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Equilibrium is a Christian Non profit Organisation based in Cape Town,South Africa. Working through the medium of sport, arts and social sciences, we partner with schools, churches and the community within Cape Town by providing quality Christian role models to inspire, influence and empower.

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“You can never change or correct anything, what you are unwilling to confront.” ~ Mike Murdock Greetings in the name of Jesus from all of us at Equilibrium! Welcome to the fifth edition of Changing Times. Over the past 3 months, we‘ve been making steady progress to both be— and facilitate the change that breaks the chains that are keeping our communities in bondage. We give thanks unto God for the great strides and progress we‘ve made in the last quarter: our partner schools have increased from 3 to 5; church partnerships have been strengthened and also new team members have been added. We also had an amazing time with the breakfast at Range Secondary in Matroosfontein, Elsies River, (see story on page 3). We are so excited about the gifts that on its way from ‗our Angels‘ for our partner schools (see page 4). The September Holiday was filled with fun events for the youth (read more on page 6) Our All Star Leadership Academy had their first Camp (read more on pages 7&8) The Challenge of Substance Abuse has escalated in our communities & schools over the last few years but we‘re taking the ―bull by the horns‖ as it is indeed true that ―You can never change or correct anything, what you are unwilling to confront.‖ So I hope that this update will encourage you to also confront the issues that diminish the glory of God in your life and community. Once again, our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support. It is our prayer that God may ―bless you with His special favour and wonderful peace. God Bless You Richly! Elroy


On 5 October 2010 was International Teacher‘s Day—a day for teachers to be shown extra appreciation for the role they play in the lives of both young and old. At Equilibrium the following acronym describes the value of our teachers‘ best: Technician — being experts in the techniques of a particular science Eminence — playing a crucial role in the lives of our children Authentic— of undisputed origin, genuine Cultivated — being refined and well educated Heroic— being very brave Exuberant — being lively and cheerful Resilient — being able to recover quickly from difficult conditions Equilibrium took the initiative to spoil the educators of their partner schools; gifts were sponsored by Mr Groep, Manager at Game Store, Cape Gate, and hand-delivered at Valhalla Secondary, Goodwood College, Range Primary, Elsbury Primary, Edward Primary, Norwood Central Primary, and Clarke Primary. A special message of ‗Education for All‘ was attached, encouraging Educators to sign up at in support of the FIFA initiative to provide educate to all 7 million children in Africa.

Staff at Range Secondary were treated to a special breakfast co-sponsored by our partner church Latreuo Ministries, and Woolworths, Canal Walk.. All the female teachers received a bunch of roses courtesy of Woolworths . ―A student….who is fully trained will be like his teacher.‖ We salute you teachers for taking up this great responsibility and awesome task!!


We thank God for all your prayers. Over a 1000 school bags are on its way. An ‗Angel‘ by the name of Trudy started a school bag relief project in South Africa. As reported previously, Trudy was inspired to embark on this initiative when she visited Cape town in May. Trudy said : ―All the praise be to Jesus, our wonderful Lord and Saviour! Four young people from a Baptist church of 80 members , took leave from work to help me. Isn't that wonderful?‘

Even the MAYOR of Eppelheim, Germany, threw his support behind the project to make it all possible!!

Trudy in the middle with green jacket and the 4 wonderful young people of the Baptist

For many of the kids in underprivileged communities it‘s a dream come true, to no longer have to carry a plastic or black bag to school!!! That‘s why we thank God for Trudy and for all the schools who contributed to this project. We‘re also grateful for support Trudy received from the young people at church and Mayor Dieter Morleim.

The prayer of hearts is that the Lord may bless you & keep you, may his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.


Prevailing Problems in our Communities

Ke Moja in Our Schools Ke-moja, ―I am fine without drugs‖ is

Children with an alcoholic parent have a 60% chance of becoming alcoholic. This percentage rises to 80% if both parents are alcoholics.

such an oxymoron, in the community

50% of Grade 11 learners admitted to have used alcohol in the last year.

the work that we do in schools &

31% of school learners drink socially. 60% of Grade 8-11 learners in Cape schools that misuse alcohol had to repeat their grade.

