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Year 7

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Friday 11 November 2016

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Assaulted for being an EFF member An Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) member Haggie Makua claims he was brutally assaulted by Elias Motsoaledi Speaker David Taladi in a community meeting that was held to elect ward committee members in Tafelkop. Haggie opened a case of assault with the police but now he is facing crimen injura charges and will appear at the Motetema Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday 15 November. According to Haggie, he was attending a meeting on Sunday 16 October when Tladi told him to leave as he was not welcome in the meeting that was held at Dipakapakeng Section in Tafelkop. “He told me that it was an ANC meeting and EFF members were not welcome. I refused to leave as I knew exactly that meeting was for the elections of ward committee members in Elias Motsaoledi Ward 28. He then called his friends and they started assaulting me,” he said. He said no one rescued him because the majority of people attended the meeting were ANC members and supporters. Haggie added that he sustained injuries where he ended up in Groblersdal Hospital for treatment. He said he opened an assault case at Motetema SAPS the following day. “The case was registered and Tladi appeared on 19 October. I made a follow up with the investigating officer but I was told there are no witnesses for my case. Later I was told by the police to come to court on 15 November on crimen injura charges. When I asked, they said Tladi opened a counter case saying I swore at him on the day I was assaulted,” he said. He explained that he was never given an update about his case by the investigating office. He claims he was only told that there are no witnesses although he stated one witness in the police statement. Haggie accused the police of being bias and take Tladi’s side. He says he is now going to take the matter to the office of the station commander for attention so that his case could be followed up. “I had to ask the investigating officer many times about my case and he said nothing I repeatedly asked him and he replied that there are no witnesses in the case. I am an assault victim and need some answers regarding the case. I thought I was going to die when I saw a group of

EFF member Haggie Makua claim he was assaulted by Elias Motsoaledi Speaker, David Tladi and other ANC members while attending a community meeting in Tafelkop. people attacking me. I was beaten badly that day and I am still in pain,” he said. Motetema SAPS Spokesperson Boitumelo Matlala said Haggie must come to the police station to inquire about the outcomes of his case.

Parents want principal fired Parents and community members at Saaiplaas Village near Monsterlus want the principal of Skhosana Secondary School removed. Parents accuse the school Principal, LO Matlala for misusing the school funds, micro managing the school, being autocratic and lacking leadership qualities. They also accuse the principal for refusing to work with the new School Governing Body (SGB). Some of teachers were allegedly reported to work under the influence of alcohol. The Chairperson of SGB in the School Thomas Mokwena said parents were fed up of the principal due to his incompetency and failing to make the school governable. “Teachers were not attending learners since January this year and the principal is saying nothing. Learners are seen moving around doing nothing during school hours and the principal is saying nothing. Learners arrive at school around 9:00 and leave just before 11:00 because teachers do not attend to them. The school principal is doing nothing about it, he doesn’t have the children’s interests at heart,” he said. He added that the matter was taken to the circuit in Groblersdal and also to the province in Polokwane but they also did not respond to letters written to them. “We ended up taking the matter to the parents where it was resolved that Matlala must leave the school,” he said. Mokwena added that as SGB, they demanded a number of meetings with the principal to try and resolve the matter but he did not pitch. “He was forced in a meeting with parents and said he has nothing to say when asked why do educators do not teach learners at this school. There are two groups of teachers in the school, those who side with the principal and those who do not. Those who are not on the principal’s side teach sometimes and those who are on his side do not bother to attend classes and always leave early,” he said. Mokwena said a pass rate at Skhosana Secondary has dropped tremendously since the arrival of Matlala as principal. “The school was performing very good nine years ago just before Matlala arrived. Pass rate in all grades started dropping in the previous nine years due to his incompetency. This resulted in some parents transferring their children to other schools. ...continues on page 2


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016

Teacher’s abuse traumatizes pupil A parent, Priscilla Mabua, claim a teacher at Tlou Kwena Senior Phase School in Elandsdoorn is abusing her child. Priscilla claims her 17 year old daughter who is doing grade 9 is now traumatized and refraining to attend school because of the teacher’s abusive actions towards her. Priscilla added that she reported the matter to the principal twice but it seems like he is taking the teacher’s side. “The problem started earlier this year when my daughter came home crying claiming that the teacher swore at her. The problem repeated the following day and I went to the school to find out. That’s when the teacher swore at me too. I raised it to the principal but I was told there is no evidence that the teacher is verbally abusing my child,” she said. Priscilla added that in the recent incident, the teacher is now teasing her daughter about her hair style. “Lately the teacher is making a joke about my child in front of the class saying that she must remove her hairstyle as it is not

