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Cabling & networking distribution.

Company Profile

People always on.

3 The Company and the Market 5 The Specialisation 7 The Marketing 9 Business Unit Video

Axis • Milestone • Videotec • Agent VI Paxton Access • Camtrace

11 Business Unit Voice

Avm • Audiocodes • Polycom • Kirk

13 Business Unit Cabling

Adc Krone • Nexans • Ortronics • JekNet Armadi York • Apw

15 Business Unit Networking

Huawei • D-Link • Avm APC • Socomec

17 Business Unit Wireless


Alvarion • Aruba Networks • Airwave Ubiquiti • Pacific Wireless • MTI

19 Business Unit Security

Clavister • D-Link • ContentKeeper

21 Business Unit Audio/Video Conferencing


23 Financial Highlights

The particular moment that the economy is living also in our field forces the Companies to choose the communication strategies times to strengthen in the Client concepts and values as those of solidity, constant presence, harmony and ability to look ahead towards a common objective. In the today’s competitive arena it succeeds in outclassing only who knows to play of a team and with an adapted tactics, based on a mix of elements such as experience, dynamism and thorough observation spirit. Only so, today, it is possible winner together the renewed challenge in our field and the entire market.

The Company and the Market

Elmat started business in 1997, is a consolidated reality in the market for telecommunications. Always active in the sector of structured cabling and networking, thanks to significant commercial partnership agreements with leader brands of the market, Elmat is present also in Video, Voice, Cabling, Networking, Wireless, Security and Audio / Video Conference. The Company works with a growing number of internal employees and commercial agents on the whole Italian territory.


Know How

Specialisation in sales and distribution operations Solid and long-lasting commercial partnership

In the Spotlight

Widespread sales network covering the whole country Constant marketing actions Human resource training and qualification

The Specialisation

Elmat is a specialist distributor. Elmat’s core business is ICT, where Elmat serves:

• Dealers • VAR’s • System Integrator • Resellers • ISP’s, WISP’s • Software Houses • Informatic Companies

In a complex market characterized by capacity and skills increasingly diversified, Elmat foresight has aggregated under a single roof the know-how and the product related to sectors that have gradually converged over the years, offering a point of view constantly updated, in step with the times and with the new technologies. 5


Training Training Center

Thanks to an especially equipped meeting room, Elmat is the official training center for several ICT companies: Axis, Milestone, AgentVI, Alvarion, Clavister and Aruba. The meetings have a technical and/or sales content and are monthly organised in Padua and Rome offices. They allow resellers master aspects of their technical know-how and obtain important certifications and qualifications.


Website: a practical, browser friendly tool with constant updates. It offers news, a full list of the Elmat range, dates and places of the Events and Certification Courses: each section is highlighted directly on the homepage. The Portal: an Internet, Extranet, Intranet platform reserved exclusively to Elmat customers’ who can look at their account statement, order status and support material. B2B: this service/platform is accessible directly from the Portal and allows Elmat customers to check product availability, their personal pricelist and make purchases.


CINQUE storie DIECI: is the book published by Elmat to retrace the most meaningful steps of the extraordinary adventure that has brought us in few more than thirty years from the typewriter and from the telephone disk to the internet and to the mobile telephony. A run through companies that have left a sign in the modern history of the informatics.


An up to date panorama of product trends and innovations, news and technical articles by the principles of the technologies Elmat distributes.This is the Elmat Newspaper, a precious quarterly source of reviews and Information, with an annual circulation of 20,000 copies and free distributed to all customers.


The Marketing

Events: The Elmat culture is strongly oriented towards training and transferring know-how. To integrate its portfolio of services and to develop and master topics of special interest, the company proposes a series of events presenting operative solutions and related fields of application in the various business areas. Round Tables: are opportunities for direct comparison on key issues and exhibit the best technical and functional features of products with the contribution and participation of experts sector and representatives of vendor companies. The participation is restricted to a maximum of 8 participants and is free of charge, after registration.

Itinera is an operation to prize reserved to Elmat customers to let them collect points every time they buy and then win prices. The promotional initiative is valid for 12 months.



