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The PeonĂ­a Cave.

The cave tour.

If you go to visit the Waterfall Wine you should visit The PeonĂ­a Cave, it is near the town of barbecues. 20 minutes from there, it is an attractive tourist potential, especially for hikers and adventurers.

The cave can be driven internally, we wouldn ´t go to the cave without a guide, we must be responsible and prudent.

The place is of great natural beauty, inside the cave you can see the great formation as well as large rocks and inside runs a small river that is the source of the Peony River. It is located on a hill with characteristics similar to those of a rainforest. Use of this appeal is limited by the condition of the road; you have to walk about 30 minutes to the cave.

Inside the cave there is a small string that defines the route to take, along with a series of arrows painted on the walls indicating the way to go. Is a strictly necessary a torch, once inside the cave is complete dark, we have to follow the rope or arrows. The entire tour lasts approximately 20-25 minutes; the circuit is in the shape of number 6.

Peony cave  

Is a real cave