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Friday 15 December 2016

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Whistle Against Crime Campaign started in Tafelkop

To fight the high rate of crime in the area, Tafelkop residents have started a Whistle Against Crime Campaign. The campaign is an initiative by Tafelkop residents after the village has been terrorized by criminals. The campaign is aiming to fight criminal activities in Tafelkop this Festive Season. According to community members, in most of the crimes reported by the villagers, no arrests had been made. A few whistles were distributed among community members earlier last month and the number of crimes committed seemed to be decreasing. A local shop owner, Demark Gebere, said the campaign played an important role in saving his business from criminals. “I was once woken up by a loud noise when criminals broke into my shop. When they tried to open the door that leads to my bedroom, I immediately woke up and started blowing my whistle. The whistle woke my neighbours who blew their whistles too and a number of community members came to my rescue after hearing the whistles. The criminals fled empty handed,” he said. Gebere thanked the community of Tafelkop Bapeding for their efforts to introduce the Whistle Against Crime Campaign that saved his business from criminals. Residents are worried that the campaign does

not accommodate all residents, in particular those who own businesses in Tafelkop. “This is because some residents and business owners do not attend community meetings where issues of crime prevention top the list. They end up left behind and become targets of criminals this Festive Season,” said a resident who wishes to remain anonymous. According to one community member, Jeffrey Walker, the aim of the initiative is to cripple criminal activities in the area. Walker added that after introducing the campaign to residents, they went to seek whistle donations from business owners in Tafelkop and Groblersdal Town. “Business people responded positively and whistles were donated by shop owners from Groblersdal and Tafelkop. We would like to thank business owners who contributed to the campaign such as; Mr Johan Fourie from JQ Spares, Mr Gerrie Nel owner of Ring Gold Investment, Oom Johan from Vleismark, Debonairs Pizza, NTT Toyota Groblersdal, Shahid Abba, Thuli Kabini from TCRS, Ali Hardware, Kgoshi Beleu Rammupudu II and his council,” said Walker. He added that they still need of more whistles to be donated as the demand is high and their aim is to cover the rest of the village. “It is our responsibility to defeat crime in our respective areas and with this initiative, we believe we will have a safer Festive Season. Whistle Against Crime Campaign is an affordable means of communication when criminals attack and members of the community are able to respond quicker. We must also avoid to take law into our own hands and hand these criminals over to the police.,” he said.

Anyone who wishes to donate whistles to fight crime, is welcome to contact Jeff Walker on 071 434 5785 or Thembi Kabini on 072 393 3033.


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016

Black Christmas for EPWP workers The Expanded Public Works Programme has created more than a million jobs but because these are temporary, workers complain they are left barely better off than they were before. Some workers are also vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers who pay a whisker above the minimum wage. After the programme started at Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality in March this year, workers claim people who make money are only those in control of contracts. To make matters worse, the contractor did not pay their salaries since the beginning of September. Now the contract ended on 14 October and workers are still in vain waiting for their salaries to be paid. The company was appointed to do cleaning on major roads in Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality. Unemployed community members were appointed in all 31 wards of Makhuduthamaga villages. One worker, Shepherd Tshehla claims they were told in September month that the PGN Civil Company contract is ending on 14 October. “We were waiting for our salaries but we were not paid. Towards 14 October, we asked the contractor about our

salaries but we did not get clear answers. We heard on 7 December that the company is going to get a recommendation from the municipality that they have done a good job while busy with the project. How can they be recommended while we are still waiting for our salaries? asked Tshehla. He added that they made a follow up with the municipality’s Infrastructure Department earlier last month and they were promised that the matter will be resolved soon but nothing happened. “The people who make money are the ones who are in control, the ones with the contracts. At the end of the day, ordinary people only end up like their life doesn’t matter,” he added. Tshehla said they will be facing a black Christmas after being exploited by PGN Civil company. Dispatch efforts to reach PGN Director Tintshoalo Motupa were unsuccessful when his cellphone rang unanswered. He also did not return our voice messages. Head of Infrastructure in Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality Mapatlane Mohlala confirmed to the Dispatch that they were aware of the matter. “We were told by workers that they did not receive their salaries, however, we are only facilitators in the project. Our aim is to call both parties (workers and PGN Civil) to get to the bottom of the issue so that we can find resolutions soon,” he said.

