Elm Tree Farms "Endless Possibilities" Online Sale 2015

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Endless Possibilites Online Sale

October 16-18, 2015 Hosted By LiveAuctions.tv

Welcome to Elm Tree Farms! After generations of raising cattle, we are proud to welcome you into our program by hosting our first sale. We would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to look through this catalogue. We are extremely pleased with the group on offer, but it would be meaningless without you, so thank-you! Our cowherd has been strongly influenced by Simmental genetics since the purchase of our first registered Simmental bull in 1993 from D.Maronda Simmentals. The importance of cow families was a fundamental lesson we learned from raising commercial cattle for 50+ years. We depend on top families to bring in our best calves every fall, and raise daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters to continue their legacy. This is the first year we are offering calves from our herdsire Elm Tree Zander 11Z, also known as “Lenny”. We feel his influence has enabled our program to take a huge step forward, and his impact will be seen in our herd for many years to come. The sale offering consists of 3 bull calves, 4 heifer calves, and 1 special lot. We cull our bull calves extremely hard, leaving only the best intact. These three bulls have only continued to improve with age, and we are very excited for what their future holds. On the female side, only heifer calves that would have been in our replacement pen were considered. These four have the potential to be top producers, and we have no doubt some of them would have entered our donor program if they remained with us. If able, you are more than welcome to view the cattle in person at any time, although we understand it isn’t feasible for everyone. For those of you unable to see the calves in person before the sale, we want to ensure you have a fair representation of each lot. There are videos of each lot posted on our website- these videos will also be updated in early October. Many of the calves’ sires and dams also have pictures and videos on our website to give you a better idea of where they come from. These seven calves represent the type of cattle we love, and think the “possibilities are endless” in terms of where you can take them. We look forward to seeing them work for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the offering or sale format. Thanking you advance for your interest in our program, Glenn, Pamela, Mariah & Sophie Wotten

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Website: www.elmtreefarms.com Email: elmtreefarms@i-zoom.net Facebook Page: Elm Tree Farms Simmentals

Sale Information Schedule: Opens Friday October 16, 2015 at 9:00am EST Closes Sunday October 18, 2015 at 8:00pm EST Sale Day Phone Numbers: Glenn Wotten...........(705) 879-3061 Mariah Wotten.........(705) 341-3261 Sophie Wotten.........(705) 464-1713 Matt Bates................(705) 341-9510 Farm.........................(705) 878-1713

Phone In Bids: If you are unable to access a reliable Internet connection, or feel more comfortable bidding via phone, please feel free to use one of the Sale Day Phone Numbers listed. Please contact us before October 18 to make us aware of your intentions to bid via phone to ensure everyone is assisted. Cattle Viewing: If you wish to view the cattle in person, please contact us to arrange a time.

Sale Consultant: Bohrson Marketing Services Scott Bohrson.....(403) 370-3010 Darryl Snider.......(780) 385-5561

Videos: Videos of all lots will be posted on our website: www.elmtreefarms.com. Initial videos are NOW POSTED on our website. Updated videos will be posted in early October.

LiveAuctions: Jessy Milne-Smith..(613) 229-1073 Websites: www.elmtreefarms.com www.liveauctions.tv Sale Order: The final close out will start at 8:00pm EST October 18. Each lot will close out individually in the same order as listed in the catalogue. Terms & Conditions: Cattle will sell under the Terms & Conditions on the Back Cover.

Herd Health: Cow herd is vaccinated annually with Bova-Shield Gold products (Bova-Shield Gold FP5-L5 HB used in 2015 prebreeding) and Scourguard. Calves were vaccinated with Bova Shield Gold One Shot in September 2015, along with Covexin Plus in May 2015 and September 2015. Ivomec was used for parasite control. All sale cattle will have magnets administered before leaving Elm Tree to prevent hardware disease.


