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Inquisitive minds Active learning An Elon education will challenge your perspective and help you become an advocate for global change. Generations of Elon students have learned through immersive experiences and put that knowledge into action to improve their world. That’s what we mean in our mission statement when we say Elon is “an academic community that transforms mind, body and spirit.” Elon’s curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and emphasizes experiential learning through the university’s signature program, The Elon Experiences. Each of the five experiences connects your education to the real world by putting your knowledge into practice.

Study Abroad Research Service Internships Leadership Elon supports learning wherever it occurs. Whether it’s by developing challenging programs or pledging financial support for you to fully engage in The Elon Experiences, Elon provides opportunities for you to become a lifelong learner.

The Elon Experiences

Elon students traveled to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to document the Internet Governance Forum, which was facilitated by the United Nations.

Study Abroad | Research | Service | Internships | Leadership 1


study abroad

Claim your global citizenship. Study outside of the United States, and thrive in a world

Turks & Caicos Marine Protected Areas Marine Resource Management Studies The Cayman Islands Business in the Caribbean

where international borders

Barbados Culture, Sport & Media

give way to a global society. Compare cultures, politics and religions, and identify the areas in which a shared humanity unites us all. Study abroad for one-month Winter Term, a semester, summer or an academic year.

Dominican Republic Santiago: UCMM Liberal Arts Service-Learning

Costa Rica Global Health Sustainable Development Studies Tropical Biology on a Changing Planet Applied Research Techniques & Strategies Toward Sustainability Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems Tropical Biology San José: Spanish, Social Justice & Sustainable Development in Latin America, Semester at the Elon Centre in San José (spring)

Ecuador Quito: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

England Scotland International Study at University of St Andrews Herstmonceux Castle London: Elon Internship England & Scotland Abroad Program The Culture & History of Semester at the Elon Sport in the United Centre in London Kingdom Brighton: University of Sussex Europe The Culture of the Great War Ireland Holocaust Journey An Intro to It’s Literature, Gutenberg to the Web: Culture & History Media’s Impact on Western Dublin Business School & Civilization School of Arts The State of Europe Trinity College Dublin EUROMED: Melting Pot or University College Dublin Frying Pan? Spain Alicante: Language in Context Barcelona: Business & Culture, Economics & Culture, Language & Culture, Liberal Arts Seville: Advanced Liberal Arts, Business & Society, Communication, New Media & Journalism, International Business & Culture, Language & Society, Liberal Arts Toledo: Fundación José Ortega y Gasset Villaviciosa de Odón: Universidad Europea de Madrid Senegal Dakar: Language & Culture Ghana Accra: University of Ghana at Legon West African History & Culture

Peru Field Biology The Living Heritage of the Andes: Language, Society & Environment Semester at Sea: Multiple Countries

Elon ranks #1 among U.S. master’s– level universities in the number of students studying abroad.

72% of recent graduates have spent at least one term abroad. Elon has 100+ study abroad programs.


Chile: Santiago: Liberal Arts Argentina Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts

[ ] Sweden Örebro: Örebro University Kristianstad: Kristianstad University Denmark Copenhagen: Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Poland Cracow: Cracow University of Economics

France Reconsidering “Religious” Experiences & Sacred Space in Southern France Paris: NC Consortium Montpellier: UNC in Montpellier Lyon: ESDES School of Business & Management

Germany Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg Austria Wiener Neustadt: University of Applied Sciences China The Flying Dragon Beijing: China Voice Shanghai: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai (CET)

Turkey Istanbul: Koç University

Italy Fine Arts Italian Comedy: The History, Performance & its Legacy Florence: Semester at the Elon Centre in Florence Assisi: Contemporary Italy: Language & Culture

Jordan Amman: Diplomacy & Policy Studies Language & Culture Israel Haifa: University of Haifa Jerusalem: Dance Jerusalem Egypt The American University in Cairo

Kenya Mt. Kilamanjaro: Field Practicum in Public Health & Environment Tanzania Arts & Sciences Techniques for Wildlife Field Research Wildlife Management & Conservation

Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Ecology & Management Studies

Japan Osaka: Kansai Gaidai University

Bhutan Eastern Himalayan Forests & Rural Livelihoods India Education and Development India’s Identities: Religion, Caste & Gender in Contemporary South India Mumbai: International Business & Culture Pune: Contemporary India: Development, Environment & Public Health Manipal: Indian Studies & Public Health at Manipal University

South Africa Global Health Issues The Call of South Africa Cape Town: Arts & Sciences, Community Development, Internship, Service-Learning Johannesburg: International Human Rights Exchange Kruger National Park: African Ecology & Conservation Stellenbosch: Sustainability & Community

Pacific Rim Business in the Pacific Rim Vietnam Business & Culture

Singapore Singapore: Nanyang Technological University

Australia Tropical Rainforest Studies Ecotourism Techniques for Rainforest Research Sunshine Coast: The University of the Sunshine Coast Perth: Curtin University

Australia & New Zealand Rainforest Management Studies

New Zealand Dunedin: University of Otago Wellington: Victoria University of Wellington

Study abroad puts the world within reach. But what does that really mean? Take a look: Hike Machu Picchu in Peru. Wander through art museums in the country where the Renaissance began, Italy. Compare the Forbidden City and the Great Wall to modern Beijing and Shanghai. Meet Aboriginal leaders in Australia.

Snorkel in the largest barrier reef system while in Belize. Live with Costa Rican families. Get to know African writers in Ghana. Trek through Greek ruins while discussing ancient philosophy. Network with business leaders in Dubai. 3


[ ]


Rethink research. It’s not just writing papers and spending hours analyzing data. It’s about asking questions and uncovering answers you might not expect. At Elon you can spend a semester, summer, year or more conducting original research with a faculty mentor. Sophisticated on-campus resources empower you to take on work typically found at the graduate level. Elon students present their research at regional, national and international conferences.

1 in 5 Elon students conduct

The Lumen Prize The Lumen Prize is the university’s most prestigious academic award. Each year, 15 rising Elon juniors receive $15,000 scholarships to support their academic achievements and potential. The award can be used during a student’s junior and senior years to fund tuition

faculty mentored undergraduate

costs, as well as research, international and domestic

research before graduating.

approved expenses.

study, internships, equipment and supplies, and other

Meet some recent Lumen Scholars and learn about their projects:



Lauren wants children to

Dan’s first documentary, “The Tobacco

understand where their food

King,” was produced while he was an Elon

comes from, and to ensure

student and tackled issues of identity and

healthy food is available to

racial unrest as a result of a controversial

everyone. As part of a multi-

land reform policy in Zimbabwe. Dan

year research project, Lauren

spent seven months in Africa working

studied food access and

on the project, which has been screened

explored the topic of food

at international film festivals and won a

justice. She also partnered

special jury prize at the Starz Denver Film

with a local group to build a


community garden to benefit Burlington, N.C. residents. Learn more about Lauren:

Since graduation, he has been working in New York with a two-time Academy Award nominated filmmaker on multiple projects. He is also working on an independent project documenting a North Carolina photographer’s campaign against a 2012 amendment to the state constitution.


DAVID MUÑOZ ’12 David researched amphibians, investigated animal reactions to human scent and used GPS to track the movements of box turtles. He’s had two academic papers published, and collaborated with renowned scientists in the field. On top of that, he found time to write a computer program that analyzes research data. And it all started because a professor encouraged David to get involved with a research project.

