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elodi’s cover babe tomas donaldson at our first photoshoot. tom wears luuk. photo by gascoine. swords by luuk too.

elodi is Hilary Thackway creative director graphic design illustrator Stephanie Day editor publisher writer Nicholas Gascoine photo editor photographer

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llama vintage

in this photograph: tom, giles and ivan. not in this photograph, but should be: steven

bababa international --------------------------------------------------------------------“Bababa International are a bunch of hard working men and women labouring for societies needs and interests. They will pull down walls and hold structures up... You will be amazed at the highly trained, multi-task professionals of Bababa International. At the moment they are a small speck on the cultural chart and the bussiness chart, but they will rise up to the top. Bababa International are also heart warming and friendly they will reach a hand out to you if you are sad or lonely but let’s get to the point - Bababa International are you, they are our planet, they are our solar system, they are our galaxy, they are our universe, they are it.� - Milo Ellicot

newspaper, sticky tape, socks, shoes, voice recording of conversations




I will tell you now that if nothing else saves you today will. The San Franciscan bedroom based website, devised to necessitate the want of a user-generated fashion website, has triggered no lack

of attention towards individual fashions posted by users across the world. Captivated by such a simplistic yet shrewd idea Elodi sat down with creator Yuri Lee to ascertain the finer details of L O O K B O O K . n u

“a source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world� E: What is essentially about? Y: In one sentence, is a source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world. Every day, creative types like photographers, stylists, designers, musicians and all kinds of hip people over 30 countries post photos of their daily outfits.

E: How did the website get started? Y: I’ve always loved art and fashion and my boyfriend is a brilliant programmer who previously worked at one of the bigger social networks. One day he and I tossed around ideas for our own website and we basically thought that user-generated street fashion was such a great idea that had not really been done well.

“practical style inspiration is far easier to find on the streets and at parties” E: Has the concept been inspired by anything in particular? Y: Street style photographers like the Sart and thecobrasnake definitely deserve credit for showing the world (including myself) that practical style inspiration is far easier to find on the streets and at parties than it is on the runways. We also found inspiration from the many variations of “What are you wearing today?” threads that have caught on in virtually every major fashion-related forum.

E: What purpose does serve? Y: Our mission is to cultivate a ‘collective fashion consciousness’ that is completely driven by diverse, aesthetically talented and open-minded individuals. The most rewarding part of working on the site is knowing that it connects people with others near and far. Two of our Australian users actually discovered that they live in the same apartment building after seeing each others’ photos on

“driven by diverse, aesthetically talented and open-minded individuals”

E: What are the future prospects for Y: I feel like we have built a pretty compelling way to bring together lots of cool guys and girls. But up until now, their interactions have been limited to out-fit oriented conversations. As it turns out, our users have much more in common to talk about, so we’re planning to give them a way to participate in open-ended discussions and share outside media not only related to fashion, but also photography, travel, art, music, cinema, architecture and any other form of creative culture.

“we’re definitely excited to see how it evolves” We generally try to take a sort of zen approach toward adding new features, but we’re always listening and talking with our users. They give us great suggestions and guide our direction a lot. We are not really sure what will happen in the future with LOOKBOOK, but we’re definitely excited to see how it evolves.


Four years ago artist Kelly Lynn Jones founded the website Little Paper Planes (LPP) to showcase the works of her friends but also to help subsidize her own and her friends’ burgeoning art careers. Today, LPP has grown into a site with many new artists from all over the

JANICE JONG London Inspired by built up cities, and the architecture that characterises them is Janice Jong. Described as reality with a touch of fantasy, her art work entails intimations of stories that lend themselves to further adventure in the appreciators mind. Janice borrows particular motivation from Hong Kong’s city where there the city is overflowing with flats, shops, and buildings. In so far as the caprice of her artwork: films, TV and graphic novels have assisted the rouse.

world supported by a large and varied customer base; a community of people supporting great artists. The natural progression for the site is to start producing prints that are exclusive to the store. Being an artist Kelly is drawn to the tactile and the pro-

cesses of which have lead her to letterpress prints. There are 10 prints to start off Little Paper Press, which during the month of September was also hung at the Tinlark Gallery in Los Angeles along with original work from the 10 LPP artists. Begin-

ning soon, and from there on in, each month, there will be an artist featured along with an exclusive letterpress print. Hopefully this will be just the beginning for Little Paper Press for their sights are set to produce more prints and eventually move into artist books.

