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Josh Wilson Draught House Pub & Brewery I really like the plastic nature of Bavarian Hefe yeast and how versatile Belgian Wit yeast are for a variety of wheat and other beers. Wheat as a grain has so much to offer beer in terms of flavor, body, head retention etc. Honestly, nearly every beer I make has some wheat in it. CHIP MCELROY Live Oak Brewing Co. The tart, light refreshing quality. Complexity without being overwhelming. ERIK OGERSHOK Real Ale Brewing Co. I’m not a fan of American Wheat beers except Gumball Head. I like Wits and Hefeweizens. Their light and refreshing nature makes them great year round. Dave Ebel Rogness Brewing All about the yeast and fermentation temps. Yeast can impart such wonderful and interesting flavors to compliment your wheat beer. What is your favorite food to pair with a good wheat beer? Nate Seale (512) Brewing Beer Can Chicken. Even better if you can find a good canned wheat beer to stand it on, and make sure to squeeze some lemons into the can.

ing with a variety of cheeses and all of our beers. The outstanding pairing was Hefe with blue cheese. It can stand up to strong flavors but gives way to lighter flavors too. ERIK OGERSHOK Real Ale Brewing Co. I like mussels with wit and pretzels and weisse, wurst with hefeweizen. Jake Maddux Thirsty Planet Brewing Co. With wheat beers, I generally like to have them with breakfast tacos (it’s often the first beer I have in a day). It’s also nice with whatever you’re eating while on a patio outside. What’s your favorite commercial wheat beer besides your own? Josh Wilson Draught House Pub & Brewery Big fan of Live Oak Hefe, love Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca, am a huge fan of Berliner Weisse, could drink gallons of 1809, have always been a Hacker Pschorr man when drinking German beer, don’t have a “favorite.” Jeffrey Stuffings Jester King Craft Brewery The grist of authentic lambic is typically 30% to 40% wheat, so I’d say Cantillon Mamouche.

BEN SABEL Circle Brewing Eh, it’s all good.

CHIP MCELROY Live Oak Brewing Co. Schneider - just about anything, but I like the Edelweiss.

CHIP MCELROY Live Oak Brewing Co. Interestingly, HefeWeizen can be paired with a lot of things, and certainly not just light foods. We once did a pair-

Dave Ebel Rogness Brewing Live Oak Hefeweizen. I have traveled to Germany and still the guys at Live Oak make the best Hefe I have ever had.

Jake Maddux Thirsty Planet Brewing Co. My favorite wheat beers are Anchor Summer (which was the first American style wheat in the US), Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat, and Sunshine Wheat from New Belgium. Fruit or no fruit? Nate Seale (512) Brewing I assume this question refers to garnishing with a lemon or orange peel. Some brewers get pretty snippy about this topic, like you’re adding ketchup to their perfectlyseasoned steak. I say if adding a piece of fruit adds to your enjoyment of our beer, then have at it. But maybe taste it without first? CHIP MCELROY Live Oak Brewing Co. No fruit. Does the lily need gilding? Citrus, though complementary, is unnecessary and covers inherent complexity. A brewer goes to all that trouble and then it gets covered up with fruit. It’s kind of like the fussy chef and salt. I side with the chef. Jake Maddux Thirsty Planet Brewing Co. Hell no. Aroma is a big component of the overall flavor and wheats are somewhat delicate and citrus fruits are beautiful and bright flavors of their own which as you bring the pint in for a drink, you don’t smell the beer I spent a lot of time making, you’re smelling a lemon or orange. It bastardizes the beer and I’m on a mission to stop it wherever I see it. ERIK OGERSHOK Real Ale Brewing Co. NO!

Austin Beer Guide - Summer 2012  

Austin Beer Guide - Summer 2012

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