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Friday 29 October 2016

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SASSA officials in Social Grant Scam

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) beneficiaries at Saaiplaas near Monsterlus claim they are being robbed by the officials that hand them their grant money at pay-points. Now residents want SASSA to investigate theses officials. In one incident, a 97 year old granny who can’t be named was robbed off R1300-00. She was only given R220-00 by SASSA officials at Saaiplaas pay-point. A community leader, News Mahlangu told the Dispatch that the problem started in 2012 where beneficiaries, mostly elderly, don’t receive their full grants. He added that there are many pensioners who have been subjected to this trend, and their families end up deprived and have nothing left to survive for the whole month. He added that some pensioners, who are able to count their money, complain before leaving the pay-point and the officials quickly paid them the full amount. He stated that a pensioner’s committee was elected in the area but it is doing nothing to assist helpless social grant beneficiaries. “It is well known that the committee is working with some of these officials on the scam to defraud our elderly people,” he said. Mahlangu explained that when the elderly complain, they are told the money has been deducted

because they bought airtime vouchers, electricity and some went to banks as a monthly charge. “This is highly impossible to us, how can a 97 year old spent more than R1000-00 on airtime while she is not even having a cellphone. Why is this happening to very old people and those who are mentally challenged? he asked. He said the matter was reported to the previous ward councillor who attended the pay-point with ward committee members to assist elderly and disabled counting their grant money. “The scam stopped for two months and then started again when councillor and ward committee members no longer attended pay-points for assistance. It is SASSA’s responsibility to uproot this kind of behaviour because it is done by their employees. We raised this concern to them but they are doing nothing,” he said. Mahlangu added that a concern was also raised to the new Elias Motsoaledi Ward 16 Councillor Ben Zulu who promised to address it in the municipality but nothing happened so far. “We now want to take the matter to Limpopo MEC for community safety for her intervention,” concluded News Mahlangu. Elias Motsoaledi Ward 16 Councillor Ben Zulu said he knows about the matter and it was dealt with last year when he was still a ward committee member. “I am going to call a meeting with the pensioner’s committee to hear if the problem is still continuing . I want to hear from them what they did to deal with it. If the problem persists where elderly are been robbed at pay-points, I will arrange for a community meeting to identify the victims where we will come with solutions to deal with the matter permanently,” he said.

Violent storm rips off Moutse house roofs An overnight thunderstorm destroyed a number of houses in some parts of Moutse villages in Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality. The violent storm, that hit the area on Saturday 22 October, left some families homeless without a place to sleep after their roofs were blown away. Corrugated sheets were seen flying to different directions. Affected residents were seeking shelter at neighbours’ houses. More than 20 households were affected by the storm. This is the second time in less than six years that the area has been devastated by a storm. In 2011, people were left homeless as their houses were badly damaged. Roofs were blown away and windows were shattered. One of the affected community members is Calvin Ditshego from

Ntwane. He told the Dispatch that he was away when the storm blow away his roof. “I was called by my neighbours informing me that my roof was blown away by a heavy storm. I rushed to find all the corrugated sheets scattered in the yard. Fortunately no one was home when the incident occur,” he said. Another resident, Charles Mahlodi described the storm as a hurricane saying that it started off as light winds with showers but changed dramatically to heavy winds that stripped roofs from a lot of the houses in the area. “The storm was too strong and terrifying. I thought we were going to die because the corrugated iron sheets could have cut us into pieces. We thank God for saving our lives. .... continues on page 2


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016

Angry community puts water project on hold Disgruntled Tafelkop community members went on a rampage and suspended a water project on

Friday 14 October. Among their complaints, community members got angry after they were

told the project will not cover a certain portion of Bapeding Section because the area is not in the municipal map. They also raised nepotism allegations claiming that people who reside around the councillor’s home gained first preference in terms of employment when the project started on Monday 7 October. A letter was written to Elias Motsoaledi Mayor Cllr Julia Mathebe by residents demanding that she must attend a community meeting so that they will address challenges faced by the community. The mayor did not arrive and sent Ward 26 Councillor Girly Motlafe on her behalf. The community refused to be addressed by the councillor. This led to the project being suspended by the majority of Bapeding Section residents. A community member who doesn’t want to be named said the municipality area of Bapeding has been shunned out of a number of project by the municipality claiming that it is out of the municipal map range. “We do not understand because Bapeding is in the middle of Tafelkop Village and there is no way that it can be out of the municipal map. We feel like this is sabotage from the municipality,” he said.