GAVIN BUNNER Los Angeles Gavin Bunner’s unsurpassed’s are created when he is in a state of constancy and when he has a load of things demanding completion all at once. “Pop Art meets Americana at a Party at Genre Paintings’ house, and the resulting love child is humorous, witty and vibrantly coloured” is what one may say would best describe the result of busy conception. Gavin is a painter, inspired by pleasured onlookers of his works and google image search. It is a complex justification, but just be sure that if it was not for such a tool, Gavin would be obligated to something less than art, or so he says.

SIDNEY PINK Maryland Self confessed ‘delighter in cleaning’ is Sidney Pink. However, he is probably better known for his pencil and watercolour creations of Japanese school girls, salary men, spacemen, and strange animals. Having lived in Japan for the last four years, Sidney has drawn a load of inspiration for his work from the popular culture, but also from the mundane aspects of everyday life over there. About his work, Sidney says that ‘like prints, I want the drawings to have a flatness that is a part of the visual vocabulary of my work’. Sidney finds the peak of his creativity in a scheduled time and place, and honest in confessing to the junk that is often created; his best work is produced in between.

ASHLEY GOLDBERG Oregon Late at night or on a stormy afternoon you can find Ashley holed up, creating precious little guys. Her artwork, although appearing simple, entails great emotion, captured with expression, gesture and a sophisticated colour palette. Ashley draws her inspiration from some of the more simple pleasures in life, nature, the great outdoors and the stimulating smell of brewing coffee. Between these muses and hanging out in bed with her cat, Ashley has developed some most agreeable creations that you must check out.



itrip iskip

WORDS STEPHANIE DAY Ana and Diana Derek have filled their shop with grass and elves for tea parties, a piano for those lusting out of tunes, and a wardrobe full of creative dress and precious jewels. And so it is, reminiscent of an Alice and Wonderland adventure, Itrip Iskip. Where is the shop? 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT Why a fashion shop? We wanted something different. We have experience working in other retail stores but we knew that we could offer something different. Owning the store allows us to put in 100%. We make the rules. What compelled you to open a store in Canberra? We wanted

to move Canberra away from the mainstream, away from the shopping malls. We love shopping on the street in Melbourne and Sydney and we wanted to bring this to Canberra. What is the story behind the name? We wanted a name that showed we had a sense of fun. The idea of tripping over and then skipping away makes us smile. Is supporting local talent an important part of your stores philosophy? Definitely we already have local brands in store and really want to see this grow. Canberra is home to such a creative bunch of people What events happen at the shop? Grass Stains in May was an after-

noon of fashion, art and music. We had two bands playing, a wall being painted and a lot of fun. There is another one coming soon. We also have DJ’s in every Saturday. What are some the labels your shop stocks? Dr Denim, Ebony & Eve, Lady, American Apparel, Flux Best thing about owning a store: Being your own boss and doing something that we both enjoy. Worst thing about owning a store: Not many holidays and working 7 days a week. Can we contact you? Yes yes yes! Phone: (02) 6257 9950




Where once the biggest choice in purchasing a pair of jeans was between a boot-leg cut and flares, in 2009, the choice is seemingly endless: traditional indigo or skintight neon? High waisted or hipster? Drop crotch or straight leg? Buying the right pair of jeans is akin to purchasing a new car: emotional.

Denim is the Mick Jagger of fabrics: it’s been around forever and while it may fall out of fashion from time to time (cargo pants anyone?), its cultural relevance is generally accepted as time- In order to compete in the $46 less. billion global denim market, designers are constantly evolving According to the latest stats, their product through innovation worldwide, nearly 90 per cent of to capture the attention of an inconsumers own at least one pair different consumer. Niche designof denim jeans, and they wear ers have flourished and, as a rethem an average of three days a sult, Australian labels like Ksubi, week. Somewhow, a material that Sass & Bide and, more recently, once stood for durability and Max Olijnyk’s bespoke streetwear practicality was transformed into label, Note to Self, have garnered a lifestyle necessity. international headlines.


