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A LETTER FROM CARY ROSENBLUM Every day I get the unique opportunity to witness extraordinary people doing amazing things. On a daily basis I get inspired by watching the passion of over 800 people working across our company. It is a special perch from which I get to see all the special results. Whether that be helping a client lease-up apartments that have struggled for years, serving low income seniors in a newly constructed community, developing an office building that will transform an area, mentoring kids in our affiliated non-profit, Elevates, or working to revolutionize the property management software space. On a relative basis, there is no company that I am aware of that has more human firepower and ambition than our organization. To be honest, I have been frustrated that many of the storied accomplishments of our team members go untold. I want everyone in our company to understand the remarkable successes of their teammates and their company. And so it is with this in mind, that I would like to introduce the inaugural issue of our annual Elmington Newsletter. It is my hope that this is the forum by which every associate has an opportunity to understand the company they are a part of and be as inspired as I am. It takes a village to produce the kind of outcomes you will see in these pages, and each of you is an important contributor. You may not realize it, but this is the mission statement of Elmington: Create an environment that allows extraordinary people to do amazing things. I believe that you will see that we are on our way! Thanks for being extraordinary and doing amazing things!


Cary Rosenblum





















Elmington is a privately owned commercial real estate investment and development firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. We focus on commercial real estate opportunities that provide income return and capital appreciation through a diverse array of strategic initiatives. We primarily acquire retail, office, industrial and multi-family properties and identify the opportunity to add value through development, re-positioning, more effective operations or creative capitalization.

BREAKING NEW GROUND We’ve also had two groundbreaking events. The first was with the Mayor of Nashville for our Twelfth & Wedgewood workforce housing development, which will complete construction in early 2019. This will fill the need to provide affordable housing for teachers, police officers, fireman and others that work near th e center of town, but would otherwise be driven further out due to the rising cost of rents. The second was in Knoxville for our Southside Flats project and we were excited to celebrate this achievement with the Mayor of Knoxville, council persons, our builder, and our stellar Knoxville team. The development will consist of 172 affordable units once completed in 2019 and will be managed by the wonderful Christina Osbourne.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS We had a very successful Grand O p e n i n g fo r U p tow n a n d Pa t te r s o n Flats in November with our contractor, architect and, of course, our amazing Memphis property management team. We are incredibly proud of the finished product and the team that brought us to completion. A HUGE shout out to Tru Dampier, who was promoted to Regional Manager this year! We literally would not have been able to do it without him and our strong Memphis team. Tru worked long hours, completed walk-throughs and got us fully leased up in record time. Great work, Tru!

We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for our development team and what areas we’ll grow into next. We’re proud of all the hard work from everyone that has helped pull these projects off.






Nashville, TN 153 UNITS

Chattanooga, TN 199 UNITS

Memphis, TN 205 UNITS




Nashville, TN 267 UNITS

Nashville, TN 280 UNITS

Memphis, TN 155 UNITS




Old Hickory, TN 209 UNITS

Knoxville, TN 172 UNITS

Memphis, TN 195 UNITS


S I N G L E F A M I L Y Elmington Single-Family, led by Michael Lamping and Mark McCord, is a new initiative formed in early 2017 focused on the development of raw land, ground up single-family construction and building a portfolio of high quality, well managed single-family communities exclusively for rent.

construction side of this project. Mountain Springs is a 41-acre tract located in Southeast Nashville on Murfreesboro Pike. Mountain Springs will feature 186 single-family residences centered around open park space, a large amenity center with pool and offer residents walking access to a newly constructed ele mentary school. The homes in Mountain Springs are 100% hardie board construction and feature top finishes such as granite in the kitchens and baths, plank flooring throughout, 2-car garages, 8-foot front doors and 9-foot ceilings.

Currently, Elmington has the Mountain Springs neighborhood under construction and five additional communities in the pre-development stage. Steve Sellers and Barry Watson have lead the


Elmington has built a strong pipeline of well positioned, high-traffic land to help expand and grow the build-to-rent strategy. The current pipeline has an additional 600 new homes planned for 2019 with future expansions including additional cities in the Southeast.



































Elmington has quickly become one of the largest developers of affordable housing in the nation. ECG currently has 1,850 affordable units under development with even more in the pipeline. Approximately half of our EPM portfolio is affordable with about 10,000 units under management. Those are pretty i m p r e s s i ve n u m b e r s ! We a r e p l a y i n g a huge role in addressing the housing crisis, and especially where there is the greatest need - in the urban core.

