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Karina Banda: Comfy, Classic, Fresh by JENNIFER LE Univision News Correspondent and style icon Karina Banda details her personal style and how she landed her dream job.

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by LIBIER REYNOLDS We’re dressing up again and stepping out! How to pull old pieces from the back of our wardrobe and accessorize those neutrals!

#TraffickingHub by JENNIFER LE


Director of Abolition Laila Mickelwait started the #traffickinghub campaign that went viral. Find out why she is influencing crucial change for many women and children.


Sustainable Beauty: Our Top 8!


by LIBIER REYNOLDS Your skin is the most important accessory! Beauty expert and fashion editor Libier Reynolds details our top 8 renewable, clean beauty products.


Runway to Everyday




Eco-Conscious Luxury Swimwear by JENNIFER LE These elegant one-pieces will have you stand out in a crowd in fabrics that are environmentally sound.


Prim & Proper Accessories by JILL ROGERS


Glamping: 5 Must-Haves by JILL ROGERS



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and many are wondering what’s next for fashion. After 10 years of publishing fashion inspiration, we’re thrilled about the rising popularity of ethical and sustainable practices and celebrating with our continued editorials on natural, eco-conscious beauty brands and humanity-focused clothing lines.

Christopher Esqueda PHOTOGRAPHER

Tori Wible


Jill Rogers


Libier Reynolds

Libier Reynolds is a TV lifestyle expert, blogger, actress and speaker. She also creates content for television, magazines, and her blog at libier.com. She recently published a book on her personal story to inspire your everyday life.

#PRIMANDPROPER While renewed interest in #primandproper and #ladylike dressing continues to trend, we hope to continue to be your magazine for sustainable and lady-like fashion inspiration.


Jennifer Le

Jennifer Le is a publicist and lifestyle writer in Orange County. Having written for Californiabased magazines, she enjoys covering fashion, healthy eating, and small businesses. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in English.


Amber Aaron ON THE COVER Univision’s La Gordo y Flaca cohost Karina Banda shows off her effortless style and comfy lux while Contributing Fashion Editor Libier Reynolds creates her looks in natural, un-dyed fabrics of linen and cotton blends.

Amber Aaron is an Oakland native, Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist and freelance journalist. Amber's credentials and global industry experience have given her an edge on the business of fashion. She has been a regular style writer and contributor for ÉLOQUENT WOMAN Magazine since 2013.

DID YOU KNOW? There are 4 MILLION victims of sex trafficking globally.*

An estimated 3.8 million adults and 1 million children were victims of forced sexual exploitation in 2016 around the world.

According to a 2014 report from the International Labour Organization on forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation accounted for two thirds of the profits from forced labor. And forced sex work commanded the highest profits per victim compared to other types of labor like domestic work.

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. Join us in bringing aid to victims of sex trafficking. Find out how at:

eloquentwoman.com Majority of sex trafficking victims are women and girls. Women and girls accounted for 71% of modern slavery victims. Girls in the child welfare system are especially vulnerable. Profits from forced sexual labor are estimated at $99 billion worldwide.

NEED HELP? The National Human Trafficking Hotline is confidential, toll-free and available 24/7 in more than 200 languages. Call: 1-888-373-7888

*Statistics according to a study from the United Nations’ International Labour Organization and reports from the Human Rights Project for Girls and Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality.


Eco-Conscious Luxury Swimwear BY JENNIFER LE

Elevated sustainable swimwear is on our radar as we head into warmer weather. Whether you’re looking for resort wear or going to the beach, check out these earthfriendly and approved swimsuits that’ll have you summer-ready.

