia Beach, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 76000 AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE MYKONOS 12B B. Zorzi & Enoplon Dinameon, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 228930 6726 CHOPARD MYKONOS Enoplon Dynameon, Tria Pigadia, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 26406 COSSET MYKONOS Argyraina – Dexamenes, GR 846 00, Mykonos T +30 22890 78146 Goumenio Square, Mykonos Town, GR 846 00

T +30 22890 24450 44-60 Vouliagmenis Avenue, Voula, Athens GR 166 73 T +30 210 8950207 D.S. GOLD - PRECIOUS SIGNATURE Agia Anna, GR 846 00, Mykonos Τ +30 22890 25251 ENNY MONACO Tria Pigadia, GR 846 00, Mykonos T +30 22890 77100 Christian Louboutin Pop-Up Store, Nammos Village, Psarou, Mykonos GR 846 00 23 Irodotou Str, Kolonaki, Athens T +30 210 7290805 16 Levidou Str, Kifissia, Athens T +30 210 8086331 41 Laodikis Str, Glyfada, Athens T +30 210 8940153 GEORGIOS & CO Waterfront, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 22890 22097 Agia Anna, GR 846 00, Mykonos Τ +30 22890 79259 GOFAS 43 Matoyianni Str, GR 846 00 Mykonos T +30 22890 24521 F +30 22890 24816 3 Stadiou Str, Syntagma Square, GR 105 62, Athens T +30 210 3317540 9 Aristotelous Square, GR 546 24, Thessaloniki T +30 2310 279703 Athens International Airport, Intra Schengen Area B, Athens T +30 210 3533627 KARAT 14 Mitropoleos Str, Mykonos Town GR 846 00 T +30 22890 77949 KESSARIS – ORA KESSARIS 58 M. Andronikou Str, GR 846 00, Mykonos T +30 22890 22880 KITON Nammos Psarou Beach, Psarou, GR 846 00, Mykonos T +30 22890 22488

KOORELOO PRINCIPOTE AGORA Panormos Beach, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 77184 SHOWROOM BY AL GIGA 6 Sotiros, Mykonos Town GR 846 00 T +30 22893 06730 JARDIN OF MYKONOS 23 Mitropoleos, Mykonos Town GR 846 00 T +30 22890 27451 AESTHET Nammos Village, Psarou, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 27132 LINEA PIU BOUTIQUE 24, N. Kalogera Str, Mykonos Town GR 846 00, Mykonos T +30 22890 78922 6 Sekeri Str, GR 106 74, Athens T. +30 210 3606125 LUISA WORLD Luisa Beach, Nammos Psarou Beach, GR 846 00, Mykonos T +30 22890 22015 15 Skoufa Str, Kolonaki, GR 106 73, Athens T +30 210 3635600 11 Kolokotroni Str, Kifisia, GR 145 62, Athens T +30 210 8016641 ROLEX ROUSOUNELOS 32 Matogianni Str, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 22797 ZERTEO Myconian Villa Collection - Elia Beach, Mykonos GR 846 00 T +30 22890 76000



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“WHEN POLYKRATES OF SAMOS gained control of Rineia, he annexed it to Delos, linking them together with a chain”, says Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis, an archaeologist at the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades. It has no streets, no cars and no permanent residents, yet the people of Mykonos cherish Rineia dearly. Parts of the island were given to Mykonos’s landless, who formed a co-op. Today, 72 locals keep cattle and farm the land while protecting it. You need special licence to stay the night and to moor, as it is a designated archaeological site under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture – as well as a living remnant of a bygone era, before the growth of tourism in the Aegean. As you approach by caique, the virgin beaches, turquoise waters and wild nature beckon, and you start to feel a unique energy – Rineia is pure magic lost in time. 280




ATHENS Vouliagmenis Ave. 44-46, Voula, Z.C 16673

T. +30 210 8950207 | F. +30 210 8950206 Email | ATHENS Laodikis Srt. 30, Glyfada, Z.C 16674 T. +30 210 8945836 | F. +30 210 8945836 Email |

MYKONOS Argyraina – Dexamenes, Z.C 84600

T. +30 22890 78146 | F. +30 22890 78147 Email | MYKONOS Goumenio Square, Mykonos Town, Z.C 84600 T. +30 22890 24450 | F. +30 22890 24451 Email |

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