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Make your AC Alternators Last AC Alternators are important components to ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and operates reliably. The alternator works with the battery to generate power for the electrical components of your vehicle. An AC alternator that is well made, strong and durable will ensure your vehicle runs reliably. There are a number of reasons that an alternator can fail: • Overheating: alternators have vents on their front and back ends to help dissipate heat as well as a cooling fan to help cool the alternator. If the vents become clogged or the cooling fan breaks your alternator can overheat and stop working, or possibly even damage other parts of your vehicle such as the battery • Wrong voltage: too little or too much voltage can damage the battery in your vehicle as well as other electrical components. A voltage regulator helps to determine that the alternator is using the correct amount of voltage. If you suspect the problem with your alternator is related to voltage you can get a voltage meter and measure the voltage used while your vehicle is running • Overworked and overloaded: although alternators have a reputation of being a strong and rugged automotive part, it is possible for an alternator to fail because it is overworked or overloaded. You should ensure that you have a good quality alternator so that it can handle the stress and duress you may put it under

The best way to ensure that your alternator doesn’t break when you need it is to purchase a reliable, high-quality alternator that will be able to handle the heavy-duty jobs and power the heavy-duty equipment you use daily. An affordable option to finding a highquality alternator at low-cost is to go through a distributor. Distributors have access to high-quality parts at affordable rates because they sell in the aftermarket. The aftermarket is a part of the automotive industry where vehicle parts, tools, equipment and accessories can be found for light and heavy-duty vehicles after the sale of the automobile by the original equipment manufacturer to the consumer.

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Make your AC Alternators Last  
Make your AC Alternators Last  

What makes your AC Alternators last longer? What are the reasons an alternator can fail? What is the best way to ensure that an alternator d...