H u n t e r N e l s o n , B r a d C a t h e r, J o h n Shepard, Joe Horowitz and Grace Evans have all been hard at work closing these deals and looking for other markets for us to bring our experience. Chestnut Flats will be our first development in Chattanooga, Te n n . a n d w e h o p e t o a d d a t l e a s t two new states to our portfolio in 2019.


LET’S TALK DEALS Two new, interesting deals worth mentioning are Patten Towers, soon to be “The Patten,” in Chattanooga, Tenn. and Highland Creek in Memphis, Tenn. ECG is redeveloping Patten Towers, which was formerly a hotel that is over 100 years old. Experts predict that Hotel Patten would entertain 60,000 guests per year in their 251 rooms, including presidents and other dignitaries. EPM has already stepped up and taken over the management portion of this 196,500 square foot project. This is a unique opportunity, as we acquired Patten with a troubled history, but there are big plans for what happens next. Patten will be a $15 million rehab including modernizing the elevators (which still have the same engine from 1908), a theater in what was formerly the ball room, a library, computer area and much more. Highland Creek is currently a market rate apartment complex that will be converted into an affordable property. It is located approximately one mile from Graceland and will have 441 units. EPM will be managing this deal, Elmington Construction will help with the AIA and Creative will be doing all of their rebranding and marketing. It will truly be a group effort!


COMMERCIAL E l m i n g to n C a p i t a l ’s C o m m e rc i a l te a m ove r s e e s a g row i n g p o r t fo l i o o f 1 5 a ss e t s i n t h e G re a te r N a s hv i l l e a re a , i n c l u d i n g p ro p e r t i e s ow n e d by E l m i n g to n C a p i t a l G ro u p a s we l l a s a few t h i rd - p a r t y m a n a g e d a ss e t s . Th i s s m a l l , b u t t a l e n te d te a m i s d e d i c a te d to p rov i d i n g exce p t i o n a l s e r v i ce to e a c h te n a n t , w h i l e s i m u l t a n e o u s l y m i n i m i z i n g co s t s t h ro u g h ve n d o r re l a t i o n s h i p s , f i e l d ex p e r i e n ce, a n d t i m e m a n a g e m e n t . Through effective communication, i m p l e m e n t a t i o n o f n ew syste m s , a n d c u s to m e r s e r v i ce, t h e Co m m e rc i a l te a m i s b u i l d i n g st ro n g re l a t i o n s h i p s w i t h te n a n t s a n d m ov i n g i n a d i re c t i o n e q u i p p e d fo r n ew c h a l l e n g e s a n d co n t i n u e d g row t h !



almost 95% leased! The restrooms, e l e v a t o r c a b s , l o b b y, a n d p a r k i n g l o t resurface were completed in early 2018. Combined with the exterior i m p r o v e ments of the new glass, paint, and ro o f, 24 1 6 2 1 s t Ave n u e i s a b e a u t i f u l building that meets the characteri s t i c s o f a C l a s s A b u i l d i n g . We a r e pleased with the improvements and the d i f f e r e n c e i s t r e m e n d o u s . We a d d e d a few items to the scope of work like putting new asphalt down rather than a seal and stripe, installing a new roof drain system, and incurring c o s t s w h i l e w e i n s t a l l e d n e w w i n d o w. The extensive renovations, including emptying the building while putting a new glass curtain wall on the e x t e r i o r, have made a drastic difference in this beautiful space!


The commercial team has spent countless hours getting 2416 21st Ave n u e c o m p l e t e l y re m o d e l e d a n d


Capital Spotlight: Lance Gregory Lance G r e g o r y, who recently celebrated his four year anniversary with Elmington, has been promoted to Regional Maintenance Supervisor! He joined our team in July of 2014 with commercial maintenance. He now has a team of three and they’re still growing! Prior to joining Elmington, Gregory worked for Energy Command Corp. for 10 years doing lighting and electrical maintenance. He started by overseeing City Space, formally k n o w n a s T h e To w e r a t R e n a i s s a n c e . In October of 2016, he was promoted t o s u p e r v i s o r, o v e r s e e i n g a t e a m o f t w o t e c h s a n d t h e Te d W e l c h p o r t f o lio. Once our properties expanded to Franklin, he was promoted, yet again ,and added an additional tech to the team. He oversees the maintenance of our entire commercial portfolio. Lance went from primarily managing two properties to 14. He goes out of his way to know all of his tenants and address everyone’s needs. Lance has truly been a tremendous part of our team and we don’t know what we’d do without him!