welcome in the school. This time she was totally refusing to go to school. I had to convince her that nothing wrong will happen. I had to skip work on Monday 7 November to see the school principal but he did nothing to prevent the teacher to stop abusing my child,” she said. Priscilla explained that she is now fed up and want the intervention from the Department of Education. “I followed the protocol by approaching the school principal but it doesn’t help. I reported the matter to the Moutse East Circuit manager previously but that did not help me too. This teacher is destroying the future of my child. She makes her to hate school and I can not allow that. Something must be done about the matter,” she said. Limpopo Department of Education Spokesperson Dr Naledzani Rasila said Priscilla should report the matter to the SGB or the police. “The parent should tell the School Governing Body about the matter and she must have proof and witnesses that the abuse

took place in the school premises. SGB is the teachers and parents component and it is there to deal with challenges facing both parties. She can also go to report the matter to the police as abuse is a criminal activity in our country,” he said.

This 17 year old is refusing to go to school as a result of a teacher teasing her about her hairstyle.

Parents want principal fired Continues from P1... Previously the school had over 1000 pupils but now there are less than 600 learners attending. The number is declining because parents lost trust in the management. It is like the department itself does not care,” he said. A community leader and also an SGB member in the school, News Mahlangu told the Dispatch that it is not the first time parents remove Matlala from the school. “He was removed by parents in July 2012 after he was held accountable of being incompetent and misusing the school funds. The Education Department brought him back in January 2014 but he did not change, instead, he became the worst principal on the planet,” he said. Mahlangu said since Matlala arrived at the school, nine years ago, learners dropped in their academic performance. He added that Matlala was held accountable for misusing the school funds in an investigation conducted by the Education Department in 2014 but no actions were taken against him. “ It was discovered that the principal used funds to buy airtime vouchers worth R48 000-00 for his cellphone. Another amount of R102 000-00 was used by the principal for meetings and workshops in 2015 alone,” he said. A parent, Johanna Skhosana said they no longer want Matlala as principal of Skhosana Secondary School. She said Matlala does not care about their interests and those of their children by refusing to attend parents and SGB meetings. “He doesn’t care about the education of our children. He always arrives late at school and calls us names saying he will not be told by illiterate Amandebele people. We are fed up and no longer need him here,” she said. Limpopo Education Department Spokesperson Dr Naledzani Rasila said the matter was reported at the department and they are aware of it. “The department will soon send a delegation from the district to deal with this issue. If the allegations are true I will advice the SGB to formulate a quorum to show lack of confidence in the principal so that he can be removed,” he said. Skhosana Secondary School premises in Saaiplaas Village where parents want the school principal removed.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016


Municipality provided tanks but community still struggles to get drinking water Due to recent drought hitting most parts of the country, Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality placed tanks in the villages as a relief measure. Residents were promised that municipality water trucks will come frequently to pour water in the tanks. But according to community members, it has been over a month now since the tanks arrived and not even a single drop of

The water tanks that were placed by Sekhukhune District Municipality in various villages of Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality. The community claims the municipality did not provide water since the tanks were placed in the villages more than a month ago.

Police manhunt for farm attackers The Marble Hall Police have launched a manhunt after six heavily armed men attacked a farmer at Tooitskraal Farms near Marble Hall Town. The incident took place at the night of Tuesday 8 November 2016. According to Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe, Limpopo Provincial Police Spokesperson, it is alleged that six armed men forced entry to the farmers’ house, tighten him with robes and robbed him of a 38 Special firearm. “They further went to a big safe expecting to find more firearms belonging to the victim. The farmer was having another firearm in his possession and managed to untie himself and started shooting at the suspects. One of the suspects was hit and died at the scene,” he said. Ngoepe said the police were called where the vehicle that was used by the suspects was recovered a few metres away. “Out of the six suspects, one was arrested and another one was shot dead by the victim. Four of the suspects are still on the run and a manhunt was established against them. Anyone with information is advised to contact Brigadier James Espach on 082 576 0743. Community members are also advised to contact crime stop number on 08600 1011 or the nearest police station,” concluded Ngoepe.

