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Intelligent Video Systems Product Overview

Over 20 years of video surveillance excellence COE was founded in 1989 as ‘Complete Opto Electronics’, with a vision to develop the highest quality video surveillance equipment in the world.

Over the years since the founding

In the 20+ years of technological

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of the company, the scope of

development culminating in these

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equipment manufactured by COE


solution set, COE’s ranges of:

has expanded greatly. From an

has been to provide the highest

• I-Vue® surveillance cameras

initial set of fibre optic transmission

quality video surveillance possible.

• X-Net® transmission modules

modules released in 1989, the com-

In realising this vision, we have

• X-Stream™ video encoder/decoders

pany now offers comprehensive

created highly specified ranges

• I-Command® video management



of products which can perform

• TransitGuard™ onboard video system

cameras, transmission modules,

above and beyond the most

• Telecommand video matrices

control matrices and a complete

demanding requirements of CCTV

facilitate and enhance surveillance

management software suite.

operators at complex sites around

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complex and prominent sites in the








Serving the most demanding sites in the world Every second of every day, COE’s comprehensive product range is relied upon to ensure operational security, logistical processes, public safety and revenue generation for thousands of the most prolific public sites and private enterprises in the world.

COE equipment is installed at over 10,000 sites worldwide. Some of these include: the world’s largest port, prestigious state residences, the busiest and most complex mass transit systems, and scores of high capacity road networks. Installation partners have benefited from the quality of COE products and our expertise in project design in creating high quality solutions for these sites.

COE has established a global reputation as the manufacturer of choice for any environment where instantly accessible, high quality video is essential both for security, and to ensure fidelity of other important processes. Our reputation has been consolidated through intelligent product design and an engineering focus on exceeding the operational demands of the most security conscious sites in the world.

This combination of superior product design and engineering expertise has culminated in the development of COE’s current product ranges. Created specifically with the most demanding of end users in mind, our current product range can be implemented to create an expert CCTV solution for projects of any size or scope.


Complete Solution

COE’s product range provides unparalleled CCTV performanc features with the highest quality of video to offer the opt

By designing product sets that may operate across any existing netw we are able to provide an unbiased product offering, and tr

Intelligent Video Analytics COE’s I-Command SmartDetect analytics platform provides automatic detection of a variety of rules including: crowding, loitering, suspicious behaviour and abandoned object detection.

Access Your Site Remotely COE I-Command SecureStream enables remote, secured access to streaming video from any location worldwide.

The Best Of Both Worlds Combining Ethernet and fibre transmission technologies facilitates flexible hybrid network designs. Areas such as modern office blocks which are better suited to Ethernet transmission can be combined across a common network with remote sites which must be connected using fibre.

Rugged, Reliable Equipment COE equipment is designed to perform in the most demanding environments in the world. Our partners install COE equipment for metro systems, tunnels, offshore oil rigs and industrial sites because it can withstand the rigours of these environments and perform faultlessly for many years.


ns For Any Project

nce across any network, combining unique and innovative timum solution for any video surveillance requirement.

work infrastructure, and that may utilise any transmission medium, rue best-fit solutions to match our clients’ requirements.

Complete Management Suite Using the COE I-Command suite of products, effective control, management and recording is facilitated for 10s to 1000s of cameras, offering seamless COE and third party integration and an intuitive yet fully featured operating platform.

Total Network Access

Cyber Your Fibre!

With intelligent network design and use of COE I-Command Pro, users can access and control video simultaneously (through rights based access) at multiple control rooms at multiple locations across a network.

Utilising the X-Net OPT-LAN series of products, Ethernet based services such as automatic number plate recognition, can be transmitted, along with multiple streams of uncompressed video over greatly extended distances using optical fibre.

Extended Transmission Distance COE X-Net fibre transmission modules can transmit up to 144 channels of video at distances of up to 180km using a single optical fibre!


Advanced Fibre Transmission Equipment COE’s X-Net® fibre transmission range of integrates unique technologies and features to ensure that the highest quality video transmission possible is maintained, and that an optimum networking solution can be achieved for projects of any size or scope.

Video Transmission: Making The Link Copper based Ethernet transmission distance is limited to 90 metres. In comparison COE fibre optic products can transmit video up to 180km. The facility to transmit video over extended distances is very useful and suits many applications in the transportation industry and for sites or groups of sites covering larger physical areas. Transmission equipment quality can have a major effect on the resultant quality of video footage at the control room. No matter how high the quality of captured video or how sophisticated a recording and management solution is, without high quality video transmission equipment, a video surveillance system will never perform to its full potential.

The X-Net® Philosophy The X-Net range has been developed in adherence with the following values:

• Flexibility, scalability & adaptability. A fully universal system capable of accommodating any CCTV project. • Maintaining highest quality transmission over any distance and across any network. • Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy! Ensuring video fidelity at all times.


