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Alcohol … A common problem for Scotland and France Abstract:

Nowadays, more and more a lot people have been attending by the alcoholism. From teenagers to adults, all segmentation of the population concern by this delicate topic. This problem have been relevant in different countries and especially in Europe. To demonstrate this fact, we could analyse it, in this article, the difference between France and Scotland. Inside,you could find some various analysis about habits levels and statistics.

Article: Despite some various regulations and awareness campaigns which are presents to combat alcoholism the death rate and accidents with alcohol do not decrease. Inside this article, we explain the different problem caused by alcoholism between France and Scotland and the solutions thought to resolve this. In Europe the consummation to alcohol is the more important in the world, the death rate alcohol represent 6%. In 2011, we can see that 42,5 millions Euros concern the sell to alcohol. According to INSEE (statistics organism), the sell to alcohol represent 15 milliards Euros, 1% budget to French consumers in one year either 8,5% food budget. Into France exist various corporate inside this field such as Pernod Ricard, Diageo, ABinBev, LVMH, Rémy Cointreau, Heineken, Carlsberg. These brands products various variety alcohol's. To attract news customers and win the loyalty of customer's, they are need to adapt various strategies marketing to touch all kind ages. In France, in 2005, the spirituous represent 610 millions product litres, either 4 milliards Euros for the turnover, it's the third producer European, ninth in the world. 240 million represent the percent to sell in alcohol in France and 370 million abroad. Below we can see the percent to the different alcohol sell with a success : – 38% whisky – 29,3% sweet drinks – 5,7% vodka In France the famous variety to alcohol drink sell is a beer, represent 20 millions beer hectolitre consume during 2004. Sixth producer in Europe with Germany, United-kingdom, Spain, Poland and Netherlands; 1milliard hectolitre is the product per year either 2 million are export abroad. However, the alcohol grow in the economic impact but it is very harmful for the French population.

Now, we explain this fact with more details below. One thousand people died every year in France due the road accidents, various associations created to collect donations to raise funds to stop this phenomenon. The society try to progress in the prevent. Since 1949 an association is created in France to fight against this recurrent problem '' L'APR� (association road safety). This type of association are sometimes set up by volunteers who have often known the loss of a loved one during accident. That said the association uses various means to make his message for this every year it creates a commercial nationally recognised. That is distributed regularly to raise awareness of young people and adults up during the holidays such as Christmas, New Year and the festival of music we see a boost awareness campaigns as often during these tragic accidents are caused. Conferences, events and meetings are also organised to raise awareness and understanding of the problem with the French population. Every year in France mortality is about 10% of any class or confused 4000 5000 dead. A strategy is put in place a policy of prevention has existed for over 20 years. In France, legislation requires to regulate and reduce advertising on alcohol (in order to protect minors). Of information and educations posts in schools to college and also at the population level through campaigns, sensitisation (national level). This scheme represent one regulation per country, the goal is to put a limit for the alcohol consummation. According to this scheme, in France we can see that the proportion of the road deaths is the more high. However the others countries with a regulation more less important have a rate low to the maximum legal blood alcohol concentration per person. To conclude France have a good economic position by the alcohol sell. However this country have a problem because a many peoples are dead by accident road or others problems caused by alcoholism. Fortunately various associations are create for raise, against this fact and to enforce the laws. We saw alcohol is the ninth reason of death in France. Despite of this advertisement to the population they continue to drink a lot every time and this problem touch more the younger than the older people. In France, by the age of 13 or younger 9% of student have been drunk against 25% in UK. Per capita alcohol consumption is higher in Scotland than in France. You can see on the graphic, the consumption of alcohol. But this problem is bigger in Scotland than in France. Can we do a link between France and Scotland about the reason of this higher consumption. I propose you to study the case Scotland.

The famous thing in Scotland is the 'culture of drinking', they are known for it. In Scotland, the alcohol consumption is a curse. The Scottish Government did a report where it explains the alcohol misuse is estimated to cost £2.25 billion every year. A European Comparative Alcohol presents some results from a study; it said in UK the population consumed the larger volumes of alcohol. In addition, by the age of 13 or younger 25% of student have been drunk. In 2011, the alcohol cost £40.17m to the hospital. 30% of patients are “hazardous/harmful” drinkers and 80% of cases of violence are as a result of drinking. Scottish people consume 11.8 litres of pure alcohol each year. A lot of people used to do a binge drinking, problem which existing not just in Scotland but in all the countries. 24% of young people between 15 – 24 years older did it. The manager of ABC project said some people did not come at work, or miss meeting because they drank too much. The explanation? The presence of cheaper alcohol could be bought by everyone. The price of alcohol cost less ten times than last ten years. The drinkers are more and more younger. They don't take care themselves when they drink. To resolve this famous problem of alcohol, the government decided to involve the price of the alcohol drinks. They propose to put a minimum price for the alcohol drink and the profit is 40p but they cannot risk involving too much or they will see an decreasing of the sales. This 40p more will reduce overall consumption by 2.6%. But there drink is a part of the culture. The alcohol is an integral part of Scottish life and try to change this culture could take a long time and a society effort. But it will be a major cultural shift. BBC Scotland explained that Glasgow want to help the people and propose a service to advertise about the drinking habits. Change their habits and their alcohol's consumption is the goal of this offer. To see a healthy relationship growth between alcohol and habitant. The second problem is the image which convey by the advertisement. All the young people watch the same movie and emissions, listen the same music and read the same article, so they drink in the same way. The alcohol's advertisement is present everywhere and influence all the younger. It affects the manner of drinking. But the alcohol problem don't touch only the teenagers, also the old people consume more and more alcohol and the number of death due alcohol increase. The alcohol is a really curse for all people, from younger to older. Despite of a lot of awareness campaign, the people continue to drink a lot without tale care of them. What is the real good solution to decrease the consumption of alcohol? The raising price will be the solution for Scotland? France will do the same? Just the time knows it … References: ZFLASH ACTU (02/03/2009) GB: L'Écosse opposé à l'alcool discount [Online] URL [Accessed 13/12/2013] MyEUROP.INFO (07/05/2013) L'alcoolisme, un fléau pas seulement français [Online] URL [Accessed 13/12/2013] ANPAA (20/09/2012) Politique alcool en Ecosse. L'ANPAA soutien un prix minimum [Online] URL [Accessed 13/12/2013] Dr Ian Fitzpatrick, Dr Tom MacMillan, Dr Corinna Hawkes, Prof Annie Anderson, Prof Elizabeth Dowler (08/2010) Understanding food culture in Scotland and its comparison in an international context: implications for policy development [Online] URL

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