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Auction Guidelines How to Participate: • If you do not have a LiveAuctions.tv account, you will need to register for one to watch/bid in the sale. • In order to participate in the auction, you will need to pre-register and obtain a buyer number. Please register early to allow ample time to be added into the system. • To do this, go to www.liveauctions.tv, and select Elm Tree Farms “Endless Possibilities” Online Sale. • If you have an account already, please enter your username and password and select “login”. If you do not have a LiveAuctions account, please select “Create a New User” and follow the steps to create an account. Once you account has been created, go back to the login page and enter your information. • Once you have logged in, if you wish to just watch the sale, you may do so without completing any other steps. On sale day, there will be video and audio on this page. • If you wish to bid online, you will need to click “Register for a buyer number” in the top right corner. Fill out the information and your number request will be “Pending”. • Once you account has been approved, then your buyer number will switch from “pending approval” to you number. • There will be test bidding available 30 minutes prior to the closeout of the sale. • If you wish to place your bids by phone instead of online, please contact one of the sale day phones listed on the previous page prior to October 18 to place your bids via phone. Please read the following instructions for how the auction will work. If you have any trouble or questions, please contact us or LiveAuctions staff. The sale will open at 9:00am EST on Friday October 16 on liveauctions.tv. Bidding can begin at this time (see HOW THE AUCTION WORKS on the next page). The close out will start at 8:00pm EST on Sunday October 18 with Lot 1. We will then proceed to sell each lot in catalogue order using a 45 second bidding clock until all lots are sold. This means that once the announced time has expired without a bid, the lot will be considered sold to the highest bidder. This is further explained on the next page (see HOW THE CLOSEOUT WORKS). If you don’t have computer access or feel more comfortable bidding via phone, please use one of the sale day phone numbers listed on page 3.

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HOW THE AUCTION WORKS (LEADING UP TO THE CLOSEOUT): • Once you have a username and have received a buyer number, you are ready to bid. You will see a screen that is unique to your user ID. • There will be a list containing the sale lots. If you click on a lot, the video clip and photo will be displayed. The next bid, current price, proxy bid, and manual bid buttons will be displayed below the video area for that specific lot. This page will react to your bids by stating “you are in” or “you are out”. • No one else will be able to see your bid- the current price will be shown, but the identity of bidders is not disclosed until the highest bidder is revealed after the closeout. • Remember that you must have the lot that you are bidding on selected. (Example: if you want to bid on Lot 3, make sure you click Lot 3 and have Lot 3’s information and video open on your screen). This is where it tells you if you are in or out. WHAT IS A PROXY BID? With a proxy bid, you can enter your maximum bid, and then sit back and watch. When you enter a proxy bid amount, the LiveAuctions system automatically bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid. If the lot closes out for less than your maximum, that’s all you pay. This means that you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed. This makes it more convenient and less time consuming. Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders and the seller. Even though you can see the amount on your screen, no one else can. The system will bid only up to your maximum amount as necessary to maintain you as the high bidder. If another bidder has a higher maximum, you’ll be outbid and the system will tell you that “YOU ARE OUT”. But if no other bidder has a higher maximum bid, you will win the final bid. HOW THE CLOSEOUT WORKS: The closeout will begin at 8:00pm EST on October 18. When the closeout bidding starts, the first lot will appear on your screen. The bidding clock will start counting down from a pre-announced time (45 seconds). If there is no new bid within this time, the lot will be declared sold to the highest bidder. If there is a new bid placed while the clock is counting down, it will RESET to its original 45 seconds and start again. This will continue until there is no new bids placed. Example: If the bidding clock gets down to 2 seconds remaining then a new bid is submitted, the clock will restart back to the original 45 seconds. This rewind process will continue with each bid received until the allotted time elapses without a new bid. The lot will be considered sold when the bidding clock gets down to zero seconds. Don’t let the bidding time expire if you wish to place a bid! If you are interested in a particular lot, be sure to submit your bid while there is still time on the clock. This is where using the proxy bid can come in handy insuring you do not miss a bid. Jessy Milne-Smith: 613-229-1073