MANAGEMENT H e a d q u a r te re d i n N a s hv i l l e, T N , E l m i n g to n ’s d i ve r s i f i e d te a m o f wo r l d - c l a ss m u l t i fa m i l y l e a d e r s d i st i n c t l y m a n a g e s 1 2 5 i n c re d i b l e p ro p e r t i e s . Wi t h d e c a d e s o f exce p t i o n a l ex p e r i e n ce a n d a te r r i f i c a l l y t a l e n te d te a m we c h a l l e n g e yo u to b e d i f fe re n t , i n s p i re yo u to re m e m b e r o u r n a m e, a n d d a re yo u to fo rg e t t h e o r d i n a r y. O u r co m m u n i t i e s s p a n a c ro ss 8 st a te s a n d i nvo l ve a ro u n d 4 0 d i f f e re n t ow n e r s t h a t wo r k i n co l l a b o ra t i o n w i t h u s . We we re st a r te d i n t h e S o u t h e r n re g i o n o f t h e U n i te d S t a te s , b u t h ave b e g u n m a k i n g o u r m a r k i n N o r t h e r n st a te s l i ke I n d i a n a a n d O h i o.

almost 95% leased! The restrooms, e l e v a t o r c a b s , l o b b y, a n d p a r k i n g l o t resurface were completed in early 2018. Combined with the exterior i m p r o v e ments of the new glass, paint, and ro o f, 24 1 6 2 1 s t Ave n u e i s a b e a u t i f u l building that meets the characteri s t i c s o f a C l a s s A b u i l d i n g . We a r e pleased with the improvements and the d i f f e r e n c e i s t r e m e n d o u s . We a d d e d a few items to the scope of work like putting new asphalt down rather than a seal and stripe, installing a new roof drain system, and incurring c o s t s w h i l e w e i n s t a l l e d n e w w i n d o w. The extensive renovations, including emptying the building while putting a new glass curtain wall on the e x t e r i o r, have made a drastic difference in this beautiful space!

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT The commercial team has spent countless hours getting 2416 21st Ave n u e c o m p l e t e l y re m o d e l e d a n d



Ways to Lease Like an Owner

With Sales Director Kory Nelson


6. Exposure

Are they engaging?

• Are NTVs or evictions going to impact their leasing goals in the next 30-60 days? If so, are your goals high enough to cover those move outs?

• Data suggests the ideal length of an email is between 50 and 125 words. Emails this length had a response rate above 50%. A simila r study found emails with approximately 20 lines of text, or about 200 words, ha d the highest click through rates. When in doubt, keep emails short and under 200 words. - Hubspot

7. Follow-up Strategy Are you attempting to contact your leads enough? • The average renter searches for 10.5 weeks. Make sure you are attempting to contact your leads beyond the first 72 hours.

2. Craigslist Ads Are they easy to read? • Your ad shouldn’t be one long paragraph. Your prospects will lose in terest and go onto the next post. Bullet Points are your friends.

8. Traffic Are your traffic sources gathered and accurately recorded?

3. ILS’s Are they fresh and accurate?

• Compare your ILS lead reports to your Dashboard activity report.

• Don’t frustrate your prospects with expired specials or inaccurate pricing. These sho uld be on point, all the time.

9. Your Competitors

4. Phone Calls

• Review your market survey, or have them shop a comp prior to your one-onone.

What are you up against?

Do they follow the “5 Question” Guest Card?

10. Ideas

• ILS’s record every call to your property. Take advantage of this feature.

Are you in a box? • Brainstorm new ideas with your team to generate traffic.

5. Social Media • When was the last time you posted something interesting?



5 Aspenwood Louisville, KY Bobbi Henson:

I have lived here for 4 months and everyone has been nothing but nice. They have competitive prices and very nice apartments. I have not had any issues getting things fixed or getting ahold of the office. I looked around a lot and, in my opinion, Aspenwood was the best selection for me and I don’t regret it one bit.

5 Vintage Tollgate Nashville, TN

5 Village 21

Lesley Morrison:

Vintage Tollgate is the best place to live! I love it here in fact I see no reason to move ever! Amy is the best manager and the staff is super helpful!