EPWP workers gathered outside Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality in Jane Furse after receiving news that the contractor will be receiving recommendations for successfully completing the project.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016



DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016

BPSA demands former CFO reinstated to avoid loss in legal costs The Bolsheviks Party of South Africa (BPSA) is calling Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality council to withdraw charges against the former Chief Financial Officer Madimabe Monageng. The party claims they will make an official motion of a secret ballot on the matter to the municipality during a council meeting that will be held on Tuesday 20 December. Monageng was expelled by the municipality in 2012 after he was allegedly illegally appointed a contractor to do a job worth about R4 000. Monageng took the municipality to court claiming unfair dismissal where millions of rands were spent on legal fees. According to Seun Mogotji, BPSA leader and councillor in Elias Motsoaledi, they want the matter to be withdrawn as the municipality have spent more than R5 Million in legal fees. Mogotji added that the municipality management was advised by its legal team to settle the matter out of the court but they refused. “Such legal costs are now considered as irregu-

lar, unlawful, fruitless and wasteful expenditure in the 2017 financial year,” said Mogotji. He added that the Municipal Manager Minah Maredi did not seek advise from the council before she expelled Monageng as CFO. He said they are worried that the matter has taken too long now and millions of rands continue to go down the drain. “The municipal manager knew the budget for legal issues in the municipality was R1.5 Million in the 2015/2016 financial year but she exceeded it with more than R3 Million. She was not even mandated by the council to approach the Labour Court about the matter,” he said. Mogotji said in their motion, they will be demanding that Monageng should be reinstated in his position, or paid his remaining three year period of the five year contract that he was supposed to serve in the council in order to avoid further loss of funds in legal costs. Monageng only served two years of his five year contract term before he was fired.

Robbers use muthi to knock out owners of flat screen TV’s Residents of Maboneng and Ga-Molepane Villages in Jane Furse were urged to form street committees to patrol in the area this Festive Season. This comes after a number of houses were broken into where flatscreen TV’s were stolen. It is alleged that an unknown powder believed to be strong muthi is sprinkled in the yard and under doors, causing the families to fall deep asleep. The criminals then gain entry by breaking the doors without owners noticing and steal valuable items. It is believed by the community that these criminals may be using smoke from the burning tail of a hyena, a burning compact disc (CD), a pinch of soil from a grave, and a secret mix of herbs to put people inside a house into such a deep sleep so that

criminals can steal their belongings at leisure. Community leader Lloyd Mankge said the community immediately converged and it was agreed that residents should start street committees and buy whistles to get rid of these evil criminals. “By blowing whistles after noticing suspecting people moving around the villages, residents will act quickly to investigate and immediately call the police,” he said. He added that the perpetratos’ best time to do it is when the family was sitting down together to watch TV. Lloyd said it didn’t matter how long it took for the criminals to break in through the door or how much time they spent in the house stealing belongings, the family would only wake up in the morning.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016



DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016



DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016


The Ephraim Mogale Mayoral Festive Season Best Wishes Mayor C.R Kupa The year 2016 has been a very compelling and changing time for our municipality. We have

Life24 ready to save lives this festive season By Rymond Madisha From left: Terrence Malefahlo, Charles Swakamisa, Lot Moriba and Mildred Skosana. Marble Hall Life24 crew says they’re ready with force to save lives in this festive season. Mrs Mercia Blake the manager of life24 says “we have additional crews available to assist in our ICU service. Last festive season we attended to approximately 160 calls, our main branch is here in Marble Hall and our second branch is in Dennilton. Our plan this season is to have extra staff available so that they can rotate more frequently and rest enough as our vehicles travels long distances and it is very tiring. We have permanent mechanics on standby. Our divers have code 10 pdp and our drivers are qualified medics. We drive to scenes at normal speed, it’s just difficult because people do not give way for red lights and sirens no more. From we get the call, within the next 60 seconds, we are in the ambulance. Our emergency number 082 040 5003. My message to all South African drivers: unwrapping presents at Christmas is fun. Unwrapping people from wrecked vehicles is not. All we want for Christmas is for you to drive safely and take it easy on our roads this festive season. We would appreciate it if you give way when you see us coming. Speed is the most common cause for accidents and thus we want people to stick to the laws of the road. We don’t want much.... just that!” she said. Life24 is one of the quickest ambulance services in South Africa and with it lives are saved.

