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Friday 13 January 2017

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Sekhukhune district’s matric results worst in Limpopo As some learners receive pats on their backs for a job well done in the 2016 matric exams, this hasn't been the case at Makidi Secondary School where no one passed. Makidi Secondary School in Sekhukhune, is one of the two schools in Limpopo Province, to obtained a zero pass rate in the 2016 matric examinations. Two years ago, the school also failed to produce a single pupil who passed matric. During that time, Curriculum Manager Onicca Dederen said the Education Department is working on ways to merge the schools with others to obtain good matric results, but that did not happen. During the announcement of 2016 matric results, Limpopo Education MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe said, “We are disturbed by the schools that obtained a zero percent pass rate in 2016. In 2015 the province had Naka Mmakgomo which achieved a zero percent.”He said the department is disappointed about Sekhukhune under-performing in matric results for a few past years. “In 2015 we had Waterberg and Sekhukhune districts under-performing, but in 2016 we remain with Sekhukhune being the under-performer,” he said. Kgetjepe went on and said, “This year, we have two schools in Capricorn and Sekhukhune Districts that have achieved a zero percent pass rate. The schools are Nokanantswana Secondary in Bakone Circuit and Makidi Secondary in

Mabulane Circuit .” However, Kgetjepe complimented other schools in Sekhukhune which are; Hoerskool Ben Viljoen in Groblersdal and Maserumule Secondary School in Phokoane that performed exceptionally well by obtaining a 100% pass in matric examinations. “To demonstrate our seriousness about improving state of affairs, we call on all of us to participate fully in efforts to liberate ourselves from conditions that hinder the flowering of our education in the province. We must double our efforts and be serious about empowering children by continuously improving their access to quality education which will ultimately or in the end open doors to jobs and further qualification,” he said. Kgetjepe encouraged learners who did not made it in the final examination. He said they must make use of facilities in the province to ensure that they complete their National Senior Certificates. “We know that receiving poor results or inadequate marks to facilitate a specific course of tertiary study may be a huge stress for some, and for others merely disappointing. We encourage you to try again and know that we do not always succeed the first time around. There are many options available for you going forward and there is always a second chance to support learners who have

Hoerskool Ben Viljoen was one out of six schools that acieved a 100% pass rate. Here Elias Motswaledi Local Municipality Mayor Julia Mathebe sits with Hoerskool Ben Viljoen Principal Albert Swaters and Sekhukhune District Executive Mayor Stan Ramaila. not been able to meet the NSC requirements. There are eight second chance matric centres in the province at no cost with proper support packages. We encourage you to find out from your respective schools exactly what your results are and make use of those chances through hard work and commitment,” he said. In the overall matric results per district in

Limpopo Province, Vhembe District topped with 70.3%, Mopani District came second with 65.7% and Waterberg District is third with 65.1%. Capricorn District is on the fourth position with 60.9% while Sekhukhune District is at the fifth and bottom position with a disappointing 51.8%. Limpopo Province obtained 62.5% in 2016 matric results.

Nine distinctions for Leon Joseph Hoerskool Ben Viljoen 2016 matriculant, Leon Joseph obtained 9 distinctions in his 2016 matric final examination. Leon is ranking third in Limpopo Province he is among 2016 metric pupils who was honoured by MEC for Education in the province, Ishmael Kgetjepe. Leon managed to pass all his nine subjects with distinctions. This includes; English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional, Maths, Life Orientation, Accounting, Information Technology, Life Science, Physical Science and additional Alpha Maths. Alpha Maths is a subject written before the final matric exams. Alpha Maths assists in developing mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is a world class programme based on the innovative and effective

teaching and learning practices of nations that are global top-performers in mathematics. Incorporating, Alpha Maths is a proven approach being used in more than 50 countries, the programme is customized to the requirements of the Indian curriculum and classrooms. Leon managed to get 96% in the final exam of the Alpha Maths and is listed in top 20 of best achievers in South Africa. He is ranking in the 12th position in the country’s Alpha Maths 2016 results. Speaking to the Dispatch, the 18 year old Leon Joseph said his recipe to success was hard work and commitment to his studies. ...story continues on page 2