Nashville, TN Francisco Lugo:

My wife and I are moving from Puerto Rico to Nashville. Brittany Hilger with very short notice accommodated all of our move in requests and practically overnight we were approved and the process was painless. Doesn’t get better than that!

5 Greens at Stonecreek Lithonia, GA

5 Pebble Brook

DeAndre Wilson:

Lived here for about a year! Management was great and very attentive!

Milford, OH

5 Chapel Ridge of Richland

Sarah Reynolds:

All of the staff is super friendly, apartments are clean and affordable, and the neighborhood is close to everything. They go out of their way to make residents feel welcome and include a lot of community activities.

Richland, MS P. Lindsey:

I lived at Chapel Ridge for two year and it was a nice place to live. They were good about taking care of something that needed to be done in your apartment. I enjoyed living there and I will highly recommend it was a good place.

5 Creekside Three Rives Murfreesboro, TN

5 Orleans Place Homes

Thomas Beckwith:

Our loved one has been treated with great kindness and gentleness by the Creekside staff. The bright and beautifully decorated Villa has made the transition to his new home much easier than we expected. We are always welcomed and made to feel at home by the staff when we come to visit.

New Orleans, LA Seletha Ricard:

Been residing in this community for 7 years, and I love it!!


ELMINGTON CONVICTIONS Forget the Ordinary. Elmington, at its inception, was built around the idea of thinking beyond the box to achieve great things. It’s a way of life; a conviction. Empower yourself and others to make decisions and mistakes. Earn equally from setbacks and successes.

Think Like an Owner. This isn’t just a job for our employees. When it gets frustrating, we smile because we’re grow. If something isn’t working, we don’t just fix it, we make it better. We use our ideas, our hands, and our hearts to operate as if we are owners in the company.

Treat Amazing People Amazingly. Positivity, energy, and enthusiasm are contagious. We pass them on responsibly. This is a partnership. We give and we want our employees to give. We’re open to new ideas. We don’t say no, we ask “how?” Ultimately, we show each other what amazing really feels like through acknowledgement, open ears, and team work.

Move People Along. Elmington is not for everyone. Our goal is to never burden our overachievers with underachievers. We set expectations, we front stab when necessary, and we move people along quickly when it is the best for the team.

Front Stab. Above all, be honest with yourself and others. Front stabbing is all about open communication and transparency. We continually seek opportunities to innovate and improve the Elmington experience. Change begins here, personally and professionally.

Elevate. For many of you, being a part of Elmington Elevates is central to your mission here at Elmington. During open enrollment, you’ll have the option to make recurring tax-deductible charitable contributions to the important work Elevates is doing – and we’ll do the hard work by taking it right out of your paycheck for you. More information about Elevates is included later in this guide.


Elmington Construct i o n i s n o t yo u r a ve ra g e f u l l s e r v i c e , g e n e ra l c o n t ra c t o r a n d c o n s t r u c t i o n m a n a g e m e n t c o m p a n y. I n t h e l a s t ye a r, E C h a s s e e n 6 0 0 % i n g row t h a n d i s exp e c t e d t o g row a g a i n by 3 0 0 % i n 2 0 1 9 . L e a d by f e a r l e s s l e a d e r, M i c h a e l G r i e r, t h e t e a m h a s c o m p l e t e d 2 2 m i l l i o n i n c o m m e rc i a l a n d 1 5 m i l l i o n i n re s i d e n t i a l construction.


F ro m re h a b s t o ro o f i n g , Elmington Construction is n o t j u s t yo u r b u i l d e r, we a re yo u r p a r t n e r i n eve r y p ro j e c t . We b u i l d a s i f we ow n i t . E ve r y p l a n , eve r y d e t a i l i s we l l t h o u g h t o u t a n d exe c u t e d w i t h p a s s i o n . Our team understands that this is not just a business, i t ’s a way o f l i f e . We h ave ex t e n s i ve exp e r i e n c e i n wo r k i n g with C o d e s O f f i c i a l s a n d wo r ki n g l o c a l l y, a s we l l a s re g i o n a l l y, w i t h s u b c o n t ra c t o r a n d s u p p l i e r m a r ke t s . We u n d e r s t a n d l o c a l m a r ke t re s t ra i n t s a n d h ow t o manage them. Our senior l e a d e r s h i p t e a m h a s wo r ke d a n d a s s i s t e d i n t h e g row t h o f s o m e o f t h e l a rg e s t c o m p a n i e s i n t h e c o u n t r y. Th e c o n t i n u e d evo l u t i o n i n o u r p ro c e s s e s h e l p t o e l i m i nate the common conflicts f a c e d by m o s t c o n t ra c t o r s . Th e re s u l t : C o n f i d e n c e a n d p e a c e o f m i n d f ro m o u r c l i ents.


