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SmartDetect Analytics

I-Command® SmartDetect I-Command® SmartDetect is a powerful suite of high-performance intelligent video analytics products, capable of detection and identification of a wide variety of user-defined events.

Intelligent Video Analytics Video analytics is a powerful technology that has been developed in response to the emergence of IP technologies in the video surveillance industry. The use of intelligent analytical products can add depth to the functionality of any CCTV network, and extract real business value. Benefits of analytics include: ▷▷ Heightening awareness to potential security and safety risks across a site or multiple sites. ▷▷ Protection of assets, staff and the general public. ▷▷ Enhancement of operator effectiveness and incident identification. ▷▷ Instance tracking for toll charging, logistical purposes and revenue generation. COE has experience in providing high-level video analytics products for a number of the world’s most prolific surveillance networks. For Seoul’s Metropolitan Subway Corporation, COE provided over 1,000 video analytics licences to enhance security and safety across 70 subway stations.

The SmartDetect suite of video analytics products employs a variety of technologies to ensure that the most appropriate analytics solution can be achieved for any network, at any time.

I-Command® SmartDetect Essentials I-Command SmartDetect Essentials provides enhanced Video Motion Detection (VMD) functionality and a range of rules-based alarm notifications. Essentials is included free of charge with COE’s I-Vue® IP camera range.

SmartDetect Essentials includes: ▶▶ Tracking for up to 100 targets simultaneously

▶▶ Up to 40 user defined polygonal zones

▶▶ Camera attack notification:

▶▶ Intelligent alarm generation


Camera lens covering/defacing


Ignores repetitive movement


Repositioning of fixed camera


Ignores cloud shadows


Defocusing of camera


Auto-adjusts for light degradation

▶▶ Line crossing detection

▶▶ Anti-shake cancellation

I-Command® SmartDetect Advanced I-Command SmartDetect Advanced combines ease of use, installation and setup, with a world class feature set to ensure comprehensive analytics coverage for networks of any size or scope.

SmartDetect Advanced includes every feature of Essentials, plus:

SmartDetect Advanced is i-LIDS® approved as a secondary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications.

▶▶ Up to 40 simultaneous on-screen event counters

▶▶ Speed filter (mph) with upper & lower thresholds

▶▶ Direction filter (with 3-axis adjustment variables)

▶▶ User-definable object classes including: people, groups

▶▶ Stopping detection (with variable time threshold)

of people, cars, clutter, animals, etc

▶▶ Loitering detection (with variable time threshold)

▶▶ Object removal & object abandonment detection

▶▶ Enter/Exit notification

▶▶ 3D mapping tool for simplified calibration

▶▶ Appear/Disappear notification

I-Command® SmartDetect System Powered by Agent Vi, SmartDetect System combines a variety of detection algorithms with multiple rule linking and more to provide a comprehensive enterprise analytics package.

SmartDetect System includes the following features:

SmartDetect System is i-LIDS® approved as a primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications.

▶▶ Suspicious object detection

▶▶ Illegal parking detection

▶▶ Line crossing detection

▶▶ Traffic obstacle detection

▶▶ Counting detection

▶▶ Slip & fall detection

▶▶ Tailgating detection

▶▶ Water Vessel detection & tracking

▶▶ Loitering & grouping detection

▶▶ Video quality monitoring (tampering, light failure, etc)

▶▶ Object removal detection

▶▶ Auto-tracking of PTZ cameras

I-Command® SmartDetect Search Powered by Agent Vi, SmartDetect Search provides automatic and effortless retrieval and analysis of detailed events and data from stored video.

SmartDetect Search includes the following features: ▶▶ Continuous collection and logging of scene metadata for hundreds of cameras simultaneously, with no need to predefine search parameters. ▶▶ Rapid review, scanning days of stored video in seconds to display precise results, eliminating the need for timeconsuming manual search and review of stored video. ▶▶ Statistical analysis for people and vehicle counting.

▶▶ Forensic search, including event or target parameters, including type, size and colour. ▶▶ Motion path analysis with graphical representation of all motion paths in a scene, with immediate access to the video segment relating to each path. ▶▶ Simple export of specific video segments and reports as stand-alone files.

SmartDetect Product Compatibility Matrix

ü= Included Free of Charge

ü= Software License Upgrade

I-Command® SmartDetect Essentials

I-Command® SmartDetect Advanced

I-Command® SmartDetect System

I-Command® SmartDetect Search

I-Vue® MINI*



Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

I-Vue® FX*



Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

I-Vue® MAXI*



Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

I-Vue® PTZ*



Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

X-Stream™ 101



Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

X-Stream™ 102


Via Proxy Server



X-Stream™ 202


Via Proxy Server



X-Stream™ 400


Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

Via Proxy Server

Product Range

* I-Vue compatibility includes all variants of each model type, including extended zoom, megapixel and HD models.