He said the area has no water since it was established in the 1960s and the municipality is not coming with relief measures to provide residents with drinkable water. “We were happy that we will now have water but now we are disappointed. We cannot allow the project to continue until the mayor comes and ensures us that the rest of the village will be included in the project. We also want to end nepotism that is escalating in projects around the village where residents who live around the councillor’s side gain first preference in terms of employment,” he said. Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality was not available for comment at the time of going to print.

The site is now a play area for children after the community boycott the project.

Violent storm rips off Moutse house roofs Continues from page 1... We are glad that no injuries were reported in the morning,” he said. Elias Motsoaledi Communications Officer Simon Makua said the municipality’s disaster Management assisted the affected families by providing them with blankets and sponges. “The municipality is now in negotiations with SASSA to offer victims food parcels and other essential needs. The municipality will continue assisting the destitute affected families of this heavy storm,” he said.

Prize Giving at Groblersdal Academy Prize Giving is one of the highlights on the Groblersdal Academy calendar. Wednesday 12 October and Thursday 13 October proved no different than other years. Throughout the year our learners are taught to care for the environment. The ‘Re-use, Reduce and Recycle’-theme just added the cherry on top!

Mzwakhe Radebe: Dux Scholar of 2016

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016


Salary raise for non-performing Elias Motsoaledi Managers The South African Local Government Association has recently issued a circular in reference to the framework for the salary adjustments of Senior Managers in the municipalities including Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality. The circular states that it is guided by a framework where various factors were taken into consideration before the recommended increase is implemented. According to opposition councillor in Elias Motsoaledi, Seun Mogotji, Senior Managers in the municipality should not get a raise because they performed very poor and do not comply with most of the obligations considered in the circular. “The council approved an 8% increase after the item was tabled in the council by the Municipal Manager Minah Maredi without explaining the conditions of the circular to the councillors. Elias Motsoaledi managers do not qualify to get salary increase as the circular stated that the council has the obligation to consider some factors when deciding on the actual award of the cost of living adjustment as proposed,” he said. Mogotji said some of the factors are that the municipality will be able to afford the adjustments by looking at the state of their funds including; Micro-Economic Policy, inflation, productivity,

comparability and Back to Basics Program. It is clear that Elias Motsoaledi is lacking in all these spheres. The councillor said the municipality has received a disclaimer in its latest Audit Report and is also under Special Investigating Unit (SIU) which contradicts the conditions of the circular in terms of salary increase. “It is stated that if a particular municipality receives a persistent poor audit outcomes and regressions for ideal audit outcomes, it generally present serious contradictions to the principles in the Back to Basics Program.” “Poor audit also affect in the Accountability Framework and that the municipality that is further characterized by disclaimers, adverse audit findings as well as non-submissions of

annual financial statements, should give consideration as to whether it is proper or appropriate to grant salary increase to its Senior Managers who are primarily discharged with the responsibility for improving and sustaining such dismal organizational performance,” added Mogotji. He said Elias Motsoaledi is depending on grants from the Treasury to pay its operational expenses and fails on its revenue collection. He added the municipality is characterized by irregular expenditures where Senior Management failed to act upon. “In the past two years, the municipality has lost R113 Million in irregular, fruitless, wasteful and unauthorized expenditure. The municipality is also under SIU investigations for misappropriation and mismanagement of public funds.

Salary adjustments to Section 56/57 Senior Managers is been awarded to compensate them for their ability to deliver a good sound financial management and good governance,” explained Mogotji. He furthered said they will dispute the increase because Senior Managers in Elias Motsoaledi do not deserve it. “As the Bolsheviks Party of South Africa we demand that the salary increases be suspended and payments made to the Senior Managers starting from 1 July 2016, be refunded to the municipality as none of the managers are entitled and deserve the increase, as according to the prerequisites detailed in the SALGA Circular,” concluded Councillor Mogotji. Elias Motsoaledi Municipality was not available for comment at time of going to print.