Company Spotlight: Michael Grier, SR., P.E.

28 Residential Units with Retail and Commercial Space

$16 MIL

Michael Grier is the President of Elmington Construction. He previously worked with one of the largest construction firms in the world as their Project Executive. He has delivered projects ranging in sizes from $50K to $86 million for individual clients and entities, such as the Army Corps of Engineers and NASA. Michael has been featured in Nashville Business Journal’s “40 under 40,” published in 2016. He is active on the board of directors for Franklin Tomorrow and enjoys coaching youth sports in his community. He currently leads the overall growth and operations of Elmington Construction and prides himself with a hands-on leadership approach.

ROBINSON FLATS Hermitage, TN 196 Senior Living Apartments and 11 Senior Living Cottages

$20.7 MIL

$6,000,000 120,000






$8,000,000 260



ELMINGTON TECHNOLOGY Elmington recognizes that technology can be the glue that hold a company, its asset and the team together for ultimate success. That is, if you have the best technology. Elmington Technology plans to deliver just that.

build it yourself ? So, just like doctors designing medical software, Elmington’s property management experts started designing a software custom-tailored to our property’s n e e d s . N o w, w i t h t h i s a m a z i n g n e w technology our properties can enjoy the best possible tools available and the convenience of continual upgrades, without having to wait in l i n e f o r a n o u t s i d e c o m p a n y. A n a d d ed plus is we have access to all data that Fortress stores in the database, not just what is available on screens and reports.

THE NEW CUTTING EDGE Elmington has always been a forward-thinking company with amazing people creating and implementi n g p r o a c t i v e s t r a t e g i e s . Te c h n o l o g y has been no exception. When it first came to our attention that our properties needed better software to ope r a t e m o r e e f f i c i e n t l y, w e l o o k e d a t all the options and realized we could do s o m e t h i n g e x t r a o r d i n a r y. W h o knows what property management software should do, more than a property management company? How can you have the absolute greatest s o f t w a r e i n t h e i n d u s t r y, u n l e s s y o u


WELCOME YOUR ELMINGTON TECHNOLOGY TEAM! Judy Lefkovitz, Chief Information Officer - With a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from UT Knoxville and over 25 years of experience leading teams to build, support and implement large scale proprietary software, Judy Lefkovitz thrives on finding software solutions to business challenges. Judy absolutely loves working at Elmington, but in her free time she enjoys spending time with her attorney husband, her two grown children and, of course, playing Mah Jongg with friends (and winning)!!




Eric Kambestad is a Senior Software Developer with 10+ years of experience. With experience in multiple languages/technologies, he prefers to work with Javascript full-time and is driven by its potential. He is a family man with a wife and two small children, 1 and 6, and loves to golf in his spare time but is a family man with two small children. Coming from a previous life as a professional musician he also enjoys music of all styles, even the terrible ones.

Travis Hoover is a Software Developer who lives in Murfreesboro with his wife and new daughter. He graduated from MTSU and has since been developing in Javascript, specializing in Node. js and React/React Native. When he is not working or playing with his daughter he enjoys reading and playing video games. Also, Travis has a soft spot for dogs.




Zoltan Albert is a Software Developer who is half Hungarian (hence the strange name) and grew up in West Virginia. He studied architecture and martial arts in Hungary. After that, he was a Chinese linguist for the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii where he got into scuba and sky-diving and where he created and taught web development classes. Now he is here in Nashville with his two cats slinging code and climbing whenever he can.

Stacy is a project manager with over 10 years experience in property management, managing all types of properties from new construction lease-ups to full property rehabilitations at standard conventional, low income, and student housing properties. Stacy offers a property manager’s insight into the design of Fortress. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her four-legged son, Murphy, and her that order. Stacy looks forward to helping EPM’s properties with Fortress.



MEET FORTRESS Get up to date lease information on all Elmington properties!

Speed up your application screening process with Fortress.