A new contender making its mark on the domestic denim and streetwear market is Melbournebased label, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes. Through its minimalist detailing, progressive use of fabrics and casual effor tlessness, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes reflects this season’s penchant for all things groupie chic and punk revival. They’re the type of threads you’d expect to see on pretty girls with mascara tears and vacant boys in rock n’ roll bands. The label, the brainchild of founder Chris Brooks, was inspired by his hometown, the city of Melbourne, and the name comes from a mentalist friend who after a few drinks pulls out

his cigarette eating par ty trick. Far from a hobby, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes is Chris’ full-time gig. “I live and breathe it”, Chris enthuses. While initially a denim-driven label, the development of I Heard They Eat Cigarettes into a fully functional clothing range was a natural, almost intuitive, process. “The label star ted with jeans;” says Chris. “I just wanted another creative avenue in which to add to the range, that’s where the shoes, rings, leather jackets and tees came along”. One of the most endearing aspects of the range is its lack of pretension. The designs, while original, aren’t overly manufactured which delivers them a hint of raw authenticity. The jeans are




skinny, the sandals are geometric and the tees are lo-fi. Somehow, it all just feels “right”. Adding to the rock n’ roll mood is the I Heard They Eat Cigarettes swing tag. Traditional cardboard has been replaced by a branded cassette tape. This indie aesthetic is captured rather brilliantly in the Vice-like photos on the I Heard They Eat Cigarettes website. According to Chris, the photo shoot involved, “lots of red wine and a lot of headaches in the morning”. Having invited some mates over for a drink and a giggle, Chris got his Terry Richardson on and began taking happy snaps. “For me,” says Chris, “that photo shoot is like looking through a personal photo album; it was shot over two big nights”.

linked to the brand and its future direction. “I don’t ever want to commercialise I Heard They Eat Cigarettes. People have been really receptive to the label, I think that’s because it is different and that they can relate to it in some way. World domination can wait for the moment”. This considered approach to distribution has seen I Heard They Eat Cigarettes slowly expand from its local base in Victoria to New South Wales and South Australia. The coming Kids of Today Summer 08/09 range will also be stocked in Queensland and New Zealand. In this manner, Chris has translated his Melbourne design flavour into a look with broad appeal.

World domination aside, we can exSpeaking to Chris, you get a feeling pect to hear more from the cigarette that this DIY sensibility is intrinsically eating crew.


Who are you? Marc Hendrick, creator of t-shirt label Das Monk. Three words that best describe your style: Mystical, dark, and creepy... with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

They’re just two words I liked that didn’t really make sense together but looked good on paper. It has nothing to do with a German monk unfortunately.

The story behind the name Das Monk?

What inspired you to create your own label? There were a couple of labels that really inspired me to start Das

you? I’m taller than I look.

feld and The Wire both equally.

Favorite CD? It’s a toss up between Pixies’ Doolittle and Pavement’s Wowee Zowee. My musical taste is firmly wedged in the early ‘90s.

Best things about Das Monk? The freedom to do what I want with the label. I could design a range that featured nothing but my head on all the t-shirts and nobody could stop me.

Favorite TV show? Wow this is like Sophie’s Choice... I love Sein-

Worst thing about your

Monk - Alakazam from Japan and PAM from Melbourne. This was the time when most t-shirts were unimaginative statement tees, and it was so refreshing to see something different. Their prints were brilliantly weird artworks that kind of made sense within the context of a t-shirt, and it really

inspired me to create something with a similar aesthetic or mindset.

job? Constantly being surrounded by boxes of t-shirts. I stub my toes on them roughly 5 times a day.

release new collections every few months so I don’t really get much of a chance to do much else.

Anything else you are currently working on? I do a bit of freelance work with band merch, but other than that I’m always working on new Das Monk stuff... we

Things you have done prior to Das Monk? Before Das Monk I was working as an architect... designing white boxes for people to live in. What is one thing we should know about

Future plans? Expanding the label beyond just t-shirts. We’ve got some sweatshirts and singlets coming up soon, and the plan is to just keep going from there...


ADAM FARCUS Chicago The Journals is a project where I create a drawing on a 4” x 4” piece of paper every day. I’ve been doing this project since August 31, 2004. The Journals is a way for me to get out and document as many ideas as I can. It works as a sketchbook and a diary, because each drawing is a documentation of that particular day. And so The Journals is an ongoing project. My work can seem divergent and random in content and form but it is all tied together in concept. I am deconstructing and redefining the content I’m referencing (such as Ice Cave, Brett Favre, Mountain Dew, etc) by focusing on my personal interest in that subject and emphasizing it. All of the things I make work about are already a big part of my life. It’s a great way of working; I make things about stuff I like. My goal is to design and illustrate my joy and interests to my viewer, hopefully causing a similar joy. I create my work in the most direct, humble and sincere way, which explains my materials and techniques. It is truthful. I live in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I am a master of fine arts student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I’m inspired by the TV, graphic design (especially when it doesn’t function correctly), Conan O’brien, death metal, commercial stores (such as Wal*Mart, 7eleven and Walgreens), dance music (and dancing), 4chan, my friends and a lot of other things. I decided to go into the arts (while in high school) after seeing work by 2 artists at the Art Institute of Chicago: Joseph Cornell and Anselm Kiefer. As far as pastimes, I bike a lot, try to travel as much as I can, try (awkwardly) to meet nice girls and reading. I am teaching sculpture and painting at UIC and I plan on teaching after I graduate (as long as I don’t have to get a damn fine art PhD). I also still want to show a lot, and if I start selling my work that would be nice too.


