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Traffic Light Advertising

What? • There’ll be an electronic ad which changes to different ad at certain time placed below the traffic light.

Traffic Light + Electronic Ad screen



Traffic Light Electronic Ad

Why? • It’s something unique. • Shows the advertisers new place to advertise their product.

Target Audience: • Drivers, passengers and pedestrians. • Basically, everyone like the people who cross the street or drivers with their passengers wait for the traffic light to turn green.

Where? • On traffic lights mainly in the : Cities  Metropolitan Area  Airports Shopping Mall Area

What product can be advertised? • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Clothing wear Credit cards Prepaid cards Telco Company Tourism Cosmetics Technology Magazines Perfume Food & Beverages Entertainment Public transport Cars

Strength • Able to capture people’s attention. • People will definitely look at the electronic ad placed on the traffic light. • It will give people the whole new feeling or perception of the new media. • Able to remind the consumer about the latest product and updates on the news. • It’ll persuade and triggers the intention of people to buy products once they see the ads.

Weaknesses • Some people will not be interested to look at the ad. • The costs to place the electronic ad is expensive. • Due to the distance, some people might not be able to catch the ad. • It’s inconvenient for the workers to change the ad.

Will these new media get approved by the government?

Maybe Yes and No.

So, Why Yes? • Cos it’s relatively a new media and if we have it here in Malaysia, our sales will boost up in terms of advertising. • Helps in our economy. • We’ll get free publicity that M’sia is the first to invent this new media. • More International advertisers would advertise with us.

Why, No? • Troublesome for them to change the ads frequently due to the busy roads. • Very expensive.

Buildings Advertising

What? • Ads will be painted on the walls of the buildings.

Ads are painted on the wall.

Why? • Because painted ads are more original and definitely an eye candy for artsy people.

Target Audience • To everyone including children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Where? • Shopping Malls (outdoor) • On the walls of Condominiums and apartments. • Colleges and schools. • Office buildings.

What product can be advertised? • • • • • • • • • •

Food & Beverages Clothes Perfumes Cosmetics Gadgets; Laptops Tourism Public transport services Household items Credit Card packages Latest watches

Strengths • Availability • People won’t miss the ad. • It’s effective and stands out better than ordinary printed ads. • It’s slightly cheaper than computer printing

Weaknesses • Time consuming to paint the ad and to remove the ad • Weather affects the colour of the ads which causes it to fade. • Some people might find it annoyed and distracting.

Will these new media get approved by the government?

Maybe Yes and No.

So, Why Yes? • It’s cheap. Government won’t have to spend much money on installing the ad equipment.

Why, No? • Troublesome for them to get rid of the painted ads to change to a new ad.

Painted Ad for cigarettes

Shopping mall wall are being painted with basketball ad for Reebok

Painted ad for F&B

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