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016

Jane Furse Comprehensive School Matric Dinner held Jane Furse Comprehensive School held its matric dinner as a part of a farewell function for the grade 12 pupils of the class of 2016. The event was organized in the evening of Friday 14 October at the school premises in Jane Furse where parents, pupils, educators from nearby schools and former learners attended. A total of 90 matric learners who will be sitting for matric exams this year were dressed to kill as they walked down the red carpet with partners. The School Headmaster, Majeletje Mogaladi said the event is held annually. The school invites former learners to motivate matric pupils just before they seat to write their final exams. He said that the decision is the school’s strategy to sustain and improve the matric pass rate. He added that the school want the message to be spread among youth by young people who attended school at Jane Furse Comprehensive. “Farewell functions are part of the school calendar and we will continue with the tradition in the coming years,” he said.

Magashula Maria, Malekutu Mpho, Morota Lucia promised to get 100% pass in their final examinations.

Rosette Magapa (Guest Speaker and former Learner, UWC graduate in BSC ), Mawela Keletso Grade 12 Learner.

Madigwe Hope, Kgoloko Bonolo, Phaahlamohlaka Michel (RCL President) and Nogola Innocent.

Jane Furse Comprehensive matric learners, Nkadimeng Mathabo, Masube Kamogelo .

Hilda Mogashoa was looking amazing during the farewell function.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016


Ephraim Mogale Ward 1 march to demand ward councillor’s removal More than hundred community members from Malebitsa and Driefontein Villages in Ephraim Mogale Ward 1 marched to the municipal offices on Wednesday 26 October to deliver their memorandum of grievances at 10:00 in the morning. Residents’ main concern was the removal of Ward Councillor Maria Aphane from her position. A community leader Charlie Mothemane told the Dispatch that they demand Aphane’s removal because she was not a suitable candidate in the position. He said the community wants Jeremiah Tlometsane to be the councillor as he is a suitable candidate that was elected by the majority of ANC members. “She was appointed in the position to be ANC ward councillor candidate because of her relations to the Premier’s advisor, Lucas Mello. She was even in position 3 of the list of candidates

sent to the ANC just before the elections,” he said. Mothemane added that Aphane was also involved in scandals where she defrauded Malebitsa Home Based Care of R90 000-00. He added that she left the home based care nonoperational led to community members struggling and turning to home based cares situated at other villages. “She is also a pensioner who doesn’t qualify to be a ward councillor and address community needs to the municipality. We want Jeremiah Tlometsane to be our councillor. He was in top position on the list of candidates elected by ANC members in Ephraim Mogale Ward 1,” he added. Mothemane went on: “We are experiencing poor service delivery in the area. We have no water at all, our roads are in a very bad state. We have been struggling for a very long time. Now we want the municipality to attend to our challenges,” he said. He said they’ve given the municipality 14 working days to respond to their memorandum. “If they fail to attend to our issues, we will be demanding the demarcation board to send us to Waterberg Municipality maybe things will be better there,” he said. Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality Communications Manager Jan Phasha said they received the memorandum and they are ready to respond. “It is our duty

Sekhukhune District Joint Mayoral Inauguration a success The joint inauguration of the newly elected Sekhukhune District Mayors was held at Monsterlus Stadium on Saturday 22 October. The Mayors, who were officially inaugurated were; Sekhukhune Executive Mayor Cllr Keamotseng Stanley Ramaila, Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Mayor Cllr Julia Mathebe, Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality Mayor Bella Kupa, Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality Mayor Minah Bahula and Mayor of Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality Johannes Phokane. More than 5000 people attended the event. Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha, MEC for Coghsta Mme Makoma Makhurupetje, MEC for Sports, Arts and Culture Mme Onicca Moloi were among the dignitaries who attended the celebrations. In his speech, Sekhukhune District Mayor Stanley Ramaila emphasized that the duties of the municipalities is to serve the people. Executive Ramaila thanked the people for giving ANC power to control all five councils in the district. “We are deeply honoured for having been given a fresh mandate by our people to lead. The voting results signals a vote of confidence in the ANC policies of advancing radical economic change and transformation of our society from the shackles of the past apartheid system to the attainment of the National Democratic Society,” said Ramaila. Ramaila sent his praises to the two previous Sekhukhune Executive Mayors, Dickson Masemola and David Magabe. “In the same wavelength, I am deeply touched as I recognize the former Executive Mayors of Sekhukhune District Municipality, Mr Namane Dickson Masemola and Mogobo David Magabe. Today, we usher praises to these two humble servants of the ANC who together with their generations, contributed immensely to

