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Welcome to the home of ELSA AND ME. An organic cotton women’s workwear garment custom-made in New York City. Created for function, the sleek vintage-inspired garment easily goes from 9-5 to cocktail chic.


Brooklyn, New York – Bushwick-based women’s workwear brand ELSA AND ME offers custom made-inNYC garments sewn from organic cotton fabric and tailored to flatter every figure. Founded in 2009 as a part time project by then-corporate woman Maja Svensson, ELSA AND ME seeks to fill the much-needed gap of stylish, sustainable business-wear for women. The company produces made-to-order garments in NYC’s Garment District that flatter most “off the rack,” but can be customized to fit any shape. The inaugural piece to the collection, the ELSA dress, was designed to move seamlessly from to 9 to 5 to cocktail-chic. On a mission to maximize style and utility, garments from the ELSA collection convey a spirit inspired by Svensson’s affinity with her grandmother’s personal classic style. Of a generation where different life perspectives presented different opportunities and in particular, a time when life teemed with a “homemade touch,” Elsa’s world inspired Svensson to model ELSA AND ME in a way that combines modern ideals with old-word service. The collection, made up of the original ELSA dress, the sleeveless ELSA, ELSA tie, jacket and skirt, is available in nine colors and hand sewn from cotton fabric grown free of pesticides, herbicides and dyed with certified earth-friendly dyes.The ELSA tie is constructed from scraps remaining from the production of the ELSA dress. About Maja Svensson Swedish-born, Brooklyn designer Maja Svensson discovered her taste for fashion in 1993 when her mother surprised her with a rare red hat. Distinct and very stylish, no one in her hometown Näsum, Sweden, had ever seen such thing. Coaxed by fifteen dollars and her mother’s urging to wear it it, Svensson soon found she and the red hat inseparable. From that moment on, Svensson’s rapport with style and utility reigned. “What I usually want to achieve with my designs is a combination of look and function,” Svensson says founder and designer of the dress. “I limit trims on purpose to create a style that isn’t dictated by ever-changing fashion forecasts, and wanted to create something versatile that could go both to work and out on the town.” Interning in New York City at the Consulate General of Sweden in 2008, inspired by the city’s hustle spirit, Svensson felt compelled to start her own business. “If I hadn’t gone to New York, it would have probably taken me longer to start my own company. New York really got my brain working and made me feel anything was possible.” From 2009 to 2011, Svensson worked at Invest Sweden and sold dresses from her collection as a part-time project. She made the leap into full time entrepreneurship at the end of 2011 and has since watched her company grow. About the ELSA Collection The ELSA collection is made up of the original 3/4 length sleeve ELSA dress, the Sleeveless ELSA dress, ELSA jacket, skirt and the ELSA tie, a “ladytie” sewn from the remnants of ELSA dress fabric. The garments are custom-made in NYC’s garment district and are available in nine different colors. Items from the ELSA collection are available to order online, through sales ambassadors, or by customer and ELSA AND ME-hosted fitting events.

Maja Svensson Founder, ELSA AND ME

woman in elsa Swedish born Brooklyn-based designer, Maja Svensson, left her corporate job in December 2011 to become the passionate business woman she always dreamt of. Her aim with ELSA AND ME is to empower women to feel feminine and fulfilled in their everyday life. 1.) What is your profession and how did you get into doing that? I am the founder of ELSA AND ME. I got into running my own business because I have almost always wanted to run my own business. I got into the clothing design industry because I saw a lack of conservative, yet stylish and feminine office wear for women. 2.) What do you like the most in regards to what you do? To build something from scratch and the freedom of being my own boss. 3.) What is one of your most precious wardrobe classics? The ELSA dress! This is of course a partial statement. But since I have been wearing the same dress (the ELSA dress) everyday for over a year now, and I still love it, it must mean it is something special and precious about it. 4.) Mention a role model and tell us why? My family is my role model. My grandma Elsa because she’s from a different generation, and has more life experience. Her elegant style and manners, and her generation’s better view and care for resources like clothing garments, inspired me to create ELSA AND ME. My mom because she has showed my sister and I that you can be a strong woman leader. My sister because she is a strong leader like my mom. And my dad because he is an entrepreneur like me and always supports my decisions wholeheartedly. 5.) What’s the best thing about being you? That I am the younger sister and therefore have a tendency to get what I want. A man would probably call this the skill of being good at negotiating - so then may be it, the best thing about being me is that I am good at negotiating. 6.) What tips do you have for becoming a more sustainable shopper? Buy less, invest in quality wardrobe classics and be creative with what you have.

7.) Tell us one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. To take the leap and go full time with ELSA AND ME. The past year working full time with my own company has been the best learning experience ever. It has taught me what it is like to run my own business, but also a lot about myself. I don’t think a business school can really ever teach you either one of those. 8.) Tell us a secret. I used to compete in air rifle shooting when I was 11. 9.) If you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would that be? What I am doing. I have found a passion of mine and as it looks now, I would like to work with ELSA AND ME for the rest of my life. 10.) New York or California? New York 11.) Wine or Water? Wine 12.) Carnivore, Omnivore, Vegetarian or Vegan? Carnivore 13.) Yoga or Crossfit? Yoga 14.) Shakespeare or Andrew Lloyd Webber? Shakespeare

the elsa dress

the elsa skirt/jacket


the sleeveless elsa

the elsa tie

sustainability • ELSA AND ME provides clothing designs that are not dependent on a short-term trend or a specific season • We provide wardrobe classics that fit several occasions and body types • We provide clothing that to the fullest extent possible is made with certified organic cotton fabric that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified by The Control Union (formerly SKAL) • We produce our clothing locally in New York City • We use 100% recycled apparel boxes and tissue paper made in the US for packaging and shipping • To the fullest extent possible, we use recycled paper products or other sustainable materials for labeling and marketing

e&m customers ELSA AND ME’s customer base is made up of women who desire garments that flatter feminine curves and are conservative for work yet stylish for a cocktail party. ELSA AND ME customers are environmentally-conscious, 25-years-old or older and hold college degrees with yearly incomes of over $60,000. Our customer work in a profession that requires business casual attire, are independent and driven. They attend seminars and events in representation of their professions and are up-to-date on current events. The ELSA woman enjoys brunch with friends, off Broadway shows and proactively stays fit.


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