Each spring, hundreds of Elon students

Summer Research Fellowships

present their original research

SURE scholars, Summer

at the Spring

Undergraduate Research Experience students, spend

Undergraduate Research Forum, SURF, a daylong event celebrating Elon research.

eight weeks as full-time

PATRICK MA ’12 As Patrick hacked through brush and scrub, he built a foundation for future generations of scholars. The 56-acre Elon University Forest was established in fall 2010 and Patrick spent much of the following summer cataloging the trees, shrubs and vines native to the area. In addition to dividing the forest into plots and surveying trees, he used aerial photos dating from the 1950s to measure the evolution of the land. Aer analyzing the collected data, Patrick published it for future Elon scholars. He also presented his work at

researchers with faculty mentors. They receive stipends and on-campus housing. Students compete for SURE scholarships, which are awarded based on an application and proposal prepared with their mentors.

two professional conferences.


experience service

Elon students on a spring break service trip to the Dominican Republic listen as the owners of a new

Elon is a community bound by compassion.

house receive their keys. The

Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or

students worked with the community to build the house

just beginning to explore how your actions

in just one week.

can benefit others, Elon provides a legion of opportunities to match your service interests. Project Pericles

Tops in the nation

Elon’s more than decade-long partnership with Project Pericles,

For the seventh year in a row, Elon has been

a national nonprofit organization, has produced projects of

named to the President’s Higher Education

global change while also elevating civic engagement and social

Community Service Honor Roll, the highest

responsibility on campus. Any first-year student can apply to be

federal recognition a school can achieve for

a Periclean Scholar. Those selected work together to design and

commitment to service learning and civic

implement three-year projects that have included working to


open a health care clinic in Ghana, helping to build a village in Zambia and building a school in Mexico.

[ ] 6

Will Brummett ’13 Will lives and breathes service. He spent his first year living in the service learning community and has been an active campus leader ever since. It’s easy to list Will’s accomplishments— harvesting food for the homeless, raising thousands of dollars for a health care clinic in Ghana, organizing a trip to the Appalachian Mountains to spread environmental awareness, working with firstgeneration students. But for Will, service is much more than showing up. It’s being an advocate for people you never meet. It’s feeding the homeless while educating yourself on food disparities. It’s empowering younger students while dedicating yourself to social justice. Service work has motivated Will to think about community in global terms and to study religion, politics and non-violence so that he might spend his life’s work understanding how best to help others. What’s next? Graduate school. Will will take a year off for global service and then return to school as he prepares for a lifetime working in the fields of service and social justice.

Volunteering meets active learning Service learning integrates what you learn in the classroom with

A sample of recent Alternative Break trips: Environmental Issues (Turtle Island):

helping those who need it most. Education majors tutor children

Volunteer at an environmentally sustainable

learning English, sport and event management majors work

North Carolina nature preserve and learn

with nonprofit agencies to plan community events, and human

about the way residents live.

service studies majors help community organizations assess the effectiveness of outreach efforts.

The John R. Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement

Rural Poverty (Appalachian Mountains): Work on local trails and volunteer in a community kitchen. Education & Youth Development (Honduras): Volunteer with youth through a local

Whether you’re looking for a weekly service project or want to

organization that rehabilitates and educates

coordinate an annual event, the Kernodle Center will help you find

children living on the street.

the best fit for your service interests and your schedule. Service trips are also offered throughout the year to domestic and international locations. You could spend spring break working with at-risk youth in Honduras or serving meals in Washington, D.C., while learning about issues of hunger and homelessness in our nation’s capital.

Urban Poverty (Atlanta): Work with agencies that serve distressed populations. Superstorm Sandy Relief (New Jersey): Eliminate debris as you work with other organizations to help rebuild the region.



[ ]


Your dream job is out there. An internship puts it within reach. Eighty-seven percent of Elon students participate in at least one internship before graduating and the results are tremendous. Complete an internship and you’ll have an insider’s view of your chosen field, important professional contacts and a boost to your résumé when you enter the job market. An internship is often the fast track to career discovery and employment. In fact, 40 percent of alumni who responded to a recent survey reported networking leads directly from internships. What if you don’t know what kind of internship you want? No need to worry. Internship searches (and much more) all begin with the Student Professional Development Center. The expert staff will help you explore career options, offer résumé critiques and mock interviews, and work with you during the internship application process.

sCOTT GraBLe ’11 As an Elon student, Scott earned an internship at Credit Suisse. He worked hard, expanded his professional network and as he approached graduation, the global financial services company offered him a full-time job. “Completing an internship and working full time at Credit Suisse has been a great experience for me. The work I was given

The 5,000-square-foot Student Professional Development Center is located in the heart of Elon’s campus. The space includes areas

had a real impact on the firm. "I believe that internships are the best way to get your foot

specially designed for recruiters such as interview and seminar

in the door at any business. Companies are hard pressed to

rooms and a recruiter lounge. A classroom for professional

hire additional workers and doing an internship is the best way

development and the latest video conferencing technology are

to prove to an employer that you would be a great hire if they

also available.

extended an offer.”

bridges in New York and LA This nine-week program is for recent graduates who want to launch their careers in Los Angeles or New York City. Both locations include apartmentstyle housing, alumni mentors, job and finance seminars and individual attention from an on-site career adviser.

Brenna Humphries ’13 “I had an awesome experience interning at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. As an international business major, it was great to be right in the heart of Silicon Valley, attending weekly meetings with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. As a member of the online sales team, I assisted medium-sized companies with their online advertising needs. I also helped perform various research projects in order to forecast where the business is headed. Of course, I enjoyed all of Google’s luxurious benefits including free massages, 5-star dining and complimentary transportation.”

Elon students intern at major corporations. Here's just a sample: British Museum CNN Duke Clinical Research Institute ESPN Food Network Interpol

Lincoln Financial Group Lockheed Martin Mercedes-Benz USA MTV National Geographic New England Patriots

PricewaterhouseCoopers The Colbert Report The Metropolitan Museum of Art The White House U.S. Department of Defense Volvo North America



[ ]


The middle of the pack—it’s not for you.

½ of Elon students

If you’re like most Elon students, you


want to be an advocate for change in your

hold at least one leadership

community, your profession, your life.

position before graduating.

Leadership across the curriculum Leadership isn’t just a club or a one-time event scheduled

Get involved with the Life Entrepreneur Program

between classes. It’s an attitude shared across the Elon

to fast track your post-Elon plans. The program

community. Here are just a few examples:

includes an off-campus retreat and offers one hour

The Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership focuses on experiential education, teaches entrepreneurial thinking and preps students for success. Scholarships are available for students interested in entrepreneurship.

of course credit. Learn to identify strengths, be alert to opportunities, take measured risks, set goals and think strategically. Sharpen your leadership skills at Elon’s Center for

No matter what your major, consider adding a leadership

Leadership. The center sponsors speakers, lunchtime

studies minor to your college goals. The minor explores

discussions and operates The Elon Challenge, an accredited

leadership theories and practices in a number of settings, and

ropes course used in team building exercises. Below, CNN

teaches skills utilized by effective leaders.

anchor Anderson Cooper visits an Elon class to discuss the role of journalists covering issues of global importance.

Dee Dee Myers answers questions from leadership studies minors.

ashley fowler ’14 Ashley has interned in Croatia, helped lead a human rights conference in Lithuania and is creating an academic course in Africa. And that’s in her free time. What’s the story? Let’s back up for a second. When Ashley came to Elon she was like most students—she got involved with tons of organizations, including the Isabella Cannon Center for Leadership. Through the center she learned about and capitalized on a chance to facilitate a human rights conference in Lithuania. The conference awakened an intense interest in Eastern European human rights and Ashley has since spent years researching LGBTQ rights in the region. She’s also traveled multiple times to Hungary, Croatia and Lithuania to work with non-governmental organizations. As a political science major, Ashley also works with Invisible Children, an organization combating human rights atrocities in Central and Eastern Africa. She wants other students to have a connection to Africa and helped start a service trip to Malawi. And now she’s working with Dr. Terry Tomasek to create a course that focuses on culture and includes a trip to Africa during the summer. What’s next? Perhaps graduate school or work with an NGO. Ashley’s future is focused on international human rights and through her years as an Elon leader she’s cultivated the connections to make that happen.

How to get started? Join the Leadership Education and Development

Creating the Sexual Assault Restorative Justice

(LEAD) program and emerge with the skills and

Project, which offers art therapy to sexual assault

mental prowess necessary to demonstrate leadership

survivors and their friends.

in all that you do. The leadership program culminates in a project to benefit the common good.

Recent projects include: Opening a community and cultural center for

Launching a teacher supplies warehouse called Classroom Closet where local teachers can obtain supplies for their students. Founding the Elon Microfinance Initiative, an

African refugee families and coordinating more than

organization focused on supplying loans, savings and

40 volunteers to provide support.

other basic financial services to the poor.

Establishing a sign language club and an American sign language course.