Intelligent Design, Innovative Features With over 20 years providing advanced video transmission technologies, COE has remained at the forefront of the market, integrating new features and functionalities as they become available. Some of the core features of the X-Net range are listed below.

Advanced Optical Technology COE’s X-Net fibre modules are fitted with Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) optical laser ports. SFP optics have a number of key benefits over traditional laser optics. These include:

• Signal transmission over twice the distance of traditional fibre lasers, extending potential transmission range from a single light source to over 180km!

• Replaceable in seconds. SFP optics can be interchanged in seconds, eliminating downtime from faulty lasers and reducing the requirement for costly spares holding at site.

• CWDM capabilities. These highly tuned devices may utilise coarse wave division multiplexing (CWDM). This development allows the user to increase video channel count to as many as 144 channels from each module over a single optical fibre.

Future-proofing. Optical fibre will be

a medium of choice for video transmission over long distances, high channel counts and high security networks for years to come. X-Net fibre modules, you will receive the latest technology in this field, ensuring compliance with future developments in fibre optics.

Hybrid Networking Capabilities The X-Net range includes modules with capabilities to transmit and receive video over both optical fibre and Ethernet. These products include the X-Net Ethernet Switch and the X-Net OPT-LAN series of products. Equipment such as this is well suited for applications in hybrid network environments and these products have been implemented in some of the world’s most prolific CCTV networks.

Reliability Through Design To ensure that networks remain resilient regardless of acts of sabotage, path loss or individual/multiple device failure, the X-Net range has been developed with a number of integrated features which safe-proof against network downtime. These include dual power supply options, universal network status management products, full redundancy proofing, SFP optical ports and more!


Digital Fibre Transmission Core to the success of the X-Net range is a powerful set of fibre transmission products. X-Net fibre modules combine the highest quality fibre optic video transmission available in the market with a range of innovative features and product enhancements. By creating a flexible range of single and multi-channel products, scalable, cost-effective solutions can be engineered for projects of any size.

Various Fibre Transmission Options

Designed for Large Networks Flexible for Every Network X-Net and X-Stream have been designed to operate either in boxed housings, or through a universal racking system. Fibre transmission modules may be fitted alongside Ethernet video servers, power supplies and passive optical devices in a common rack to accommodate every video transmission technology requirement for sites of any size and complexity.


Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) enables simultaneous transmission of up to 144 channels of video across a single optical fibre. Every product in the X-Net range is capable of CWDM transmission, permitting high density, diverse routing and drop & insert fibre transmission topologies. This technology vastly increases potential channel count capacity across networks with limited fibre infrastructure.

CWDM Optical Wavelength Range In the example shown, multiple X-Net modules are connected via fibre optic interconnects to an X-Net CWDM module, eliminating the requirement for costly and time consuming fibre splicing. Using this method, up to 18 separate X-Net modules (each configured to use different laser wavelengths), may be combined to provide high density transmission of video, plus optional audio, data and Ethernet over a single optical fibre.

Single Fibre, Multi-Site Configuration X-Net CWDM may be used in large networks with multiple surveillance sites to transmit video from many remote sites back to a single or multiple control areas.


X-Stream H.264 IP Video Encoding X-Stream video servers have been developed to provide video transmission over IP networks with superior picture quality at reduced bandwidths. Utilising the latest H.264 Main Profile algorithm, single or multiple channels of analogue video feed can be inputted into an X-Stream video server. This video is then digitally encoded and compressed for Ethernet transmission across an IP network.

X-Stream Includes... H.264 Main Profile encoding for superior video Boxed or rack mountable units for flexibility Specifications exceeding rail environmental standards

X-Stream Features... Embedded I-Command SmartDetect video analytics Dual streaming video delivery Web based diagnostics and alarms A range of X-Stream video decoders are also available from COE, providing a link back to legacy analogue control and display systems. This addition to the range ensures X-Stream may be installed at sites undertaking incremental upgrades, without any loss of video coverage or system functionality.

‘Direct-To-Fibre’ Video Transmission The X-Stream 400 FX-VL is the world’s first direct-to-fibre

video encoder, inputting and compressing up to 4 channels of analogue video, then distributing the video extended distances via Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) optical fibre port. Video loop through and additional contact closure interfaces are also provided with this product. X-Stream 400 FX-VL is also Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) compatible, and multiple modules may be linked in a CWDM fibre network configuration for maximum operational flexibility.