Sebakanaga Secondary tops Moutse Central Circuit

Sebakanaga Secondary School from Stompo Village tops Moutse Central Circuit in matric results. The school has achieved a looming 93.04% in the 2016 final examination matric results. Following on their heels is Thejane Secondary School with 87.01%. Dibathuto Secondary from Moteti Village come third with 70.96%. Ramatshagalala Secondary is on the fourth position with 70.66, making it a closest rival to Dibathuto. In the fifth place stands Reitumetse Secondary School with 60.60%. Dithamaga came sixth with 54.54%. Thlako Secondary School obtained a 52.34% in the seventh place while Tadimane Secondary only got 39.72. St Josef’s Comprehensive School stands on the second last with 29.29% and Mohlabetsi is on the bottom with a disappointing 9.09%. The overall of Moutse Central Circuit in 2016 matric results is 57%, which is a drop compared to the previous years. According to Moutse Central Circuit Manager EB Vilakazi, the schools’ performances are satisfactory despite their drop compared to the previous years. Vilakazi said there had been few disruptions in the curriculum this year in the circuit that resulted in the drop in matric results pass rate. He added that they are aiming to improve their pass rate in the 2017 matric results. “We have set a target to improve our results and obtain more percent on bachelors passes. This equates to many of our pupils being eligible to study at university,” he said. Vilakazi added that their performance was also affected due to a large number of learners registered to sit for the 2016 matric examinations. He added that most of the pupils did not perform well because they were promoted through a progression policy programme. “The class of 2016 was the largest ever with over 1 500 candidates writing their final matric examinations. Much of this increase was due to the policy of “progressing” through to matric weaker learners who would previously have exited the system in grade 11 due to repeated failures. The results were weaker overall than in previous years as a result of the increased numbers, the presence of progressed learners and the addition of more challenging content to the curriculum and the exam papers,” he said. Vilakazi added that the progressing system affected schools that were performing outstandingly in the previous years. “Looking at schools such as St Josef’s Comprehensive one can be surprised that the school that was doing great in the previous years performed to only 29.29%,” he said. He said the circuit will establish new strategies to improve matric results in 2017.


Kenneth Masekela Primary opens its doors on first day of schooling

The attendance was good at Kenneth Masikela Primary School on the first day of schooling.

Nine distinctions for Leon Joseph

Hoerskool Ben Viljoen’s 2016 matriculant, Leon Joseph managed to obtain 9 distinctions in his final matric results.

...story continues from page 1 “I studied very hard and could not take any breaks even on holidays. I revised my school work by going through previous exam question papers just before the final examinations,” he said. Leon said he is eyeing his sights to become a qualified mechanical engineer one day. “I will be studying mechanical engineering either at University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town this year,” he said. Leon advised 2017 matric pupils to work

hard and focus on their studies. He said they must commit their time in their books in order to achieve good results at the end of the year. “Studying enough will give positive results at the end of the year. But it is very important to understand what you are studying,” he said. Hoerskool Ben Viljoen achieved a 100% pass rate in 2016 matric results. The school is one of the six schools in Limpopo to achieve 100%.

Tears of terror were seen on little faces of new learners at Kenneth Masekela Primary School.

While other new learners were sitting down paying attention to educators, others were demanding to go outside to their parents who were at the door making sure that they cope in new school. It is a proud moment for parents when they have to send their children to school for the very first time. But not all the children enjoyed their first day at big school when millions of South African children kicked off the 2017 academic year on Wednesday 11 January 2017, as inland and coastal schools reopened. At Kenneth Masekela Primary School in Tafelkop, pupils who were attending school for the first time were very excited about their experience. Others clung to their parents crying and refusing to let go. In fact, if tears were rain, the new comers would have single handedly broken the drought. While some glitches were reported on the first day of the school year, the majority of pupils and teachers at Kenneth Masekela stepped back into the business of education with their best foot forward. Loraine Monageng walked her daughter Lebo (6) to attend her first day at school in Kenneth Masekela. Lebo was very excited about her new school uniform and school bag. Her mother said: "She is very happy and excited. She couldn't wait to start writing. I am glad that Lebo is fortunate to have two older siblings who would help her with her homework,” she said. Loraine said she was happy with the school her daughter was attending. "I love village schools. They are affordable and government programmes like feeding schemes are helpful," she said. The school managed to register more than 90 new learners in Grade R. The number of new learners is still increasing as parents are still flocking to the school to register their young ones. According to the teachers, first day of school in Kenneth Masekela started smooth.

GA’s 2016 & 2017

Groblersdal Academy enrolled 99 Grade 1 learners for 2017. There are 3 classes to ensure quality education. Congratulations to the class of 2016! Groblersdal Academy had a 98.5% pass rate that meant out of 56 learners only 1 failed. We have a 41.1% that qualify for Bachelors, 44.6% for Diploma and 14.3% for Certificate. We are proud of our grade 12 of 2016! Distinctions for the different subjects were: English Home Language 1, Sepedi Home Language 9, Afrikaans First Additional Language 2, English First Additional Language 2, Accounting 1, Tourism 1, Life Orientation 25. Lungile Noko was accepted at the Sharks Academy to start training in 2017.