The newly inaugurated mayors, Makhuduthamaga Mayor Minah Bahula, Elias Motsoaledi Mayor Julia Mathebe, Limpopo Coghsta MEC Makoma Makhurupetje, Sekhukhune Executive Mayor Stanley Ramaila, Limpopo Premier Stanley Mathabatha, Fetakgomo Tubatse Mayor Johannes Phokane and Ephraim Mogale Mayor Bella Kupa.

what Sekhukhune District Municipality is today,” he said. The attendees were entertained with sounds of indigenous cultural music, poems and dance by different groups other individual performers.

as municipality to listen and resolve the complaints of the people. We received their memorandum and we will be responding to their grievances soon,” he said.


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016

Pastor shot dead in Moteti

Dennilton SAPS are looking for suspects who shot dead a Pastor at Moteti Village. The deceased, Samuel Matmafosi Baloyi (37), was shot with eight bullets on Wednesday 19 October around 01:00. Constable Inanda Shipalana, Dennilton SAPS Spokesperson said the deceased arrived home when he was attacked by unknown suspects. “The deceased arrived home and parked his vehicle in the garage when he was shot multiple times by the unknown people. He was shot eight times through the driver side window. He was the leader of the Sun Church at Moteti Village,” she said. She said the lifeless body of Baloyi was discovered by his family members a few hours after the incident occurred. “A few hours after hearing gunshots, the family went to check and discovered his lifeless body in a pool of blood inside his vehicle. The motive of the killing is unknown and the suspects are not known. A docket of murder is under investigation. Anyone with information that can assist the police in this case please contact Colonel Botha on 079 524 1351/013 983 0161,” she said.

Mysterious fire burns down a shop in Groblersdal Town A docket of arson is under investigation at Groblersdal SAPS after a shop burned to ashes. The incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday 25 October at Mark Street in Groblersdal Town where Bahunia Bottle Store was taken down by a mysterious fire. According to the police report, the fire was spotted by passerbys in the early hours. They informed the police about the incident and the Groblersdal Fire Fighters were alerted. “By the time fire fighters arrived at the scene, the goods in the shop already burned to ashes,” said Constable Julia Mampa, Acting Groblersdal SAPS Spokesperson. Mampa said the cause of the fire is unknown at this stage and no one was injured. She added that the estimated damage cost by the fire is about R50 000-00. “A docket of arson was registered at Groblersdal SAPS. An investigation is underway,” she said.

SASSA offices robbed in Leeufontein The police in Motetema have launched a manhunt after 8 unknown armed suspects robbed the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offices in Leeufontein. It is alleged that the suspects committed the crime between the night of Tuesday 18 October and morning of Wednesday 19 October. According to Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, Limpopo Provincial Police Spokesperson, the heavily armed suspects attacked the unsuspecting on duty security guards at the offices. “They pointed the two on duty guards with firearms and tied them up at both hands and legs. They made it away with a state vehicle, a white double cab Nissan with registration number CYS 943 L. The vehicle has SASSA emblems on both front doors. The suspects loaded eight computers and four laptops in the stolen state vehicle. Vehicle batteries were also stolen from other two parked state vehicles and one private vehicle,” he said. Ngoepe added that the office strong room was cut off with a grinder where petrol cards, SASSA bank cards and gate keys were stolen. “No arrests have been made at this stage and the suspects are not known. The docket of armed robbery is under investigation. Anyone with information about the incident may contact Brigadier James Espach on 082 576 0743. They may call the crime stop number on 08600 10111 or contact the nearest police station,” said Ngoepe.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016

