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A Failed Implantation And Abortion Poor quality of the ova and embryos The quality of the eggs has a major impact on the quality of the embryo. For example, it may affect the woman's age and it can be necessary to assess the monitoring of cells in the developing embryo. A failed implantation and abortion In this case, it may be a bug somewhere in the womb, whether it is a polyp, fibroid, or inadequate preparation mucosa. This is a situation that can be solved either by surgical removal, or hormonal support the preparation of the mucosa. Another very common cause of failed implantation or pregnancy loss is to stop the growth of the embryo. It is usually associated with genetic errors that allow continuing developing fetus. It may also be a bug in the immune response to a woman who does not take Transferred embryo. In this case it is possible to suppress the defense response and allow the embryo plunge. What to do next? If it is in your power, do not throw in the towel and try again. Ask your doctor whether it is possible in the cycle still make a difference and maximize efforts. The next attempt is not always necessary to wait too long. It is important that both partners were ready mentally.

- When transfer of frozen embryos obtained in the previous cycle can be repeated attempt almost immediately - during the next cycle. In the case of repeated ovarian stimulation with follicle sampling is recommended to wait at least three months to get the body a rest from hormonal load.

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