blissfully inaugurated our newly elected councillors and executive committee to assist in ensuring that we continue to accelerate quality services delivery throughout our communities. Through the entire year we have committed our time and zeal into providing outstanding service delivery to our community as we believe in our motto “Re hlabolla setšhaba” The festive season has arrived, let us enjoy and ensure that

we take care of ourselves, families, friends and neighbours not forgetting the elderly and the sick. To all drivers, please be cautious on the roads and remember the importance of seatbelts and do not drink and drive. Our law enforcement officers will be deployed all over the area to ensure safety during the festive season and will adopt a zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour. To all pedestrians, please be alert, wear

visible clothing at night, be observant and take care of yourselves on the roads. The municipality wishes that you enjoy the festive season with love, care, respect and joy. I wish that everyone has a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year, let 2017 be a year of change success and growth. “LET US ALL ARRIVE ALIVE! REMEMBER SPEED KILLS, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.”


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016

Namane Pre-school hit by heavy storm A heavy storm blew away the roof of Namane Pre-school in Tafelkop on the night of Thursday 1 December and left the young ones stranded with no place to attend. This is the second time the pre-school experienced such a tragedy in less than a year. Fortunately, the children were not at school at the time of the incidents because they both took place at night. Devastated Namane Preschool Principal Mrs Evelyn Magampa, heard from people residing nearby the school that the roof has been blown away. “I rushed out to check and was shocked to find corrugated iron sheets lying on the ground. The storm mainly affected the store room, office and isolation room where we keep our important files. Some children’s food were wet and important documents were also affected,” she said. She added that they were urged to move some of the items to the building that they use as the only class where the children attend. Magampa claims they reported both incidents to Elias Motsoaledi Ward 26 Councillor Girly Motlafe but she did not come with positive response. “The councillor promised to take the matter to the Disaster Management but we

never had any help coming from them. Some community members are willing to assist but they do not have the power to approach the municipality. There is no help here at home,” she said. She said they are stranded and do not know what will happen in January when the schools re-open because they do not have enough money to fix all the affected building. She said the pre-school did not have any support from the municipality’s Disaster Management in both tragedies. “I can’t even recall how many times I have been making follow ups with the councillor begging her for assistance,” she said. Magampa said it is terrible to watch the destroyed building without any assistance while the school will re-open early next year. “I am particularly saddened by the fact that we are encouraged by the government that we must make sure that we build future leaders in preschools, whereas they do not come to our rescue when we need their support. We could not ask parents for money because some are unemployed,” she said. Elias Motsoaledi Ward 26 Councillor Girly Motlafe told the Dispatch

that they raised the issue to the Department of Social Development and they are still waiting for the department to respond. She added that the municipality’s Disaster Management will not be able to assist as it focuses on household disasters and not for schools and creches.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016


Football Giants preparing for Annual Mpho Makola Tournament The 4th Annual Mpho Makola Soccer Tournament will be taking place at Tafelkop Stadium from Wednesday 21 to Saturday 24 December. The tournament will feature 16 soccer teams coming from different parts of Elias Motsoaledi and Ephraim Mogale Local Municipalities battling for the first prize. The tournament was started by Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana player, Mpho Makola to give back to the community and to support football activities in his home village, Tafelkop. According to the tournament coordinator Mr Jeffrey Mtshweni, the tournament saw more interested teams this year compared to the previous years. “We had about thirty teams wanting to take part but we were planning to accommodate only sixteen, where Tafelkop based soccer teams gained first preference. Our aim was that eight of the teams must come from Tafelkop and the other remaining eight from other areas. We also used the criteria where we preferred the four teams who played in the semi-finals of last year’s tournament to take part,” said Mtshweni. He said it was agreed that each team should register a number of 22 players that will be taking part in the tournament. He stated that non-registered players will not be allowed to take part. Mtshweni said the tournament will commence on Wednesday 21 December for the last 16 matches where 8 teams will be playing. The other 8 teams will play the second day on Thursday 22 December. “The quarter-finals will be played on Friday 23 December where the 8 remaining teams will be battling for their way to the semi-finals. The semi-finals and final matches will be played on Saturday 24 December,” he said. He added that with an affiliation fee of only R1 500, participants are standing a chance of winning great prizes in the tournament. “The soccer team that will win the tournament will walk away with R25 000, a big floating trophy, soccer kit and gold medals. Second prize winners will be awarded R12 000, soccer kit and silver medals,” he said. Mtshweni said this year they decided to have no third prize winners, but the two teams that will lose in the semi-finals will be taking home R4 000 each team. He went on and said they are happy about the overwhelming support they received in previous years and are happy that the number of

Last year’s Annual Mpho Makola Tournament champions, Argentina FC will be defending their title in the tournament this year.

spectators is growing each and every year. He said with an entrance fee of only R10 per person, people will have fun in the stadium for the whole day.