Working with the USO in Raleigh, N.C., to provide support for returning armed forces members.


inside elon

our majors Academic Majors

5,357 1 7 undergraduate students


graduate students


graduate programs


Elon students come from states, the District of Columbia and other countries.




master's-level university in the South with “an unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching” U.S. News & World Report One of the nation’s top “Best Value” private universities – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine


“The Leader in Engaged Learning” – Newsweek-Kaplan college guide


of only private universities in the U.S. with accredited schools of business, communications, education, law and a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society.


students in an average class


student to faculty ratio

86% of full-time

faculty have a Ph.D. or terminal degree


classes taught by faculty (not graduate students)


student organizations

25+ honor societies 23 national fraternities and sororities

Acting (BFA*) Anthropology Applied Mathematics Art (BA/BFA*) (Ceramics, Digital Art, Painting, Photography) Art History Arts Administration Biochemistry Biology Business (Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Dual Degree) Chemistry Communications (Strategic Communications, Media Arts and Entertainment, Communication Science) Computer Science Dance Performance and Choreography (BFA*) Dance Science Economics Education (Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Middle Grades, Secondary, Special Education) Engineering – Dual Degree (Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science/ Engineering, Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering, Environmental Studies/ Environmental Engineering) English (Professional Writing and Rhetoric, Creative Writing, Literature, English Teacher Licensure) Environmental and Ecological Science Environmental Studies Exercise Science French History Human Service Studies Independent Major Information Science International Economics International Studies Journalism (Print/Online News, Broadcast News) Mathematics Music* Music Education* Music Performance* Music Technology* Music Theatre (BFA*)

Philosophy Physical Education and Health Physics Policy Studies Political Science Psychology Public Health Studies Religious Studies Science Education Sociology Spanish Sport and Event Management Statistics Theatre Studies Theatrical Design and Production*

Additional Minors African and AfricanAmerican Studies American Studies Asian Studies Business Administration Classical Studies Coaching Criminal Justice Digital Art Environmental and Sustainability Studies Geographic Information Systems Geography German Studies Italian Studies Jazz Studies Jewish Studies Latin American Studies Leadership Studies Middle East Studies Multimedia Authoring Neuroscience Peace and Confl ict Studies Professional Sales Professional Writing Public Health Sciences Women’s/Gender Studies

Pre-professional Programs Prelaw Pre-Health Professions (Premedical, Pre-veterinary, Pre-dentistry, Pre-physical therapy)

Graduate Programs MBA DPT M.Ed. J.D. M.A. Interactive Media M.S. Physician Assistant Studies

*Audition, portfolio or interview required.

Undergraduate Schools

Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences Martha and Spencer Love School of Business School of Communications School of Education 13

[ ]

Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences Join generations of scholars who have grounded their education

Elon hosts a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s

in the arts and sciences. You’ll

oldest and most prestigious academic honor society.

learn to think critically, write and

universities in the U.S. shelter Phi Beta Kappa chapters.

communicate effectively and open your mind to new ideas. Elon College is organized by subject area Arts and Humanities Social and Behavioral Sciences Natural, Mathematical and Computational Sciences Students can also create their own course of study with an independent major.

Elon’s Project PERCS, Program for Ethnographic Research and Community Studies, supports students, faculty and community leaders in multi-year, interdisciplinary projects focused on social and cultural human interaction. The current project,“Faces of Welfare,” examines the myths and realities of public assistance recipients.


42 majors united by active learning

Only about 10 percent of the most selective colleges and

Learn Chinese, French, Arabic or any of the eight languages offered in Elon College. Learn language within a cultural context and become involved with outreach to international communities. Last year, the Department of Music sponsored 34 student ensemble performances, five world-renowned guest artist performances or master classes, 18 faculty and student recitals, and five undergraduate research presentations. Psychology is the largest liberal arts department on campus. Research takes place in four separate laboratory suites occupying more than 2,200 square feet. Last year, Elon psychology students co-authored 28 publications and presentations with faculty.

Aaron Summers ’14  Major: Engineering Whether singing on stage with

the duo was studying a black hole in

explore other interests. And he’s

Rip_Chord, Elon’s male a cappella

a galaxy 300 million light years from

following the same mantra outside of

group, or presenting research at an

our own Milky Way. As a sophomore,

the classroom.

astrophysics conference in Germany,

Aaron presented his research

Aaron puts his heart into all he does.

abstract at the world’s premier

childhood and in his role as Rip_

conference on observational black

Chord’s music director, he’s learning

hole research in Berlin, Germany. Not

to interact with people as a leader. It’s

“The size of the engineering program makes it easy to get to know

Aaron has been a musician since

faculty. There were a couple of times

bad for an undergrad. But Aaron

just one more way he’s extracting life

when I needed that connection with a

wanted more from college.

lessons from his daily Elon routine.

professor to say, ‘Hey, I’m not getting this right now’,” he says. His adviser encouraged Aaron

As an Elon College student, Aaron has the freedom to pursue a range of

“Every day I tell myself to be a little bit better than I was the day before.”

courses in the arts and sciences. He’s

to pursue independent and

fulfilling his major academic goals

Learn more about Aaron:

collaborative research. Before long,

while being afforded the chance to


[ ]

Martha and Spencer Love School of Business Academic theory meets innovation in Elon’s Martha and Spencer Love School of Business. The goal? To transform the business world by educating creative, ethical students with the drive and talent to become industry leaders.

Hands-on learning prepares you for a successful career as a business leader The Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership provides opportunities to network with corporate leaders and special academic projects that prepare students to launch their own enterprises. The Chandler Family Professional Sales Center helps students jump-start sales careers through participation in national sales competitions, workshops led by high-profile executives and a curriculum focused on


marketing and selling.





International Business

Dual degree business

International Economics Marketing Economics

programs are offered at universities in Germany and France.

Track the markets in the William Garrard Reed Finance Center, which simulates a stock trading room with plasma screens that deliver financial news and an electronic stock crawl with real-time data from global markets. The center includes analytical tools such as ThomsonOne Banker, Morningstar Principia, Global Insight and Bloomberg to help students better understand the financial world.

SAM UPTON ’12 Major: Accounting Sam was the kind of high school student who always did well in class. But what really inspired him? He wasn’t quite sure. While mulling his options, Sam took an accounting class. And that’s how he met Dr. Linda Poulson and found what he’d been looking for—his ideal profession. “The material wasn’t easy, but I really enjoyed it. I found my major, and that was the beginning of a great mentoring relationship.” In his four years at Elon, Sam made his mark on the university. He served as president of the accounting and finance honorary society, helped to establish a scholarship for students taking the CPA exam and served as vice president of the business honor society. And, along with three other students, he won first place in a national finance/accounting case competition. Beyond the business school, Sam got involved with Elon service programs: he helped rebuild a hurricane-damaged community in Texas and worked with the Boys & Girls Club. And through it all, Dr. Poulson served as a trusted adviser. Four years aer entering Elon undecided about his future, Sam le the university for a job with PricewaterhouseCoopers and a career that inspires him.

High-tech facilities The Ernest A. Koury, Sr. Business Center was designed with study and meeting areas to encourage student-faculty collaboration. It includes three computer labs, interview and seminar rooms and the LaRose Digital Theatre, a 240-seat facility wired for multimedia and videoconferencing technology.

The Love School of Business is accredited by AACSB International, the premier accrediting agency for degree programs in accounting and business administration. Less than 5 percent of business schools worldwide have earned this distinction.

[ ]

School of Communications Be creative, be strategic and create media content to shape the industry’s future—and your own.

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, chairs the school’s


advisory board.

Journalism (Print/Online News, Broadcast News) Strategic Communications Media Arts and Entertainment (Broadcast, Cinema) Communication Science Sport and Event Management

A state-of-the-art school focused on personal attention

Join nationally recognized student media groups FreshTV, a 15-week program for firstyear students, covers the basics of cameras, equipment, studio rotations, story design and production. Elon students produce entertainment,

Elon is one of 18 private colleges and universities in the nation accredited by

news and sports shows broadcast

ACEJMC—the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass

year-round. The student newscast

Communications. The school also received a Diversity and Equity award from

took first place in the College

the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Television Awards.

Facilities include two TV studios and a control room with full high

The Bateman team finished third in

definition video equipment, five Mac computer labs, an audio studio and a

the nation’s most prestigious student

film screening theater.

public relations competition.

