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Before Having Your Alternator Rebuild Ensure You Have Accurately Diagnosed the Problem Before you decide to have your alternator rebuild you need to carefully diagnose the problem. Often people misdiagnose the symptoms and indicators of alternator failure, often attributing the problem to the battery instead. There are a number of ways to tell if you are dealing with a faulty alternator or battery. Diagnosing an Alternator Issue There are a number of reasons that alternators can fail: • Sometimes the battery can contribute to the failure of the alternator. An overburdened battery will begin to lose its charge, which places stress on the alternator and eventually causes it to die • A commonly misdiagnosed symptom of a failed alternator is when the engine does not turn over on ignition. Some people will blame the battery for this problem but sometimes the alternator is the culprit It is critical to be able to properly diagnose an alternator issue and differentiate a problem with an alternator and another vehicle issue. Misdiagnosing the problem can lead to increased costs and wasted time:

Elreg Distributors

Your new battery will quickly die if you blame it when the alternator is really at fault. Replacing the battery when the alternator is at fault will just cause the new battery to die. This is an expensive way to differentiate between an alternator and battery issue A more sensible and cost effective method to check the condition of your alternator is to use a voltage meter. Check the battery voltage and terminal connections when your engine is running - you should get a reading between 13.5 v and 15 v An alternator light on the dashboard can also help you determine if the alternator is the problem. However, not all vehicles have an alternator light. If you do have one, this light should be on when you turn the ignition key to start the engine. If it doesn’t light up then your alternator could be malfunctioning A faulty drive belt can prevent the alternator from supplying sufficient charge to the battery. An improperly adjusted drive belt will cause the loss of power when you turn on your headlights or air conditioning. To fix this problem check the belt for cracks or fraying If you are a seasoned motorist or mechanic you may be able to hear a grinding noise coming from the alternator, which can indicate an alternator problem

If you are handy or have mechanical experience you may be able to diagnose the problems with your vehicle as an alternator, battery problem or something else entirely. If it turns out to be the alternator at fault, why repair the

Elreg Distributors

alternator when you can buy a brand new alternator with a full warranty for the same or even better price? An alternator rebuild can be done affordably by buying a new alternator at an affordable price from a reliable distributor.

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Before Having Your Alternator Rebuild Ensure You Have Accurately Diagnosed the Problem