The vehicle that was used by the suspects during the robbery at Tooitskraal Farms. The body of one of the suspects who was shot dead by the victim is seen lying on the ground.

water was poured in. A community leader, December Mokomane said the tanks were only a waste of money by the municipality. He said the project of providing the community with tanks was meant to benefit a local development forum that links the community and the municipality. “They should have provided boreholes with the money they used to buy these tanks which is estimated to R250 000-00 per tank. We never wanted the tank in the first place because we knew exactly that they will never pour water in them. The tanks was an agreement between Bakoni Development Forum and the municipality, not the whole community,” he said.

Mokomane alleged that the project was aiming to benefit Bakoni Development Forum as they are the ones given money by the municipality to run the project. “We are tired of this forum deciding for the community. We demanded boreholes but they decide to provide tanks that cost approximately R250 000-00 each in order for self benefit. We no longer need them to decide what the community wants. Residents will now start to decide for themselves,” he said. Mokomane added that the community now turns to rain and river for water whereas thousands of rands were spent to benefit certain individuals.

“Residents at Mabitsi, Mmakgatle and Ngwalemong are wondering when will the municipality come to fill the tanks with water because they have nowhere they can draw water to drink,” he said. He said the community no longer needs Bakoni to represent them in the municipality anymore. “During our meetings we resolved that Bakoni Development Forum should no longer serve our interests but the community will liaise straight with the municipality.” The Dispatch’s efforts to reach Sekhukhune District Municipality Spokesperson Willy Mosoma for comment were unsuccessful when his phone rang unanswered.


DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016

Grade 7 Farewell and Prize Giving Ceremony at Slovo Park Primary Slovo Park Primary School in Moteti Slovo hosted a prize giving ceremony on Friday 28 October. The school also bid a farewell for Grade 7 learners who will be attending high school next year. The event was held at the school premises in Moteti Slovo Park where parents, educators, pupils and other ordinary community members came to attend. This year’s event was very special with an absolutely beautiful and tear jerking performance from the learners through their musical performance as a tribute to the Grade 7 and to those who received best academic performance prizes. The day began with

the informal valedictory, during which the learners dressed up in an array of creative costumes when performing drama, poems and dance. To Grade 7 learners, the day have been anxiously awaiting since the beginning of the year and upon its arrival, it was generally received with mixed emotions when they were dressed nicely in formal clothes. Addressing the people, the school Principal Mr MJ Talane congratulated learners who will receive prizes for their best performance in the 2016 academic year. Talane stressed that learners should work hard from the beginning of the year to be rewarded

at the end of the year. He told those who will not get certificates to work harder so that they could be rewarded next year. “I urge you to study very hard and reduce watching television until very late in the night, which leads you to sleep in classrooms while educators are coaching. Do your school work without being pushed or forced,” he said. He told Grade 7 learners to represent Slovo Park Primary School with pride when departing to different high schools. “To the grade 7 learners, I wish to say farewell as you shall be leaving to high school next year. Please represent us well and study very hard in

order to become excellent leaders of tomorrow,” he said. He told learners to face challenges that they will come across their way when shaping their future in different educational institutions. The prize giving ceremony was next, during which the pupils who have achieved, not only academically but also in other fields, were recognized and celebrated. The recipients of honours certificates, subject awards and other special awards were all well deserving. As each prize winner stepped onto the stage, the pride and support from his or her fellow classmates and the rest of audience could be felt.

Cornelious Mamaregane was the best educator of the year 2016 at Slovo Park Primary.

Lesego Mohlamonyane became the overall best learner of the year in Grade 5.

Kelebogile Monama scooped the overall best learner certificate in Grade 7.

Tshegofatso Makua is the overall best learner in Grade 4 at Slovo Park Primary School.

Dynamique Private High Prizegiving At Dynamique Private High School’s Prizegiving ceremony, the top learners were rewarded with certificates and trophies befitting their achievements. The cream of the crop were six learners who received trophies for Outstanding Academic Achievement for high average percentages in all subjects. Proud parents attended and heard presentations by some of the learners. The school choir ended the proceedings with rousing songs of praise.

Gift Seroka (grade 8) receives his Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from Mrs Helm.

Recipients of Achievement Trophies: (Left to right): Loveness Nkadimeng (Grade 12); Itumeleng Thobokale (Grade 11); Pretty Mokalapa (Grade 11); Clemetine Monama (Grade 11); Mphae Mashifane (Grade 12) and Gift Seroka (Grade 8).

Clementine Monama receives her Outstanding Achievement trophy from Dr Rots Alberts (Director).