The School of Communications internship director works to find the best

Elon’s student newspaper won

internship for your goals. Students intern nationally and internationally

a national Pacemaker award

at CNN, ESPN, National Security Agency, Jive Records, Ketchum Public

and its website received a

Relations and more.

Best of Show award.

Alexa Sykes ’13 Major: Strategic Communications Just because she’s a Communications Fellow and Director of Live Oak (Elon’s student-run PR agency) doesn’t mean Alexa is a 24/7 resident of McEwen Communications Building. In fact, most of her Elon involvement takes place outside of the School of Communications. But it’s closely related. That’s what Alexa loves most about Elon—how easy it is to apply what you enjoy across a multitude of interests. Alexa has served in leadership roles in SGA, New Student Orientation and is the Campus Campaign Coordinator for Teach for America. “The opportunities are there; you just have to grab them,” she says. “A degree in communications gives you so much flexibility. I want to try out my skills in several environments.” Alexa’s co-curricular involvement has led to success in the classroom. And that success hasn’t gone unnoticed. Internships at McKinney creative agency in Durham, N.C., and Target corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn., set the senior up for life after Elon. “I will be moving to Minneapolis in August to work as a business analyst at Target Corporate Headquarters. My internship last summer turned into a full-time position with the company!”

Enjoy the benefits of Elon’s exclusive programs Imagining the Internet Center » Investigate the pros and cons of new media channels through active research. For more than a decade, the center has been a global leader as it examines evolving communications forms and issues. Student and faculty teams have traveled to Greece, Brazil, Egypt, Lithuania, Kenya and Switzerland. Get published » Share your academic work in the nation’s only undergraduate communications research journal. Recent topics include social media use by homeless populations, video games to combat childhood obesity and media framing of the environment.

Study USA: Elon in NYC and LA

“60 Minutes” master class » Spend spring break in New York at CBS

These nine-week summer programs send students

headquarters. You’ll talk with “60 Minutes” correspondents and

to two of the world’s most influential cities to study,

producers while studying the show’s storytelling techniques. Back

intern and cultivate contacts for life after Elon.

at Elon, you’ll produce a campus themed show called “30 Minutes”—

Want more? Join the semester-long LA program.

the goal is to be half as good as the CBS program. 19

[ ]

School of Education Elon students studying in India teach in a traveling science center.

Majors Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Middle Grades Education Physical Education and Health Special Education Secondary Education Programs In addition to these majors, students can earn

Prep for teaching with early classroom experience Study abroad to compare teaching styles across cultures. Learn about science education in India, intern in Costa Rica or England, or explore any number of global study options. Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education has an Elon chapter. The organization has more than 45,000 members and acceptance is based on academic excellence. Elon students work with local schools as early as their second year. Extra time in the classroom is excellent preparation for student teaching and future careers.

North Carolina licensure for grades 9–12 in biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, physics and special subject areas for grades K–12 (music education, physical education and health, and Spanish). The School of Education also offers a minor in coaching.

Elon’s teacher education program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Graduates are advocates for equity and excellence in public education. They begin their careers as global citizens to teach the meaning of a world without borders.

A struggling readers program started by Dr. Jean Rattigan-Rohr attracted the attention of the Switzerland-based Oak Foundation, which awarded RattiganRohr nearly $600,000 in grants to replicate the reading program through partnerships with universities in North Carolina and Oregon. Struggling readers and their parents meet six times each semester with education students, who diagnose reading challenges and show parents new techniques they can use to help their children.

Alie Girvin ’12  Major: Science Education with a Biology Concentration Meet Alie. She’s a teacher by day, a coach

biology to a wide range of learners.

ways to bring the content to students,”

by night (and weekend), and recently

She even spent a month teaching

she says. “I didn’t want to bore my

certified in both biology and chemistry.

AP Environmental Science. She

faster learners or leave my slower

The recent grad works at her alma mater,

credits her mentors in the School of

learners behind.”

Penn Manor High School in Millersville,

Education with helping her make the

Pa., and says she puts lessons learned at

leap from an intimidated student to a

with students but was pleased to find

Elon to use daily in her classroom.

confident educator.

she had a built-in support network of

“Teaching is in my blood; there are

A course in classroom management

so many teachers in my family,” she

taught Alie the importance of flexible

says. “I knew it was what I wanted to do;

planning to meet the needs of students

but to be honest, in the beginning, the

who learn in different ways.

thought of standing in front of a class was terrifying.”

“The same approach doesn’t work with every student. Once I was in the

Not anymore.

classroom, I was continually assessing

As a student teacher, Alie taught

my technique and thinking of new

Alie says she expected to love working

Elon professors and other teachers in her school. “It wasn’t always easy. High schoolers want to talk,” she says. “But that was another good lesson for me. There will be tough days, and that’s just part of it.”


Elon faculty make you their top priority Meet some of Elon’s professors. The university’s award-winning faculty are distinguished scholars, active researchers and outstanding mentors.

Jason Aryeh, performing arts, teaches his students about West African culture and history through dance. Aryeh, a native of Ghana, is a scholar, choreographer and dancer who uses movement to help his students understand the region’s history while also learning the rhythms of their own stories. He leads a Winter Term study abroad course to Ghana. Dr. Mary Jo Festle, history, recently published a book documenting the history of U.S. lung transplants. Beyond tracing the medical history, she tells the stories of men and women who waited for, received and adapted to life with a lung from someone who died. Festle is a noted mentor and received Elon’s Daniels-Danieley Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Dr. Kathy Matera, chemistry, established Elon’s biochemistry major and is an active researcher in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. She has received grants from both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and has mentored students who have been honored by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program.

Dr. Jeff Carpenter, education, teaches his students how tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google forms can increase middle school and high school students’ ownership of their learning. He’s worked on education development projects in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, taught Winter Term courses in Costa Rican jungles, and is principal investigator of the Elon Noyce Scholars Program, a $1.2 million National Science Foundation grant-funded initiative.

Dr. Tina Das, economics, has collaborated with other Elon

Dr. Kenn Gaither, communications, examines public relations

professors to become an expert in the connection between

in the development of post-colonial countries. These countries

corruption and a country’s economic performance. Das is also

use PR in nation building, as in Zimbabwe where farmers

the director of the Business Fellows Program and leads a Winter

are given MP3 players programmed with information about

Term course to Turkey that examines the relationship between the

growing crops. Gaither has lived or taught in Brazil, Ghana and

European Union and Mediterranean countries. Her research has

China and completed nine Semester at Sea voyages spanning

appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal,

more than 25 countries, most recently as executive dean.

Chicago Tribune and Bloomberg News.

13–1 86% of Elon's 385 full-

student – faculty ratio

time faculty hold the highest degree in their field. 23

[ ]

The Elon Fellows Programs Premier academic and scholarship opportunities Outstanding benefits for all programs: Special courses and faculty mentoring

Elon’s seven Fellows Programs

A $1,000 Elon Experiences grant or special travel

offer faculty mentoring, additional


scholarships and program funds, and

Living-learning communities exclusively for Fellows

the opportunity to share intellectual

Selected Fellows in each program receive scholarships

energy and camaraderie with peers who are determined to challenge

ranging from $3,500 to $12,000 annually. This is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received. note: Students who plan to major in engineering have a specific

themselves in new ways.

three-year curriculum, which precludes participation in the

Honors Fellows

Business Fellows

(for students in any major)

(for students majoring in international business, international

All 40 Honors Fellows receive scholarships valued at $12,000, which are renewable annually as long as students remain Fellows in good standing. Team-taught classes and special Honors courses prep you for a two-year thesis project that serves as an excellent introduction to graduate school.

Fellows Programs.

economics, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, economics or accounting)

Eight of the 25 Business Fellows receive scholarships valued at $4,000 to $4,500, which are renewable annually as long as students remain Fellows in good standing. Get a head start on the job market with site visits to local corporations during your first year. Pack your bags for New

Elon College Fellows (for students majoring in the arts and sciences)

York in your junior year where you’ll visit the New York Stock Exchange, network with corporate executives and meet Elon alumni working in the city.

