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issue eight


contents issue 8

29 Credits 32 eL Inbox

39 Note from the Editor

43 eL Asks‌ 49 New Born Britanika Wood

59 Diamond in the Rough Aaliope Riverstone

71 eL Newb : Hailee Smalls

75 Lady Baja Baja Rivera

87 Beau Zoe Elgin

87Zoe in Paris!

contents issue 8

99 Trippin’ On Kika Dunn, Baja Rivera, Arizona Savard

107 Sensual Mischoux Johnson

115 Knock Out Rhea Pitera, Zoe Elgin

107 C OVER LO O K Zoe rocks it out in a dress from Layne Audley’s Haute Couture F/W 2011 Collection (by LaChunk) with hair styled by dacchan and shaved on the side by Schalein, dyed Rihanna red Editor-in-Chief: kebin65 Contributors nab Lou jercy alesch1919 CupidStunt rashutaarbl cutepongki GodandriHannah alva Keau Luisdcv Turbulence reberr Izumiez Rockertannz Prawncrackers FrostBite Schalein ANTN-NYC Estquer Tachiikawa *If I left anyone out, I do apologize



What did you guys have to say about our 7th issue? Here were some of your responses!


Pseudoneuro “Wow. I love it, really. It looks like a real magazine and editorials, especially the cover story, is mind blowing. WOW. I'm speechless. You did a fantastic job. Now my goal is to have Ajuma on the cover!”

superstud*18 “Wow I really like It!! I thought it was really well put together and I am sad it might be the last issue Great job!”

“AMAZING ISSUE Kebin! I'm honoured on so many levels. To put Roxy on the cover to give her an editorial and an interview. Not to mention but honour her as one of the iconic dolls in the eLouai world means so much to me. I loved how her editorial turned out with all the effects I also love what you did with the interview although you forgot the middle finger part.”

Estquer “Great job, once again, kebin! I loved the new format. Special congrats to JPE, Roxy's editorial was absolutely amazing!” TELL US! Leave your comments in the eL Magazine thread at or PM them to kebin65. They may just end up here in our next issue!

From the editor’s desk. I know it took a while and I didn’t get all the content I wanted, but welcome to issue #8 of eL Magazine! As the lights of summer begin the fade and the winter starts to emerge, we hope to provide you with inspirational fashions for this fall and winter season. Speaking of inspiring, look who we have on our cover this issue! None other than top model Zoe Elgin, who, after being dormant for a while, has made her comeback in the industry. She dazzled in front of the camera with a gorgeous backdrop of Paris in some chic pastels that we hope will make their way into your fashion wardrobe. On top of that, we have some sexy appearances from the likes of Mischoux Johnson and Baja Rivera, as well as the stunning winner of ENTM 12, Aaliope Riverstone, and ENTM 13 favorite Rhea Pitera to top things off. Enjoy!



Who is your favorite

eLouaiatmodel the moment and why?

“I must say I love Bridget [Windflakes], she is stunning never failed to amaze me, and she can do no wrong”

reberr “definitely Wakuani's Katarina Voldermort. she's a rising star that outshines everyone else wherever she goes. she has a really unique look that works really well on almost every single photoshoot she does and rocks the runways. also to me, she's the most memorable eLouai model.”

keau “There are so many amazing dolls right now... it's hard to say, but I think Rika [Ayame] is my favorite. She was an underdog at first, but now she is booking show after show. That's a model.”


diamond IN THE ROUGH

Photographer: alesch1919 Model: Aaliope Riverstone

Emilio Pucci

Calvin Klein

Layne Audley




he’s the supermodel of the future. To some, she’s a supermodel of now. Currently in The Industry 3, Hailee Smalls caught my eye when she produced one of the most iconic images in Candybar Doll history during the first week of the competition. With this single shot, she caused both controversy and awe. However, I think the bottom line is this; regardless of whether or not you think Hailee Smalls crossed the line between Candybar Doll and realism, this is a spectacular shot. It’s hard for a doll to emote a strong emotion in a photograph, and yet Hailee does it spectacularly here. What makes a new model stand out from the crowd is, of course, one that pushes the limits while respecting the traditional. I think with every shot of Hailee I’ve seen, she does exactly that.


Supermodel Zoe Elgin showcases this season’s romantic flesh tones and pale palettes. Photographed by nab.

dress by LaFulsi

dress by Layne Audley,


rom her ENTM 9 buzz cut to her

current vibrant red hair, I guess it would be save to say that Zoe Elgin has always left an “edgy� impression on me. Yet watching her perform in front of the scenic views of Paris, France, she nailed a romantic, soft look that only emphasizes her versatility and her skills as a model. But besides that, it was just great to see her perform in front of the camera. It seemed so long since we’ve seen Zoe, who, after being pinned as the next big thing in fashion and putting herself high on the Top 20 models, seemed to vanish from the fashion scene. The opportunity to help her in her comeback was definitely a decision I do not regret, because Zoe Elgin proves that she still has it. Not only does she have the body and the look, but she truly has the elegance and the grace in front of the camera. Her stunning face on our cover will only be one of the first in many career highs!

dress by Layne Audley

Kika Dunn by rashutaarbl

ON Trippin’

Baja Rivera by Lou

Arizona Savard by CupidStunt


Previewing Arike Duah swimwear from the S/S 2012 season is the gorgeous Mischoux Johnson, winner of TMA 2.

knockout. As Rhea Pitera and Zoe Eligin show, black and white don’t have to be dull and boring. Photographed by nab.

eL Magazine Issue 8  

Featuring Zoe Elgin on the cover. Enjoy! Click the magazine to see it in full screen.

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