“Soccer loving people from Elias Motsoaledi and surroundings are invited to come to Tafelkop Stadium to witness this great soccer tournament. We appreciate the support we

received from the people in the previous years and we promise to improve in each and every step we take to make the tournament better,” he said.


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 15 December 2016

JK Leshilo Fundraising Walk reached Cape Town

John Leshilo (left) with Samuel Moela (right) at the City of Cape Town in Western Cape Province.

Achine sends students with low academic performance to training

Parents of students attending the Achine Fountain of Life and Skills Development Centre are happy because their children are now able to perform household duties and produce different arts and crafts. Many parents claim conditions of their children have completely changed after they attended the centre based in Moteti Homeland. The centre was started by Pastor Anyway Chimbuya in 2013 for children with slow learning ability in classrooms. It specializes in teaching students steel welding, steel pots, gardening, arts and crafts. Recently, the centre sent some of its students to an incubation company in Middleburg where they will be offered a unique mix of academic mentor-ship, hand-on project work and technical training. These students attended two stages at Achine which are stimulation and protective, now they are in the third and final stage in the incubation where they will be trained to make products with bigger machines. “I sent my granddaughter Busi here after realizing that she was not performing well in different public schools I sent her to. She was a laughing stock to other learners because she was unable to read and write,” said Rose Mahlangu. Another parent Mrs Nkadimeng told the Dispatch that her son Phillimon attended different schools without progressing to a higher grade. “He became capable of doing things on his own after attending the centre,” she said. Mr Mailula, whom his 17 year old son Phineas is among students sent to an incubator in Middleburg said: “My son was repeating every grade and teachers were teasing him all the time. I decided to send him to this centre and now I can see a huge change. He can do arts and crafts and also assisting me to fix the car if is broken,” he said. Chimbuya added that they are aiming to shorten the training at the centre to six months each stage so that they will be able to send students frequently to the incubator. “We are calling parents to bring their children who perform poorly in classes to come and get registered in the centre. The payment is only for administration per month and the rest is free,” concluded Chimbuya.

After a long trip of more than 2000 km, John Leshilo reached his destination Cape Town, Western Cape. Leshilo, a former SRC President at Sekhukhune TVET College CS Barlow Campus in Motetema, started the JK Leshilo Fundraising Walk Awareness Campaign on 4 October 2016. He was accompanied by a college student, Samuel Moela on the journey that took them more than a month. The aim of JK Leshilo Fundraising Walk Campaign was aiming to raise funds to support students coming from disadvantaged families in Sekhukhune TVET College. It was also aiming to support the #FeesMustFall campaign. According to Leshilo, it was not an easy journey for them as they had to face some challenges such as heavy rains and sometimes even walk during the late hours when it was dark. He added that they were happy that the message was spread through their way and they managed to visit different tertiary institutions during the campaign. “We managed to engage students at University of Witwatersrand (Wits), University of Johannesburg (UJ), University of Free State (UFS) and Cape Great Town university of Technology. The response was good and we were given courage from all these institutions to continue with our journey,” he said. However, Leshilo hinted that most of the people who paid attention and contributed to the fundraising were mostly older

citizens. “The majority of young people were ignorant to what we were doing. But we are happy that we had the support we were expecting from a number of people we came across. We did not have sponsors at all but we are happy that Groblersdal Taxi Association drivers were supporting and assisting us on the way,” he said. He said although they did not manage to raise more funds, they will still be assisting a number of students at Sekhukhune TVET College in CS Barlow Campus to pay for their studies. Leshilo said they are preparing for another fundraising walk to take place in the near future. “Probably our next journey will be heading to Durban earlier next year. Our long-term goal is to take the longest journey to the Great Wall of China in 2018,” he said. Leshilo concluded by thanking everyone who supported the campaign including those who contributed in the students trust fund account.

Dispatch for Sekhukhune area 16 December 2016  

Community news for the Sekhukhune districts. Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Dennilton, Motetema, Jane Furse, Leeuwfontein, Siyabuswa and many mor...

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