All 50 Elon College Fellows receive scholarships valued at $4,500, which are renewable annually as long as students remain Fellows in good standing. Spend your first Winter Term in Washington, D.C., learning to take a scholarly approach to research. Take part in “behind-the-scenes” sessions at institutions such as the FBI, Supreme Court, The Brookings Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

Teaching Fellows (for students majoring in education)

All 20 Teaching Fellows receive scholarships valued at $4,500, which are renewable annually as long as students remain Fellows in good standing. Study for a semester in England or Costa Rica (or an appropriate country if you’re a foreign language major) to gain a global view of education.


LAUREN DEAVER ’12 Elon College Fellow Ballerinas and African safaris. Big bad wolves and T-rex eating snowmen. These are just a few of the worlds Lauren learned about working with children in a local Head Start program. She decided to record and transcribe the stories that develop between parents and children to explore how storytelling impacts reading. In her research, Lauren observed paerns that could be the foundation for new teaching strategies to encourage a love of reading in children. She notes, for example, that families sometimes employ different narrative styles. Caucasian parents oen use topic-linear methods with a distinct beginning, middle and end to stories; parents of diverse racial make-ups oen favor topic-associative storytelling, where narratives flow from one idea to another without one direct thread.

Communications Fellows

International Fellows

(for students majoring in journalism, strategic communications,

(for international students in any major, including engineering)

media arts and entertainment or communication science)

Five of the 25 Communications Fellows receive scholarships valued at $4,500, which are renewable annually as long as students remain Fellows in good standing. Travel to California or Florida for an insider’s look at the

For 20 international students* who wish to experience U.S. culture and education in a guided four-year program. All 20 International Fellows receive a $1,500 Elon Experiences grant, and 15 Fellows also receive a $3,500 scholarship, which is renewable annually as long as

entertainment and public relations industries, to meet

students remain Fellows in good standing. The program

veteran journalists, watch tapings and network with alumni.

includes travel to historic U.S. cities, including Washington, D.C., as well as special activities on campus.

Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows (for students in any major)

*Students should be non-U.S. citizens or dual citizens enrolled in a non-English speaking curriculum outside of the United States.

Five of the 20 incoming first-year Leadership Fellows receive scholarships valued at $4,500, which are renewable annually as long as students remain Fellows in good standing. Complete a Leadership minor, design and implement a community-based legacy project and present your comprehensive leadership paper as you prepare to make a

The Fellows Programs are selective and require a special application, available online and due Jan. 10. For more information, visit or call 336-278-3566.

meaningful impact as an Elon alum.


[ ]

Inspirational Alumni It’s never too early to think about the rest of your life. What profession piques your interest? Where do you want to go to graduate school? How do you define success? Four years working with Elon’s award-winning professors will help you answer those questions. And aer graduation you’ll join a tight-knit alumni network that connects graduates across the globe.

Elon alumni enjoy fulfilling careers around the world with organizations such as: J.P. Morgan ABC News American Cancer Society Deloie and Touche National Institutes of Health Ernst and Young Walt Disney Company Boston Symphony Orchestra Hewle-Packard IBM Peace Corps Cisco Fox News National Security Agency

DR. TIFFANY PERRY ’01 Neurosurgery Complex Spine Fellow— The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Center for Spine Health Dr. Perry’s medical training began just two months aer her Elon graduation. An interest in the brain and spinal cord led to her specialty: neurosurgery. Aer conducting research in Malawi during her final year of medical school, Dr. Perry completed a seven-year residency at UNCChapel Hill. At the conclusion of her spine fellowship, she will join the neurosurgical faculty at The Cleveland Clinic.

DR. JOSH VOSS ’01 As the Deepwater Horizon leaked oil into the Gulf of Mexico, national media outlets, such as NBC’s “Today” and “Dateline,” turned to Voss to explain the environmental ramifications of the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The research professor at Florida Atlantic University studies the ecology and health of coral reefs. Work conducted by Voss and his team during the immediate aermath of the spill will be used in coming years as a baseline to determine the effect of the oil spill on marine environments.

Photo by Brian Cousin, Harbeor Branch at FAU

Have you heard about the Elon alumnus who … Was awarded the Pulitzer Prize?

Was recognized as the National

Has appeared in “Glee” and

Teacher of the Year?

“CSI: Miami”?

his work on “The Daily Show

Is president, chairman and CEO

Won an Oscar?

with Jon Stewart”?

of Provident Financial Services,

Won multiple Emmy awards for

Inc. and The Provident Bank?

Conducted research used as a model for studying the

Is the founding general partner

possibility of life on Mars?

of an international venture

Developed a successful company while at Elon and became his own boss aer graduation?

capital firm?



Admiral Gortney is the

Newbold sits on the faculty

32nd commander of

at American University in

the U.S. Navy’s Fleet

Washington, D.C., and will

Forces. United States

serve as a Supreme Court

Fleet Forces Command supports both the Chief of Naval

Fellow through the end of this year. She teaches graduate

Operations and combatant commanders worldwide by

courses in the Department of Public Administration and

providing responsive, relevant, sustainable naval forces

Policy and is a frequent presenter at national conferences.

ready for tasking. Gortney previously served as director of

Newbold is also widely published in prestigious peer-

the Joint Staff and answered directly to the Chairman of

reviewed journals.

the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon.


[ ]

be part of someth Elon is an NCAA Division I school competing in the Southern Conference against Appalachian State, Furman, Davidson and more.





When the Phoenix are in action, the stands are packed with cheering fans. No maer your favorite sport, Elon athletics give you plenty to cheer about!





Cross Country



Cross Country

Indoor Track




Outdoor Track and Field




Soball Tennis Volleyball


Honor Code The Honor Code is the foundation of the Elon community. Every member of Elon University has the right to live and learn in an atmosphere of trust and support. Responsibility for maintaining these values in our community rests with each individual member. Values that promote this atmosphere include: honesty: Be truthful in your academic work and in your relationships. integrity: Be trustworthy, fair and ethical. responsibility: Be accountable for your actions and your learning. respect: Be civil. Value the dignity of each person. Honor the physical and intellectual property of others.

A campus with a conscience The Elon community is commied to creating a healthier planet, and efforts start right here. Students hop biodiesel shules and rent hybrid Zipcars for errands and weekend trips. Reclaimed storm water irrigates campus lawns, and Campus Dining serves locally grown produce when possible and has ditched trays to encourage diners to be more mindful of food choices and waste. The five residence halls in the Colonnades neighborhood are heated and cooled by a geothermal system located in the ground beneath the quadrangle’s commons. Solar power provides hot water for the residence halls and the nearby dining hall. Track real-time electricity usage with Elon’s online monitoring system at Elon’s building policy specifies new construction should meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program standards. Elon’s sustainability master plan includes a goal of carbon neutrality by 2037.

College Coffee

a Signature Elon Tradition Students, faculty and staff gather every

Did you know? For the fourth year, the Sierra Club has ranked Elon one of the top 96 “coolest” schools in the nation for sustainability.

Tuesday morning for coffee and pastries. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and chat with professors outside of class. Don’t forget your own mug to cut down on waste.

Elon University Forest This 56-acre tract of undeveloped land is the largest remaining intact forest in the Town of Elon. The university designated the forest as a land preserve in 2010 to safeguard thousands of species of plants, animals and other organisms. Students and faculty use portions of the land for research.

[ ]

Many Voices Elon is enriched by a variety of perspectives. Students, faculty and staff contribute their own ideas, personal histories, religious practices, backgrounds, languages and interests to form an inclusive community that engages everyone.

El Centro de Español provides students, faculty and staff the chance to learn conversational Spanish in a

Did you know? Elon students come from 48 states, the District of Columbia and 48 other countries. 75 percent of Elon students are from outside of North Carolina. No matter where you’re from, you’ll meet new people and enjoy a thriving cultural scene. 32

relaxed atmosphere. Spend 140 hours working with El Centro and you’ll receive up to $650 toward a plane ticket to the Spanish-speaking country of your choice.