Centralized software is THE central nervous system of an organization. Fortress will be just that for Elmington and I can’t wait!!! -Judy Lefkovitz

ELMINGTON’S STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE Elmington Technology has developed our very own brand-new state of the art property management software, Fortress! Since it is OUR software, the sky is the limit as to what it will ultimately do and Elmington Technology wants to and will do it for you! We hope you’ll love its attractive and user-friendly screens. The plan is for the first properties to start rolling onto it in at the end of the year and to not stop until all properties are on it. Fortress will have two platforms (training and production) and will integrate with the existing Dashboard. With the arrival of Fortress, Elmington will also switch to two other new platforms – Nexus for Accounts Payable and Sage-Intacct for Accounting. The accounting department is working hard, along-side ET, to make these other transitions seamless. ET appreciates and understands the effort that the properties will undergo to switch to new software, but we promise that we will do everything we can to assist with the transition and will always welcome your feedback.

FORTRESS IN ACTION Here is an exclusive first look at Fortress in action presenting rental information for Hermitage Flats, in Te n n e s s e e .

T E C H N O LO GY SHOUT OUT E l m i n g t o n T e c h n o l o g y especially thanks William Durham and Regina Garringer for their continued help.


SENIOR LIVING, AT ITS BEST At Elmington Senior Living, our residents are treated like family and receive personalized care in communities filled with comprehensive services and luxurious amenities. We offer a wide range of care options in order to meet senior needs from assisted living and memory care, to respite care and adult daycare programs. We are committed to maximizing our residents’ independence and enhancing their everyday lives. Elmington’s multifamily background stands to benefit our overall operations and we look forward to leading the Senior Living industry in innovation and development.


Assi sted L i v i n g We provide a caring and supportive atmosphere where seniors enjoy each day relaxing or engaging in fun activities in our beautiful senior assisted living community. Our dedicated staff ensures that each resident receives the appropriate level of care that allows them to live life to the fullest without stress or worry.

Adult D ay C are Elmington Senior Living offers a convenient senior day program that allows family caregivers the option to place their loved one in our care during the day while they work or attend to other matters. Senior day program residents will relish their time engaging in interesting activities, chatting with friends, and enjoying chef-prepared cuisine in our restaurant-style dining rooms.

Me mo r y C are Elmington Senior Living offers a full range of services devoted to caring and enhancing the lives of individuals facing memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our caring staff is dedicated to giving each resident the assistance they need to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Re spite C a re Elmington Senior Living understands that caring for a senior family member can be emotionally, physically, and financially taxing. Our respite care program is designed to offer short-term relief for family caregivers. Spending some time apart allows caregivers the opportunity to take a much-needed vacation or attend to other responsibilities like work, school, or other personal matters.




GOOD We manage every facet of your property, including your image. Whether it’s enhancing the established brand or starting over and creating something never seen before, Elmington Creative is at your service.


• Brand Development • Collateral Design • Copywriting • Custom Designs • Environmental Design • Floor Plans • Photography • Positioning • Print Design • Printing • Publication Ad Design

• • • • • •

Signage Design Stationery Design Strategic Planning Usage Guidelines Website Design Website Development • Website Hosting • SEO • Social Media

PROPERTY SIGNAGE • • • • • • • • •

Awards Banners Bootlegs Construction Signage Custom Apparel Custom Products Directional Signs Embroidery Monument Signs

• Plaques • Promotional Giveaways • Screen Printing • Sublimation • Tournaments • Trade Show Booths • Trade Show Displays

INTERIOR DESIGN • Clubhouses • Furnished Guest Suites • Furnished Sales Models • Hospitality • Leasing Offices • Multi Purpose Fitness Centers

• Web Lounges • Outdoor Amenity Space Design • Sales Centers • Student Housing

IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN CREATE IT. Elmington Creative is here to make sure your property has everything it needs to capture and convert l e a d s . We w o r k w i t h ove r 1 5 0 c l i e n t s building brands and increasing v i s i b i l i t y. H a v e n o i d e a w h e r e t o start? That’s not a problem. Simply provide one of our experts with a budget and the goals you want to a c h i e ve . We ’ l l t a k e c a r e o f t h e r e s t . From brochures and business cards to Bluetooth speakers and tumblers, Elmington Creative can customize just about anything to fit your property’s brand.


From booking accommodations and scheduling activities to designing all of your brochures, t-shirts, and other swag items, Elmington Creative was working behind the scenes to make sure our 2018 Manager ’s Conference was successful. The creative team enjoyed curating experiences that we hope made lasting memories for all employees in attendance.

