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Issue 26: Autumn 2010

Down Your Street Vision We are a community of people growing in Christ, loving and serving each other and sharing God’s love with others. Mission Seeking to serve the North Harrow community with the love of God. Practice An evangelical church. Elmfield Church 89 Imperial Drive, North Harrow HA2 7DX every Sunday at 10.30 am Come and join us in worshipping God together. A crèche is a available and a full children’s programme. For more details ring the church office on 020 8866 0813 or email Registered Charity no. 248351

Local Community Update

Facing Change You have probably heard it said that the only people who like change are busy cashiers and wet babies. Or do they? People find change disorienting and a source of stress and anxiety. Those who have been abroad recently must have felt this in the absence of familiar surroundings that they so often take for granted. Other sources of stress could be drastic changes in the family situation, moving home, or for our young people, the prospects of moving school in the autumn. The question is how do you handle change? The most common responses to change are either avoidance or

resistance. Avoidance is shown by ignoring what is happening, not volunteering to be involved in the change process or by being passive about it. Resistance is commonly demonstrated by fighting the change. This can be done through negative talk, destructive criticism or sabotage. All of us facing change can adapt a different approach by realising that the only thing that is constant in the world is change. Therefore we do well to adapt to the changes around. This doesn’t always have to be a painful experience. Change can be liberating and invigorating. One soon realises that human beings are (Turn to page 2)

English Language Classes In case you or someone you know may want to start learning English, you are welcome to contact Gerry about availability of spaces in our existing classes. We host English Language classes for Beginners and Intermediate levels. They take place on Mondays & Tuesdays from 9.30—11.15 am. For details call Gerry Bishop on 01895635337.

Dear friends,

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One of the changes that people often struggle with is the ability to allow someone else to direct their lives. Yet many comfortably allow others to tell them what to eat to be healthier or what clothes to wear to be more attractive or even what oils to use to make them look younger.

created with a remarkable ability to be flexible. One will know this if they have undergone military training or closely watched someone go through it.

These things are all very good but the problem with them is that they a re temporal. One soon realises the vanity of them all. There is however guidance available to us from God. He not only shows us what to do to find true peace and change of heart that is not temporary, but He offers us in fact all those values and qualities of life that we can’t buy with money. When He directs our lives through his Son Jesus Christ, we receive love, joy and peace. Peter Oyugi, Pastor, Elmfield Church.

Some suggestions of coping with change are: Change your perspective on change. This may take longer in some than others. For example recognise that technological advancements bring a lot of good and not just evil. Just try it! Secondly, accept the fact that you have the capacity to adapt. This will help you not resist but to embrace change at the pace you are comfortable with. Thirdly, learn how to cope with change. You may have to find an anchor in your life of something that shouldn’t change, for example, certain values like honesty, faith or commitment to relationships. These will provide stability in a changing environment. Fourthly, see the positive things you can gain out of the change process. For instance, a child struggling to go to school can be helped to see that this is part of a growth process. They surely wouldn’t want to be a toddler for the rest of their lives.

Sunday Mornings At Elmfield

A fantastic time on Sunday morning at 10.30am for those in Reception to Year 5

Phone o20 8866 0813 for more details

Holiday At Home For Seniors

Meeting Point For Seniors On the fourth Thursday of every month we hold a ‘Drop in’ at 12.15 pm, with soup, sandwiches & easy conversation for Senior citizens. The whole session is quite informal and you will not feel lonely even if you

don’t know anyone there. Come on your own or bring a friend along. We would like to invite as many as can make it to come. Those who attend are so enthusiastic that they come regularly.

Hosted By: Elmfield Church Venue: Longfield School Time: 5.30—7.00 pm Cost: Adults £ 3.00 Children £ 2.00 Join others from the local community in a time of quizzes, food and fireworks from 5.30 pm.

020 8866 0813.

Coming Soon!

For more details contact Beth on 020 8841 6519.

Fireworks Night 6th Nov 2010

Tickets in advance from

Holiday at Home is an opportunity for Senior citizens to have a break without packing a suitcase and leaving home. During the four days this year there was time to chat, to listen to interesting talks and to enjoy good food. There was also a gentle exercise session, crafts, Bible talks and an outing with afternoon tea. There will be a Holiday at Home Extra day on Thursday 18th November. If you are interested contact Beth via church office number which is 020 8866 0813.

PLEASE NOTE! Please note that the

ages for mid‐week Youth and Children’s

Clubs at Elmfield have now changed in line with the changes in schools in Harrow. For details see the back page.

Some Mid‐Week Activities

Elmfield At A Glance Sunday



Services every week from 10.30 am — 12.00 noon. During this service we normally celebrate Communion and the children go out for their separate activities in God’z Zone.

Evening services on the 2nd, 3rd

An action packed club for Infant School kids on Fridays from 5.15 – 6.30pm.

and 4th Sundays of the month at 6.30 pm. Refreshments are served from 6.00 pm.

House Group Meetings—for a time of Bible Study and prayer in small groups every week at various times. Call Peter on 020 8866 0014 for more details. Mother & Baby Club on Tuesdays from 10.00 — 11.30 am (Just drop in or call Chris Millard 020 8866 6951 for details).

An exciting club for Junior School age on Mondays from 6.30 – 8.00pm.

Reloaded @ Elmfield A club for young people in school years 7 — 1 1 Tuesdays 7.30—9.00 pm £1 a week - bring extra money for tuck

A club for Senior School age on Tuesdays from 7.30 – 9.00pm.

Mother & Toddler Club on Wednesdays from 10.00 — 11.30 am and 1.30—3.00 pm (To book a place please call Chris Millard 020 8866 6951).

Down Your Street Autumn 2010  

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