Ke Moja Training— bringing the Change to Break the Chains os Drug Abuse Kemoja is a Sotho word meaning ―I‘m fine without drugs‖.

we live in. Our youth is being taught, that it‘s indeed fine to use drugs. With communities it‘s all about relationship.

Since we‘ve kicked off the Ke Moja Programme in our 3 High schools we have reached over 2500 learners. With the roll out of the program, kids were streaming in numbers to talk to our counsellors in school. Our latest members on board - Monique Rulse, Naomi Petersen & Neldene Kleinsmidt, are such a blessing to our

Workers at Equilibrium underwent the 3 Day Ke Moja Training to gain a better understanding about drug abuse amongst youth. Though the training course was filled with loads of fun & games, it was also a major eye opener.

schools. To influence someone, it‘s

We are very much looking forward to partner with the Department of Social Development as there is a desperate need to provide a healthy alternative to drug & substance abuse for the youth.

thing they were unaware they were

crucial to have a relationship with that person. In teaching the Ke-moja program, we discovered that, a child has already been pressurised to do somecapable of. The biggest challenge our youth faces, - is having that impossible dream in a time such as this. ―It was an absolute privilege, encouraging them to dream, that impossible dream. ― Neldene Kleinsmidth After our Choices drama, kids opened up in our Question & answer sessions.


During the September holiday break our newly appointed social worker, Ms Groep started a Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program at the Range High School. The group of 12 learners were referrals from the counselors. The first three lessons focused on: Lesson 1) Relationships, Dating and Sexual Purity Lesson 2) Why to say No to sex before marriage Lesson 3) How to say No to sex before marriage The training was both informative in explaining the benefits of abstinence and therapeutic in providing a safe learning environment. The focus is to provide in-depth counselling and therapeutic group work to our youth through Ke – Moja drug awareness program. She is already active in our various schools initiating and completing drug awareness program with learners. She also liaise with parents involving them in parenting workshops in order to create an awareness with regards to alcohol and substance abuse. Through this a support system are provided to one other , their community and above all guidance with regards to their children who are abusing alcohol and drugs. She is currently running four programs RANGE, VALHALLA and GOODWOOD COLLEGE. She also service 5 primary school as the need arises. She believes that her youth just needs SOMEBODY to unlock their potential. Lauren Viglant said:‖ I love coming to the support group sessions I have learned so much & I feel empowered....‖ Pray for our future leaders, - especially that they would make the right choices in the midst of fierce peer pressure.

Yolande doing one of her many support groups at Range High 6

The All Star Leadership Programme Since launching the All Star Programme, we have witnessed how exciting, balanced and well managed range of extra-mural activities can transform a local school into a Community Hub school. The All Star Leadership Programme is a reflection of the beliefs, values and principles of the Christian faith; and is designed to encourage the Life Skills & Leadership Development of Grade 8-12 pupils through mentoring style interaction. The sessions are written in accordance with the National Curriculum. The first all star camp proved to be quite a challenge. From the beginning there were ups and downs, however we pressed through!! 16 All stars had the privilege to go on this camp. For many of these students it was a first time on a camp or even going out of their community. The camp was hosted at Rockland‘s centre Simons town and with the beautiful beach and glorious mountain as our ‗welcoming committee‘; it was the perfect setting for new leaders to be born. Through various grueling, yet fun activities these learners were introduced to a life of self discipline and personal leadership. With a very early morning jog, we allowed them to experience the wonder of a sunrise, some of them never having the opportunity to do themselves. The physical activities though tough at some stages, were always met with a welcoming break or dip in the pool. The pictures attached tell tale of young men & women willing to make the necessary changes in order to see transformation in their school and communities. These learners are truly the future, not only of Range High but also of South Africa! Margret Mead said: ―A small group of committed people can CHANGE the world.” Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.