Soaring over the Nashville skyline, 505 is a 45-story residential skyscraper located at the intersection o f F i f t h Ave n u e a n d C h u rc h S t re e t . The building includes 500 apartment units, with an option to later convert the top 175 units to condominiums, a 45,000 square foot amenity level, three retail spaces, 690 parking spaces, and an 8,00 square foot ground level restaurant. 505 is one of the newest additions to the Elmington Creative portfolio. Whether you pick up a brochure, pass a billb o a r d d r i v i n g d o w n B r o a d w a y, o r s e e an ad perusing through your favorite magazine, Elmington

Thank you for the opportunity to plan the team building Go-Game, organize our rockin’ Lip Sync Battle, and host the Prestigious Elmy Aw a r d s . We h a ve a l r e a d y s t a r t e d planning Manager ’s Conference 2019. See you there!





Crystal Blaylock is a woman with passion and purpose beyond the o r d i n a r y. S i n c e t h e d a y s h e b e c a m e a g i r l s c o u t , a t a g e 7, C r y s t a l k n e w s h e wanted to fundraise and make a difference in the world. In college, s h e took on her sorority’s philanthropy role boosting their contributions to St. Jude from $500 to $5,000 i n o n e y e a r. F r o m t h e r e , C r y s t a l went on to work with three national healthcare non-profits, marry her college sweetheart, and start a f a m i l y. S h e f i r s t h e a r d a b o u t E l e v a t e s from friends and felt drawn to the cause. Crystal could see the bigger picture and knew how Elevates could impact children who didn’t have the same advantages as her own. When the opportunity arose for her to lead our team, she welcomed it with open a r m s . We c a n ’ t w a i t t o s e e w h a t i s t o come for Crystal and Elevates!

Elmington recognizes that our teams and our communities are filled with giving, philanthropic and caring people. Three years ago, we started Elmington Elevates to create a space for everyone Elmington interacts with to act upon those feelings: we host at least six events per year for our teams, residents, vendors, and other business partners to participate in charitable contributions. Our business partners and vendors enjoy the ability to interact with Elmington in a positive light, our residents appreciate the chance to help their local communities and engage with their fellow residents, but most of all it is about engaging our team. Our team members feel engaged in something bigger than themselves.






Percent of children living in the states we serve are considered low-income. Percent of children living in the states we serve are considered low-income.

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Percent of families in the states we serve are food insecure. Percent of families in the states we serve are food insecure.

ELEVATING We are our community to learn, ELEVATING grow, and thrive. our community to learn, grow, and thrive.


Units per 100 available are considered affordable for low-income families in the states that we serve. Units per 100 available are considered affordable for low-income families in the states that we serve.

We will


where we live, work, and play.


where we live, work, and play.

We are passionate about partnering with low-income schools to invest in the next generation of leaders. We are passionate about partnering with


low-income schools to invest in the next generation of leaders. Together, we will ensure that our communities have access to nutritional food to feed their bodies and minds. Together, we will ensure that our communities have access to nutritional food to feed their bodies and minds.



We will empower our neighborhoods to reach their full potential.


We will empower our neighborhoods to reach their full potential.




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E L M I N G T O N E L E V A T E S . O R G E L M I N G T O N E 31 L E V A T E S . O R G

Elmington Elevates is launching a pilot program focused on mentoring local students. Given the need for at-risk youth to have mentorship and be surrounded by a strong community network as they enter adulthood, we’re committed to providing real-world skills in areas of communication, interviewing, conflict management, and financial independence. Through a 10-week focus period, we want to build a foundation of relationships between the volunteer Mentor and the student Mentee with the potential to

encourage a long-term relationship beyond this focused period of the module learnings. While Elmington focuses on real estate, we believe that the educational topics will transcend the industry that the student eventually chooses to e n t e r. E l m i n g t o n E l e v a t e s i s p r o u d to partner with Elmington Property Management (EPM) to recruit volunteers to serve as Mentors to introduce youth to a new and growing p r o f e s s i o n a l i n d u s t r y.



+ Contributing 5,182 school supplies to children in need + Collecting 8,303 canned foods, supporting more families than ever before

+ Donating $20,000 to Carter-Lawrence Elementary School’s Educational Technology

+ Providing toys and fun activities to over 300 children through our Very Merry Toy-Fest