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PROJECT CHAMPIONS Milwaukee Tool Medical College of WI Milliman Scanalytics, Inc Skirrow Design Build Concurrency Dematic Healthio LaK Group Prestwick Golf Group GE Healthcare

EXECUTIVE SPONSOR: TY STAVISKI KATIE GAVIN WILL DIDIER BUSINESS COACH: CARRIE STRAUSS Define traditional and non-traditional ways to offload Milwaukee Tool Tick inventory

1. Explored the headquarters at Milwaukee Tool 2. Created a weighted matrix 3. Tested the capabilities of the tick 4. Analyzed actual data to find trends 5. Researched possible markets to rebrand the tick

EXECUTIVE SPONSOR: KURT JANAVITZ BUSINESS COACH: AAMER AHMED Develop analytics to transform patient survey comments into actionable information to drive business process modifications and improve patient experience

1. Learned how to use Microsoft Excel 2. Constructed a patient experience journey map 3. Toured different clinics at the Medical College of Wisconsin 4. Created a formula to quantify qualitative data  5. Introduced to the world of health care


Find the best way to uniformly present the most relevant information from the data warehouse in a visually appealing manner – including graphs, changes over time, etc.

1. Familiarized ourselves with S&P Global software database 2. Learned how to pull information into excel and categorize data 3. Used formulas to sort through a variety of information 4. Improved our problem-solving skills created a visual representation of relevant data

EXECUTIVE SPONSOR: KATHY HUST BUSINESS COACH:Â KATHY HUST Utilizing Scanalytics technology, assess the return on investment for the renovation of the Pilgrim Park Library. 1. Analyzed real time data 2. Brainstormed ideas for future use of mats 3. Explored solutions for improving foot traffic in the Pilgrim Park library 4. Drew conclusions from dashboard data 5. Collaborated with clients and colleagues

EXECUTIVE SPONSOR: AARON SKIRROW BUSINESS COACH:Â AARON SKIRROW What are ways Skirrow Design Build can change to create a more marketable and profitable company.

1. Executed a redesign of Skirrow Design Build's online presence 2. Evaluated the business website and provided my input on its functionality and professionalism 3. Researched social media platforms 4. Constructed a mock website containing the things I was recommending 5. Recorded all the relevant information into an in-depth write up for Skirrow Design Build to refer to in the future.


How can we improve performance review standards and questions to personalize results for each department based on their evaluation needs.

1. Created individualized performance reviews 2. Interviewed evaluators to gain a better understanding of the problem 3. Conducted online research to receive better context of performance reviews 4. Designed a purposeful survey for the evaluators 5. Learned more information about analyzing performance reviews


When does it make sense for a grocer to build a microfulfillment center in the United States?

1. Researched the demand for micro fulfillment centers 2. Established an ideal location to place a micro fulfillment center 3. Dissected the advantages and disadvantages of automated vs. conventional fulfillment centers 4. Explored the variables of market research 5. Paired ourselves with a top-of-the-market supply chain company

EXECUTIVE SPONSOR: BRIAN STUDEBAKER SANJAY MOHAN BUSINESS COACH:  JOSEPH BOSCHERT What method is most efficient for the implementation and onboarding process of Healthio’s products to the Elmbrook Schools workforce? 

1. Created list of Stakeholders for the project 2. Developed an implementation plan 3. Created graphic timeline 4. Developed sample recruitment letter 5. Brainstormed project incentives


Research and propose workplace benefits that will attract and retain the new generation of talent entering the workplace.

1. Analyzed the need for employee benefits that span beyond salary 2. Researched specific company's solutions to this problem. 3. Incorporated these solutions and general benefits into a survey. 4. Conducted a survey to collect feedback on certain benefits and needs. 5. Analyzed survey results and created a summary of our findings, including, our recommendations.