IP cameras < Encoders < Housings < Recording servers < Monitoring software < Optics < Access controls < Video analysis softwares <

Business Unit VIDEO

Axis: A specialist in network video solutions for surveillance and remote monitoring. The company also supplies products for network on-line printing and document management. Milestone: The producer of an advanced open software platform for IP video surveillance. The Milestone XProtect速 product line enables automated management of cameras and appliances for video surveillance and digital image archiving, guaranteeing quality and security.

Videotec: Housings, lighting and accessories for video surveillance.

AgentVi: produces a software solution of video analysis based on a sophisticated algorithm owner that already allows the integration with the network infrastructure and the existing video equipmet. AgentVi makes possible automatic surveys of behaviors motion and non-motion relating to persons, vehicles and objects.

Paxton Access: Founded in 1985, this company is a leader in the design and production of access control systems with the possibility of integration in an IP network and compatible with video surveillance systems.

Camtrace: An appliance server that includes a solderfree hardware and software package. Camtrace develops video surveillance solutions for both small set-ups with few cameras and largescale systems for companies and institutions.



IP Centrals < VoIP gateways < IP telephones < Analog and digital telephones < Routers with VoIP functions < Unified Communications <

Business Unit VOICE

AVM: Founded in Berlin in 1986 and now one of the top three suppliers of ADSL devices in Europe. AVM develops and produces products for broadband connections. It is a communications specialist, having received countless recognitions for the innovative FRITZ! product family which offers quick and simple ADSL access, zero cost Internet telephony and versatile multimedia applications.

AudioCodes: Company headquartered in Israel, leader in the market of the telecommunications with over fifteen years of experience.Audiocodes plans, develops and proposes products and networking applications for the Voice Over Ip and the convergence Voice-dates. Through own authorized distributors, Audiocodes has put in field about ten millions of Middle Gateways and Middle Servers in more than 100 nations. Polycom: The family of telephone products Polycom Soundpoint IP and Soundstation, boasts the best and revolutionary technology for the diffusion of the voice. The telephone products Polycom make available to the user a more productive communication and of exceptional quality, designed for the office and meeting rooms of any dimension.

Polycom: The solutions of KIRK wireless telephones are based on the DECT standard. Highly secure and reliable with a historical presence in the market for telephony, allow to create structures for telephony wireless that work with traditional centrals telephone and with new Ip Pbx, using H.323 and SIP protocols. KIRK solutions have a very high degree interoperability with major vendors of telephony market and, thanks to its modularity, are ideal for every solution, from micro business to enterprise environment.



LAN Cables < Complete Systems < Rack Cabinets < Optic fibre accessories < Patch cords < Identification systems < Tester <

Business Unit CABLING

Adc Krone: Complete cabling system for local networks in copper and/or fiber optic. Telephone routing systems.

Nexans: The outcome of an Alcatel spin-off, Nexans is a world leader in telecommunications cable production, as well as complete cabling systems. Elmat is the only distributor for Italy.

Ortronics: World leader in the industry of the communications for networks transmission dates in the field of development, planning systems and structured cabling solutions. Wide range of systems and connectivity solutions in copper and fiber optic for all cabling solutions.

JekNet: Low cost solutions for cat.5 and 6 and fiber optic cabling.

York: The Elmat proprietary solution for floor racks and wall cabinets to house all the main cabling and networking products.

Apw:Â Floor racks and wall cabinets for housing all the main cabling and networking products.



Network boards < Soho/SMB switches < Layer 2/3/4 switches < Remote and broadband connectivity < Network management software < Print servers < Transceivers and media converters < KVM switches < UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) < Filtered sockets < Data Center systems <

Business Unit NETWORKING

Huawei: Products for fixed and mobile networks, optic networks, data networks, software and terminals. Highbracket networking solutions enhanced by Chinese competitivity.

D-Link: Integrated and global systems for SOHO, SMB and ENTERPRISE set-ups: switching, wireless, security, video, home digital, USB and VoIP.

AVM: Founded in Berlin in 1986 and now one of the top three suppliers of ADSL devices in Europe. AVM develops and produces products for broadband connections. It is a communications specialist, having received countless recognitions for the innovative FRITZ! product family which offers quick and simple ADSL access, zero cost Internet telephony and versatile multimedia applications.

APC InfraStruXure: Foremost world producer of UPS, from end-user solutions to systems for protecting and monitoring large network infrastructures.