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016


New Horizon’s Festival of Achievements It is that time of the year again, where pupils are rewarded for their rigorous and hard work. At New Horizon Private School’s annual prize giving ceremony, the learners not only received their fair share of awards, but also gave their parents and teachers a generous gift that kept on giving.

The theme of this year’s ceremony was ‘Festival’, and the learners kept true to the topic by performing numerous items with the most colourful outfits which would have made Liberace jealous. During the festive event, which was held over two days, the learners were first awarded accordingly. Several book prices were

awarded to the learners who topped their individual subject/s with the best mark. The top ten of Grade 7-9 were also awarded for their achievement. Not only did the top academics of New Horizon received their praise, but the learners who showed exceptional leadership skills throughout the year were assigned the respon-

sibility of overseeing the student body by being nominated as the new Student Leaders of 2017. The management and educators of New Horizon Private School would like to thank every parent who attended the ceremony and congratulate each learner for making the day a huge success.

Grade 7 Top Ten from left to right: Gontse Sebesho, Neo Bodibane, Ofentse Mbele, Tsebo Mmotong, Juanita Mlambo, Katlego Molotswa, Boitumelo Ngwatwane, Notando Msiza, Rabiya Sidat, Thekgo Madisa.

New Horizon Private School's Head Boy and Girl and Deputy-Head Boy and Girl for 2017. (f.l.t.r.:) Mrs. C. Smuts, Gontse Sebeso (Debuty-Head Boy), Ofenste Mbele (Debuty-Head Girl), Katlego Mahlanga (Head Girl), Mahlatse Mahlanga (Head Boy), Mr. R. Stephenson.

Grade 8 Top Ten from left to right: Khanyisile Tshabalala, Sophy Baloyi, Simpihwe Dube, Dimpho Tjiane, Karabo Boroko, Boitumelo Kolotsi, Mahlatsi Mahlanga, Khanyisile Kabini, Katlego Mahlanga.

Grade 9 Top Ten from left to right: Nompumulelo Mokona, Lesego Radebe, Thabang Mokoena, Sibongesine Ntshekazi, Koketso Boroko, Lefflinah Monama, Nqobile Mkhabela, Kgomotso Rapao, Precious Mnisi, Lethukuthula Bapela.

Student Leaders Back f.l.t.r.: Mrs. C. Smuts, Mahlatse Mahlanga, Philemon Mboyane, Collen Matsane, James Hlongwane, Simphiwe Dube, Sphiwe Mthombothi, Zanele Kosana, Buang Matebe, Boitumelo Mahlangu, Khanyisile Kabini, Khatlego Mahlanga, Mr. R. Stephenson. Front f.l.t.r.: Gntse Sebesho, Katlego Molotshwa, Thekgo Madisa, Atang Maleka, Excellend Makopola, Mofenyi Tsatsi, Sarita Maripane, Neo Bodibane, Rabiya Sidat, Ofentse Mbele

The pride of New Horizon, the Grade 9's, showing of their artistic side.

Simphiwe Dube of Grade 8 proudly showing his excellent achievement in EMS and Mathematics


Tekkie Town Moutsiya Mall robbed

Four unknown armed men stormed in the newly opened Moutsiya Mall and stole an undisclosed amount of money worth of goods at Tekkie Town the police said. The incident took place on Saturday 5 November mid-night. Constable Inanda Shipalana, Dennilton SAPS Spokesperson told the Dispatch that the suspects attacked the on guard security personnel who were patrolling the area at the time. “They pointed the security guards with firearms and instructed them to go to the guard room. They then took the guards’ hand cuffs to tie them and locked them in the guard room. They started loading clothes and shoes in the bakkie that was parked outside the mall before they fled the scene,” she said. According to Shipalana, three of the four suspects are coloureds and were speaking Afrikaans during the robbery. One of the suspects is an African male. “No arrests were made at the stage. The police appeal to anyone with information to contact the nearest police station or the crime line on 08600 10111,” she said.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016

Stokvel members warned to be cautious Police have urged members of stokvels and others who plan to take large sums of money to and out of the bank to be vigilant as they could be targeted by criminals. Dennilton Police Spokesperson Constable Inanda Shipalana said a number of crimes were reported at their station previously where people were robbed off their stokvel money when carrying it home after withdrawing it from ATMs. Shipalana is advising stokvel members to rather make use of EFTs. She said if there is a need to physically carry the money after withdrawing of for depositing purposes, an extra caution should be exercised. “People must report any suspicious person immediately if realized that they are been followed after withdrawing or when they are going to deposit money in the bank. People are simply advised to make transfers instead of withdrawing large amount of money,” she said. Shipalana also encouraged stokvel members not to tell people when they will be withdrawing their money. She added that they must also not tell where and when they will be sharing their savings, as that might also lead to them being targeted. “Stokvel members must be alert when distributing money at the payouts among members to avoid being targeted and robbed,” she said.

DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016

Young micro entrepreneurs get certificates of completion Twenty five young entrepreneurs were awarded with certificates of small enterprise start up at Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Chamber on Friday 4 November. These young business men and women received the certificates after attending entrepreneural courses that started in February this year. The training was initiated by the South African Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industries partnered with Enye Phez Kwenye (PTY) LTD and National Youth Development Agency (NDA). Enye Phez Kwenye Director Vusi Ntuli told the Dispatch that the certificate will assist these young micro business entrepreneurs to open doors for funding and to introduce them to other platforms in the business sector. He said they decided to adopt 25 young entrepreneurs in the programme to be trained and have knowledge of business through training and awarenesses. “The first training was in February where these young people were equipped with skills including knowledge in branding, business management, marketing and advertising. Our second training was held in July this year and was an SMME Programme equipped them with skills such as knowledge of writing a good business plan, sales pitch, financial management and CSD registration. The training was free of charge,” he said. Ntuli added that the programme is continual and they will be starting training another number of young micro entrepreneurs soon. He said they will be organizing an event with potential funders soon for those who received certificates to submit their business plans for possible opportunities to grow their businesses. “We established a task team that will lead them as long as we are busy organizing training for other young micro business people. We are in negotiations with other municipalities in the district and we will soon be conducting training to young people residing there,” he said. One of young people who received a certificate is Reuben Mahlangu, he told the Dispatch that he will make use of the skills he acquired during the training. “Some of us did not know anything about branding and now I am glad that I will be Reuben Mahlangu and Sifiso Mahlangu able to expand my small business with the skills were happy to receive their completion gained during the training. I think now my certificate that will help them grow business will keep on growing,” he said. their small businesses.

Young entrepreneurs from micro businesses in Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality showing off their certificates of completion at the municipal chamber in Groblersdal.

Free computer training for Sterkfontein community Sterkfontein Community members will now be equipped with free computer training by Hebzer Skills Development Computer Training Academy Centre. The training is offered to community members ranging from the age of 7 to elderly. Hebzer Skills and Sports Development Organization Director, Herbert Radingwane said he saw the need of providing the community with free computer training due to lack of information centres in the village. He said the idea comes after he realized lack of basic computer knowledge among community members. At the moment, Radingwane uses his home garage as a training centre that accommodates at least 10 people per day who come rotationally during the week to attend computer training. “The village is rural and most people are unemployed. Some spend a fortune when paying to go and access information centres and internet cafes in nearby villages and in Groblersdal Town,” he said. He said the academy offers foundation computer training that is made up of basic knowledge including how to operate a computer and typing. He added that his aim is to empower underprivileged community members to be competitive in the modern world of technology and business. “In this technologically advanced world, it is imperative that people must be comfortable, agile and competent when it comes to the use of computers. ICT is at the heart of all thriving businesses in the modern world and can be what makes or breaks a business especially since most business activities are conducted electronically,” he said. Radingwane added that some people in the village have skills but their computer knowledge below the level they need to function and integrate in today’s societies. “I have considered this problem of lack of basic computer knowledge among youths in these village and this makes me willing to invest in a free community computer training project,” he said. He stated that however his academy is not giving certificates, he is working on getting an accreditation certificate where residents will be graduating after training. “By providing this computer education, my aim is to reduce illiteracy in the community. This will enable most of residents from disadvantaged background to acquire skills in computer. Knowledge of computers creates scope for employment opportunities,” he said. Radingwane added that he is in negotiations with local primary schools were pupils will start attending computer foundation lessons. He said he assist learners who are currently in matric with researches and assignment with free internet sessions.



