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In our country, adults usually use technology, because they need it to work at the office or at home. But, teenagers, use technology for their social life, for school homework or in their free time.

Teenagers usually use mobile phones or computers for their every day life. Now it’s difficult to find a child older than ten years, that hasn’t got a mobile phone, or a computer in their house. Technology is becoming essential in our society.

Teenagers use chats to comunicate with their friends. Everybody has got a social network like twiter, tuenti or facebook. In spain, most of the teenagers use tuenti, but in the other countries of Europe, the most famous social networks are twiter and facebook.

But nowadays, teenagers are using the social networks without knowing the consequences: 1- They put up their photos in the social networks and then all the people can see them. And also,they don’t realize that these photos will be recorded in the computers, and more people will be able to use them. 2- When someone sends a friendship request, they accept them whithout knowing who it is, and they can see the photos of each other, and they can also speak to each other.

Sometimes, teenagers use the computer to play games. There are lots of pages on the internet with different fantastic games. In our town, one of the most famous games is pang, and you can find it in a lot of different pages. In this game you must burst some bubbles with shots. But there are also games about sports, puzzles, animation‌ they are very funny pages!

They often use techonology for school homework, to look for information. For this, in our country, the most famous web pages are wikipedia and There you can find a lot of information about the subjets you want to know more.

In addition to the mobile phone and the computer, there are lots of different other electronic devices, such us the IPod, Tablet, the walkman, mp3, mp4 and the mp5 among others. Some of them are to listen to music, like the mp-s or the IPod, while the Tablets are touch computers.

COMPUTERS A lot of people have a computer, and nowadays, nobody can live without computers. We use a computer every day to do homework, to see the news, to surf on the internet...

EVERY DAY LIVE TECHNOLOGY We use technology every day, every time,and every where: computers, mobile phones, to listen to music,at home...

COMPUTERS EVERY TIME We use computers all the time when we are at home: Especially to chat with our friends through Social netwoorks, like Tuenti. Occasionally we use it to do our homework To look for information

TUENTI: Tuenti is a very popular Social network. Everybody uses it to chat with friends, to look for the photos, to send messages and to make new friends... With this Social network, we can only speak with Spanish speaking people .

It isn’t advisable to chat with people you don’t know,because you don’t know who is behind.And he or she can deceive you. If you met that person, it could be a robber, a criminal or a tramp.

MOBILE PHONES Mobile phones are devices of technology. Their priority is to contact people and send messages too. But today that isn´t their priority. If you go down the street you can see lots of young people with their mobile phones in an unusual way. Normally they are listening to music or surfing the internet. Now mobile phones are more advanced technology, because almost most mobile phones can be used as a computer. There are two different types of mobile phones: tactiles and mobile phones with a keyboard.

Now the tactile mobiles are more fashionable: Samsung Galaxy, Tablet, Iphone, HTC‌ The mobiles with keyboard aren´t as common as the tactile mobiles. From summer, Blackberry has became the most popular type of mobiles. Blacberry have got keyboard and also it have a little part tactile.

(Black Berry)

MP PLAYERS There are device of technology to listen music and radio, see photos or videos… Most of people buy them to listen music. You can listen music with headphones or speakers. Today it´s very normal that everyone has one. Everybody enjoy listening to music to relax or to motivate. Usually people put high enough bolum, but that isn´t suitable for ears. You can put the music with speakers, but if you encrease the bolum you can also annoy people.

RADIO: In the Basque Country the most popular radio network is Gaztea. There you can find songs that there are in fashion.

TV As we said at the beginning when we tend to be at home we usually use the computer but also we spent many hours watching TV. Normally we watch the news, comedy programmes, quiz show,‌. Is not appropiate to be many hours in font of the TV because the eyes be tired. You shouldn’t believe everything that you see or that you hear. Most of the facts are not truths.

This is our presentation, we have written about technology, specially about computers, mobile phones, Mp players and TV because we think that they are mots available techonologys devices. We hope to like our presentation and has paired for something!

TABLETS This is a new piece of technology and many people leave the lap top to use this. Because it is smaller and you can use it everywhere, its like a computer but it is also a telephone.

FACEBOOK This is a very popular social network and people use this to speak with other people. Sometimes we use this badly and then get into trouble. But it is used everywhere and usually by people who are more than 15 years old

TUENTI This is another social network and people use it to chat with other people, to upload photos. Although it is for people older than 18, people who are 10 years old have started to use it.

TWITER It is another social network used all over the world, specially by famous people. You can write what you are doing at a certain moment and upload photos too.

MOBILE PHONES A mobile phone is a very famous piece of technology. But some people don´t use it properly, for example, when driving a car it is not allowed to use a mobile phone. Despite this, there are a lot of car accidents because people use them.