Socomec UPS: UPS modules from 400VA to 800 kVA.



Base Stations < Access Units < Subscriber Units < Hot Spot access points < Billing systems < Antennas < Cables and accessories < Access Controllers < Wireless Switches < Management software <

Business Unit WIRELESS

Alvarion: World leader in wireless point to point and point to multipoint systems with Hiperlan technology. The company is a partner of the major world carriers for broadband wireless infrastructures and private networking systems. Aruba Networks: Second reality in the world for the Wireless LAN Enterprise sector, produces security systems and high performance mobility offering a complete line of solutions that includes â&#x20AC;&#x153;mobility controllerâ&#x20AC;? modular and not, access point wired or wireless, a software advanced suite for the mobility and a system management of the mobile network. Airwave: Specialized company in the development of platforms software for the management centralized of wireless networks enterprise multivendor (Cisco, Aruba Networks, Trapeze, Symbol, Alcatel). The platform allows the real time control of consumers and device (access point and controller), but also the management and configuration of the same. Ubiquiti Networks: A young reality whose mission is to allow anywhere the creation of broadband networks. Bases its offer on products with quality / price relationship in the sectors Hiperlan and Wimax through units indoor outdoor.

a unit of

Pacific Wireless: A vast range of antennas for fixed and mobile wireless networks, compatible with IEEE 802. II standards at frequencies 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. MTI: MTI Wireless Edge Ltd produces the innovative Flat Panel type antennas for 0.4 up to 40 GHz, both for civil and military applications. Thirty years of experience in designing systems for the Defence make MTI a world leader in Flat Panel technology. MTI antennas are compliant to the most stringent international standards and specifications set down by ETSI, FCC, MPT and others, and are all RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).



Security Gateway appliances < Security Gateway softwares < Firewalls < Web Filtering < Security Devices <

Business Unit SECURITY

Clavister: A developer of high performance IT/ IP security technology. With the strength of its solutions it can offer unbeatable network security on the global firewall, VPN and IDS market. The products, based on an exclusive technology, include carrier-class firewall and VPN solutions.

D-Link: Integrated and global systems for SOHO, SMB and ENTERPRISE set-ups: switching, wireless, security, video, home digital, USB and VoIP.

ContentKeeper: Content filtering, antispam and antivirus software and appliances necessary for the correct use of Internet connections.



Video conferencing systems < Audio conferencing stations < Monitors < Bridge Multiconference < Firewalls < Telepresence < Real presence <


Polycom: World leader in audio, video, data and web conferencing solutions.

Audio conference telephones designed to improve the quality of calls made in confined spaces like small meeting rooms or offices.

The Polycom telepresence systems create the possibility to collaborate face to face with people that in reality are in different places, as if they were in the same room.

USB speaker for use in VoIP telephony.

The Polycom VideoBorder Proxy systems are safety solutions that allows to remove the barriers in the video communication multicenter and they simplify the video collaboration in job team displaced in the remote centers. Integrating itself completely with existing firewalls solutions are able to provide a sure access to the remote consumers for the video communications and they optimize the quality.


Financial Highlights

16.000.000 14.000.000 12.000.000 10.000.000 8.000.000 6.000.000 4.000.000 2.000.000 1998






Turnover trend Foreign







Centre of Italy

Centre of Italy

10.000.000 8.000.000 North â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Italy


North â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Italy

4.000.000 2.000.000 2007


Geographic Turnover



Networking IT Security Telephony



Turnover for Business line 2008 12.000.000 10.000.000 8.000.000

Net circ. Capital

Net circ. Capital

Fixed net capital

Fixed net capital

6.000.000 4.000.000 2.000.000 2007


Net invested Capital 23 Napoli

• • • •

Campania; Puglia; Basilicata; Calabria

Branch Sales Department for:

Main Office: Padova Via Uruguay, 15 35127 Padova Tel. +39 049 7623011 Fax +39 049 761800

Roma Via Nomentana, 526 00013 Tor Lupara di Fonte Nuova (RM) Tel. +39 06 9059081 Fax +39 06 90020973

Catania Via S. Nicolò, 377 95045 Misterbianco (CT) Tel. +39 095 463956 Fax +39 095 463956

Cabling & networking distribution. People always on.

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Company Profile 2009 uk

Company Profile 2009 uk  

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