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The front panel is the face of your product. Therefore, it is important to select a particular permanent solution made for applications in harsh industrial environments, without neglecting the focus on esthetics.

A p p li ca tio n s Beauty that never fades - Elma anodized aluminum digital printing At Elma, your design front panels receive a special treatment - the anodized aluminum digital printing. A particular printing method which gives your final product a face. Previously, front panels were engraved, which was very time consuming. The engraving technique was soon replaced by screen printing, a faster and more cost-effective method, especially in large series. However, for different coloured prints, this method is too expensive. Screen printing is completely unsuitable when gradients are required. Today, front panels are often made in digital printing. With this method, the graphic design has no boundaries and small series can be produced cost effectively. A common feature of the various printing processes is that the paint adheres to the surface of the material. This is insufficient, especially for industrial applications. Strong mechanical stressing of the surface or contact with solvent can damage the printings. For these demanding customer requirements, Elma offers the anodized aluminum digital printing.

Why choose design front panels from Elma Does your text on the aluminum panel require the greatest resistance to chemical and mechanical influences? Do you want to be restricted to limited colours and fonts and do you expect photorealistic quality of your logo and inscriptions? Do you want the full flexibility to design your panels? If your answer is yes, Elma Electronic AG offers you the right solution with the anodized digital aluminum printing.

Your advantages at a glance • Smooth surface in contrast to other methods (Engraving) • Scratch resistant: ideally suitable for frequent use • A surface as hard as sapphire: Very high resistance to mechanical and chemical influences • Photorealistic quality of your logos and graphics • Robust and long lasting • Also interesting for small quantities


design front panels

Versatile use of design front panels from Elma

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Aluminum plates and information signs Control center and monitoring consoles Analytical equipment, devices, medical equipment Automation/plant engineering and construction Paper processing Cleaning plants Packaging plants Radio control and control technology High-end hi-fi and mixing console Test and measuring devices Labels and warning signs

design front panels


Op eration mo d e Functionality of anodized aluminum digital printing When anodized, the first metal layer of the aluminum is transformed into a oxide film. This film is 5 to 25 micrometers thin, very hard and protects the underlying layers below from corrosion.

Phase 1 - Preparation During pre-treatment, the front panel is initially degreased, cleaned and pickled. In doing so, the natural oxide layer is removed and becomes a porous surface. The surface will then be printed using the digital printing method.

1 1 Aluminum


Phase 2 - Printing The CMYK colours, thinned using alcohol, are now applied. When the colours are applied, the alcohol evaporates whichs accelerates the drying. That is of great significance, because in the next step the panel layer will be densified in a hot water bath with over 97째C. If the color wouldn't have dried, the hot water bath would wash out the colors.

2 Colours


Phase 3 - Sealing The pores close in the hot-water bath and a hard oxide coating is formed. With this method, the front panels are very resistant against mechanical, chemical and thermic exposure because the color, similar to a tatttoo, is enclosed under the surface.

3 Oxide film


design front panels

Technical information

The anodized aluminum digital printing is a new printing method for anodized aluminum surfaces

Production method: Digital anodized aluminum printing Materials:


Thickness of material: 0.8 - 4 mm (other thicknesses on request) Printing:

Single and multi-coloured


Transparent anodized

Surface protection:

Protecting oxide film


From 1 item up to large series available

Deliverable as:

Single item

Delivery date:

Short term; on request

design front panels


Elm a - t h e fro n t pan e l ex p er t Further services in the sector of design front panels Front panels We produce front panels made from aluminum and steel for the most varied applications to your requirements, such as e.g. a test or measuring device, a 19" front plate in a server cabinet. The holes, openings, threads and threaded bolts placed exactly according to your specifications. Whether engraved, printed or fully powder coated - we will competently advise you about the suitable processing and material for intended use.

Design front panels with indiscernible screws Did you know...? Elma not only provides the perfect print for your design front panel but also the material. The design front panel for the Stylebox 15 e-motion enclosure has no discernible screws and conforms the highest design requirements! Contact us now for a demonstration without obligation.

Your advantages at a glance • • • •


No discernible screws Use the complete front of the panel for your graphics and logo Available in EMC version Access to the interior ensured at no extra time and effort

design front panels

Hot-Swap safety at the push of a button: IEEE injector/ejector handles The injector/ejector handles present a new feeling for locking and unlocking the plug-in units. As the market leader for over 10 years, Elma knows how to cover all the needs of their clients with the most comprehensive range of IEE handles. Through the use of front panels with suitable handles, there are literally more vision - but can be adapted fast and precise to your individual needs. With the deployment of front panels and the respective holders you have vast possibilities - but marvel at them yourself. Finally, someone who understands you.

K1 knobs and E33 encoder Due to the ergonomic design and the scratch resistant aluminum surface of the Series K1 knob, it is very suitable for products in the field of measuring devices and safety and security applications. Due to the excellent detent feedback, a high service life and waterproof and robust case construction, the mechanical incremental encoder E33 is the perfect choice for demanding operating systems. Together with the K1 knobs-series you'll have a beautiful couple.

Elma - your partner for complete solutions Elma enclosure Steel or aluminum construction

Elma knobs Metal and plastic knobs

Elma handles

Elma front panels

Elma Rotary Switches Encoders, Coded switches, Selector switches

design front panels


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Anodized aluminum digital printing  
Anodized aluminum digital printing  

With the anodized alumium digital printing, the beauty of your frontpanel will never fade