Isabella Cannon Global Education Center is the home of Elon’s 100+ study abroad programs and is a hub of international life on campus. The center sponsors a special orientation and activities for international students and organizes community-wide cultural events. You don’t have to leave the country to experience new cultures. Study USA is also offered through the center and provides opportunities for students to travel and study at Elon operated centers or through short-term, Elon faculty-led courses in locations across the country. Elon’s Multicultural Center organizes programs and events to support students’ personal and academic development. The center promotes learning and outreach, and celebrates historical contributions of diverse groups. The Numen Lumen Pavilion is home to the multi-faith center, a place for reflection, meditation and prayer in the heart of campus. The pavilion opened in 2013 and is a space for students, faculty and staff to learn about other faith traditions as part of the university’s commitment to nurture an inclusive campus community. Members of the Elon community march through campus on their way to a candlelight vigil honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


One Campus Elon is transforming the residential

campus to create a highly personalized living and learning environment for

seamless connections among the academic,

each student.

co-curricular and residential experiences.

Students thrive with individualized teaching

When the six-building Global Neighborhood is complete

and advising; an emphasis on global citizenship, service, integrity and respect for human differences; and personal interactions and tapon-the-shoulder moments of transformation that occur in a 24/7 learning environment.

in 2014 it will include a 30,000-square-foot commons building next to Lake Mary Nell. The neighborhood will include faculty-in-residence, language learning communities and guest housing for visiting scholars. The Station at Mill Point opened in 2012 and is a village-

The university is adding housing for 1,600

style residential community for juniors and seniors.

students, creating seven distinct neighborhoods

These apartments provide the independence students

for students at various stages of their college

want with the space they need to finish their courses

careers. The goal is to create a campus with

and prepare for transition out of the university.


Beer Together: A Multifaith Community

Toorialey and Mason find common ground

found simply living together was the perfect

represented the story of Ishmael, a common

in the details of daily life. The two men come

impetus to faith conversations.

figure in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran.

from faith backgrounds that can seem

Toorialey asked Mason about his Hebrew

Mason and Toorialey enjoy weekly

diametrically opposed. And that, they both

class, and as Mason began to speak a few

gatherings with other students. They talk

say, is exactly the problem.

words Toorialey realized he could understand

about religious stereotypes, share knowledge

some of the language. So they kept going.

about faith holidays and learn again and

and Muslims in the media, they’re presented

Linguistic similarities helped Toorialey

again that the key to tolerance is education.

as enemies, but that’s not the case,” Mason

decipher about 50 percent of the conversation.

“I feel like whenever you hear about Jews

says. “We really grew up as neighbors.” Toorialey and Mason both have a strong

On another day, Toorialey was enjoying a traditional Afghan dish and offered to share

interest in religion, which led them to the

with Mason. As they ate, Toorialey told Mason

Beer Together community. They soon

about the meaning of the ingredients, which

“There are thousands of similarities among all of us. We’re beer off if we just focus on those,” Toorialey says.


Who needs Broadway when awardwinning entertainment is just outside your door? Take in a play, musical or dance performance at Elon’s nationally renowned performing arts facilities. Recent performances include Rent, Macbeth, Pride and Prejudice and Hair.

Campus Life The Best of

Whether you want to participate in an art gallery exhibition, organize a political debate or get into sparring shape with the martial arts club, you’ll discover Elon is home to more activities than you can pack into your calendar. International leaders and scholars are a campus fi xture and students almost always have time to meet with them. Recent visitors include:

Sandra Day O’Connor Brian Williams Madeleine Albright Maya Angelou


Anderson Cooper Colin Powell George H.W. Bush David Gergen

The best way to spend an early fall Friday is at Sportsfest. Square off with other students in dodgeball, tire flip, stretcher relay and tug of war.

Have We Mentioned ‌ ? You have plans for the Friday before Thanksgiving. At Elon, that’s Turkey Trot time. Each November, hundreds of students, faculty and staff run a 5K race around campus. The event benefits a local community agency.

December means finals and the end of the semester but it’s also time for two favorite Elon traditions: the Festival of Holiday Lights and Holidays at Maynard House. Pour yourself some hot chocolate and enjoy the glow of 1,500 luminarias in the heart of historic campus. Later in the month, Elon President Leo M. Lambert and his wife, Laurie, host a holiday party at their home for students.

Your 21st birthday will be a bigger deal than you think. At Elon, the university marks this milestone each semester by hosting a dinner for all of the students (and the mentor of their choice) who have recently celebrated their birthday.


stay fit There’s no doubt Elon will give your brain a workout. Here’s how to keep the rest of your body just as active: Get to know Campus Rec. It’s your one-stop shop for all things fitness: on-staff personal trainers and a fantastic fitness center, swimming pool, racquetball courts and group exercise classes. Rent camping equipment and head into the wild. Explore the beach or the mountains. Both are just a few short hours away. Tee off at the campus driving range or practice your putting on the green. Join in Campus Rec traditions such as Sportsfest, the Turkey Trot 5K, the Elon Color Run, Haunted Trail and the Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Sign up to go skiing, kayaking, white water rafting or climbing with Elon Outdoors.

Join one of Elon’s club teams and compete with top East Coast schools including Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Maryland, Clemson and Florida State.

Club Sports Baseball Cycling Equestrian Field Hockey Fishing Golf Hockey Martial Arts Men’s Basketball Men’s Lacrosse Men’s Rugby Men’s Soccer

Men’s Volleyball Running Softball Swimming Tennis Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Water Ski Women’s Basketball Women’s Lacrosse Women’s Rugby Women’s Soccer

Friendly competition more your style? Join one of the male, female or coed intramural teams to enjoy some laid-back fun.

Intramural Sports Arena Football Bowling 4-on-4 Basketball 5-on-5 Basketball Cornhole Dodgeball Indoor Soccer Indoor Volleyball Kickball 4-on-4 Flag Football 7-on-7 Flag Football

Outdoor Basketball Outdoor Soccer Racquetball Sand Volleyball Singles Tennis Softball Table Tennis Team Tennis Wallyball Wiffleball


Make Yourself at Home Life on the 620-acre campus Elon students call home

Sling that backpack off your shoulder and get comfortable in one of the suites, apartments or traditional double rooms available on campus. Want to fully immerse yourself in academic life? Check out Elon’s 15+ living-learning communities.


Living-learning communities Discover the fun of living with students and faculty members who share your interests. You’ll continue learning beyond the classroom and forge friendships that provide a lifetime of conversation. Find your place in communities such as:

La Casa Italiana La Maison Francaise Sustainable Living Service Learning Community Casa de Español Math, Science and Engineering Arts and Letters International Pavilion

Now for the serious stuff — the food. Don’t worry; you’re going to love it. Enjoy allyou-can-eat buffets, sit-down restaurants and great cafés, most with vegetarian,

stations. The local station emphasizes foods seasonally available in North Carolina and a farm-to-fork program to learn more about local farmers. The home station spotlights homestyle favorites and the

vegan and organic offerings. Campus

international station features global cuisine with

Dining uses Greenware, a 100 percent

a different country represented each week.

compostable product made from corn, and dining halls have gone trayless to cut down on food waste. The university’s latest offering, Lakeside

When you need a caffeine rush, drop by Irazu Coffee. The locally owned coffee shop pours fair trade coffees and teas, and serves delicious baked goods. Elon students were instrumental in bringing

Dining Hall, is a two-story eatery with sweeping

the coffee shop to campus as a way to show support for local

views of Lake Mary Nell and three central culinary


A Year of Firsts At Elon, we work hard to make your first year the best year it can be, beginning on day one. Students, faculty and staff help you move into residence halls, and special orientation groups give you a head start adjusting to college life. By the end of first semester, you’ll forge new friendships and have a taste of all the ways you can get involved.


Why wait?

Bond over a great book

Get to know other students with a

Reading before arriving on campus. The book is

First-year Summer Experience.

and challenges students to examine issues of global

Incoming first-year students share a Common used as a springboard for discussions in core courses importance and reflect on their personal actions. The

Adventures in Leadership: Develop your teamwork skills

book’s author is typically the Fall Convocation speaker.

as you rock climb, camp and raft in West Virginia. Discovery: Learn about leadership and the environment as you

Past Common Reading selections include:

hike the Appalachian Trail and canoe the Shenandoah River.

Little Princes by Conor Grennan

Pre-SERVE: Live in a residence hall as you work with youth,

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

animals, the elderly and Habitat for Humanity. Quest: Live on campus and learn the history, practices and beliefs of several world religions. You’ll visit local places of

Creating a World Without Poverty by Muhammad Yunus China Road by Rob Gifford

worship, and participate in worship and service opportunities.