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Les instructions de l’encan Comment participer? • Si vous ne possédez pas de compte sur “Liveauctions.tv”, vous devrez vous inscrire préalablement. En sélectionnant l’encan que vous voulez regarder, vous pourrez vous un compte. • Afin de participer comme acheteur potential, vous devrez vous préenregistrer et obtenir un numéro d’acheteur. • Pour y par venir, aller sur le site www.liveauctions.tv et choisissez le Elm Tree Farms “Endless Possibilies” Online Sale. • Si vous avez un compte existant, entrez votre nom d’usager et votre mot de passé. Clique ensuite sur “Login”. • Si vous n’avez pas de compte, vous devrez en créer un. Sélectionnez “Create new user” et suivez les étapes. Une fois votre compte créé, retournez à la page de la vente et entrez vos informations (user name & password). • Une fois entré, vous pouvez regarder la vente en direct sans autre étape. Ȧ l’heure de l’encan, vous pourrez voir et entendre le déroulement en direct. • Pour miser en direct via le site Liveauctions.tv, vous devez cliquer sur l’îcone <<Register for buyer number>> (dans le coin supérieur droit de l’écran). Remplissez les reseignements demandés. Votre demande de numéro sera indiquée “pending”. • Une fois votre compte approuvé, votre numéro d’acheteur “pending” changera pour votre numéro. • Il y aura une période d’essai 30 minutes avant le début de la vente. Lire attentivement les instructions suivantes afin de bien comprendre comment fonctionnera l’encan. Si vous avez des questions concernant le fonctionnement de la vente, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter ou à contacter le personnel de LiveAuctions! L’encan commencera à 9 :00 a.m. ET, le vendredi 16 octobre 2015. Les offres commenceront à être acceptées à cette heure. (Voir comment fonctionne l’encan sur l’autre page). La fermeture de l’encan commencera à 8 :00 p.m. ET, le dimanche 18 octobre 2015 avec le lot numéro 1. Nous commencerons ensuite la vente en suivant l’ordre du catalogue et en utilisant une minuterie de 45 secondes et ce jusqu’à ce que tous les lots soient vendus. Si le temps est expiré sans avoir aucune autre mise, le lot sera vendu à celui qui a fait la mise la plus élevée. Cette procédure est expliquée sur l’autre page sous‘comment la fermeture fonctionne’. Si vous n’avez pas accès à l’internet ou si vous ne vous n’êtes pas à l’aise d’utiliser l’ordinateur, vous pouvez utiliser le téléphone en composant les numéros mentionnés à la page 3. Page 6