Lungile Noko





EMLM workers demolish Phetla’s house and steal ID’s and medication

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members checking on the area where Moses Phetla’s shack was demolished. A malicious of damage of property case against Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality is under investigation at Groblersdal SAPS. This is after a shack belonging to Mr Moses Phetla was demolished at Aquaville near Groblersdal Town by the Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality workers. Aquaville residents recently received a court interdict instructing them to move from the area as it is privately owned land. They refused and took the matter to the Polokwane High Court and it was later taken to the High Court in Pretoria. The 46 year old father of three children claim municipality officials came to his place on Monday 28 November instructing him to move his shack before Tuesday 29 November.

“When I was about to remove my shack as instructed by the municipality officials, I was surprised the following day on Tuesday midday to see people claiming they were sent by the municipality to demolish my shack. They acted before the actual time we agreed on to leave the area. I pleaded with them that I can’t move the shack alone and still waiting for some people to come and help me but they did not listen. They started demolishing my shack,” he said. Phetla added that the municipality officials did not show him any court documents before they demolish his shack. He said he went to open a case at Groblersdal Police Station but it did not help. “I went to the police for help but was mistreated also when I was told they do not

Trapped victim rescued by a police chopper

A 39 year old male was urged to be rescued by the police chopper after he was trapped in the middle of the overflowing Moses River in Dennilton. The victim was trying to cross to the other side of the river that was overflowing after a heavy rain on Saturday 7 January. “He was holding on a tree in the middle of the overflowing river, avoiding to be swept away by the water when the police arrived,” said Constable Inanda Shipalana, Dennilton SAPS Spokesperson. Shipalana added the Fire Department was called but they can’t rescue the victim as he was metres away from the river bank. “A police chopper was deployed and managed to rescue the man before he would be swept away by the water. He was claiming that he was coming from Dennilton on his way to where he is staying at Kwamhlanga. He was claiming to be travelling on foot,” she said. She further said the man was taken to Philadelphia Hospital and it was discovered that he was not injured and was discharged immediately. “We appeal to people that they must not try to cross overflowing rivers because it is dangerous. They must cross in safe areas to avoid to be swept away and drown. We also advice residents not to try and rescue drowned or trapped people as this could put their life in danger. They must call the police and other experts who are trained to rescue drowning and trapped people,” she said. The police chopper was deployed to rescue the 39 year old victim from the overflowing river.

Mr Phetla’s wife Thato, (right), with some of Aquaville residents at Elias Motsoaledi offices in Groblersdal to demand the family’s important documents and epilepsy medication for her child. have time for my nonsense claims. My belongings were damaged and I don’t have a place to stay,” he said. Phetla said lived on the streets with his wife and children because they did not have a place to stay. “Everything was taken away by the municipality at the time they demolished my shack. One of my children suffers epilepsy and his medication was also taken away,” He claims EFF councillors made a donation to ensure that his child gets his medication. He added that all the family’s important documents went missing since the municipality demolished their shack. “My identity document and bank cards were taken away by the municipality after demolishing my shack. I am struggling to get another

bank card and withdraw money to support my family,” he said. An Aquaville community leader Patrick Masemola told the Dispatch that they demand the municipality to return Phetla’s belongings. Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality was not available to comment. Acting Groblersdal Police Spokesperson Constable Julia Mampa confirmed a case of malicious damage of property was opened at their station. “A case of malicious damage of property was opened at our station after a shack belonging to a 46 year old Moses Phetla was demolished at Aquaville. The case was taken over by the prosecutor and it will be decided if formal charges are laid against the municipality,” she said.

The victim is seen holding onto a tree to avoid being swept away by the water in the middle of Moses River in Dennilton.