Video games There are a lot of video games in the world, for example, Nds, Play Station, Wii... On the Nds, we can learn many things, because there are lots of games, English, maths...On a Play Station, there are more games of lights, than learning games. But there are also car games. On a Wii, there are a lot of games to do sport. So we can become fitter.

mp3-4-5 Mp3-4-5 are very popular in the world. With an mp3 we can only hear music. With an mp4 we can see photos, listen to the radio... and with an mp5 we can do many things, even watch videos.

Technology is very important in our lives because we usually use it in our every-day-life.

Teenagers usually use mobile phones, in their life. It is difficult to find a teenager with out mobile phones. Teenagers usually have a computer at home and internet to chat with friends. There are some that are hooked to the internet and some of them don’t do homework and don’t study.

Most teenagers use the computer to surf on the internet. They use social networks, such as, facebook, tuenti, twiter... But the most famous is twiter and a lot of people use it.

Young people in the Basque country usually use tuenti, twitter and facebook to communicate.

Teenagers are using social network without knowing the consecuences: 1-The teenagers put up photos without knowing that everyone can see them. 2-They often send friend requests to people who they don’t know 3-Some of them say their paswords to friends and their friends could say it to other people and enter their social network and watch the private messages or some photos‌

Some teenagers use the computer to look for information. The most popular webpage for that is wikipedia but in the Basque Country there is also too.

The Teenagers apart from chatting, looking up for information‌ usually use the computer to listen to music, the most popular webpage for music and most people use is youtube.

Well, teenagers listen to a lot of music but apart from listening to that in the computer, they listen to music in their Ipods, Mp3, Mp4‌ And they usually download the songs from the internet, To dowload songs there are some webpages. The most popular in Spain are: Ares and Emule.

The teenagers not only use computers, they also use mobile phones: 1-they use mobile phones to phone to friends or parents. 2-They use mobile phones to listen to music. 3- They use mobile phones to take photos. 4- They use mobile phones to chat with friends. 1




The game is also played by children under 12. They play the games on the computer.

The kind of life we have makes young people have mobile phones to be in contact with their parents or friends.

Technology is very important for our health. It helps us to train our bodies and keep our heart in good condition.

Transport is developing thanks to new technologies. We can find electric cars which have a device like a TV and they don´t need petrol, and we can also see disabled people driving a car.

The most popular webpage we use for searching is wikipedia but in the Basque Country there is also

Young people in the Basque country usually use tuenti, twitter and facebook to communicate.

Technology is also useful in every sport. It helps us to control the game, the faults, the time‌

Transport is developing thanks to new technologies. We can find electric cars which have a device like a TV and they don´t need petrol, and we can also see disabled people driving a car.

Although young people have a close relationship with the Internet, with real or virtual friends and with their phone, relatively few like technology.

NETWORKS Technology affects teenagers a lot. Usually the teenagers use these social networks: Tuenti Facebook Twitter Skype Messenger Myspace ‌

How teenagers use networks. Teenagers usually use networks to chat with friends, to put up their photos in that web or also they can make friends found on those pages. But be careful because you can make a friend that tells you a lie and you can fall into a trap.

ADULTS AND TEENAGERS In the Basque Country, adults usually use technology to work at the office or at home. But, teenagers use technology for their social life, to chat with friends or in their free time.


On the internet there are lot of pages to find information. But some are safe pages and others aren´t. For example,Wikipedia isn´t a safe page because you can add information about everything you like, and for example in our country is a safe page, you can´t write there everything you like.

TEENAGERS FREE TIME In our free time we always use lots of devices to entertain. For example, we use Television, Mobile phones, MP 3, CD Players, Play Stations, Wii, Computers‌ and we use those devices to enjoy all day.

ADULTS Most adults use technology: TV: They use it to see the News all around the world or also to see a program they like. COMPUTER: They use it to find information or to work in their office. But they don´t use the Internet to chat with friends or anything like that. MOBILE PHONES: They use it only to call or send few messages. They don´t use it like the teenagers for example to listen to music or to take a lot of photos.

TABLET The Tablets is a new technology that is more comfortable than a computer, because it is smaller and you can bring them anywhere you want. Also, it is like a mobile phone so you can call or take photos‌you can do everything you usually do with a computer or a mobile phone.

By students of the Speaking Workshop of DBH-2 of Urola Ikastola Azkoitia–Azpeitia B.H.I. (The Basque Country)

Maria Larrañaga Alaitz Loiarte Eider Garate Eider Larrañaga Ihintza Iturri Maria Beobide Markel Aranburu Marta Unanue Naiara Valdes Miren Ibarzabal Xabi Iturrioz


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