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Live the Maroon Life: Spend a week learning about Elon’s

The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol

values and commitment to social justice. You’ll discuss social issues and then travel off campus to explore sustainability, service and diversity issues as you learn to become an advocate for social justice.

Make the most of your first year Sign up for Elon 101. More than 98

Build your foundation.

percent of first-year students take

Every Elon student takes general studies

this one-credit orientation course fall

courses in the arts and sciences. It’s a

semester. You’ll talk about study styles,

great way to fine-tune critical thinking,

getting involved on campus, roommates

writing and problem-solving skills

and more. Your Elon 101 instructor will

essential to every major.

[ ]

be your academic adviser until you declare a major. 43

[ ] elon

Gap Semester Program Why follow the crowd? Start your Elon career with the fall semester Gap Program and earn nine hours of academic credit. The program kicks off with a spring orientation and concludes when you return to Elon for January Winter Term and spring classes.

“Touching, feeling and experiencing the world is the best way to understand it. In 13 weeks I had an outdoor adventure, was immersed in a new culture and learned while helping others.” – Danny Bavis ’16, Gap Semester 2012

three weeks

four weeks

six weeks





Service Learning


Explore the wilderness and build

Wind your way across the country

Live with a local family while

your leadership skills at the

with stops in four locations as

studying at the Elon Centre in

National Outdoor Leadership

you learn about Elon’s culture of

San José, Costa Rica and laying

School (NOLS) in Wyoming.

community engagement and assist

a foundation for your life as a

those in need.

global citizen.

How much does it cost?

How do I apply?

Program costs are the same as Elon tuition,

You have two deadline options. If you are fully commied to both Elon

fees, room and board for fall semester, plus

and the Gap Program, apply Early Decision (binding). You may also

some additional equipment and travel costs.

apply Regular Deadline.

Participants are considered full-time Elon students and are eligible for financial aid. Students will automatically be considered for the Presidential Scholarship or the Elon Engagement Scholarship. However, Gap students may not be Fellows due to the Fellows Programs requirements. 44

Early Decision applicants

Regular Deadline applicants

On the first-year application

On the first-year application

designate Gap and submit all

designate Gap and submit all

required materials by Nov. 1.

required materials by Jan. 10. Elon Gap Semester Program

Values &Value Elon is known for quality and affordability National rankings are shining the spotlight on Elon’s rare combination of quality and affordability. List after list name Elon a best value private university with outstanding programs. Learn more at

1 of only 3 private universities in n.c. named “Best Value colleges” based on academics, cost and financial aid.

What really matters is that an Elon education is affordable for you. The Elon approach to affordability For decades, our first financial aid policy has been to keep the cost reasonable – often as much as $10,000 below other private colleges and universities our applicants consider. That in itself makes a big difference in how much you will invest. And this cost difference catches the attention of the national rankings. Our goal is to help you understand all the financial resources that make an Elon education affordable for you.

Scholarships based on your talents

of the incoming first-year class and are based

application. Fellows Programs include

solely on the high school transcript and SAT/

Honors, Elon College (the arts and sciences),

ACT scores. You don’t even have to apply. We

Communications, Business, Teaching,

do the work for you and award $4,500 per year,

Leadership and International. Read all about

renewable annually for a total of four years

the Fellows Programs in this viewbook or

based on acceptable academic performance.

online at Fellows scholarships range from $3,500 to $12,000 per

Elon Engagement Scholarships

year in addition to a $1,000 Elon Experience

Every first-year applicant is a candidate for

grant or special travel opportunities. Fellows

this $3,500 scholarship, which is renewable

scholarships may also be combined with

annually. In addition, each recipient is

Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarships

awarded a one-time $2,000 grant to be

to boost your total even higher! The Fellows

used for an approved Elon Experience or

application is available online and is

project you design. That’s scholarship and

due Jan. 10.

Many financial aid awards are given solely

program support totaling $16,000 over four

on the basis of the talents and achievements

years. Selection is based on your high school

Engineering Scholarships

you have demonstrated during high school.

academic record, standardized test scores, and

You’re set: engineering is your major and

Whether you are a top student, a talented

very important — your application essay. You

Elon’s dual-degree program offers you

performer or a star athlete, there may be a

have a choice of essay topics, so choose the one

the best of a liberal arts education and an

merit-based scholarship or grant for you!

that shows us why you’d be an ideal recipient.

engineering education. Learn full details at

This scholarship may not be combined with Two

Presidential Scholarships

the Presidential Scholarship. Learn full details

$7,000 scholarships are awarded annually

Top student – top recognition: that’s the


and are renewable for a total of three years.

philosophy of the Presidential Scholarship

An online application is required, as well as

award. You have made academics a priority,

Fellows Scholarships

letters of recommendation and an interview.

and we want to recognize your commitment

Distinguish yourself as an Elon University

The application is due Jan. 10. The engineering

and hard work by investing in your potential

Fellow. These premier academic and

scholarship may be combined with a

to be a top student at Elon. Presidential

leadership programs are based on your

Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded to the top 15 percent

interests and talent and require a separate


Performing Arts Talk about national attention! Elon’s programs

Exceptional need-based scholarship programs

in the performing arts bring New York

Aid Application) as soon after Jan. 1 as possible, but make sure you have submitted the Watson

agents directly to our stage. Scholarships are

The Watson and Odyssey Programs

and Odyssey Programs Application by Feb. 10

awarded by the individual departments based

Students with significant documented

even if your financial aid forms have not been

on a separate Performing Arts application

financial need are eligible for scholarships

submitted. Complete information about all

and an audition. Award amounts vary. Please

in the Watson and Odyssey Programs,

required financial aid forms is listed on the

note: your first-year application does not serve

two mentoring and support programs

next page under To apply for financial aid.

as your application for a performing arts

designed to help students be successful at

scholarship. So, if this is your forte, contact the

Elon. The Watson and Odyssey Application

Department of Performing Arts for complete

is required and due Feb. 10. Paper copies

information or

are available or you may apply online at

Athletics Elon is Division I, Southern Conference and

The Leon and Lorraine Watson Program

scholarships are awarded in all sports by

for North Carolina Students

the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Fourteen scholarships are awarded each

in compliance with all official NCAA and

year in the Watson Program – eight Watson

university rules and regulations. Awards are

scholarships and six Elon Commitment

performance-based and amounts vary.

scholarships. Selected students with academic promise and documented high financial need


receive scholarships of $21,000 annually and,

The U.S. Army and Air Force offer three- and

in combination with other aid, should have

four-year scholarships based on merit, not

funding to meet up to the full cost of tuition,

financial need. In addition, Elon provides all

fees, room and board. All students also receive

ROTC scholarship recipients with a room and

a one-time $4,000 Elon Experiences grant to

board scholarship during the time the ROTC

fund an approved experience.

scholarship pays tuition. For more information,

Additional need-based assistance For students who qualify for need-based assistance, Elon offers a full range of federal, state and institutional grants, loans and scholarships. The amount of federal and state aid you are qualified to receive will be determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Institutional financial aid eligibility is based upon additional information collected on the CSS PROFILE. We recommend starting early so that your aid file is complete by mid-March. That way you will receive notification of your aid eligibility well before May 1.

Non-need-based loans There are financial resources for students and families who do not qualify for need-

contact your high school guidance counselor or

The Odyssey Program

based assistance. Elon participates in several

local recruiter directly.

The Odyssey Program is home to a number

of these loan programs. Check with the

of endowed scholarships for students with

Office of Financial Planning to get the most

high financial need. Each scholarship has

up-to-date information or look online at

unique guidelines. A complete list of these

At Elon, we help you get to the bottom line College is the investment for a lifetime, and at Elon more than 70 percent of our students receive assistance with that investment in the form of financial aid. That’s good news for the bottom line, which is really the only important factor in the cost of college. So, what’s your bottom line for the cost of an Elon education? You must consider all the factors. Here are some of the options:

scholarships and award amounts is available at The Watson and Odyssey Programs Application is required and must be submitted by Feb. 10. Students will be considered for all of the Odyssey Program scholarships for which they are eligible; however, students may only be awarded one scholarship. Do not wait to be admitted before submitting the Watson and Odyssey Programs Application. Complete the required financial


aid forms (FAFSA, CSS Profile and the Elon

Payment Plan You don’t have to pay for college in two large payments – first semester and second. Elon offers a 10-month payment plan in cooperation with Academic Management Services. Charges for the academic year may be met in monthly payments beginning in June.

