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Animals in the ‘red list’ (The seal)

Marina Melià and Andrea Calviño

The seal is a very important animal and the people hunt it for it fur and it fat.

The seal ·The animal in this photo is a seal. Seals are not very big but they are not very small. The seals are not a fish. They are mammals. They have wings and mermaid tail. Here we can see the young seal on the snow, near the shore. ·Seals live in very cold places. They hunt and eat small fish. They aren’t aggressive and they play on the ice. Females seals have a lot of babies in their lives.

·Seals are on the ‘red list’ of animals in danger. They are in danger because of their fur, and their fat. Fur is ferry expensive and it is for chaquets and coats. They are also in danger for the global warming. We think that it is important to protect those animals.

The seals in the red list  

The seals in the red list, is a text very intresting for the humas.

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