G A LA M AA R / RO E M A I L LOT $248 You can’t go wrong with a neutral. If you prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to your style choices, the Roe Maillot combines sleek, feminine, and edgy all-in-one. Los Angeles-based Galamaar prides itself in being “timeless swimwear,” using environmentally-friendly fabrics to produce closet staples that’ll last you through the changing seasons. galamaar.com B O D E N / L I M N O S W RA P $110 Made of 100% recycled nylon, this one-piece features ruffled sleeves and built-in pads for extra support and coverage. With the belief that nylon made from postindustrialist waste is the future, you can rest assured knowing you’re supporting Boden’s responsible trading initiatives and pledge to reduce environmental impact. bodenusa.com

P E O N Y / G A R D E N PA RTY R U C H E D O N E S H O U L D E R $220

K I N G D O M & S TAT E / B R I S TO L PO RT RA I T CO L LA R O N E P I E C E $148

The one piece with a ruched detailing blends luxury and comfort. Motivated by its love for the ocean, Peony is committed to sustainability and conscious creation. Featuring a one-shoulder cut that can be adjusted higher or lower based on preference, this swimsuit is made from entirely recycled and sustainable fabrics.

This elegant one-piece featuring a portrait collar and accented belt is reminiscent of vintage fashion. Transition this piece from day to night by pairing with flared trousers or fitted slacks. Bonus: When you make a purchase from Kingdom & State, a portion of your purchase goes towards causes committed to better environmental solutions for the Earth.



A F LOAT / T H E H E RO I N E $200 Embrace being the ‘heroine’ of your own story by stepping out in this high-tech one-piece appropriately named, “The Heroine” this summer. Featuring a halter neck and added sleeves, this versatile swimsuit is perfect for water sports and outdoor adventures. A-F-L-O-A-T stands for, “All for the Love of an Awesome Tomorrow,” using sustainable fabrics from an Italian mill. shopafloat.com


Sustainable Beauty:

We missed our nail salon more than we ever thought we would! Last year, we spent more money trying to DIY our hair and still couldn’t come close to what our hairdressers could do! In 2021, self-care has skyrocketed to a new level and clean beauty is taking us by storm! Here’s a list of our top 10 sustainable, renewable beauty products to celebrate the new year with optimism!

ÉL O Q U E NT WO M A N | 7

N A I L S, I N C. N A I L PO L I S H in T R U E W H I T E BARE REPUBLIC C L E A R S C R E E N S P F 30 The sunscreen of your dreams. Goes on easy, smells like coconut, leaves skin looking alive. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances—and worry! #GOBAREOUTSIDE $12.99 • gobareoutside.com

Quite possibly the fastest drying nail polish for a beautiful at-home-mani! Since the applicator has a fantastic shape that lets you coat your nail quickly, this vegan, plantpowered polish may be your new favorite too! $10 • nailsinc.com LA N O LA N O L I P S TINTED LIP BALM

H E R B I VO R E RO S E H I B I S C U S H Y D RAT I N G F AC E M I S T A fantastic cruelty-free, natural lip balm to throw in your beach bag for a hydrating, yet berry-hued tint! Lano products are made in Australian and sourced humanely from sheep farmers!

A fantastic cruelty-free, natural lip balm to throw in your beach bag for a hydrating, yet berry-hued tint! Lano products are made in Australian and sourced humanely from sheep farmers! $13.50 • lanolips.com

$32 • herbivorebotanicals.com H E R B I VO R E P H O E N I X RO S E H I P + S E A B U C KT H O R N F AC I A L O I L N E C E S S A I R E B O DY EXFOLIANT A topical and chemical exfoliant that quickly gets your skin feeling softer and ready for a nice faux tan! Use weekly to keep your body nicely exfoliated. Apply it in little circles, then leave on for a minute or two before rinsing.

This powerful oil is glorious. It revives the skin and makes anything you put on top, such as foundation, feel even better. Targets anti-aging, dryness, and dullness with only a few drops! $88 • herbivorebotanicals.com

$30 • necessaire.com

H E R B I VO R E CO CO RO S E E X F O L I AT I N G B O DY S C R U B One of the prettiest packages and most enjoyable grains to exfoliate the body! It’s packed with coconut oil’s healthy fatty acids to give your skin a lavish feel! $36 • herbivorebotanicals.com

LAW L E S S F O RG E T T H E F I L L E R L I P P L U M P I N G L I N E S M O OT H I N G G LO S S This is a gorgeous product if you love juicy lips with fullness and shine! Lawless Beauty founder Annie Lawless promises her products are “always free of carcinogenic, toxic, or endocrinedisrupting ingredients.” $25 • lawlessbeauty.com

Karina Banda: Comfy, Classic, Fresh BY JENNIFER LE

arina Banda is a six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, earning recognition for best on-camera talent and special reports. As a media personality, she is no stranger to the spotlight. At just 18 years old, she landed her first on-camera role as an entertainment reporter for a local news station in her hometown. At 24, she felt a nudge in her heart to try something new. Led by her intuition and faith, she set out in search of a new role—a news anchor position for Univision, the United States’ largest provider of Spanish-language news.