Here now is a guide to tea, making tea and drinking tea. Earl Grey This black tea has it origins in china, and is named after Charles, the 2nd Earl Grey, who was given an apparently splendid blend of tea by a Chinese Mandarin. The tea, although dark in color, is rather light in flavor with an intricate taste of bergamot. It is best enjoyed as a morning tea, brewed for three to five minutes. I recommend that it be served black, however can also be taken with a little milk and sugar for those who cannot handle the full flavors. Green Tea This tea is made from unfermented tealeaves. When served correctly it should be pale in color and slightly bitter. Green tea is so good for your insides; it is the tea with the most antioxidants. Enough said. To brew this tea properly, the water poured over it should be just before boiling point. It should be brewed for three to five minutes, like the Earl Grey, any longer than five minutes will make the flavor intensely bitter. If you wish to sweeten this liquid gold, add some honey, it tastes well.

Fruit Tisanes Very rarely have I ever stumbled upon a fruit tisane that has had as much flavor as the smell of it suggested. Tisane’s are for the pretenders. It is warm water, with slight coloration and a taste of possibly some fruit that has been six times removed from its original form, at least. Nonetheless, if you must feel compelled to try these heated flavored waters may I suggest to you that you brew it in a pot for 5 minutes. The best Tisane’s out there are sold at T2. If subtly is your style, then perhaps you will enjoy this in the afternoon. Herbal Teas Herbal teas are phenomenal for your body and your mind. The flavors are subtle. But do pack a bit more punch than the fruit tisane. Herbal teas are full of healing agents, antioxidants, detoxifiers and calmatives. For these reasons, herbal tea is best consumed before sleep, with a good book.

The herbal teas can be brewed for up to five minutes, and go well with lemon slices, cinnamon sticks or honey. They also taste quite refreshing when served on their own Jasmine Tea This is a white tea perfumed with dried jasmine blossoms. It is very, very pale in color, and has a gentle sweetness about it. This tea does not become bitter if left in the water, however for flavors sake, again, it is best brewed for three to five minutes. I do not think that there are any condiments that will enhance the flavor of such a tea, and adding milk to this is not dissimilar to watering down a fine wine. Ok. You get the point. My favorite thing about white tea is that you can reuse the leaves. And although it is slightly more expensive, you do get more out of the stuff.


hand made. hand printed. designed by luke. for luuk.


HEARTBREAKER Cakes? She just loves them. Kitiya Palaskas, that is. Desserts and cake are her favorite foods, and being holed up in the creative world what better way to make cake than to sew it? Kit concedes that there is a thing about miniature fake food that people

go crazy for. An exhibition that toured Sydney and Canberra mid 2008 saw the unveiling of these exquisite, non-perishable treats. Kit’s precious creations were a natural progression from the work she was doing in her final year at the Australian Na-

tional University Art School. After taking a vacation to Canberra to suss out universities with her dad in year 10, Kit saw a decision that needed to be made between fashion or art school. There was an affinity of working with fabrics that hindered this.



“Now it seems that both worlds, fashion and art, have collided.” Art School won out in the end. Here she studied print media, and if she could have got away with it, would have made miniature foods, and things of the like, then. Now it seems that both worlds, fashion and art, have collided. Kit’s fashion

agent, someone who fashion designs (notwithstanding Kit) for them and a firm fan base in Sydney. ‘It’s really bizarre’ she enthuses. Kit has really exploited the realms of being a creative professional, and whist there is still a lot to come from this

label, Heartbreaker, took on a serious demeanor last year, after testing the market the year before. She now sells her clothes and accessories at markets around Sydney, and on Etsy. As well as this, Kit designs the costumes for her band

S.Y.L.K. for which she sings. ‘It started off as a hilarious fun thing to do on the weekend’ Kit asserts. However the band, with DJ beats and glam-rap, has really taken off. People are starting to respond really positively; they have a booking

beauty, she has some good advice for people wanting to break into the creative world. ‘The best thing to do is to go to heaps of openings. This way you get to know people who work in similar scenes and from here options will always come up,

like doing group shows with others. Also, if you have tangible objects, selling at the markets is really good too.’ Kit will be concentrating on the Sydney art scene this year. So keep an eye out for exhibitions, shows and her glorious creations at the markets.