Tribute to Anthony Mambuke who have finished the race .... Before I begin my tribute to our beloved Br Anthony Mambuke, permit me to begin with the following prayer: “Oh, Heavenly Father, we pray for strength for this difficult time and for these difficult moments. Teach us acceptance of what we cannot understand. Teach us understanding of what we cannot change. For our lives, dear God, are in Your good hands. You give life, and sustain life, and grant eternal life. You, and You alone, know us individually in our depths. You, and You alone, know the sorrow in our hearts. Keep us, comfort us, and surround us with the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who loves us and so holds our beloved Br Anthony Mambuke before your Holy Throne. Even as we walk through this veil of tears, we thank you Father, that through Your Son, our beloved Br Anthony Mambuke lives in Your Eternal Heavenly Kingdom. Amen.” .

We are always saddened when death enters a family circle, and quite naturally so. However, as we remember our beloved Br Anthony Mambuke as a faith full warrior & ambassador for Christ . He ran — and finished the race of life to be with or Lord and Saviour. We thank God for prayer warrior like Br Anthony who prayed unceasingly for Equilibrium and sowed his beautiful wife into the Equilibrium family. Apostle Paul in his first Letter to the Thessalonians writes: “But we would not have you ignorant, brethren, concerning those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.” If we were without hope, we might despair; however, the very essence of our centuries-old Christian faith is hope. Hope, which is irrepressible and unshaken, despite trials, tribulations, and tragedy. Hope is the “anchor” of the soul and steadies us in storms, holds us up, and gives us a spirit to go on with our lives. When hope vanishes, our faith is weakened and there is pain, sadness, suffering, and mourning, for all has vanished. When hope is alive, our faith is strengthened and there is peace, comfort, joy, and love!

Br Mambuke we will miss you & one day we will meet again.

Anthony & Margaret Mambuke at our End of Year Family Day. 9

Finance Update

Financially, the first 6 months of 2010 were challenging; and at the time of writing (this update), we are trusting God for R6,000 to cover operating costs for July and Aug. The ―100 by 100‖ Project kicked off with a rather slow start; so would you consider becoming part of the 100 people to pledge R100 monthly (for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months)? Please pray that God will send His provision and may you also prayerfully consider sowing into this ministry knowing that God ―who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way for all your generosity, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.‖ [2 Cor 9v9-10]

Equilibrium is having a benefit concert to support the work that we are do in our schools & communities. Please support us Venue : Calvary Baptist Church , Eureka Date : 27 November 2010 Time : 7:30 pm Donation :R30 Contact our office for further information : 021 931 7745

People Update We are bidding farewell to Chantal de Bryun , our school‘s worker at Range Primary and Elsbury Primary, as she has enrolled for teacher training. Her contribution was extraordinary ,these past 6 months and it‘s truly been an honour and a privilege to have her as part of our ministry. We pray God Blessings for her future endeavours as she embarks on her studies to become a teacher. New schools worker s Naomi Petersen , Monique Rulse joined our team. Monique will be placed in Elsbury & Range Primary . Naomi kicked off in our two new partner schools Edward & Holy Trinity primary. With great delight we welcome Yolande Groep whose volunteering on a part time basis is now the fulltime Social Worker.

Monique Rulse in Action

Meet our Naomi 2nd from right with our All Star girls

Meet Yolande our social worker on the right


The Equilibrium vision are sustained by the generous giving of our partners.

Our on going Needs Prayer, Finance and People Please pray for our new team members to settle into their schools. 100 by 100 project Our workers starting back in school New Office Space


Equilibrium has its own website. If you want to know more about the organization or if you are interested to become a partner, please visit Or go on our Equilibrium Face book page for updates If you have a church or a friend that might be interested to becoming involved, please give them the address.

Elsies River, 7940

Or Contact us :

Address: 9 Lower Balvenie Avenue

Cape Town ,

Inside SA (021) 931 7745

South Africa 8000

Watch out for the next newsletter in December 2010 11


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