To apply for financial aid:


1. As soon after Jan. 1 as possible, file the FAFSA Form (available online or in your high school guidance office). Filing early allows time for your application to be processed before the mid-March priority deadline at Elon. []





TOTAL $40,046

2. As soon after Jan. 1 as possible, file the CSS PROFILE Form with the College Scholarship Service. []

Remember: Do not wait to be accepted to file for financial

3. Before mid-March, file an Elon Financial Aid Application with the Office of Financial

aid. For complete information about financial aid at Elon,

Planning. The application is available online at

call 336.278.3566 or 336.278.7640 to request our financial aid

brochure or consult the website at

Elon admissions application information Getting started Elon will communicate with you via email. Set

Elon’s OnTrack system. Create a file where you

online. Read all requirements and leave time

up an account for all Elon communication and

can save this information for use throughout

for Elon’s fee waiver verification process. All

check it regularly! Use the same email address

the application and pre-enrollment period.

information is secure. Paper applications can

for all communication with Elon.

We encourage you to apply online. That

You will be issued an official username and password for application information on

be downloaded and submitted by mail.

will require a credit card for submission. College Board fee waivers are also honored

2013–2014 Application Deadlines

Application Deadline

Notification Date

Enrollment Deposit Date

Early Decision (binding)

November 1*

December 1

January 10, nonrefundable

Early Decision Gap Semester (binding)

November 1*

December 1

January 10, nonrefundable

Early Action (nonbinding)

November 10*

December 20

May 1

Regular Application Deadline

January 10*

March 15

May 1

Regular Application Gap Semester Deadline

January 10*

March 15

May 1

Deadline for Fellows Application

January 10**

Deadline for Watson and Odyssey Programs Application

February 10***

All deadlines are postmark

Students who are applying to the Fellows Programs must submit a completed first-year application and the Fellows

dates. All materials needed

application by the Jan. 10 deadline. Students selected for the Fellows competition will be notified of their admission

to complete your application

decision at the time the Fellows Weekend invitation is extended in early February. Applicants to Elon’s Gap Semester

must be postmarked by the

Program are ineligible for Fellows Programs consideration.

stated deadline.

Students who are applying to the Watson and Odyssey Programs should complete the required financial aid forms as soon after Jan. 1 as possible.


Early Decision

also due Jan. 10. Students selected for the

Official High School Transcripts and

This is a traditional, binding application

Fellows competition will be notified of their

Counselor Evaluation Forms

commitment. Students may only apply to one

admission decision at the time the Fellows

This information must be submitted by your

school Early Decision, and if admitted, agree to

invitation is extended.

high school or secondary school.

withdraw applications from all other colleges.

International students must include an

Parents and students must sign the Early

Gap Semester Program

official certified English translation of your

Decision Agreement on the application. A non-

Elon offers a Gap Semester Program for

complete academic record documenting your

refundable U.S. $500 enrollment deposit is

high school graduates who wish to enter

secondary school studies, including mark

required by Jan. 10 for accepted Early Decision

Elon through an alternative educational

sheets and examination certificates.

students. It is not possible to defer admission

option. The program offers international,

under Early Decision.

leadership and service opportunities with

Standardized Tests

a reduced course load in an off-campus

Elon requires SAT or ACT scores, including

Early Action

environment. Designed and administered by

a writing section. Submit scores from all

This is a non-binding decision period for

the university, the program provides students

tests taken. Only the highest scores will be

students who have high interest in Elon

an opportunity for personal growth through

considered in the admissions decision. Make

and would like an early answer on their

a three-week leadership program led by the

sure you plan to take either the SAT or ACT in

application. Students admitted Early

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS),

October or November of your senior year to

Action have until May 1 to pay the U.S. $500

a four-week service experience and a six-

meet application deadlines.

enrollment deposit.

week international study term in Costa Rica.

International students whose first

Students return to Elon for January Winter

language is not English must submit TOEFL

Regular Application Deadline and

Term and the spring semester for traditional

or IELTS scores. Successful completion of ELS

Fellows Application Deadline

first-year studies. Apply through the regular

level 112 will also be considered. SAT or ACT

This deadline is also non-binding and

first-year application process. To learn more,

scores may also be accepted in lieu of TOEFL

admitted students have until May 1 to


or IELTS if a student is proficient in English.

pay the U.S. $500 enrollment deposit. The Fellows application is a separate application,

Admissions policy Admission to Elon is competitive.

Applicants are encouraged to pursue a

Approximately 10,000 applications are

rigorous program of study including the

received for the 1,425 available openings

following distribution of courses:

like us on ElonUAdmissions

in the first-year class. The most important

English » 4 units required (3 units must be

factors in the admission decision are the

completed for admissions consideration)

academic record, including the courses taken

Math » 3 units required, 4 recommended

and the grades attained, followed by SAT

(Algebra I & II and Geometry are required.)

or ACT scores and the essay. Other factors

Science » 3 or more units, including at least

that may be considered include leadership

one lab science

potential, extracurricular and service-related

Social Studies » 3 or more units, including

activities, special talents, relationship with

U.S. History for U.S. residents

the university and ability to contribute

Foreign Language » 2 units required,

336.278-3566 or 800.334.8448

positively to the campus community. A

Elon University Admissions

Helpful websites & phone numbers Admissions

3 recommended

Financial Planning

campus visit is highly recommended.

(Students who have not completed at least two

Individual appointments may be scheduled if

units in one foreign language must complete a

desired, but will not be used formally in the

121-level foreign language course at Elon.)

336.278.7640 or 800.334.8448 #2

admission decision.


take a road trip The best way to find out if Elon is right for you is to see it for yourself. Visit or Seale

call the Office of Admissions at 336-278-3566 to plan a campus


visit. Aend or visit a class, eat


a professor in your field of


weekdays and Saturday mornings.


Los Angeles

Open House


Aending an Open House is a great way to

Kansas City

Albuquerque Phoenix


Oklahoma City

and sessions on study abroad, student life, the Gap


Washington, D.C. Richmond

Lexington ELON UNIVERSITY Raleigh Greensboro Lile Rock



Charleston 85




Montgomery Jacksonville

visit Elon. Programs include tours of the campus, question-and-answer sessions with faculty and staff

New York City


St. Louis


Las Vegas

Pisburgh Columbus

Omaha Salt Lake City

San Francisco



Des Moines Reno


Green Bay

Rapid City Casper

interest. Information sessions


Fargo Minneapolis

in a dining hall and meet with

and student-led tours are offered


Great Falls

New Orleans Houston



Semester Program, financial planning and more. A Fall Open House program is held in November. Visit for a schedule of events.

Directions to campus Take Interstate 85/40 to Exit 140. Visit our website for detailed directions and links to area accommodations.

[ ]

The University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, sex, national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran’s status or any other characteristic protected by law in the recruitment and admission of students, the recruitment and employment of faculty and staff, or the operation of any of its programs. Students with documented disabilities may request in writing reasonable special services and accommodations. Questions should be directed to Ms. Susan Wise, disability services coordinator, Duke 108H, (336) 278-6500. The university’s Section 504 coordinator for students and Title IX coordinator is Ms. Jana Lynn Paerson, Moseley 206, (336) 278-7200. The university’s Section 504 coordinator for applicants and current employees is Mr. Ronald Klepcyk, 314 W. Haggard Ave., (336) 278-5560. In accordance with the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, complete information regarding campus security policies and programs and campus crime statistics is available upon request from the Office of University Communications, 2030 Campus Box. Information regarding completion and graduation rates may be obtained from the Office of Admissions or at

Non-Profit Organization

Office of Admissions and Financial Planning

US Postage

P.O. Box 398


Elon, NC 27244

Permit No. 1

336-278-3566 800-334-8448 ElonUAdmissions Elon University Admissions elonuniversity

Holi, a Hindu festival, marks the end of winter and the beauty of early spring. The festival is celebrated by throwing colored powder and is one of Elon’s newest traditions.

Elon, North Carolina

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