SmartDetect Architecture To ensure maximum operational flexibility, three distinct network structures may be employed to optimise the functionality of the I-Command® SmartDetect suite and provide an integrated, best-fit video analytics solution for networks of any size and scope. COE’s X-Stream™ encoders and I-Vue® Cameras feature embedded technologies which enable I-Command® SmartDetect Essentials and I-Command®

SmartDetect Advanced video analytics to be performed on highest quality uncompressed video. This architecture is highly cost-effective whilst also remaining fully scalable.

I-Command® SmartDetect provides an effective failsafe against CCTV operator fatigue and human error.

I-Command® SmartDetect System and I-Command® SmartDetect Search utilise a hybrid architecture, dividing analytical processing between the edge device and a dedicated alarm management server. This is an optimised solution, harnessing the processing power of the server whilst optimising network bandwidth.

Embedded Analytics I-VueŽ Cameras and X-Stream™ encoders feature embedded video analytics modules. This enables the edge device to undertake advanced video analytics on highest quality, uncompressed video.

Hybrid Architecture Analytics

SmartDetect Architecture Options Edge Device Analytics

Distributed Analysis SmartDetect System utilises a distributed architecture optimising network bandwidth usage and allowing powerful analytics processing on the system server.

Proxy Server Analytics

Proxy Server A proxy server performs analysis on video from any encoder/IP camera from across the system.

IP Network Device Agnostic Analytics can be performed on any camera by utilising a proxy server architecture.

I-CommandŽ SmartDetect in Action SmartDetect is utilised in some of the world’s most high profile video surveillance installations.

The Port of Singapore Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Port of Singapore manages container movements serving 200 shipping lines, offering connections to 600 ports in 123 countries. The port has around 1100 cameras installed, and several control centres located across four main terminals. COE was selected to provide a complete video transmission and management solution for this landmark site. Integrating disparate technologies whilst utilising the existing infrastructure with minimal development costs, the chosen solution digitised the existing cameras. The solution enhanced functionality and recording capacity, plus facilitates future expansion.

COE provided a comprehensive video surveillance upgrade including I-Command SmartDetect video analytics. SmartDetect video analytics was integrated at various points across the Port of Singapore for both security enhancement and logistical purposes. Recognising the requirement for highly efficient operations in seaports, analytics has been an invaluable tool to assist in incident detection and response.

Logistics Analytics Through smart implementation of video analytics, logistical processes can be streamlined using cameras to identify bottlenecks, queues, misplaced containers, vehicles etc. This prevents hold-ups and helps to maintain efficient operations.

Intelligent Video Analytics COE’s SmartDetect analytics detects behaviour patterns of vehicles, people and objects. Advanced analytical capabilities such as water vessel detection may be utilised to maintain secure operations at a site.

I-Command® SmartDetect in Action Key SmartDetect projects include: 1000+ licenses for Seoul’s Metropolitan Subway Network.

Seoul Metropolitan Subway Network Seoul’s Metropolitan Subway is the third most heavily used Metro system in the world, serving over 8 million journeys daily in and around the capital of South Korea. COE was commissioned to provide a comprehensive upgrade to the surveillance equipment used to control security over lines 1, 3 and 4 of Seoul’s metro network. This upgrade included integrated I-Command SmartDetect video analytics. At Seoul Metro, analytics is used to enhance the functionality of cameras across the network, enabling the security staff to streamline their operations and ensure the safety of the travelling public with complete confidence.

COE provided a major system upgrade for Seoul’s Metropolitan Subway Network.

Public Safety Applications SmartDetect analytics can detect overcrowding, suspicious objects, and much more. For Seoul’s metropolitan network, analytics is used for detection of such activities across a large number of stations around the network simultaneously.

Rule-Based Analytics Rules such as ticket barrier avoidance and perimeter detection are in operation at 70 stations across Seoul’s Metro system to identify potential threats.

Operational Control Centre COE has designed systems which can access realtime video from 80+ stations across a network. We have implemented systems for high profile rail networks worldwide capable of managing and recording over 8000 cameras simultaneously.

Competitive Prices, Comprehensive Solutions Drawing on the strength of over 20 years providing CCTV solutions for the most complex sites in the world, COE offers our partners complimentary solution design services to provide the optimum solution for any project requirement. Contact us today to : • Find out more about our products and what they can do to enhance your solution offering. • Receive friendly expert advice regarding CCTV equipment for your next project. • Get a competitive video surveillance quote from the best in the industry!

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