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February 2014 | Issue No. 1

Hall Chairman’s Welcome I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to the Elsa LeoRhynie Hall for semester II of the academic year 2013 -2014. As members of this

Apollites at Hall Social




Donovan Russell Hall Chairman

chosen to be a part of a revolution, which is a combination of different ideas and energies. This revolution will be the

Our very first #HOWLER issue

foundation for generations to come and as such

The Hall Committee of the Elsa Leo-Rhynie Towers Hall is pleased

Individually, you are what make this Hall what it is

to launch to the wolfpack our e-publication, #HOWLER. We'll be

and, to make this Hall truly great we must join

bringing to you all the latest updates on hall activities and feature

together as one in our endeavors. I ask of you not

stories fortnightly. Feel free to give us your feedback to make

as your Hall Chairman but as a member of our

#HOWLER the #1 newsletter on campus.

Pack, please give your support to your individual

we must chart a course of prosperity and success.

Tower Representative and members of the Hall Committee. As a Committee we hope to add to — Kearn Williams, Publications Committee Chairperson —

your experience as a U.W.I. student and leave you with memories that are worth having. However, it is through your student leaders that this Hall is able to mobilize its true potential and create the best place on the Mona Campus to reside.


Upcoming Events UWI HOMECOMING February 9-14

Recap of events during Semester I EAC OUTREACH On November 30, the EAC visited the Bethlehem Brother’s


Children Home operated by

February 13

Residents of Towers donated

UWI CARNIVAL March 13 - 16

the Missionaries of the Poor. food, clothing and toiletries. Cake, fruits, juice and gifts were also brought for the children.

HALL WEEK March 23 - 26


HALL SOCIAL Saturday September 28 saw Towerites coming together to

Hall Committee Mr. Donovan Russell, Hall Chairman Mr. Cassell George, Deputy Hall Chairman Ms. Mavern Thomas, Secretary Ms. Saberah Abu Bakr, Treasurer Mr. Joseph Monsanto, Assistant Treasurer Ms. Sache Alexander, Sponsorship Representative Mr. D’andre Fraser, Cultural & Entertainment Affairs Chairperson Mr. Kearn Williams, Publications Committee Chairperson Ms. Tashika Taylor, Public Relations Officer Ms. Tonya King, Domestic Affairs Representative Mr. Richard Nelson, Games Committee Chairperson Ms. Kimberly Isree, Tower Representative – Apollo Mr. Cleon Willis, Tower Representative – Olympus Ms. Jacqueline Bryan, Tower Representative – Orion Mr. Taurean Williams, Tower Representative – Dragon Ms. Sania Brown, Tower Representative – Phoenix

Ms. Roxanne Moore External

cook, eat, play sports and have fun as we strengthened


bond in the Wolfpack

IT’S OFFICIAL!! Members of the Wolfpack and the University community came together on December 18, as we honoured the Mother of the Wolfpack, Prof. Elsa Leo-Rhynie by officially naming the Hall after her.

FULL MOON Towers Hall staged its first party on Friday Oct 25 at the UWI Student’s Union. “This party is now in the ranks of others like Hardwine and Masquerade”-D’andre Fraser -Towers C.E.AC.

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HOWL OUT What has been your most worthwhile experience on ELR Towers Hall?

Bunny Allen

Winstonieth Thomas

Jarrel Byer

Hannah Coutain

Emmanuel Quashie

Tower 1

Tower 4

Tower 3

Tower 2

Tower 5



Trinidad and Tobago


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The parties we have had but most definitely our hike to skyline during orientation.

Last year’s outreach to Barking Lodge Primary School. I felt that giving the infrastructure a facelift would have motivated the students to work harder at their studies.

Joining the Entrepreneurship Society. As a medical student I have been able to learn another discipline that is very important in life.

Sports Day!! Because Phoenix won of course.

The many intellectual debates I have with my flat mates on Floor 2.


#HOWLER issue 1  

#HOWLER A publication of the Elsa Leo-Rhynie Towers Hall, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica. In this very first issue...

#HOWLER issue 1  

#HOWLER A publication of the Elsa Leo-Rhynie Towers Hall, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica. In this very first issue...