Comment fonctionne l’encan - Quand vous aurez un nom d’utilisateur ainsi qu’un numéro d’acheteur, vous serez prêt à miser. Vous verrez par la suite un écran qui sera unique à votre numéro d’utilisateur. - Il y aura une liste avec les lots qui seront à vendre. Quand vous cliquerez sur un lot, vous verrez une vidéo et des photos qui seront affichées. Les boutons suivants apparaîtront au bas de la vidéo, ‘nextbid’, ‘currentprice’, ‘proxy bid’ et ‘manualbid’. Une constante mise à jour sera faite selon votre offre et vous verrez ‘you are in’ ou bien ‘you are out’ affiché. - Personne ne pourra voir votre mise. Cette donnée n’est pas accessible au public. - Vous devez absolument avoir sélectionné le bon lot avant de miser. (Exemple: Si vous voulez miser sur le lot no3 vous devez cliquez sur lot no3 et vous verrez les informations concernant ce lot et la vidéo apparaîtra sur votre écran). C’est aussi à cet endroit que vous verrez si vous êtes ‘in’ ou bien ‘out’. Qu’est-ce qu’une enchère par procuration? (Proxy Bid) Avec une enchère par procuration, vous pouvez entrer votre mise maximale et ensuite suivre l’encan. Quand vous entrez une enchère par procuration, le système LiveAuctions mise automatiquement pour vous jusqu’à ce que votre mise maximale soit atteinte. Si la mise gagnante est moindre que votre offre maximale vous paierez seulement ce prix. Vous ne devrez pas toujours remiser si une autre mise est faite par un autre soumissionnaire. Il est plus pratique d’utiliser ce processus et ça vous permet de sauver du temps. Votre mise maximale est gardée confidentielle, les autres soumissionnaires ainsi que le vendeur ne sont pas au courant de cette mise. Même si vous pouvez voir ce montant, personne d’autre ne peut le voir. Le système mise pour vous jusqu’au moment où votre mise maximale est atteinte afin que vous restiez le soumissionnaire avec la plus haute mise. Si un autre soumissionnaire a une mise plus haute, vous perdrez votre mise et vous verrez ‘ you are out’. Par contre, si aucun autre soumissionnaire n’a une mise plus haute que la vôtre vous gagnerez la mise finale. Comment la fermeture fonctionne La fermeture commencera à 8 :00 p.m. ET le 18 octobre 2015. Quand les mises de fermeture commenceront, le premier lot apparaîtra sur votre écran. La minuterie commencera un décompte de 45 secondes. S’il n’y a aucune autre mise durant ce temps, le lot sera officiellement déclaré vendu au soumissionnaire avec la mise la plus élevée. Par contre, s’il y a une autre mise pendant le décompte de 45 secondes, la minuterie sera remise au point de départ, soit 45 secondes, et on reprendra tout au début. Le tout continuera ainsi jusqu’à temps qu’il n’y ait plus d’autres mises. Exemple : S’il reste encore 2 secondes à la minuterie et qu’une autre mise est faite, la minuterie sera remise à 45 secondes. Ce compte à rebours recommencera ainsi jusqu’à ce que le temps soit expiré avec la même mise. Le lot sera considéré comme vendu quand la minuterie atteindra zéro. Ne laissez pas la minuterie atteindre zéro si vous voulez placer une mise! Si vous êtes intéressés à un lot en particulier, assurez-vous de soumettre votre mise avant que la minuterie atteigne zéro. L’utilisation de l’enchère par procuration (Proxy Bid) peut devenir intéressante si vous ne voulez pas perdre votre mise.

Jessy Milne-Smith: 613-229-1073

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Lot 1

Elm Tree Brie ET 33B ETF 33B


Dec. 8/14


Crossroad Radium 789U

S: Elm Tree Zander 11Z RRV Ulena 2U

Double Bar D Mirage 103S

D: IPU Polled Macey 100U IPU Polled Ms Laredo 95R

Reference Sire: Elm Tree Zander 11Z Also known as “Lenny”

BW: 85lbs WW: 830lbs (Aug. 12/15) 205 Day adj. Wt: 762lbs

CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 9.9 2.8 64.2 82.9 60.9 9.5 28.9

IPU Polled Macey 100U is one of our few polled cows, and her ability to compete with the power of our horned females is hard to duplicate. She has always been a favourite, and the cross between her and “Lenny” has taken her progeny to the next level. Her full sister ETF 2B (see picture) is incredibly unique and destined for our donor pen. 33B is following in her sister’s footsteps, showing many of the same traits with lots of volume and dimension. When they stand side by side, the similarities are quite apparent. The maternal strength behind her is incredible, combining our top two cow families: Ulena and Macey. It makes her an easy choice for the leadoff lot.

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Full Sister: Elm Tree Ms Zander 2B

Lot 2

Elm Tree Caviar Dreams 3C ETF 3C




DFM Marcus 14M

S: Elm Tree Marcus 3A Elm Tree Sapphire 4X

Crossroad Radium 789U

D: Elm Tree Zelda 5Z

IPU Polled Macey 100U

Sire: Elm Tree Marcus 3A

BW: 84lbs WW: 735lbs (Aug. 12/15) 205 Day adj. Wt: 725lbs

CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 10.8 2.4 61.5 76.4 61.2 8.7 30.6

Due to injury, we’ve made a substitution for Lot 2. 3C is super stout and thick, loose hided, and comes with a little extra style. Like Lot 1, she’s a combination of Ulena and Macey blood. Her sire, Elm Tree Marcus 3A, is a Ulena grandson, who showed thickness and easy fleshing ability from an early age. Her dam, Elm Tree Zelda 5Z is a Macey X Radium daughter. We can’t say enough good things about Macey and the consistency of her females, not only for us, but also for fellow breeders who have acquired Macey daughters and granddaughters. 3C was going to join our small herd of polled cows, as we were hoping to get some polled calves from proven horned sires. You now have the chance to raise some rare breeding pieces.