Hebzer Sports & Skills Development join forces with PSL’s Baroka FC Hebzer Sports & Skills Development (HS& SD) will be joining forces with one of the Limpopo based PSL football clubs, Baroka FC. The development will be working hand in hand with Baroka to uplift the standard of football in Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality. Baroka FC has also donated soccer balls to HS&SD during a soccer tournament organized by the development at Tafelkop Rovers Sports Ground. HS&SD Director and also Secretary of Baroka Interim Branch in Elias Motsoaledi, Herbert Radingwane said they appreciate a donation made by Baroka to the development. “The donation will make the development to go a extra mile. It come as a relief because I contribute out of my own pocket to run the four soccer teams under Hebzer Sports & Skills Development,” he said. Radingwane added that they are busy issuing membership cards and are working on launching the Baroka FC branch in Elias Motsoaledi. “The branch will be launched after we registered a total of 50 membership cards for Baroka supporters. We are calling on the community to come forward and support this Limpopo based football club,” he said. He said Baroka promised to visit some tournaments organized by HS&DS to scout players that

could possibly seen playing for this Limpopo PSL side. Herbert Radingwane said his development will soon be registered under the South African Football Association (SAFA). “I am busy with the process of SAFA registrations at the stage. I want the development rules to regulate by SAFA so that we will run things in a professional way with Baroka FC,” he said. He said by registering with SAFA, they are aiming to pave a way for their players to be easily recognized by teams falling under professional soccer leagues in the country. He furthered said his aim is to start a soccer academy that will accommodate children of school going age whereby they will be playing soccer as a career. “The government is not doing enough to introduce sports in schools. You can visit a number of schools around the villages and you will find that there is a shortage of educators who teach sports to these young ones and encourage them to take it as a career,” he said. He explained that the academy will be able to provide professional training and coaching to children from the age of 7. Baroka FC Supporters’ Manager Julius Mohlala said Baroka partnered with Radingwane after seeing the commitment he has towards developing young soccer playing

people around the villages. He added that so far they donated soccer balls to Radingwane’s development and promised that they will be offering other soccer material in the near future. “Baroka will continue supporting Radingwane and other community soccer projects such as in schools and local teams. Baroka was aiming to arrange for one of their games in Elias Motsoaledi but the Tafelkop and Monsterlus Stadiums are in a very bad state where one can see that they haven’t been maintained for a very long time,” he said.



DISPATCH FRIDAY - 28 October 2016

Makgatle Rocks crowned Sekhukhune Nedbank Cup Champions Makgatle Rocks FC from Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality are the new champions of the Sekhukhune Nedbank Cup. The team managed to win the top 32 tournament that was played by SAB League teams around Sekhukhune District. Rocks will now be representing SAFA Sekhukhune District in the Limpopo Nedbank Provincial Championships to be held at Polokwane on Sunday 30 October. The team will face their counterparts from other district in Limpopo namely; Capricorn, Vhembe, Waterberg and Mopani. South African Football Association (SAFA) General Secretary in Sekhukhune Pro Thipane said the association is behind Rocks and will give all the support needed to participate in the province. “The team will be representing us and so we will support them in order to push to their limits when playing at Polokwane on Sunday. We want them to display their thrilling performance they showed during the elimination matches before they were crowned Sekhukhune Nedbank Cup Champions,” he said. He added that they are ready to send Rocks to participate in the National Nedbank Championships that will take place soon after provinces crown their champions. “We made a commitment to the coaches and teams fraternity that we will do our best to support them along the way and to ensure they remain active. The visit to Polokwane is long overdue so we are glad that it has finally arrived. We can’t wait for 30 October 2016 and I hope people from Sekhukhune District will fully support Makgatle Rocks FC,” added Pro Thipane. He said while football will be the order of the day on Sunday 30 October at Polokwane, other teams in Sekhukhune are taking part in the Regional SAB League. “The league is underway in stream A and B in

the region and teams are participating with dedication and commitment. The first round has just started and the league at initial stage. We are hoping to enter the league second round next year where we will be crowning the SAFA Sekhukhune SAB League Champions,” he said. He further said at this stage they are focusing on giving support to Rocks and hope

it will make it to the Nedbank National Championships. “ We are behind these boys and hope they will win the provincial championships. We would like to thank the sponsors Nedbank for their cooperation during the tournament and we look forward to what would be a spectacular affair in Polokwane on Sunday,” he concluded.

Dispatch for Sekhukhune area 28 October 2016  

Community news for the Sekhukhune districts. Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Dennilton, Motetema, Jane Furse, Leeuwfontein, Siyabuswa and many mor...

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