Murder suspect set alight by community The police are still looking for villagers who murdered a suspected killer at Ngwaritsi Village near Monsterlus. The male suspect was killed by villagers after allegedly suspecting him of murdering his girlfriend. The 30 year old female’s body was found by the suspect’s sister under a bed in a pool of blood on Monday 26 December. After receiving the news, community members mobilized and attacked the suspected killer on Monday night. The suspect was caught, assaulted and set alight by the angry mob. “When the police arrived at the scene, the man already burned to death,” said Limpopo Police Spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

Ngoepe said according to the information received by the police, the man allegedly strangled his 30 year old girlfriend to death and hid her body under a bed. “The body was discovered by the suspect’s sister covered in blankets, and she raised the alarm. The motive of the killing is not known,” added Ngoepe. He said residents should stop taking the law into their own hands and apprehend criminals to the police. “Police appeal to anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects to come forward. No arrests were made and a case of murder is under investigation,” said Ngoepe.





Pedestrian killed in an accident involving the Executive Mayor’s vehicle

Executive Mayor of Sekhukhune District Municipality Cllr Stan Ramaila sends condolences to family of a pedestrian who was knocked down by the mayoral vehicle on New Year’s Day.

The Office of the Executive Mayor in Sekhukhune District Municipality is saddened by the death of a pedestrian who was knocked down by the mayoral vehicle. This is as a result of an accident on 1 January 2017 at Ga-Phaahla village near Jane Furse. The accident happened after the official driver of the Executive Mayor, Mr Desmond Makola dropped off the Mayor following an official hospital visit in the district to welcome new year babies into 2017. “The Executive Mayor, Cllr Stan Ramaila sends his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, relatives and friends,” says Sekhukhune District Municipality Spokesperson Willy Mosoma. Mosoma added that a political delegation led by the Mayor of Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality Cllr Minah Bahula, has been sent to the family to assist with funeral arrangements and offer support. “A culpable homicide case was opened with the police in Jane Furse. Investigations are continuing and Sekhukhune District Municipality is fully cooperating,” he said.

Hitch hikers shot motorist 6 times Groblersdal Police are investigating a case of attempted murder after a male victim was shot multiple times by unknown suspects. The incident took place on Monday 9 January at Bloempoort Farms near Groblersdal. According to the police report, it is alleged that the victim was driving from Dennilton towards Groblersdal on that day. “The victim had just passed Bloempoort Village when hitch hikers stopped him. Between the hitch hikers, was a woman, a child and a man who was holding a container as if he was out of petrol. The victim stopped his vehicle but the woman and children could not get into the car. Instead, two other men approached and get into the victim’s vehicle and he drove off,” said Acting Groblersdal Police Spokesperson Constable Julia Mampa. Mampa added that on the way one of the men produced a firearm and demanded money from the victim. “He stopped his vehicle as if he was complying with the criminals demands. Two of the suspects aligned the vehicle. One suspect who was carrying a firearm tried to get to the driver’s door so that he can hijack the vehicle. The victim drove off and the suspect started shooting on the driver’s side,” she said. Mampa explained that the victim was shot 6 times in his legs but he managed to flee from the criminals. “He stopped his car just before he reached Groblersdal Town and was rescued by another motorist who called an ambulance so that he could be rushed to hospital. No one was arrested. A docket of attempted murder is under investigation at our station,” she said. Mampa urges motorists not to pick up hitch hikers along the R25 Road. “People must stop picking up hitch hikers because criminals are always coming with new ways of hijacking people. They sometimes use women and children these days,” she said.



Teams pull out of tournament because EMLM did not grade the field Four soccer teams withdrew from the Annual Hebzer Sports & Skills Development Soccer Tournament in December last year. This is because Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality failed to clear the soccer pitch in Sterkfontein Village where the tournament was supposed to take place. According to Hebzer Sports & Skills Development Director, Herbert Radingwane, the ward councillor was informed on 3 December to send a grader to clear the field where the tournament was supposed to play. “I wrote a letter to Elias Motsoaledi Ward 29 Councillor Mariam Malatji requesting a grader to come and clear the soccer field for the top 8 soccer tournament that would take place on 22 and 23 December. The letter was received by the councillor via a ward committee member Thuso Makua who signed it and kept a copy as a proof and was promised that a grader will be sent. That was the last time he heard from the municipality’s side,” said Radingwane. He added that the grader was not sent and the teams were urged to play on an unprepared

pitch. “There is tall grass there and the first four teams struggled to play on 22 December. The second four teams refused to play and pulled out of the tournament. Nor councillor neither the ward committee members told me that the grader will no longer be sent to clear the field. If they came back to me, I would have made other plans to prepare the field,” he said. He said there were rumours that Elias Motsoaledi workers were on shut down for the Festive Season. “But I was surprised to see a grader preparing a road for a tombstone unveiling ceremony in the village. The family is connected to the councillor and she was also attending the ceremony. There was also a funeral in my neighbourhood but the graders were not sent either, instead, they were sent to the tombstone unveiling ceremony,” he said. Radingwane explained that he is been punished by the municipality as he was contesting the ward as an independent candidate in the previous Local Government Elections (LGE). Hebzer Sports & Skills Development Director H e r b e r t Radingwane showing off trophies and medals that were supposed to be handed to the tournament winners.

