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SOMIC 424 End of line Packaging Technology VERPACKUNGSMASCHINEN

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Your success at the POS depends last, but not least on the perfect last steps of your production process. 1974 Retail packaging and shipping cases must serve two purposes: First – the outstanding presentation of your products at the point of sale. Second – the guaranteed best possible product protection during the transport. Because products and packaging are frequently changing, a state-of-the-art packaging-machine must offer exceptional flexibility. The newest generation of packaging systems SOMIC 424 fulfills this requirement. With technical know-how of the highest level and an outstanding power of innovation, SOMIC guarantees a safe product handling and a superior output performance. The user friendliness and the process reliability of the machines are second to none.

SOMIC 424 … there is a good case for it.

Your requirements ‌

‌ our solution

You want the ideal packaging for your products.

Listen and understand. Advise and implement.

To develop the best solution for your retail packaging and shipping cases, we need to understand the multiple requirements related to your products, your desired collations and your demands for packaging.

At first we work out a comprehensive packaging concept which defines your packaging necessities precisely.

The conditions in your production facility and its environment are also of prime importance to us. Our philosophy is to listen to you very carefully.

Depending on your requirements and tasks, it is possible to choose single-piece or multi-part cardboard models for your retail packaging and shipping cases. To ensure an attractive and unique presentation of your product at the POS, we will search together with you for ideal solutions which cover all possible quality- and performance needs. All retail packaging and shipping cases will be developed based on the particular requirements of your field of industry. Our core competencies are in the areas of food, confectionary, pharma, technical product and pet food.

SOMIC 424 products: Flat pouches or stand-up pouches Folding boxes Wrapping packages Cups, cans, bowls Blisters and thermoformed packages Jars, bottles, tubes

SOMIC 424 pre-arranges: Vertical or horizontal Single- or multi-row Single- or multi-layer

SOMIC 424 packages: Retail packaging and shipping cases Single-piece or multi-part models

SOMIC-Portfolio SOMIC 424. One for all purposes. Modern end-packaging machines must adapt to your product, your production process and your market. This requires high flexibility, superior performance, easy operability, good accessibility, compact design and a comfortable acoustic level. The SOMIC 424 machine generation represents all these characteristics. Additionally the SOMIC 424 offers every technical option you could wish for in a perfect system for retail packaging and shipping cases. SOMIC 424 operates as: Tray packer Folding box-packer Wrap-around packer Tray / cover display packer

Complementary SOMIC-Portfolio Tray erector Crate erector Toploader / Insertion packer Box coverer Closing machine

Complete Packaging Lines with SOMIC-machines with partner modules

System Components Product orientation, manipulation and buffering Transport- and palletizing systems Identification devices

One-Piece Packaging concepts

Wrap-Around All-purpose and flexible. Each SOMIC 424 packaging machine is based on an integrated mechatronical system with autonomic function units. Optimal results are guaranteed by format instruments which are designed specifically upon your packaging requirements. SOMIC machines are unique.

Attractive Retail Packaging

Collating and Grouping Convenient Display Packaging

The handling of multifaceted prepackaged products makes high demands. The prepackaged products are arranged individually in rows, layers and complete groupings. Robotic portals fulfill this task quickly and precisely. They ensure gentle treatment even to sensitive and fragile products.

Cartoning Open Tray Packaging

The blank is folded around the entire product grouping and glued with hotmelt. Due to the enclosed folding head precise folding and gluing of the carton is always guaranteed. We use our folding head, not your product to form the case.

Closing Safe Transport Shipping Packaging

The cover flaps are folded inside the closing module and glued with hotmelt.

Multi-Part Packaging concepts

Tray-Cover Customized and flexible. Almost every SOMIC packaging machine is equipped for multiple product dimensions, collations and case designs. Due to the mechatronical principle and especially the adapted software components it is possible to copy any format quickly and precisely.

Collating and Grouping Trays with cover inside

The individual collating and grouping module generates rows, layers and complete case contents from pre-packed products. For this the machines have collating units i.g. lamella chains, row pushers and pre-stacking units designed for the specific requirements. For a gentle and precise handling of sensitive and soft products there are robot portals with pushers, gripper heads or pick & place tools.

Cartoning and Covering Trays with cover outside

The cartoning and covering is carried out in two steps consecutively. In a first step the tray is erected from the flat blank around the product grouping and then glued. Afterwards the covering is carried out in a separate unit. For product-safety and tamper-evident closure tray and cover can be locked mechanically or glued with hotmelt.

Format Change


Quick and safe.

Globally competent and reliable.

All format part changes, settings and programs are provided in a checklist with a simple step-by-step explanation. With the all-purpose SOMIC-QuickChange-Adapters, every format parts can be replaced quickly and safely. The exact format parameters are reproduced by the control system each time automatically. Readjustments are not required. For repeated product and packaging adjustments, which may become necessary during production, even fully automated format adjustments are feasible.

We think out of practical experience and turn the results into practice again. And we will be there for you – no matter when or where. Professional telephone service Remote maintenance for fault diagnosis and troubleshooting Online-documentation of spare parts Prompt delivery of spare parts Experienced technicians for inspection and maintenance


Training of your operation- and maintenance-staff

Clearly arranged and easy. The open architecture of the machine provides a perfect overview and best accessibility to all function units. A special highlight is the ergonomic working level of only 990 mm. The rotatable and traversable touch panel provides for an intuitive operation of the machine. The clearly arranged 15"-screen allows an easy operation through text-independent symbols and images. Three different operation modes are readily identifiable through different base colors: Automatic mode All relevant data are reported actively during regular operation. In case of machine stoppage the cause is explained in a easy to understand way and indicated on the HMI. Directions for troubleshooting are supplemented with graphic illustrations. Setting mode This mode is used for format changes. It supports the operator during the step-by-step adjustment up to the reference run as well as the start of the automatic operation in a new format. Service mode For every inspection or service task the service technician can choose the suitable operations mode out of various options.

We have a deep understanding of your business and markets. Our packaging solutions are used in over 30 countries worldwide.


Milestones Our path to the highest packaging competence. 1978

SOMIC has more than 35 years of experience in developing and building future-oriented packaging systems. Our thoughts and actions focus on quality and the future. The employees and management team of our independent, family-run company create the inspiration for the diversity of tasks and the satisfaction in the ever-emerging technical marvels.

2001 1974 Foundation of the SOMIC Sondermaschinen KG in Upper Bavaria in the town Vogtareuth by Manfred Bonetsmßller. 1978 New head office in Wasserburg am Inn. The foundation stones for SOMIC’s core business are laid, in the beginning with carton erectors and insertion packers. 1985 The first complete primary and secondary packaging lines for the foods industry are developed. 1994 SOMIC now specializes solely in the outer packaging process. 2001 The new, future-oriented headquarters is constructed in the town of Amerang. Servo and IPC technology form the modular machine program 414. 2004 With the power of innovation and uncompromising quality standards SOMIC reaches a leading position in its own market segment. 2007 Development, education and sales gain in importance. For this reason, another extension building is commissioned. 2010 SOMIC sets new standards with the mechatronical packaging system 424. It offers functional blocks and software-based technology. Better performance, higher efficiency, more flexibility and easy operability are the outstanding characteristics of this trendsetting machine generation.

Somic overview brochure 424  
Somic overview brochure 424  

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