Analyze the work environment to maximize efficiency and ergonomic impact of Value Stream 1 Assembly Table

1. Observed current state of Value Stream assembly tables to assess improvements needed 2. Conducted time studies to evaluate where time was wasted at assembly tables 3. Created a variety of ideas to make the Value Streams more efficient 4. Designed a new, innovative mobile material cart for Value Streams 5. Assembled mobile material cart prototype at Prestwick


Find out how healthcare providers are being impacted by the adoption of wearable devices and decide the next steps on how the physicians should deal with the data they receive. 1. Our team was invited to have a meeting at GE. Being in such a large office space was an awesome experience.  2. Learned about the process of creating screener and survey questions in order to get the results you need and eliminate bias. 3. Experienced working with other different schedules. 4.  Acquired knowledge on how the survey research centers operate and learn about what they can do. 5.  Analyzed survey data.

PROJECT CHAMPIONS Forrer Harley Davidson Metal Era Milwaukee County Zoo Learn Deep

LAUNCH is expanding its services to a multitude of new students therefore they will be moving to a new facility. They need a plan for designing a creative, professional work space that inspires students, faculty, and professionals to collaborate.

1. Touring facilities for initial and spatial planning ideas 2. Learning how to adjust to the changing needs of the client 3. Collaborating with professionals and experts 4. Interviewing and interacting stakeholders 5. Presenting our ideas and improving them based off feedback

Currently, Harley Davidson is having a problem with employees not accurately tracking materials. When a part is defective, an employee needs to properly discard the non-conforming material. However, many parts aren’t being properly discarded, and Harley is unable to account for which parts are thrown away, thus inventory is inaccurate.

1. Going on a Harley tour to gain a sense of the workspace and the people in it 2. Brainstorming ideas with our group and choosing the most effective solution based on Harley's criteria 3. Developing our final solution 4. Presenting the solution to Harley engineers

Design a lockable, vertically adjustable, mobile fixture, to store, install, and remove eliminailer bar tooling from fascia press safely, effectively, and only requiring two operators.

1) Touring the metalshop and learning all about the company. 2) Taking considerations from experts and altering our design to fit their needs. 3) Presenting our final cart design to the CEO of Metal Era. 4) Design was accepted as is with no design modifications.

LAUNCH has been active for three years and expanding in numbers rapidly. New strand are being introduced next year along with a new location. We must come up with a creative new space that helps students collaborate and experience a corporate-like environment.

1. The experience of working with Forrer Business Interiors 2. Collaborating with industry professionals 3. Working on a project that will come to fruition 4. Watching our designs change and improve based upon research and feedback

PROJECT CHAMPIONS Pilgrim Park Middle School Dixon Elementary Brookfield East Brookfield Elementary Swanson Elementary Wisconsin Hills Middle School Tonawonda Elementary

LAUNCH has helped me realize that I truly want to teach, and has allowed me to gain experience and behind the scenes knowledge of how schools are run.

PROJECT CHAMPIONS Brunch Central Office Systems Clear Speech C.A.R.I.N.G Group Prohealth Care Metal Era Johnson Controls Safenet

Update and revitalize an online catering website with the ability of online ordering

Develop a survey to help Central Office Systems improve their IT Company by gathering information from current and potential clients

Create a marketing plan for growth in our community for 2019 and beyond.

How can a newly acquired pediatric therapy clinic increase volumes and stay competitive compared to other clinics in the area?

PROJECT CHAMPIONS CG Schmidt LAUNCH/Concurrency Elmbrook Education Foundation GE Healthcare Safenet

Collecting data and information on social media posts in order to format social media posting templates.

1) Conducting research on what makes a social media post draw viewers attention. 2) Compiling data from multiple sources, along with real-world observation, to form conclusions on what makes an effective social media presence. 3) Creating an easily viewable presentation displaying our findings in the form of posting templates.

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LAUNCH - Watch it Live - Spring 2019  

LAUNCH - Watch it Live - Spring 2019