Christopher Esqueda


ÉL O Q U E NT WO M A N | 9

Jonathan Jimenez

Libier Reynolds


I love classy. I think women look very interesting when we don’t show too much.

BANANA REPUBLIC MIDI SHIRTDRESS $139 | bananarepublic.gap.com URBAN OUTFITTERS FLAT BRIM FELT FEDORA HAT $44 | urbanoutfitters.com

As a correspondent for the television show, El Gordo y Flaca, tackling new challenges became a part of her job description. Banda was simultaneously learning English while reporting and producing segments on prominent—and formidable—subjects such as Kobe Bryant’s death and a story on childhood abuse, which eventually earned her an Emmy Award. Banda attributes where she is today to the sacrifices and investment her parents made in her education: “I feel very lucky that my family has been supporting me since day one. They always told me that the best treasure they can give me is education.” Her parents made sacrifices for her to study acting and television hosting in Los Angeles. “Education is what’s going to open doors for you,” she added. “When they see you are prepared, that gets you in already. The rest is showing that you really love what you do and that you are ready for any chance and opportunity.” On television, Banda’s life appears glamorous—from the outfits to the makeup to the hair—but those who know her and have followed her journey fell in love with her authenticity. Having amassed more than 300,000 followers on social media, she is generous in sharing her time and knowledge—from the latest beauty advice to livestreams of

her Zumba workouts. “Social media can be a platform to teach, learn and connect with other people. I see how much they value what you share with them when you share your time, your tips, what you know and what you have learned,” she said.

“ I believe that the values and principles that my parents gave me, keep my feet on the ground.” While her fashion choices and social media posts have won the hearts of her many followers, her personal style preference is understated: “I love classy. I think [women look] very interesting when we don’t show too much. I think it’s even more appealing to guys as well when you see a lady covering up. At the same time, I want to look cool and trendy. It’s a mix of everything. That is part of my style: comfy, classy and fresh,” she added.

Although her personality is subtle and demure, her convictions are strong, which is why she is leveraging her platform to bring awareness to her humanitarian work and to encourage women who desire to achieve success. “I know success can mean different things for different people, but for me, it’s about doing what I love to do. [We should] think more in depth about what success is for us,” she said.

“We should think more in depth about what success is for us.”

Banda’s natural inclination to give back to others is reflected in her philanthropic efforts. She and her husband, Carlos Ponce, started an initiative, Misión: Alivio, in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission to raise funds for those affected by natural disasters. Most recently, their initiative assisted with the winter storms in Texas.

While her days are full, Banda is creating more time for what she loves. She recently launched a new website and YouTube channel where she will continue to share her affinity for beauty and fashion. Beyond that, she is teaching women that adorning themselves with confidence and kindness is the most important beauty secret. As a force to be reckoned with, she is turning heads for all the right reasons.

For Banda, the key to staying grounded in spite of everything going on in her life is remembering who she is and what her parents have done for her: “I believe that the values and principles that my parents gave me keep my feet on the ground. I feel like I am very aware of where I came from. I will never forget the sacrifices my parents made for me. It is part of who you are,” she said.

ÉL O Q U E NT WO M A N | 13

To learn more about Karina Banda, visit karinabanda.com or youtube.com/KarinaBanda.

BANANA REPUBLIC LINEN SHIRT $35.97 | bananarepublic.com J.C R E W BLACK TEXTURED SUMMER STRAW HAT $49.50 | jcrew.com AERIE HIGH-WASTED SHORTS $34.95 | ae.com

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