IPU Polled Macey 100U Dam of Lot 1 Granddam of Lot 2

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Lot 3

Elm Tree Copper 22C ETF 22C





Crossroad Radium 789U

S: Elm Tree Zander 11Z RRV Ulena 2U

RJY Rival 13Y

D: KOP Ms Rival 149A KOP Ms Bengie 7R

Lot 3

BW: 87lbs WW: 580lbs (Aug. 12/15) 205 Day adj. Wt: 772lbs

Lot 4

CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 8.1 4.7 64.0 82.2 59.2 9.2 27.3

While we were showing “Lenny”, often discussions with fellow breeders regarding his potential to work on purebred cows took place. Intrigued by the possibility, we purchased 22C’s dam from Kopp’s final sale as an experiment. 22C has the toughest job in the heifer pen. She is running with some powerful December and January heifers while only being a March herself. The potential in this heifer is big, with lots of possibilities for potential service sires. The red Simmental in the background gives her a little extra attractiveness through the front end compared to the fullbloods.

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Dam: KOP Ms Rival 149A

Lot 4

Elm Tree Charmer 1C ETF 1C




MFI Gladiator 116T

S: KOP Gladiator 106Y MFI Petra 8101

Crossroad Radium 789U

D: Elm Tree Zalia 8Z WNLP Violet 44U

BW: 85lbs WW: 800lbs (Aug. 12/15) 205 Day adj. Wt: 781lbs

CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 4.7 5.2 61.0 74.8 58.5 7.6 28.1

Dam: Elm Tree Zalia 8Z

The best word to describe 1C is tank! The length and depth of body she displays is hard to duplicate. Crossroad Radium has worked tremendously well in our herd, not only giving us “Lenny�, but also producing 5Z (dam of Lot 2) and 8Z (dam of Lot 4). 8Z is one of the hardest working females, putting everything into her calf. We bred a couple cows KOP Gladiator 106Y in 2014 for the first time, as he offered a proven pedigree out of a respected breeding program. The combination of Gladiator and 8Z worked remarkably well. She has captured attention all summer long, and we are excited about the type of female she is destined to become.


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Lot 5

Elm Tree Blockbuster 34B ETF 34B




Crossroad Radium 789U

S: Elm Tree Zander 11Z RRV Ulena 2U

Texas Lonestar

D: Elm Tree Yellow Rose 6Y Elm Tree Wendy 9W

BW: 94lbs WW: 925lbs (Aug. 12/15) 205 Day adj. Wt: 883lbs

CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 6.9 3.8 61.0 76.9 59.5 10.9 29.1

34B is the “Lenny” son we have been waiting and hoping to produce. His father definitely raised our standards, but at this age, we think 34B is as good if not better than his father. He has been a standout since day one, and never lost his look throughout his development- a trait we really admire in potential herdsires. His show career started off on a high note, being named Reserve Champion Bull at the YCS National Classic in August. We are confident his new owner will raise some amazing females from 34B, as his dam has yet to produce a sub-par calf. “Lenny” has taken our program to the next level. We think 34B can do the same for you.

