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Oasis Training London Newham We hereby invite you to the Oasis Training, a unique community action program from Instituto Elos Brasil that we apply worldwide in communities. The Oasis Game is a technology developed by Instituto Elos Brasil that aims to realize the dream of a community by bringing them together to co-dream, codesign and co-create that dream with their own hands and hearts. The process involves a lot of interactive playful tools to make it attractive for everybody to join hands in creating a better world together, starting in their own community, starting now. th


From August 28 to September 2 the Oasis Training group will do the first Oasis Game ever played in the UK. It will take place in the community of Newham in London. This 6 day event is supported by LUSH cosmetics and is aimed at playing the game, but also training participants in the art of the Elos Methodology and Philosophy, that are behind the Oasis Game. And you can take part! During this 6 day intensive training you’ll first hand experience the power of this participative approach towards community action by doing it. We will engage with the community of Newham to find the most collective dream, design it together and get them to get their hands dirty realizing this dream together with the Oasis players. As a participant you’ll receive the experience, the tools and build the capacity to start to do your own oasis afterwards. The game and training will be hosted by facilitators from Brazil, Holland and Spain. This opportunity is made possible and supported by LUSH cosmetics and is open for 15 participants who want to create bottom-up change by using the power of play! For this Oasis Game we accept the additional challenge to do it in a way that respects the environment as much as possible. We’ll try to reduce, re-use, re-cycle and upcycle in the most creative ways to make this Oasis the most conscious Oasis Game played so far. Join this challenge and play with us!

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More information about the Oasis Training The Oasis Training is a six day event by Instituto Elos Brasil that invites a community to develop and build a project chosen by the members of the community that fit their dreams using the Oasis Game, a cooperative and challenging technology. Projects can range from a square, a park, a kindergarten to a cultural center. The game considers a broad definition of the community and involves representatives from different sectors of the society – NGO’s, Government as well as community members from other parts of the city. An Oasis Game… • Stimulates entrepreneurship and cooperation in groups and communities; • Promotes an appreciative gaze and broaden the capacity of each person to propose creative solutions for critical questions pertaining to the community of our neighborhood; • Brings a daily change of perception to participants that it is possible to change the world without suffering; without compromising its liberty and autonomy and still make it in a pleasant way. • Promotes the practice of human values such as: respect, cooperation, acceptance of differences • Broadens the level of information about environmental sustainability strategies and construction; • Restores or builds a community dream, making it possible to be replicated;

More information about the Oasis Training The Oasis Training is a six-day immersive experience in a community. Activities take place full-time - alternating between practical exercises, experiences, theories, reflection rounds, talking in a room, moments of direct interaction with the community, and hands-on collective building. Practical information: Costs: € 500,- or £400,Included: Program costs, all materials, community support, lunch, certificate Excluded: Accommodation and transport for 5 to 6 days; we will do you a good and affordable offer for basic accommodation and dinner, close to the community. Location: London, Newham More information: go to or please contact Niels Koldewijn +31 6 4113 6809

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Conchi Piñeiro +34 657 657 050

Oasis Training London Newham  

The first Oasis Training in the UK!! From August 28th to September 2nd. in the community of Newham in London.

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