“‘It started off as a hilarious fun thing to do on the weekend’”

ZL Floral Dress NYC Gloves ZL Hand painted Denim cut off jacket Customised Lunchbox Sassquatch Dress Dr Matin Boots

ZL Taliban kids hat ZL Pompom beard Vintage Gecko Girl soccer shirt Vintage Cape ZL Pop ya cap denim dress

ZL bat hairpiece ZL Jungle cape Vintage NYC leather sequined boustier Models own Blazer jacket ZL floral field knickers

American indian trading store Racoon hat. ZL string feathers hair piece ZL hand crocheted OCTO poncho ZL orange-atang Skirt Models own motorcycle Boots

ZL Chief Barrier Reef Dress

Belgium bowler hat ZL Unicorn cape Vintage skull glasses ZL jungle woman jumpsuit ZL Denim pompom skirt Stollen from baby spice pumps.

ZL buzz lightyear Gown. Vintage Prince’s wedding shirt.


hannah and landon

Hannah and Landon Metz are an incredibly stunning, young, married couple. Milky skin, rosy cheeks, doll eyes, and a plump pout, combined with honey-tanned skin, long, dark locks, and dreamy eyes. I really just can’t construct proper sentences for these two. Coupled with their amazing looks, is talent, too good to be true. For so long I felt like there was no brilliance left in the world until I stumbled along Hannah’s extremely funny, honest, modest, and witty blog‌ Take a look at these two and if they leave you lost for words, like they do me, then help them take over the world. God knows we need it/them.

Your name and age? Hannah & 24. Landon, 23. Where is home? H: at the moment California, but my real home is Vancouver. L: In my head, but you can currently find me residing in LA. What can you do? H: I can eat a lot and put make up on other people’s faces. L: Everything! What are you paid to do? H: buy vintage clothing for American Apparel’s vintage line. L: Have a creative mind and create at American Apparel. What do you love to do? H: draw, take pictures of Landon and be a lazy ass! L: Paint, draw, animate, read, learn, spend time with people. I also love taking pictures and collecting things and watching movies and good television programs and finding music and making music. And so many other things. Everything and anything that inspires your style? H: those lovely ladies of years gone by and Landon L: Mythology, mysticism, in-

digenous cultures from all over the world (Specifically Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas), I agree with Hannah as pretty much anything worldwide from 18th century to the early 1970’s. Favorite fashion labels, shops, websites/blogs, magazines? H: all vintage, vintage, vintage! i try not to purchase newly manufactured clothing (although h&m always pulls me in with their sales) favorite magazine is purple, self service and vintage playboy, favorite label at the moment is vintage fredrick’s of hollywood! Favorite blog is the gawker. L: Vintage, old old old, doesn’t matter who made it as long as it’s amazing. Preferably made by a tribe in Africa. I get 95% of my physical possessions from flea markets, ebay, and my personal shopper Hannah. Ebay is by far my favorite website. I like the satorialist and the selby a lot right now. I’m kind of at a loss for a magazine I love currently, Livraison I think is really great at the moment. Favorite era for fashion? H: I love almost everything from the 18th century to 1970, it all got a bit dodgy after that.

L: I agree with Hannah as pretty much anything worldwide from 18th century to the early 1970’s. Best music to groove to? H: my heart is all for Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Kate Bush. L: Define “groove”. Best places to hang out? H: my home! L: Home! Favorite clothing item for Summer? H: always muumuus, can never go wrong with a muumuu. L: Slack shorts. Favorite clothing item for Winter? H: 50s wool coats! and gloves, and hats and tights! Winter, I love to dress for. L: Alpaca wool wraps Why haven’t you both taken over the world? H: we’re working on it but mostly we are too lazy and start watching planet earth instead. L: We’re working on it!

‘The woodgrain sparrows, I’m really enjoying discovering the northern hemisphere birds, even these common ones. I was sitting in a café recently and some were hopping by on the ground and I was thinking about how I would draw them, and I found their patterns and colours to be so much like wood grain.‘

-Anna Ruby King










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elodi magazine  

elodi magazine is a creative magazine based in Sydney/Brisbane Australia.

elodi magazine  

elodi magazine is a creative magazine based in Sydney/Brisbane Australia.


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