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A SNAPSHOT OF SERVICE AT ELON UNIVERSITY 2016-2017 completing more 1,351 students than 20 hours of service



pounds of food harvested at Loy Farm by Campus Kitchen

participants in 15 Alternative Break programs

107,949 total hours of service 43

community-based Federal Work Study positions

of the Downtown Center 3,435 users for Community Engagement

and sorority 1,334 fraternity members engaged in service



partners who want 100% community students to continue serving

Elon Volunteers! students who view themselves as engaged citizens and scholars*

academic service-learning courses

with them*

*Data from respondents to the 2016-2017 Student Impact and Community Impact Surveys

The Impact of Service with Elon Volunteers! EV! teaches you what no classroom can. I learned how multifaceted social issues can be and the importance of viewing communities from multiple perspectives. I’m grateful for the relationships I have been able to build here.


Through EV!, I’ve developed an ethic of service that goes beyond the superficial and dives deep into the systemic issues within communities. Through direct service, leading other students, and discussions of social justice, EV! has been a consistent home for me to grow personally, academically, and professionally.


EV! provided a welcoming community on campus and also EV! encourages students to explore visions and ideas and allowed me to become part of the community outside the walls reflect on the purpose, sustainability, and impact of their of Elon. My experience with EV! developed my passion for social work. My time with EV! taught me to embrace vulnerability change and encouraged me to pursue service in Alamance and think critically about how I engage with the world around County after graduation. me every day.

JOSH KAUFMANN ‘15 EV! is full of people who recognize the importance of inclusivity and diversity of thought and identity. We engage with difference head-on to even out the playing field for all.

RACHEL LEWIS ‘15 For more information, visit our website:


2016-2017 Snapshot of Service  
2016-2017 Snapshot of Service