I-VueŽ Analytical IP Camera Range COE’s I-Vue range of IP cameras include high definition analytical IP cameras combining industry beating specifications with unique feature sets. I-Vue analytical IP cameras have been developed for professional video surveillance applications, combining state-of-the-art features such as embedded intelligent video analytical capabilities with high quality H.264 IP compression. Through experience providing equipment for over 10,000 sites worldwide, COE has developed an acute understanding of the requirements of site users and installers, and we have designed the I-Vue range in response to these requirements.

Full HD 1080p I-Vue Cameras The advantages of IP cameras over their analogue counterparts are only now starting to be realised. With Megapixel technologies, superior picture quality to analogue video is now becoming a reality. Coupled with enhancement technologies such as intelligent video analytics, the potential of IP cameras to add real value to security sites is becoming apparent.

I-Vue’s HD cameras combine high definition performance with in-built I-Command SmartDetect Essentials video motion detection as standard. Enhancement facilitated by SmartDetect Advanced equips the camera to automatically detect and alert the operator to a wide range of pre-defined incidents including vehicle tracking, counting, incident detection and more. In addition to the core I-Vue camera range, a comprehensive range of accessories is also available, ensuring secured, vandal resistant mounting may be achieved in any environment.


Transmission Over Ethernet IP transmission is bridging the gap between IT and CCTV technologies. COE’s IP transmission products, such as the X-Net Ethernet Switch and X-Stream Video Servers are installed at some of the most complex, high profile networks in the world.

IP H.264 Encoding with Ethernet & Fibre Transmission

The Right Equipment for Every Project By manufacturing products which bridge the gap between Ethernet, fibre and analogue transmission, COE has developed a comprehensive solution set which is suited for video surveillance applications of any size or scope. Coupled with expert project design acumen, COE solutions are responsible for faultless video capture, transmission and management at some of the world’s most prominent sites, including:

ff The Port of Singapore (10Km2 Site)

ff London’s Congestion Charging Scheme

ff Seoul Metropolitan Subway (8000+ Cameras)

ff Various Royal Residences Worldwide


Telecommand Developed through many years of experience providing large scale CCTV solutions, Telecommand is a comprehensive analogue based control and management solution for enterprise CCTV projects. The Telecommand analogue control system is used for monitoring some of the most complex diversified surveillance schemes in the world. Implemented in over 30 UK towns and cities, and in operation at various prominent locations globally, this powerful solution is the best of breed in analogue CCTV system control and monitoring. Telecommand brings

a wealth of management features to the control room environment. The inclusion of an Ethernet interface as well as an extensive serial driver library enables control of an existing set of analogue peripherals as well as the newer IP connected devices such as DVRs and PC based control and alarm management systems.

Telecommand CCTV Network Telecommand Control Matrix

Telecommand LCD Keyboard


The Telecommand range includes a stackable modular expandable video switching matrix as well as a range of control keyboards and telemetry receivers. The system is compatible with COE’s entire range of products, as well as a wide range of third party peripherals. Through innovation and continual improvement, the system remains one of the world’s most advanced analogue CCTV control and management systems.


I-Command速 Video Management Suite Comprising a powerful range of software products including a management solution for 1000s of cameras, intelligent video analytics and secured transcoding, I-Command is the next generation of IP video surveillance management. Each product in the I-Command range functions effectively either as a standalone product or as an integral element of a consolidated management system. This approach allows provision of a cost-competitive and scalable solution for networks of any size, scope and requirement.

The strength of I-Command has been achieved by splitting the core elements and focusing on developing each in turn to ensure they achieve their objectives as successfully as possible. By retaining compatibility with one another, synergy is achieved when utilising multiple products across the range in conjunction with one another.

Whilst operating at its most effective with COE equipment, I-Command also maintains functionality with a wide range of third party products and network interfaces.


To ensure compatibility with third party apparatus, the entire I-Command range has been developed to be technology agnostic, each product operating flawlessly as a management tool for any network.

I-Command® Lite I-Command Lite is an intuitive IP video surveillance application for control and management of small video surveillance sites. Easy to install and operate, I-Command Lite transforms a standard PC into an IP video management solution, providing every operational requirement necessary to administer and record a 1-16 device network effectively.

I-Command® Pro I-Command Pro is an enterprise grade server-client based management solution for single or multi-site networks of any size. Flexible and scalable for 10s to 1000s of cameras, I-Command Pro combines enterprise features and support for a wide variety of third party devices to create an ideal IP video management solution for projects of any size and scope.

I-Command® SecureStream I-Command SecureStream provides remote, secure viewing of streaming video from anywhere in the world. With full encoding and transcoding abilities, I-Command SecureStream is invaluable for security conscious operations, and any discerning individual or organisation requiring instant, secured remote access to streaming video from anywhere around the world.