Groblersdal Police recovers stolen vehicle Groblersdal SAPS managed to recover a stolen vehicle on Monday 9 January around 22:00. The vehicle was recovered by Warrant Officer Piet Roux on the Maleoskop Road near Groblersdal. “The police were following a tracker after a white Toyota Avanza was reported stolen in Laersdrift. The warrant officer managed to locate the vehicle by following the tracking system and gave a chase,” said Acting Groblersdal Police Spokesperson Constable Julia Mampa. She added that the vehicle driver, who is the suspect, stopped the vehicle and fled on foot when he realize that he is being chased by the police. “No one was arrested and a case of stolen motor vehicle is under investigation. The vehicle was returned to its rightful owner on Tuesday 10 January,” she said.

“I wonder why should residents of Sterkfontein be punished because the tournament was meant to benefit the community not me. I started the development many years ago just before even dreaming of taking part in politics. Now the community is suffering because the municipality is stopping me from developing sports participation,” he said. He said he reported the matter to Elias Municipality Speaker David Tladi earlier in December and was promised that his request will be considered. “The speaker did not come back to me and I

called him two days before the tournament but he did nothing to ensure that the field is prepared,” he said. Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Communications Officer Simon Makua said they were not aware of Mr Radingwane’s claims. He confirmed that workers were not on shut down during the Festive Season and the machinery was fully operational. “The machinery is meant to serve everyone. We have noted Radingwane’s complain and we will make sure that it never happen again in future,” he said.



Annual Mpho Makola Soccer Tournament, a great success

Top: Annual Mpho Makola Soccer Tournament finalists, Riverside Hyenas FC managed to reach the tournament final in their first entry. The Annual Mpho Makola Tournament was held successfully in Tafelkop Stadium during Festive Season. The soccer tournament, that saw 16 teams participating, pulled attention of many soccer loving people in Tafelkop Village and other surrounding villages. The tournament was established three years ago by Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana player Mpho Makola to improve the standard of football in his home village of Tafelkop. Tafelkop based Blue Moon FC, were excited to be crowned the winners of the tournament for the very first time. They were the only Tafelkop team left in the semi-finals and managed to make sure that the prize remains at home. According to one of the tournament organizers, Jeffrey Mtshweni, everything went as planned. “The atmosphere was good and spectators came in numbers to support. We want to thank them for that,” he said. He added that teams’ performance was not that good in the last 16 matches but they gained confidence as the tournament proceeded to the next levels. “This was because we accommodated many new teams in the tournament and I think players were panicking as they were not used to play in such a big soccer tournament. The teams adjusted and started to play good football in the quarter-finals and the standard became very high,” he said. He said spectators were impressed with the tournament, however, many Tafelkop teams were eliminated in the quarter-finals but the remaining team managed to win the tournament. “Blue Moon were determined and hungry to win that is why they played well, although they scored the only goal in the final match during last minutes to be crowned champions of the tournament. Their opponents, Riverside Hyenas FC also played well by reaching to the finals. I think they are also the best because it was their first time in the tournament,” he said. Mtshweni added that some of the players managed to pull attention of the scouts from big foot ball teams who were attending the tournament. “Some of the players were selected by the scouts and they will be starting with trials soon. This shows that the tournament is not only about prizes and money, but also paving a future for our young stars in the villages,” he said. He said the organizers are impressed that the standard of the tournament is rising each and every year. He added that they are aiming to expand the number of teams in a next few years. “We had a large number of teams interested in taking part in the tournament this year. Unfortunately some were left out because we already had the required number of participants. Our aim is to expand participating teams to 32 in the next few years so that everyone could be given a chance to showcase their soccer skills. We would like to thank all 2016 participants and everyone who attended to watch the matches. We are hoping to see your support again this year,” said Jeffrey Mtshweni.

Annual Mpho Makola Soccer Tournament winners, Blue Moon FC from Dipakapakeng Section in Tafelkop ensured that the first prize remains at Tafelkop Village.

Dispatch for Sekhukhune area 13 January 2017  

Community news for the Sekhukhune districts. Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Dennilton, Motetema, Jane Furse, Leeuwfontein, Siyabuswa and many mor...

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