DISPATCH FRIDAY - 11 November 2016

Makorokorong Under 17 Soccer Tournament held in Tafelkop

Makorokorong Under 17 Soccer Tournament was held On Saturday 5 November 2016. The tournament was held at Tafelkop, Makorokorong section at Rovers Sports Ground where four teams took part. AC Milan FC from Tafelkop Makorokorong, Tiger Boys FC from Dikgalaopeng, Flamingos FC from Tafelkop Thabeng Section and Masakaneng FC were battling in the tournament. In the opening match, AC Milan FC faced Tiger Boys FC. Milan opened the scoring in the first half by Nono Mohlala who scored a beautiful goal. Gift Mokgwatsane scored an equalizer for Tiger Boys in the second half that leads to the penalty shootout. In penalties, AC Milan managed to win with a 5-4 score defeating Dikgalaopeng Tiger Boys to pave a way to play in the final. The second match in the tournament was played between Flamingos FC and Masakaneng FC. The two teams clashed in a very tough match and it was a goal less draw when they go to the half time break. Flamingos

advanced to the final by defeating Masakaneng with a beautiful goal scored by Ngaku Ngaku in the second half. The host, AC Milan were crowned champions of the tournament when defeating Flamingos with a disappointing 3-1 score in the final match. The tournament organizer, Samuel Monoge said he was pleased by the teams performances and added that the standard of soccer is improving in the villages. Samuel is living with the disability and has been part of the youth development for the period of 10 years. He said his main challenge is lack of sponsorship that can invest in young people of Elias Motsaoledi and other parts of Sekhukhune. “We are asking for any sponsor or anyone who can help us get soccer jerseys for our team as they play with old torn jerseys. This demoralizes our players which leads to lack of consistency during the play,” he said. Monoge thanked parents for allowing their children to take part in sporting activities around the village of Tafelkop.

The host, AC Milan FC were crowned champions of the top four tournament held at Mkorokorong Section in Tafelkop.

Tiger Boys FC were eliminated in the semi-finals of the tournament when defeated by AC Milan on penalties.

Flamingos FC became runners up when trashed by the host, AC MIlan FC with a 3-1 score in the final match.

Masakaneng FC was one of the teams eliminated in the semi-finals when defeated 1-0 by Flamingos FC.

Tafelkop Cricket Club wins gold in the district tournament Tafelkop Cricket Club (TCC) males under 21 were crowned Sekhukhune Champions when representing Elias Motsaoledi Local Municipality in the Annual Cricket Club Development Games held at Marble Hall on Saturday 29 October. A number of spectators basked in the sun while they enjoyed the entertainment offered by cricketers during the day. The club managed to win two of its matches to make it through to the Provincial Cricket Championships that will be held soon. TCC played its first game with Tubatse where they made 82 runs after winning the toss and chose to bat. Tubatse made 72 runs and was defeated by TCC with 10 runs. The second game, which was also the final match was played between TCC and Makhuduthamaga. Elias Motsoaledi’s TCC won the toss and decided to start by batting. They made 66 runs in eight overs. Makhuduthamaga lost after making 61 runs out of eight overs. TCC won the cricket tournament with 5 runs. TCC works hand in hand with schools that introduced cricket as one of their sporting codes. It also accommodates young people who are passionate to play cricket around Tafelkop Village. TCC squad is formed by boys and girls categories who played undisputed in all their local cricket matches. TCC Chairperson, Silas Legodi said even though it was a very tough tournament, they are very pleased with their players’ performance. “We are pleased that our boys played very well in the provincial

level. Our team is very competent and our aims now are to represent the district in the province, we are prepared for that,” he said. Legodi added that the standard of play is very high in the province but much emphasis is placed on maintaining the spirit of the game and adhering to traditions of winning. He said the team will now start training very hard in preparation for the provincial games. “I always tell them to improve in every training session. I’m allergic to complacency, reject routine, habit and sameness. I aim to continue to assist these young cricketers in as many ways as I can, through my coaching abilities, passion and desire for the game,” he said. Legodi explained that although TCC is regarded as amateur in cricket, they are aiming

high and can do wonders. “This was witnessed when two of our under 16 girls, Tebatso Mashegwane and Lethabo Mankge were selected in the provincial championship squad. They started playing cricket on the dusty streets of Tafelkop and in Kopa Secondary School when we adopt them in the team. They played exceptionally well and were chosen to represent the province in the national games. “ Legodi concluded: “I cannot stress enough how important our training programmes are right now. We are making good way and are getting prepared for the provincial games. I believe it was in the amateur ranks that our professional stars took their first tentative steps up the ladder to international stardom.” Tafelkop Cricket Club celebrating with medals and a trophy after they were crowned the Annual Cricket Club Development Games champions.

Dispatch for Sekhukhune area 11 November 2016  
Dispatch for Sekhukhune area 11 November 2016  

Community news for the Sekhukhune districts. Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Dennilton, Motetema, Jane Furse, Leeuwfontein, Siyabuswa and many mor...