I-Command® SmartDetect I-Command SmartDetect is a suite of state of the art intelligent video analytics products, capable of a wide variety of complex rule algorithms. Providing automatic detection of many security focused rules, SmartDetect is capable of enhancing effectiveness of the security team at any site. Rules include: object removal & abandonment, zone entry & exit (for both vehicles and pedestrians), loitering & crowding, and many more!

I-Command® MultiView I-Command MultiView is a powerful video wall viewer application, capable of enhancing the operations of any CCTV control room. MultiView provides a highly cost-effective, PC based viewing solution, capable of distributing a large number of video streams between as many as four video monitors simultaneously. This product is an ideal alternative to an all-hardware video wall solution.


I-Command® System IP

The diagram below represents an I-Command network solution for a safe system, redundant ‘hot swap’ servers and optiona

Network Surveillance T I-Command® SmartDetect

COE I-Vue® cameras, X-Stream™ video devices are compatible

Capable of enhancing effectiveness of the security team at any site, I-Command SmartDetect comprises a range of powerful video analytics tools. These tools allow dynamic operational and security based analysis of video to support the function of CCTV operators across networks of any complexity.

I-Command® Pro Management Server Available for enterprise networks, this server retains device configurations, user profiles, administration data and more for large, complex systems.

I-Command® Pro Workstations Client workstations have access to every I-Command application featured across the network. Workstations are responsible for device control and network management for enterprise systems with 1000s of cameras.

Network Redundancy Proofing Products in the I-Command range can be equipped with redundant back-up servers/terminals to ensure the video surveillance network remains active, capturing and recording video at all time. This ensures that the network will not be compromised if an individual or multiple devices fail at any point in time.



Network Infrastructure

ety critical network design, comprising the I-Command Pro management al enhancement products in the I-Command range.

Transmission Devices

o encoders and numerous 3rd party e with I-Command Pro.

I-Command® Pro Network Servers These servers manage and record video from thousands of cameras across the network simultaneously. A ‘floating’ optional backup server ensures video fidelity remains at all times.

ork I-Command® SecureStream With full encoding and transcoding abilities, I-Command SecureStream is an invaluable application for security conscious operations and any discerning individual or organisation requiring instant, secured remote access to streaming video from anywhere around the world.

I-Command® MultiView Video Wall Functioning as a stand alone application to enhance any video network, or used in combination with the I-Command range, MultiView provides a highly cost-effective enhanced viewing solution, distributing a large number of video streams between multiple video monitors simultaneously.



Onboard Video Management TransitGuard™ is a rugged onboard recording and viewing solution suitable for a variety of transport applications. TransitGuard onboard video management system is a complete solution for a single or multi-carriage trains, buses and any other vehicles requiring onboard video surveillance. Based on digital IP technology, all signals are routed via an Ethernet backbone to and from the TransitGuard Network Video Recorder (NVR) and monitor (If fitted). For vehicles fitted with older cabling infrastructure cameras may also be run over twisted pair. Each element of the TransitGuard onboard video management system is specifically engineered to withstand the rigours of demanding onboard vehicle environment.

Typical TransitGuard Network Configuration

Onboard Video in Public Transport Cameras enable the transport operator to track violent passengers, emergency events, passengers falling ill, fire, known suspects to police, operational capacity profiles and many other scenarios. CCTV onboard therefore has a role to play in operational and security applications, providing real long-term cost savings and improving passenger safety. TransitGuard meets all these needs and more and combines with train-to-track transmission for overall security network integration and expansion.

COE’s rugged TransitGuard Network Video Recorder


Cooperative Strategic Development Establishing strong links to the companies who install COE equipment is key to maintaining our international presence and competitiveness. Our ability to enter new markets and fulfil demand for high quality video surveillance equipment is reliant upon the strength of our business relationships, and the abilities of our partners to specify, install and service the networks featuring COE equipment.

Through developing long lasting partnerships with companies who distribute and install COE products, we gain an insight into the specific needs and requirements of these companies. As such, this enables us to provide tools and training to help these companies win business and to get the most out of the COE equipment that they install and use.

Partnership With COE Lets You...

Stand Out From The Crowd! Partner companies are entitled to a number of advantages and benefits including:

• Free of charge advanced video surveillance training with expert COE instructors. • Access to a dedicated account manager at COE. • Invites to exclusive events, access to restricted promotional offers and more! • Our most competitive prices available. Contact your nearest COE office today to learn more about partnership with COE, and to discover the benefits that partnership between our companies can bring!


Competitive Prices, Comprehensive Solutions Drawing on the strength of over 20 years providing CCTV solutions for the most complex sites in the world, COE offers our partners complimentary solution design services to provide the optimum solution for any project requirement. Contact us today to : • Find out more about our products and what they can do to enhance your solution offering. • Receive friendly expert advice regarding CCTV equipment for your next project. • Get a competitive video surveillance quote from the best in the industry!

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