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Lot 6

Elm Tree Challenger 2C ETF 2C




Crossroad Radium 789U

S: Elm Tree Zander 11Z RRV Ulena 2U Joes 911J

D: Elm Tree Ms Joe 17U NEU Purdy Flower

BW: 102lbs WW: 900lbs (Aug. 12/15) CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 8.3 2.9 62.8 80.0 59.4 10.6 28.1 205 Day adj. Wt: 848lbs

Dam: Elm Tree Ms Joe 17U

2C is a powerhouse. These two “Lenny” sons are different in their build, but both good in their own right. He has great muscle expression, super soggy, and his depth of body extends right through the flank. He will add pounds and easy fleshing ability to his offspring, as his dam and granddam are able to maintain condition despite bringing in heavyweight calves each fall. Both 2C and 34B have exceptional temperaments, so much so that they were used for Peewee showmanship at the YCS National Classic. Docility is a trait we put a lot of emphasis on when selecting replacements, and one that all the “Lenny” calves excel at.


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Lot 7

ETF Beer Money 40B

CO-OWNED WITH KINGFIELD FARMS & HI-TECH FARMS ETF 40B 1143850 Dec.21/14 Polled Black SVF Steel Force S701

S: FBF1 Combustible

Lazy H Burn Baby Burn R34 LFE RS LEWIS 406W

D: Sully’s Attraction

KHL Xchange Broker 14X

BW: 85lbs

WW: 900lbs (Aug. 12/15)

CE BW WW YW MWW MCE MILK 6.2 3.6 58.7 91.2 48.8 9.4 19.5

Co-owned with Kingfield Farms and Hi-Tech Farms, 40B is a result of purchasing the 2013 Ontario Simmental Association Donation Heifer. A direct son of the popular FBF1 Combustible, he has that highly sought after blaze face, lots of middle and capacity, and the performance to keep pace with his fullblood pen-mates. His dam, Sully’s Attraction, has done an outstanding job as a first calf heifer. We are excited to watch his development continue, as he is showing lots of potential at a young age.

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Lot 8


Rules: - Calf must be sired by Elm Tree Zander 11Z - “2016 calf crop” includes calves born between November 2015- May 2016 - Selection must be made by August 1, 2016 Elm Tree Zander 11Z “Lenny”

We wanted to include something special to complete the offering, and of course, it involves “Lenny”. This is an opportunity to pick any “Lenny” calf from the 2016 crop. The majority of our herd is bred to “Lenny” for 2016- some of the potential dams are pictured above. Hopefully through the pictures and videos of his offspring, you can see the impact “Lenny” has made on our herd- stamping every calf crop with the “Lenny” look. We anticipate 2016 will be more of the same, giving you an opportunity to select a herdsire or potential donor female. Nothing is off limits- if it’s a “Lenny”, it is fair game. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this special lot. www.elmtreefarms.com

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Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses To: Elm Tree Farms 1761 Little Britain Road, Little Britain, Ontario, K0M 2C0

Terms & Conditions: Breeding Guarantee: Each animal is sold under the standard terms and guarantees set forth by the Canadian Simmental Association. The seller will not be responsible for more than the original purchase price.

Exception to Guarantee: In cases where the animal is subjected to any hormonal or surgical reproduction techniques after the sale, the

guarantee shall be null and void. In the case of bulls, they are guaranteed to breed naturally according to the Canadian Simmental Association guarantee, but no guarantee is given that semen from any bull will freeze.

Out-of-Country Buyers: Out of country buyers will make settlement in Canadian funds at the October 19, 2015 exchange rate. All expenses incurred for export, including transportation and health testing, will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Payment: No animals shall leave Elm Tree Farms until full payment has been received. Animals can remain with us free of charge

until January 1, 2016. After that, a $3.50/day boarding fee will be charged. For the Special Lot (Lot 8), buyer can pay the full amount directly following the sale, or pay half directly following the sale and the remaining half on the day the selection is made.

Certificate of Registration: The proper registration paper will be transferred to the buyer for each animal after settlement has been made. Insurance: Animals become the buyer’s risk 24 hours after the sale, so please INSURE YOUR PURCHASES. We will forward any information you require in order to insure your purchases.

Delivery: We will work with you to arrange delivery of your purchase. Delivery costs will be borne by the purchaser.