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April Team Member Of The Month Nominations: Chase Schutte — In the month of April he was extremely helpful with a very important group that was in house. When there weren’t enough salads instead of just walking away or arguing with staff that we didn’t have enough he helped may 11 more salads and get them on the table at the last minute. He brings a fun and positive attitude to work and it seems to rub off on others. Jenai Ballinger

Tara Sykes — Instead of just being a banquet server and doing her job she really wants to think ahead of the game and make sure things are done appropriately. There was a group in house that was going to be short on linens, she took upon herself to seek out someone in the Laundry department and see how we could get things washed ASAP and how we could pre plan to have everything set so the morning would flow easier. She was very helpful that night and I know the whole sales staff appreciates her professional demeanor during events. Jenai Ballinger

Tim Rodina — I know Tim was nominated and won for the Month of March but I felt his efforts in April were above and beyond just like March. Tim helped out at the front desk, helped out with the murder mystery, dressed up as the Easter Bunny for both the Eater Egg Hunt and for the Easter Brunch. Bari Allen Jr.

Tony Bradac — Tony has been a dedicated member of the Elms for many years and you always know that you can count on Tony to get the job done. In the beginning days of April this was proven when Tony needed to step up and assure that all food was ordered and banquet meals prepared properly while Bob was away. Tony’s loyalty and dedication to making sure all the groups were taken care of was just another shining example of why it has been a pleasure to have Tony as part of the team for all these years. John Mormino

Ethan Rosenboom — Ethan works hard and has fun while working hard. Ethan is always fun to be around at work and is very social with all of his co-workers. In the month of April Ethan received a call at around 1 or 2 in the morning from the hotel stating that our computer systems were down. Ethan showed up very quickly and worked nonstop until about 5:30am to try and solve the problem. At that time he was sent home to rest for a few minutes because he was supposed to be back in to work the morning shift in the dining room. After his shift in the dining room Ethan continued to try and figure out the computer issues and he did not stop until it was fixed late Saturday night/early Sunday Morning. John Mormino

Ellaina Acree — Ellaina has proven to be a great addition to the Spa team over the past year. Ellaina has offered consistency, good customer service and a sense of ownership while working in the spa. In the month of April Ellaina came into the spa one morning to find that the spa computers were down, she was let into the main computer room and told she could copy the first few appointments to get her by. Ellaina took that a step further and detailed out as much information as possible for the entire day. Her sense of ownership and wanting to make sure that everything was correct on this day was just one example of Ellaina’s work ethic. Bari Allen Jr.

April Team Member Nominations  
April Team Member Nominations  

Hotel Team Members Nominated For Going Above and Beyond