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My favorite animals are bears. They live in forests. Bears are brown. They’ve got short arms and short legs. They run fast. Only some bears can climb trees. They are omnivore: they eat meat, plants and fruit. They sleep at night. Bears live for about 25 to 30 years. I like bears because they’re clever and beautiful.

Maria Beatriz Carvalho 6ºG

The koala is a forest animal that has gray and white fur and lives in the Southeast and Northeast of Australia. The koalas live for about 14 years. They spend 14 hours a day sleeping and looking for food. These animals are at risk of extinction. The Koala has a small head, short snout, eyes wide apart and it has a thick nose. The koala climbs to trees and it lives in the trees, in the forest.

Mariana Quintas 6ยบG

The butterfly is the most amazing and beautiful animal I have ever seen! Butterflies have two pairs of wings that have the most varied shapes and colours. While resting, butterflies fold their wings up. The butterfly is a small and delicate animal. They may have the minimum weight of 0.3 grams and the heaviest can weigh up to 3 grams, some types of butterflies can get to measure up to 32 inches wing to wing. Butterflies are diurnal, and go through well defined stages until they reach adulthood and they can reproduce and complete their life cycle. At the head a butterfly has a pair of antennae, one pair of compound eyes (made up of several lenses), and the mouth in the form of a straw, that is used to suck nectar from flowers. In the thorax most butterflies have six legs and two pairs of wings. On





vegetative and reproductive organs.

Maria M. Neves – 6º G

My favourite animal My favourite animal is the lion. I like it because it is very scary but it is very cute. Lions live about 20 years and its favourite food is meat. So be aware of the possible danger if you are near any lions.

These are lion cubs VĂ­tor Almeida 6Âş G

My favourite animals are the lions. Lions are yellow and brown. They have got big teeth. They live in the jungle in Africa and Asia. They eat meat: they don`t eat plants or fruits. They hunt and run in the day and sleep at night. Lions live for about 14 years. The lion occupies the top of the food chain. I like lions because they are beautiful.

Tomรกs Domingos 6ยบ G

Tigers My favourite animals are tigers. Tigers’ fur is yellow and black. They have got big teeth. They eat meat. They don’t eat plants and fruit. They live in the jungle in Asia and in Africa. They can run fast when they are hunting. The tigers can also swim. They sleep in the day and hunt at the end of the day and at night. They live in the jungle. They are solitary animals. I’d like to visit a wildlife reservation park because I’d like to see tigers. I like tigers because they’re clever. They live for about 20 years old.

Igor Sousa 6º G

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